Remove eye bags without surgery

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Non surgical eye bag (tear trough) removal using dermal fillers - amazing results

29 046 views | 20 Apr. 2018

The non surgical eyebag

The non surgical eyebag removal treatment is a real "wow treatment" with instant results. Using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Restylane, we can remove the biggest of eye bags, to smaller tear troughs or dark circles. With minimal discomfort, no risks and short downtime, and the treatment taking only around 10 minutes, this non surgical treatment is truly stunning.

Dr Milojevic is the key opinion leader and the most experienced doctor for this treatment in the UK and indeed Europe, with over 7000 performed eye bag treatments. Do take a look at this brilliant video with amazing results.

@costa azzura

Upper blefaroplasty would be benefitial also


Are you guys based in England? I really want to get this done but I'm worried I cant afford it


i hate needles but I have bad puffy eye bags..

Season Ease

Natural massage or just vibration with heath and point massage is less dangerous https://seasonease.com


Hshshshshs jacksepticeye i c u

@costa azzura

Why not cannula tecnique?

@costa azzura

Are you using canula I am scared of bruising ? Also what soft filler you recommend for tear trough deformity?

Anna Fresa

He looks 10 years younger


Wow he looks like a million bucks after. Looks so natural too. Good job!

Gabriella Hill

Why does the thumbnail look like jackseptiky (idk how to spell)

sophie jay

Were is this clinic. Thank you

evelyn baron

What is a ball-park figure for this procedure? Are you able to address drooping upper eyelids?

annie Corpuz

Hi how much to have my tear trough done?

khamirrudin md derus

How long it will last? How much for the cost?

Abdur Rahman

I have eyes dwelling i what do

Sharon Kiptoo

What about malar bags?

Shellie Williams

How much is this procedure? Is it just a one time procedure until you want it doing again? Help ??

rachelle lewis

How long the filler last?

Isaiah Hudson

How big is the risk of anything bad happening?

toffaha hloua

What about Tyndall effect?

Remove eye bags without surgery

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Can Puffy Eye Bags be Removed without Surgery?

2 725 views | 20 Nov. 2014

Eye bags are caused when

Eye bags are caused when orbital fat—the fat that occupies the space around the eye—becomes displaced and sags, making the eyes look puffy and tired. Though many cosmetic eye creams and non-surgical skin heating devices claim that they can remedy eye bags, some type of surgical procedure is still needed to completely fix them. In Dr. Amiya Prasad’s practice, when lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed, special focus is paid to making sure the patient recovers well and heals fast.

For more information on lower eyelid surgery, go to:


For more information on transconjunctival blepharoplasty, go to: