Hyaluronic acid for hair

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Hyaluronic acid pure serum 99%. On hair in the sun

1 291 views | 11 Oct. 2019

Now you know. Thats all i

Now you know. Thats all i have to say.

99% Hyaluronic acid pure powder 10gm. Sgd $38.

Lazada shop https://s.lazada.sg/s.MQmw


10mins work. There you found your hair you lost as mother nature preparing you to be dry prune.

Terrie Terry

This looks more like a commercial for men "looking for hookers, prostitute or a hoe" rather than a home remedy for hair. The Wine and sexy night gown that should be saved for your bedroom, takes away from what you are trying to say about hair growth.

I'm just saying.

Raq G

How can I buy your products. Thanks for the video

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Hyaluronic acid is very good on the hair I've been looking for serums and hair products that have that but it's hard to find ones that actually are 99% or 100% with it but I'm kind of happy I found products that have silk amino acids it and other ingredients that my hair like that I'm not allergic to

اللهم اجعل همي الاخره امه الله

Ican put on my scalp or no

Skye Montgomery

Thank you for making this video, as of today, I don't see many videos touching on this topic, and it's lead me to want to research it even more. How can someone buy your products

Hyaluronic acid for hair

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FEMALE HAIR LOSS | How I Grew My Hair Back! | UPDATE |

30 583 views | 23 Feb. 2019

Watch my previous video on

Watch my previous video on alopecia and hair loss:


Products mentioned/Used:

The Ordinary Multi Peptide Serum For Hair Density:


Olaplex No. 3


Minoxidil Foam:


Prescription treatments used:


Derma Smoothe Scalp and Body Oil Fluocinolone)

#Alopecia #FemaleHairLoss #FineHair


Thank you so much for this post???I’m ordering the product from the ordinary. I was wondering if I could continue to use the wild growth oil I’ve Ben using? Your gorgeous by the way✨and thanks again for this very informative post. I’m sure there are so many others who can appreciate this help.


Thank you for sharing. Looks great! Have you tried a derma roller or pen to help accelerate growth?

Pink Light

Hair twins!! We must be from the same tribe

Estefania Gomez

The monoxidil foam says not for use by women on the bottle... Do you know why that is ? Seems odd.

John Steel IV

Copper deficiency can cause balding and hair thinning. A simple copper serum blood test can see your levels. Mine are just at the LOW level and I am having bruising , wieght loss, and other copper deficiency symptoms. Grey hair can be caused by copper deficiency too. Zinc and copper must be taken together in a 10 to 1 ratio to boost both levels. i was low in both. with some thinning of my top hair but also I am 36.
"The data led to the hypothesis of zinc metabolism disturbances playing a key role in hair loss, especially AA and TE, whereas the effect of copper on hair growth and shedding cycles still needs more study." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3870206/

Karyn Nash Collins

I use the Ordinary hair serum, Vitamin D, biotin, red light therapy and microneedling with high molecular Hyaluronic Acid.

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Found your video when I was looking for products hyaluronic acid because I know its very good for the hair and it gives the hair it's moisture, shine, hair growth that it needs especially the type of moisture your hair had when you was a baby I was looking for products that have it because it's hard to find products that have it it will mention it but I don't know if it's 99% of it or how much the percentage of it is in there there was one product I got for free from a beauty supply store but I couldn't find that product in any other beauty supply store but now I know where to purchase it online very good serum and I believe it has hyaluronic acid in it I can't remember the name of it right. I would have to go through pictures but I saved to see if I could find the name of the outfit but yeah I can see a big difference in your hair I'm so glad I was recommended to your Channel?❤


can u tell me in detail about the minoxidyil u used and the olaplex numbers too bcoz i found olaplex no1 to no 6 i dont know which to purchase and the minoxidil product too plz

Elle M

Your smile is so cute!!!

Dope Curly Girl

I just ordered The Ordinary hair serum. Thanks for your review.

Farzia Faria

When u use minoxidil and when ordinary serum???

Cassandra Mac

Your progress is amazing! Go you <3 I've got really fine hair and I'm trying out the ordinary's product. Used it a few times and it seems like there are baby hairs coming in?? This stuff is food for hair. So good.

Dope Action Big Factz 614

I refuse to use minoxidil , only natural products only for me , ill be patient .

Cece Xo

I love how these worked for you


Was debating on The Ordinary hair serum and you sold me. Great video and appreciate your honesty.

