Overnight hairstyles for short hair

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10 EASY and QUICK Hairstyles for Short Hair | Heatless + Braidless

2 424 709 views | 28 Feb. 2017

I put together 10

I put together 10 incredibly easy hairstyles for short hair that are braidless (brainless) and heatless. These are basic and SO QUICK to do. I currently have straight hair, but these looks would look great with wavy & curly as well!




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Where did you get that headband???!!!

Eman Naveed

you can do the hairstyles so good and then there's me....

pheobe asf

thank you, finally, someone who actually has short hair and doable hairstyles!! i love you.

Mewo العرب

كل خرة


Where did u buy your headband?

Alannah Dexter

Oh my goodness ? my name is also Alannah but with a h

Courtney Hughmanick

You’re my new fav channel haha your narration made it so much better! Thanks for the ideas and the walk through!!

sonalika ganguly

Which hair cut is this plzz help me anyone


5:27 . 5:45
My favourite hairstyles

Andrea Lara

The last I don't liked but the other's I like

Miss Wrenchinitup

Half way through. Nope nope nope. Dont want to look homeless.

Julie Truly Amazing

This is more my level. haha Thank you so much!???

vanessa moreno

I just got my hair cut in a cute layered bob and I’m so excited to try this also love the color!! ?

Dipanjali Deb


Abhilasha Pathak

I not gonna make any of the hairstyle

d e p p r e s s e d y e l e n a

This girl now what's up UWU

Nathy Oliveira

Como pode alguém ficar linda de qualquer jeito?


when they claim "10 hairstyles" and 2 or 3 is just parting your hair, teasing or adding dry shampoo. ?? k

Roberta Simes

Alanna where did you get the headband?? I love how stiff it is!

Ashley Umsted

This makes me want to go back to short hair. Love the quick messy bun ideas!

SimpLee Beth

I'm planning on shaving the back of my hair, bc it's basically impossible to use a straightener on such short hair

Cassandra Cassidy

You're just all around awesome!

Debbie Schepers

Talk about trend that when they look back on is going to be OMGosh!!!


This is mesmerizing. I literally can't stop staring ? I need this hair color, so beautiful ?

Kalyani Pandya

I saw it today but Your hair color?
All hairstyles were awesome and those three messy buns?

Cookie Estra

Love the space buns they're so fun!

Chelsey Nathania

easy to follow...likeable....nice hair colour.....and beautiful lady...

Divya Rawat

Beautiful coloured hair???

Cookies Anakonda

I love you


I like the twist one because my mum cut my hair but the front is shorter than the back

Marina Hernandez

Thank you for this video literally inspired me to get my butt off the bed day 17 in quarantine

Roxanne Martinez

One of the most easiest videos to follow I have seen! Thanks for the video!!!


Brain: tease your hair
Her: why though
Brain: you just have to
Her: yeah but-
Brain: shut up and do it

pro games

Abonné me please

jessica oscategui berrospi

Love you me like wow cute gril making

Michelle Milhomem

gente bonita é outro nível neh ?


I love your hair color ? so pretty. all these styles are adorbs I can't wait until my long pixie grows out and I can try them !

Asuna -san

I have repeatedly watched the part where you tried to explain to us how to make the messy bun
In the end..
I can't understand ?(sorry for my english,,i am not good at it)

Leeza Jolie

I LOVE how your hair is colored! So different and cute - this is the first video I've seen from you so I don't know if it's on purpose or not but I like it a lot lol

Maria Psilopoulou

That’s great ? loved it

_mandolorian O.o

Me: watches three buns

Also me: RAY


The long lost olsen sister!! <3

Cool Fun Baby


Lizzy D'Ville

I get so bored w my short hair! Thanks for the tips!

Dolores Rogers-Gonzalez

Your baby hairs are gorgeous


The struggle of having bangs

Dannia Garcia


Mom Mom7

العراقين وينكم??❤️

Annie S

So easy thank you ?


Love the hair colors!

bria gibson

IDK if it's just me, but she reminds me of Selena Gomez. Not only do they look alike, but her voice sounds similar.

