Kill la kill body pillow

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1 836 267 views | 27 Sep. 2015

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published on Aniplex

about Kill la Kill: http://myanimelist.net/anime/18679/Kill_la_Kill?q=kill%20la%20kil

composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano

Vocals: Mika Kobayashi, Cyua, Benjamin Anderson, mpi, Aimee, Blackschleger, CASG (Caramel Apple Sound Gadget)

Track list:

1. Before my body is dry

2. goriLLA蛇L / goriLLAjaL

3. 犬Kあ3L / InuKa3L

4. Blumenkranz

5. AdラLib / AdlaLib

6. 鬼龍[email protected]キLL / [email protected]

7. KILL7la切ル / KILL7lakill

8. Suck your blood

9. Kiっ9=KELL / Kixtu9=KELL

10. k1ll◎iLL / k1llwaiLL

11. Light your heart up

12. 昼裸lilL♪ / HilllalilL♪

13. 斬LLLア生LL / KiLLLakiLL

14. キ龍ha着LL / KiryuhaKiLL

15. I want to know

16. 寝LLna聴9 / NeLLnaki9

17. Kiる厭KiLL / KillaKiLL

18. Till I Die

Lukas Warnecke

1:19 hop on my diiiiiick

Maurice Şener


Sean Ker

What’s the song at the start of ep22 when ryuko and nui fight on the nudist ship

Cory Ellis

Sanageyama best boi

IlIlIlI IlIlIl

That fuck Raper have tainted the song, damn you bitch raper

Ahamd mauklana

ragyo kiryuin theme is so badass

Yandere potato

Why did senketsu have to die ?

Soul of Cinder

I'm happy it's getting memed right now if more people watch it




Adem Khov



I’m glad I watched kill la kill, alpharad said it was good so I watched it. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t of found this anime.


watching kill la kill for the first time!! :D

Bartosz Z

I KNEW IT! Hiyoruki Sawano composed the OST! His style is indeed hard to confuse with others.

Mehvish yousuf

Anyone in December 2020??



BleseMeLlaman YT

14:57 best part


[Scissors clipping sound]

Man..... If I only create more human....


노래 거지 같네.

Theo Higgins

Describe Kill La Kill in a sentence: "What if Hugo Boss was a lesbian?"

Jamarius Walker

Satsuki so damn sexy Ryuko too. Double waifus this my show rh


I like how the plot kept changing and each time it got better. Originally I thought the first half was boring, the setting was kinda weird but then after episode 11 I got hooked and finished. The last episode had a normal setting which I liked now that I think back kill la kill is full of surprises and I love that

Matoi Ryuko

56:27 Remember the scene where Ryuko got married and she just wants happiness, this scene touches my heart tho.


Is this the key we've lost?

Sir P. Zohan I

I loved everything about kill la kill but especially the funny way it was so self aware Of the kind of anime it is and the art style is so pure. I’m


Hello from 2021. Why did I watch this anime when it's no longer popular?

Emmanuel Mella

(・ω・) Kill la kill and Sayonara zetsubou sensei are the best anime.

Tomi Fadiora

Kill la KIll wouldn't be what it is without Lord Sawano


This was the last dub anime I watched, it was actually good

Nelson Bazani

14:55 <3

oYa oYa oYa

I stan this at an unhealthy level

Pika Dechu

It's actually nearly been 8 years since the sub aired, and nearly 6 since dub aired. I only finished the dub 4 days ago and I love this anime so much i'ma rewatch it again, fair enough to say no anime Will ever top Kill la kill for me!!

Friedrich von Loslau


Lisa Ro

i want to rewatch it... idk I rewatched it maybe year ago but better make it a tradition


the sound track voice acting and animation and fights always made me feel a sense of adrenaline and it made me feel so pumped

Zero Two

how did 7 years pass by so fast?


My motivation song ❤️❤️❤️

Melvin Vega

Love this tracks


진짜 가슴이 웅장해진다... 48:49


33:25 lmao



Clamps 00

What song is played at the end of the series when her sister catches her

Mendoza Weber Walter David

Excelente anime acabarlo me dejo un vacío y su ost es de las mejores ?

Mirai Niki

35:17 best




Memory refreshed. Boxed set with OST ordered!! Yea Crunchyroll!

Lewi Lama

Isn't 1:04:30 something you also find in Danganronpa OST ???

Kingston Steele

I hated the rap but it grew on me

Toni Yakovlev

52:07 Most likely happened when Satsuki was trying to sync with Senketsu.
56:26 Plays during Ryuko being under Junketsu's influence.

Tomi Fadiora

I'd do some dastardly things to find the melody that was being played right before ryuko and Satsuki transformed together, the part when she called her sister ??

César Pedraza Martinez García

little pogchamp ost*

Mc Montinola

8 years had passed so fast and yet, I am here still, remembering when this came out and introduced me to anime.


Don't loose your weight!


seriously, when 30:03 hits, you just know something is about to go down

Ciro Caratozzolo

this was one of my first anime, and it is still one of my favorites :)


2021 still listening ?

Outatime 1985

This anime is my favorite of all time. Was it the best one created? No. But this anime is purely amazing and makes me want a second season that could hopefully be confirmed. I feel so god damn empty thinking and watching this show's ending. THERE HAS to be more coming because Ragyo did say that Life Fibers WILL return to Earth so there HAS to be a plan in the works for a Season 2 if any.


I came just for 22:02


I know why your here.....

you know the words.....



ok you can say this anime is kinda crazy and all but if you say episode 14 was bad then death

Sheep Last Name


Soul of Cinder

Go back to Gurren Lagann rapper man

Lucy Rose Mihajlich



Where's the COVERS theme?


I cannot believe it is anime ost

Kaiv Mata

40:42 <- My best moment.



Jamarius Walker

???????this ost is fire


Sailor uniforms are made to grow out of. and that's the sad truth.


36:57 That creepy, menacing tone. That's what I came here for.

Merrick Bonnette

This anime will miss me ?


Just listened to the entire ost again while completing geometry work, what a vibe



Hurut Gekko

When your wifi go offline and your parents ask you to fix it.
You: 8:24


2021 bbbby


so good :D

Wei M



favorite sections/tracks:



47:00 Saved for me

Olivia Cusack

14:57. thank me later lmao

Marriam Ali

Still can't find the theme I've been looking for its theme from Ep 9 where Ryuuko is having Lunch with Mako before battle

Mark the shark

14:58 is what ur looking for




Seriously this OST is so good it feels like Kill la Kill is just a soundtrack with an anime included lmao


Just finished this masterpiece I can't believe how the last 10 episodes make my heart beat so fucking fast . One of the best anime series with beautiful soundtrack if you read this comment and somehow you listening to this songs and never watched the series go NOW .If you want to see it for free go to gogoanime.gr. And thanks to the developers for this series we all want season 2!!!

Sophia Strawberry

at 14:09 i got an ad, right before the 'drop,' i guess you could say :'c

Kody [KDG76]

8:23 whats the name of this song

Caique Vasconcelos


Space Cowboy

Hello from the future?

Doctor Diamond

Kill la kill is one the best anime’s in my opinion. The hand drawn art style is unique, the acting is marvelous, and don’t even get me started on the plot. I wish there were more anime’s like this and not the cringe I’ve seen.

Daler Jones

That feel you get when one of your fav anime is very short and you listen to the ost, or even look at the characters

z Gonza


Tardis ThePhoneBox

What a fucking legend anime. I watched like 3 years ago, and still my first and best anime. I guess this isn't for its quality, I watch a lot of another legends (like Darling in The Franxx, shojuo shuumatsu ryokou, , Mirai Nikki, Made In Abyss, [SAO and BKHA]). You cann't guess how this anime change my life. Thank you Kill la Kill, for made my teenage awesome...


when I heard this I wanted to watch Aldnoah.Zero again.

Aldnoah.Zero is an anime that uses music by Hiroyuki Sawano.


11:53 me: men dou kote! men dou kote! men dou kote!

Lisa Ro

man one of the best osts


yeah I'm "studying"



Stephanie Smith

300 tailors disliked this


Am I the only who likes the rap part in "Before my body is dry"? Never understood the dislike.

Kill la kill body pillow

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Boomer Triggers Gen-Z Snowflakes. Brad Upton

6 186 962 views | 31 Oct. 2019

Nothing triggers a Gen-Z

Nothing triggers a Gen-Z snowflakes like a boomer with a lot to say, and trust us, Brad Upton has a lot to say! Give us an "Okay Boomer" in the comments and go watch more comedy by downloading the Dry Bar Comedy App now available on all iOS and Android devices

Michael Ryan

Wish I could forget this, just so I could watch it again.

ALL stario

reading the time should be just as important as reading in general

Michael barrett

Why give unlike google comedy
. .?

Chandler VanFossen

Good video, Unneeded title.

Mart Dodge

Funniest comedian I’ve seen in a long time.


This was an accidental click, straight from Heaven...Laughed long after it hurt. I love this!

Timothy Dottin

No one makes fun of GENXER'S anymore, I feel left out.

Revy V

I never had a wall phone, but I do remember answering the home phone for my mum and dad and not knowing who the hell was calling. Also remember snapping my motorola razor closed angrily and having a Nokia 3210 which could brain a man if thrown at them. Good times, I miss my childhood before the world got all complicated and instagram obsessed etc...

Michael Rae

Great act. Loved the Goodwill gift card.

aaaAAAaaa CHOO

23:55 baby boomers go-to is always the beatles when they wanna compare music


Even as Somalians they’d be STRONGER??‍♂️

Sharon Dawn

This is too funny!

ashby gaming


Andrei Pintea

20:00 In my 29 years of life, I have not seen a store of any kind that had all the registers open. I think this their way of taunting us. And it's working.

Brandon Cadman

Warning labels were specifically made for Americans.

Sour Kraut

Goodwill sells dollar store items for 5 dollars.

Cast Away

Truth hurts damit.

Doctor Ospylac

8.4K Gen Z bitches seen this.

Nick Zylstra

Ok boomer


not bad

Twerk Team

This is pretty cringey

Name Aura

This is the best and I may be young but I do know about most of the stuff he references


legend, funny af

shannon allen

???? that was so funny but i'm a little confused the audience loved him,

John V

John Podesta got jokes!

Thomas Cullen

Zoomers are even more clueless.

Angie Shines

Being able to text 911 if there's an intruder in my house, and I'm there and can't get out.. actually isn't a bad idea!

Eye Patch Guy

Who stopped kids from playing with guns and knives?

Mr. Kasshu

I've never heard of this guy but I'm glad youtube decided i should see it.

Envy Tee

Did he trigger gen Z? Cause he straight up destroyed everybody

Dregrite l

Lol I love it when people act like there's something wrong with millennials. Like I'm sorry have you seen the state yall left the world in? Boomers have so much lead leftover from huffing exhaust from leaded gasoline they turned 90 at 50. Also they lost the only war America has ever lost soooo... Worst generation? I think so

Edgar Cortes

I’m 14 and I have Record player but I like this guy

William Street

"All the dumb ones lived." OK, I'm old. We didn't have seatbelts. I stood in the back seat of the Valiant Station Wagon. I rode in the back of the pick-up truck that had lost it's brakes on the way from Cloudcroft to Ruidoso. I did many dumb things. But, I survived. My grandchildren have bicycle helmets, ride in car seats, and never experience life on the edge. What is life if you don't take chances? Have you ever had a prickly pear battle? As 12 year old's, you throw prickly pears at the opposing team. I tried to always be in the tree house. We had an altitude advantage. But, we could run out of ammo. Are you afraid of your own shadow? It comes from too much protection.


Love his style

Dominik Mees

I'm on fire lyrics: Hey little girl is your daddy home?

Brennen Dame

I am gen z and I hate that I am

TZR Thomas Raph

I rather watch George Carlin.

Mike Turk

This guy is good :) Thanx for the upload.

Knowledge Untamed

He should have a Vegas show. FrFr

Cory phelps


sleepy snoring puppy

8.4k zoomers butt hurt.

Have a tissue guys

basic what ifs

The fact that you played with fire works makes you the dumb one


Boomers shouldn't have the right to criticize ANY generation...

Barbara Danley

Currently in bed with my 3 cats and 8 pillows, LMAO.
And rather step in puke than half eaten prey any day.

Angie Shines

22:24 All those songs he sang were for 2009-2010? except can't keep my hands to myself/one less problem.


Those laughs are added in post


As a member of the gen z, I can confirm that my generation is retarded

Yukmout B

this guy has more jokes in 39 minutes than these 1 hour netflix "specials".. and they were all funny and no filler.

John Swanson


Colt Faller

The spirit of Rodney is in him

Thomas Cullen

That guy is a HATER! Wah!

Djem Island

Comedy doesn't need vulgarity. Can someone tell the other 95% of the comedians. The female comediennes are disgusting. And yes - a real comedian dogs everyone equally.

bev petrel

He's the BEST!

lori amora

no way man we had address books then for our contacts info


This dude made me laugh and motivated me to get up and do something.

Dark Star

If your kid says "OK boomer" change your will and the lock to the house- but only tell em about one of them.


These "jokes" are at least 3 decades past their expiration date


This guy is funny as hell and makes a lot of good points

Bee Flavored

30% of his jokes are things gen z said on twitter years ago, 50% are Technology Bad jokes, and 20% are I Am Old jokes

Wayward Folk

This man is golden

gregory ferko

He should go on AGT.

Biggie Cheese

A place with smart people it’s either Boston or not Boston

Steven Bell

8.4 k snowflakes down voted because he called them out.

Rebecca Baggett

You are super funny and no cussing! Loved it.

Sparkley Unicorn

I mean... to be fair, texting in a home invasion or shooter situation would make sense. It's not exactly the best time to give away a position by talking on the phone

daniel byers

Up up down down left right left right b a b a start. If you are from the 80s and played Nintendo you already know.

Eliza Bee

Needed to laugh... probably same age and yes I laughed, laughed and enjoyed this mans talent!

Henry D.

hes making fun of millenials


You know you’re the king of comedy when you’re old enough to father everyone in the audience, but you can keep them rolling in the isles.


This guy has a better story then some movies.

eric devore

Im just saying I wasn't raised like these pussies, I own records, rode death traps, and still build death traps.

Edited part; I'm addicted to guns, and other more dangerous things that I can't say because people don't understand that some people are responsible enough to have jobs with explosives.

Reality Check

Haha this is gold

Ina Nymin

You are one stand up guy..yes really you are!..much Love?????????

basic what ifs

I have a question do you know what minam wage is


Im 22
And i still remember numbers


Nobody really seems to be triggered here, the title is made for click-baiting. As Gen Z, yeah I may think some of his jokes are out of taste or at the very least, not my style but overall funny nonetheless. I think some of the jokes of Gen Z being stupid were from ignorance but quite honestly Gen Z would probably make the same jokes about themselves.

robert jones


Wayne Tee

This man is good, pretty dam good stuff.




Texting the police might be useful if you’re hiding from someone who’s trying to kill you.

Sandra Smead

Love this guy hes hilarious

Joe MasterBiden

Hahaha my Boss used to have a bunch of 10$ phones in his closet!!!! True story. People would owe him upwards of $50,000 dollars sometimes and he would be on a conversation to settle up the account receivables and the phone just blew up!!! Haha he would tell the secretary to get another phone please!!!!????

captain jack sparrow

you have a wrong definition for a boomer my guy

Rico Ssuave

Leave puppy alone stupid?

The Undead Mike

Ok, but honestly you should be able text 911

Joe H

Psa: you CAN now text 911. They changed this for instances where someone was afraid to speak.


The bottle shattering one at the start was pretty funny. What a great video.

Robert Reisner


Crystal Roberts

I can’t wait until my kids start driving ??


21:10 he stole that joke from jeff dunham but it was still funny

Jane Wagman

Goodwill gift cards are great for handing out to homeless people with signs that say "anything helps"

byebye biden

This is great... he makes all ages laugh.

Grege Murphy

Clean , funny humor .


Well truth is Gen-Z has to be the dumbest and most useless generation of people this planet has ever seen, and I say that as a Millenial ...


I was in tears with laughter the whole routine. I will not forget this guy.


As a 15 year old I love this guy. I am the same way as him. Lmao

Di T

Man this guy is a crack up ???? gotta get as many laughs as you can these days ????

the illegal seagull

i didn't even see anyone get "triggered" though

Mark Warren

The little freaks are offended....And thats a good thing!

Mark Forbus

Tug of war, I thought you said taco war... too funny.

Kill la kill body pillow

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TOGA Himiko body pillow

188 views | 7 Nov. 2020

Kinda (not naked :(

Kinda (not naked :(