Marlena Perrin

Thank you so, so much for this update. Your perseverance is to be commended. God Bless you on your continued hair journey! Your hair really looks like it is thriving. My dermatologist started me with DermaSmooth, but the scalp irritation was still unberable. So she is starting my on Clobetasol. I'm going to look into the serum and olaplex. Thanks so much for all of the information. Keep posting!

Everyday Stacy

Thank you for your review. I ordered the ordinary serum and now thinking about getting the other recommendations.

Sweet Simone

I just ordered all of them! I did buy the minoxidil in the liquid drops so the foam won’t be a problem

Anthony Bewlz

Great vid. Have you tried derma-rolling/micro needling?? Many people have achieved profound results :)


Hi, I just started using the serum and didn’t build any hopes on it until I came across this video. My hair is thinning in the front and I noticed that my hair is so fine and my scalp started to be more showing when I comb my hair. Would love to see a follow up of your journey with this serum. Thank you.


Do you shampoo out the olaplex?

Kiki- 2010 And Beyond....

Thank you so much for this video! My daughter has been diagnosed with alopecia areta and we are beyond devastated. I discontinued her prescription medication and I'm trying to find other ways of treating her hair. I'm going to try this product. Has your hair lost primarily stayed in one area? Or did it impact multiple areas?

Brandon Bellino

Your hair is growing back in as baby hairs because of your hair loss, aka androgenic alopecia, which is the scientific term for both hormonal hair loss and male/female pattern hair loss. Basically, it causes your hair to grow back in after shedding as a baby hair instead of a normal thicker hair, which is what causes hair thinning because as your hair sheds they're all growing back in as tiny little thin hairs. Unfortunately, rogaine doesn't treat that, it only stimulates circulation on your scalp to accelerate your hair growth. Men can take finasteride which is a drug that blocks DHT in your body, which stops your hair from being stunted into baby hairs so it grows in as normal thick hair. So as a woman, you're going to get the best results if you can find a substitute to finasteride that also blocks DHT in your body.

Hope C

Wow Amazing! Thank you for sharing your hair journey ❤️
I'm experiencing hormonal hair loss around my edges and especially temple area, I will be buy the Ordinary product.


Hi do you use the minoxidil once or twice a day with the serum.


Thank you for making this video. I was wondering if I could use rogaine and the ordinary would work together. I'm also glad you mentioned how photos make it look worse than it is! I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium in October 2018 but I don't believe I received the correct diagnosis. I believe the hair loss is due to my hormones/pcos. My hair loss pattern is the same as yours. I've seen my family doctor, dermatologist and obgyn and none have given me answer. I've been on my own to find a solution


Do you need to have hair lost? Can I just use it to grow my hair longer?

Nicky Wilson

Getting the minoxidil on the scalp lowkey stresses me out
As a natural 4c girl as well, i leave my hair in flat twists as a protective style in the week.

I worry minoxidil is drying out my hair / not getting past the hair effectively to reach the scalp. I also do not want to untwist/manipulate my hair daily just to put apply the minoxidil cause it wont retain the growth. Need help striking a balance i suppose or reassurance that applying the minoxidil with my flattwists is actually enough to penetrate my scalp.

Also, big kudos to you for doing the experiment of washing daily/more frequently! I will never have the strength to wash my hair more than once a week haaha

P Macloud

Thank you, very informative ✅


You are so brave and inspiring!! Your journey is AMAZING and girl we rly needed someone OF COLOR to talk about hair loss.. cuz all the treatments and reviews are by/for white people hair :(


Are you still using the product?


you're so cute and pretty

Moni M

Thank you for sharing your story. I believe I may be experiencing hair loss from hormonal imbalances. Can you share what caused the scarring in the areas where you said it won’t grow back in?


I just started using the ordinary lastnight around my part in the front. I got castor oil too... would mixing the too work too??


Maybe you should add microneedling too. Thanks for the review cause I use to wonder why I was only growing baby hairs with minoxidil.

Nicky Wilson

i also stopped using clobetasol/dermovate!! I looked into other alternatives and i use Diprosalic Solution which is a liquid mix of a less potent steriod and salycic acid which works to combat inflammation from alopecia and help with scarring of the follicles/skin. Apply twice a week

Nicky Wilson

thank you for your very thorough experience. youre such a blessing

Chaos Maker 21

Does Copperpeptide have a shedding effect, a side effect of minoxidil?