Sonya York

I love your hair color! What did u use on it? Me n my 17yr old daughter are gonna practice these styles.

Kalana Tabor

THAT HEADBAND IS SO COOL. I’ve struggled time and time again with regular ones. Where did you get the one at @3:23?
(sorry if you stated it before I haven’t read anything yet, just commented as soon as I saw it. Great video so far btw! ☺️)

Alicemarinho Marinho


Sana Ryad

Am I the only one here because I don’t know how to braid hair ????just me ok

e& m

Everything looks great on you but i think that blond and shorter like in your beret tutoriel looks amazing on you ?

suman sinha

Sara Boring

Hoe Raeia

The struggles of having your baby hairs so curly.... When you want them straight =:/


Amazing thank you

Skylie Wells

I know I look ugly when I do these hairstyles


rip us who have thin hair and can’t do these

shark slayer

THAT HEADBAND!!! where did you get it?! that was so simple and super cute

Annod Coach

Sadly she would look good with a bald head ?

TrishyT Fairman

Love your hair color

Belén Ares

No endiendo naaa pero eres muy wapppa

Ashley Amber

Hey I have a question about your hair color
In this video! I have colored black hair and I’m in love with your color! How many sessions did it take to achieve this for you? ???

حمودي الاسدي


Eliane Francisco


whoa Nelly

She looks like a mix in Kylie Jenner and Halsey

Magdalena Mendoza

Where did you get that head band!?! I love it!

Olga Lopez

I love it ❤? Thank you Alanna!!

Roseane Santana

6:19 foi i que eu mais gostei?

Belén Ares

Ahora a mi no me sale??

jessica mccauley

I thought I was the only one rockin the elf ear! Lmao

ciri_ riannon

Why do women compliment so much other women only on youtube and instagram, but in real life they all behave like mean and jealous evil persons when they see a gorgeous hot female?? I swear in all my life I have never seen a woman praising another one in such a sweet and over the top way like on social media comment sections...

Sylvia Barbary

How did you get your messy buns to sit like that?

Sy Tac Loc

This girl is an oval face goddess. It is impossible to make a girl looking like this look ugly.

Lucinda Jeff

You look like Saara.. or is it just me??

Angela De La Huerta Adame

Hello! I am from Spain, I have short hair, maybe a little longer than yours and with some layer behind, I also have bangs but the effect at the time of doing hairstyles is the same, I would like you to tell me what you use for give you volume in the hair before the hairstyles, my hair gets dirty very often, and now I cut even more, I observe that you throw something before starting with the hairstyles with what you get to give you a lot of volume and that your short hair Look great, I do not need to know the brand because here in Spain there will be other brands, what I need to know is what it is, with what product you get so much volume in your hair. Thank you very much, I love the game that you get out of your hair doing so much variety of hairstyles, I would love to learn how to make them all. Thank you very much again, greetings from Spain!

Agent Lili

Mᴇ: Elastic? Ok.

"??????? ??????"

Mᴇ: ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????

Sadie Q

Where did you getvthat headband!?




Es re bonita ( y los peinados

Olga Camacho

Awesome ideas,i really love them all, thank you gorgeous!???????

Amane Kaneshiro

You are ever so creative ?

Navin Agrawal

The worst hairstyle i have ever seen

Wijdan Elfachtali

Is woow ??I like very good this coiff tanks youuuuuuu

Baby S

She like Hilary Duff and Jessie J ?


can we still do hairstyles like that with a round face and double chin... ?

Mahlatse BalMan

It's not working

Debanshi Pati

Ummmm....... doesn't her hair look like beetroot ???

Regina Cordova

Love those hairstyles.?????

Abdul Haseeb

:((( mines to short to do those it's kinda like a really short bob I hate it :/


Wow.. so beautiful ??


Ngl.. I will look good but styles won't show on my dark asian hair ·_·

lilly Graham

You have not got Elf ears ok ??

Shweta Adhana

Hy.....❣️ I am from India.. I am also having short hair like uh.. I love your hairstyles...and your hair colour ... Seriously owsm.?


I would love to try these hairstyles but
1. i am so untalented
2. my hair gets greasy and flat real quick
3. my hair knots like crazy. i cant even go through it with my hand because it hurts so much (and i have thin noodle hair)

Vanja Lo

You are the first you tuber which look I actually really like. Not another boring copy paste female.

Priti Singer

I see Jessie J. Someone else said Jenna Dewan.. ?!

Overnight hairstyles for short hair

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I tried another heatless curl method (bantu knots) aka watch me touch my hair 5000 times lol...

218 449 views | 9 Jan. 2020

howdy frens ;) so I had

howdy frens ;) so I had the random urge to style my hair and figured why not try bantu knots since I haven't tried them in a while. the last time I tried them my hair was much shorter so it had more volume but since my hair is heavy and has grown since, I wanted to see how the curls would lay. they didn't look bad! I actually was really impressed :)

forgot how uncomfy they are to sleep in though :(

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I ᗩᗰ ᗷEᗩᑌTIᖴᑌᒪ

God clearly has his favourites,and I am not one of them but you on the other hand- ?❤️

Randy Medvile

I hope this works for me because I have really frizzy hair and you have beautiful hair so I hope it works ?♥️

Anusha Verma

how long does it stay?

Lexi Reis

Bro I just messaged u on snap about these! I tried them and I looked a mess ?‍♀️? You look great tho!

Jelly Belly

thank you for not playing the music loud like other YouTubers be doing.

Charlize Hendricks

I like that the curls didn't fully set in. It has that effortless look about. BTW new subscriber here, you have this aura about you that I like. Thanks for the tutorial.

Ева Юрьева

У тебя крестик видно


Umm hi do you have a brow care?

Maclaine Ridica

girl you r so prettyyy


the bantu knots actually suits u tho?

Lana Keys

Wait do u live in Chicago?

Molika Pangantihon

We had the same hair ?

St Fu

Since I've been doing bantu knots for a while i am used to how much it hurts so i can sleep with them lol

JeT’emmerde Hihi

When I do banto knots it literaly give me an afro lmaoo?


where did you get your glasses from? ❤️


Ur not washing your hair?

Emma G.

Girl you’re always coming in clutch with these heartless curls

Katherine Mendoza

you’re so beautiful ❤️

ablo show

"Ban 2" abantu bathi "ban 2".Nah girl its just a google search away from the right pronunciation

Raspberry kid

This actually worked on my hair! Thank You!! ♡ (I recently discovered ur channel and I subscribed!)

Calliope Poppy

Looking gooood ❤?



Chick's Club

I subcribed

those lips gave me life

Joselyn Campos

Where are your glasses from? :)

Emma Bonnici

To give the hair at the top volume, flip and squeeze your hair then spray with like an oil spray

Kal Fulton

I have naturally wavy hair, but it’s not beautiful graceful curls, it just looks thick, like a big ball of hair.


imagine being this pretty

saemi palomera

Eres hermosa ??


Please try out my heatless curl method!! Ps your hair is so shiny and gorgeous!


i wish i could pull off curls ☹️ i dont look cute w it

Esther Draghici

eh not your style

summert 12

How is it so easy for you-

laasya kanumuri

where r the glasses from?

Meryem Özmen

Gurl your lips and eyebrows looks freaking good

Silly Goose

You really are drop dead gorgeous ?

Alana Baker

“iPhone 11 gang gang” I died omg

Michelle Datiles

thanks for taking a video of the process :), you are so pretty by the way

Leah Poole

How can u possibly be so pretty?


I loved it!!! I’m actually gonna try it??? your beautiful

Valentina Vera

dude ur so pretty


You are so pretty !!thanks for the video?!


Where ur glasses from luv

vanshika designer's and embroidery

So beautiful cruls and you


That hurts like hell ?

Reyna Parra

You’re soo pretty ??