Zoe vlachos-alafogiannis

Your hair looks so good. You have convinced me to buy the ordinary serum. I’m going through the same thing with my hair and It’s very depressing for a women. Thank you for this video. ??


I just started doing the same thing! Lipogaine's Minoxidil at night, Ordinary serum in the morning. What is your routine? I'm a 27yo male with thinning temple hair and hairline. It's been a rough year :/

Karolyn Taylor

Have you tried microneedling or high frequency for hair growth?

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Olaplex is very bringing back the ph balance and bonds in the hair there are many reconstructing hair too but glad to you took the initiative to fix the hair problem and can't to see how your journey is going?❤

Andrea D Archer

Honestly.. I dont write comments often but God bless you. Thank you for your transparency and honesty!! Yesterday I was in tears after battling against alopecia in my crown for the last 5 years. I was feeling deflated and ready to give up but you have really inspired me to keep going. Prior to finding you video the Ordinary Serum was suggested but I will definitely purchase this now. Thank you so much!! Stay blessed


Can you show us how you use The Ordinary Hair Serum please ? I think I'm using too much and running out fast.


+Eboni Elon how did you apply the treatment? simply rub it in or microneedle followed by serum? I noticed better absorption after needling- especially on parts and edges.

krystal V

thank you so much for this video it’s helped me feel a lot better with my anxiety of my hair! ?

Kai H

U look like the girl from that zombie game cant remember the name now its bugging me lmao - if any of my - OH YEAH the walking dead game looool the little girl ☺️?

Dandelion Jacoby

Thank you for the update! I’m glad your hair is doing so well. I was prescribed the same topical treat and minoxidil for hair breakage and hair loss in some areas. My hair loss is thought to be due a medication I was taken. I agree that the minoxidil hair is fuzzy, fine and seems to never grow past a certain length.

Thanks for the tips. I’m ordering from the Ordinary now and will look into olapex.

I wish you continued success on your journey!?

l m

THANK YOU!!! <3 love this story and love learning about new products. I agree - brave and inspiring! I know that using the 3 together led to results for you in about 2 weeks, but what when did babyish hairs start coming in for minoxidil only? Thank you again!!


Great explanation and amazing results

Chloe Easley

Finally had to try rogain. I have the same supposedly traction alopecia, hormonal hair loss from pcos and I’m mainly losing on crown and middle. Always the culprit. I tried a dematooogist. She did put me on some cream that took the inflame Down but no other help. Ended up isong some great shampoo/condition mer called maxxum or something worked wonders. Of course it grew back and fell out again grows back and after 3 yrs it’s changed again. I wish you the best of luck


I just started using the ordinary serum and olaplex to try and keep my hair healthy during quarantine and strengthen my thin edges. I am so glad I saw this video. Thank you for your transparency

Noura Smith

How often do you use it

Salsabila Salma Putri

how's percent monoxide did you have?

Jessica Landeros

So happy for you! I love how sincere you are. Hope you've had more progress!


Can you post an updated hair care routine? Thanks for this video, you are so cute!

Ghadeer Sh

Thank you for sharing this! i just got the serum and i hope to see a satisfy result. also, i've been using the olplax for like three weeks, one time. but i haven't see the result i'm seeking for

Jessica Mochulski

What is your routine to use them? like do you use minoxidil and then put the other serum on top or right after? or do you rotate days or?


thank you so much for the video truly!
Ive been experiencing hair loss for years, I have Trichorrechis Nodosa. My dematologist prescribed me Rogaine (which is minoxidil( and Ive been using it aside a diy oil growth blend and I do see growth but nothing major like you said and it always eventually falls again and hair is mostly brittle. I started Olaplex 1 month ago after watching reviews and I already see improvement on the strenght of my hair. I have ordered The Ordinary serum and I cant wait to see how all three will work together.

Be blessed.

Claribel Dejesus

Hello. I’m going through the same thing and I was told to use the rogaine as well but I didn’t like it as much. Maybe I was missing those serums so I wanted to know how do you apply each for example the order and how many times a day. I’m thinking to start using rogaine again. I’m also going to check out the other to products you use.

Hyaluronic acid for hair

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Hyaluronic Acid in Hair and Skin Products

1 043 views | 16 Nov. 2018

How this powerful,

How this powerful, important ingredient which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water can significantly help your skin and hair ??

Angelika S

do they still sell those products?