Saveer Giles

That iphone film look good asf wth



Well Duh

I have the buns in rn? they look really hella pretty if you have the curls and have it in a bun trust me

Miya Rivera

girl try the sock method. i seemingly have the same type of hair (and length) as you and it works wonders ??

Lauren Yap

Where r u from?

dab dab

If i was this pretty i wouldnt know how to act

Sadya 0

You are sooooooo underrated .... sis .... you should atleast have like millions of subs.???

Jeanie Rodriguez

Do u have to use scrunchies

Rodriguez Household

She is so pretty with glasses ❣❣❣

Anaya Mora

Thanks you helped a lot

Patrīcija Vegnere

i was looking how to curl hair overnight for my brithday and i hope this will work :))

aliyah pedroza

so is it better to do then overnight or can i do them when i take a shower in the afternoon too ? btw you’re so gorgeous ?

Simply Kash

Cutie ?


Luv, you could stick your hair under a fawcett, do nothing to it, and wake up with A1 curls. Your hair is just THAT bitch. Us thin/fine/straight as a ruler hair ladies over here be pulling out Bantu knots in the morning to wake up to a bird’s best. No dead ass my boss tried to do overnight curls and a hawk attacked her head ? be careful out there y’all


My hair is frizzy asf and if u have frizzy hair u know u have to do something to it to make it not ugly ??

Chick's Club

You are abnormally pretty girl wth

Miss Perl



i aspire to be as good looking as her

Hillary Ramcharran Cann

u should do a hair care routine

Milovi Zhimomi

Girl, you're so beautiful!! Ps what's your specs power ;)

Brianna Esson

Your hair looks so beautiful and the knots definitely gave you a lot of volume


I am just looking at your face and lips the whole time. How could you be so pretty.

Bo0tylicker69 Bo0tylicker69

Wait where is the other overnight curls tutorial I’m a lil slow


ima try this thank you. btw i love how the curls came out!

Bharbie Luh

My hair is so freakin thick i can’t do that


I’ve just discovered your channel, just wanna say that you’re soooo pretty omg

Jennifer Sepulveda

You’re so pretty!!!

Joe X'

HEYY where did you get your glasses from?

um ray

how’d u sleeppppp my head hurts

Ariana Goulart

You weren’t wrong about you touching your hair????

Bella Ancheta

You got those lips all the kardashians WISH they had. ❤️?

Apple D

is your hair naturally straight straight or kinda wavy though. Looks good!


i just did over 20 bantu knots rip my scalp and hair and sleep

Ella Villareal

u so prettyyyyyyyyyy iloveuuu

dayanna jauregui


Priscila Coreas

See I can’t do this I have LONG THICK HAIR!!

ivanna & isa

Hey guys! My sister and I are pursuing our Youtube dreams and it would mean the world if you checked out our channel and maybe even consider subscribing! Our content consists of lifestyle and beauty :) Have a great day, thank you so much and stay safe everyone!

Joyce Hill

My hair is wavy but sometimes it straight my hair just can’t decide who she wants to be I just want her to stay wavy


You’re so pretty and gorgeous wtf ???

Nur Qistina Aisyah Mahazir

do u use your rear camera or the front camera?


I just downloaded this video cause I have a shorter length hair rn like the one you have in your previous heatless curl video and I thought I'm totally gonna need this video later.
So Thanks for that! ?

phoebe blackbird

You’re so pretty ????

Twice’s Admirer

Now I am literally begging my dad to get me a headband and hair tie ?

CminGsoon !


The Potato

why am i watching this with curly hair....
because i love miaaaaaaaaa ????


Did the curls stay in all day for you? My hair does NOT hold curls for the life of it ??

Hippie Chick

I love it! They came out like vintage waves. Definitely going to try


Whats a good hairspray that keeps the style an doesnt make your hair crunchy? Drugstore store brand ?


you're so mf gorgeous


oMg i use the same leave-in it smells aMAZING


K sis... you look like my niece(17) yet I feel close to you like a cousin...I’m calling you my prima that’s it! lol


You're so pretty?