Ricinus communis castor seed oil

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Castor bean plant saved my fruit trees!

23 240 views | 11 Sep. 2017

Joseph Stokes

+ you can make poison and rule the world!!! LOL We have these even up here in Idaho but they don't get very tall and our seeds don't mature! Thanks for the video and best of luck!

Miss O.P.

when you chop and drop do they grow back?


Did you have to soak the seeds for 8 hours in 86 degree Fahrenheit water?

tracy b.


Brooke Molla

love your videos, I am curious what your water bill is, up in Tucson water gets very expensive

Jean Conneely

HI there :)
I live in Phoenix, can you tell me where or how to get some caster beans to plant?

Robin Lanter

What type of castor bean plants do you recommend for Arizona?


I've heard they are very poisonous, so be careful to wash your hands when touching them and around animals. They grow so fast mine never got that big. It surly likes it there. Looks amazing !!!

Marie Deocareza

Castor plant saved your trees but be careful

Alan Mc

Anything that eats that plant is DEAD DEAD

Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)

For microclimate building, would it be okay to plant castor bean in bare clay soil or plant it like any other tree?

Marc M

Wow nice idea Jay ! ?


Previously I used to live in inland Australia, an area similar to USDA zone 9 or 10, similar perhaps to inland South-Central California or Arizona. The Castor Oil plant can indeed be used as a useful "nurse" plant to help shelter other young plants from excessively strong Summer sun, in areas with "Mediterranean" semi-arid and semi-desert climates. They can also be used to provide shade to chicken and ducks. They know NOT to eat the seeds and are almost immune to them anyway. Just remember folks that the Castor Oil seed is HIGHLY POISONOUS to humans especially children and most other animals with chewing teeth. Technically the toxin is found in lower amounts throughout the entire plant, but I have never developed any allergy or anything, even when pruning or handling the leaves. ONLY make the medicinal Castor Oil if you are 100% sure what you are doing. The edible medicine is made in a special way so that the poison component gets left behind. For folks in colder climates, like where I live now, I take some seedlings inside as house-plants to survive each Winter, then put them back outside in late Spring when frosts are finished. Castor Oil plants especially older ones can tolerate a very small frost as long as it thaws promptly. If you can keep it heavily watered (especially in a long hot season environment that might be with water from a clothes washing machine discharge) then the leaves can grow very large, almost a metre or 3 feet across. I would guess that in places with long hot humid Summers, like New Orleans and Louisiana and Florida that they also grow very large leaves.

Harold Harold

did you no there deadly poison and the sap and seeds will kill you quickly and even if you go to the doctor most don't recognize were the poison  has come from... they do at  the autopsy but that is not such a good thing

Phillip Hernandez

I am growing them so I don't have to see my neighbors here in Hawaii


This plant is a pest weed in Brazil

Oil Castor - Make Money Farming Our Cash Crop.

How to make biodiesel from castor beans https://youtu.be/H0xJndiO7iQ

John VanDenburgh

And, I am told that this plant repels digging rodents as well.

Bethu Sangma


Jay Stovall

Thanks for posting this video. Exactly what I need to protect my Greenlife trees.


Can they be used in reforestation projects?

April Alfaro

Castor oil seeds are also use to help infertility and the reproductive system (oil heat therapy. )Is a miracle plant. It amazes me how quickly it grows and its medicinal herbicide

Corb man

They are also known as Mole Bean Plants. Used to plant in Mole runs in the yard. The Moles supposedly eat them and die. If not, you at least get some shade.

Hunter Captain

This proves that not all deadly plants are bad.

Alanvale & The Lazy Farmer

This plant is permitted in Western Australia with poison rating S11. It is rampant in empty blocks and building sites. Wash your hands after touching it, do not burn it and do not ingest any part, especially the seeds. These are the source of the deadly ricin poison. https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/organisms/123117

Gambler 4life

I love these! i just bought some on amazon have grown them in the past. Only thing i hate is digging out the woody stalk very difficult other than that produces so many seeds for the next year!. Watch out all parts of plants poisonous.

Etta J

That's fantastic...where do you get the seeds from. It's a really nice plant , love it.

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil

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Poisonous Plants 1-2-1 Ricinus communis, castor oil plant

17 221 views | 13 Dec. 2013

The story of Ricinus

The story of Ricinus communis in 121 seconds. Though ricin, the toxin in the residue after the seeds, 'castor beans', have been crushed to release castor oil, is one of the most poisonous natural substances it does much less harm than hysterical stories would have you believe.

For more information about this plant please visit http://www.thepoisongarden.co.uk/atoz/ricinus_communis.htm

Robby Creason

In the television series Breaking Bad they extracted the active ingredient in the beans to make the poison, and there is no doubt that in the concentrated form it is very deadly. However, you are right in the fact that ingesting a lethal dose from the raw plant material is highly unlikely. An analogous compassion could be the the highly potent effects of the drug cocaine, compared to indigenous farmers chewing the leaves of the Coca plant while working in the field.  

Marie Sanders

is this bad for your hair or skin?

monkshood aconite

abrin is worst than ricin ._.

HORIZONT Beskrajne Inovacije

Thank You...

Susan Kerr

I collected the seeds to drill for beads oh dear threw them out

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil

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How to grow Ricinus (Castor Oil) plants

43 678 views | 11 Jan. 2019

Ricinus communis or

Ricinus communis or 'Castor Oil plants' are some of the most impressive tropical plants that you can grow from seed for your garden. These tropical jungle giants grow to enormous architectural plants in just one growing season. Ricinus (castor oil plants) are not difficult to grow from seed, and can be grown easily on a sunny windowsill. Ricinis plants grow well in the UK and other temperate climates, but do need staking against strong winds. The plants are highly toxic, so please take care when handling the plants and especially the seeds.












• Chicken manure pellets: https://amzn.to/3bZSfD9

• Liquid seaweed: https://amzn.to/3cZRFqz

• Fish blood and bone: https://amzn.to/36sPdGo

• Houseplant food: https://amzn.to/3c1GRXA


Windowsill Propagator: https://amzn.to/36sPDfW

Heat Matt: https://amzn.to/2LT6aQU


• Perlite: https://amzn.to/36qSdDn

• Eco pots: https://amzn.to/2WYWevD

• Plant labels: https://amzn.to/3glHf6E


POND PUMP - https://amzn.to/2UJB3MM

LINER & UNDERLAY - https://amzn.to/2Rf7gcZ

WATER PIPE - https://amzn.to/2x5FWqB

CEMENT - https://amzn.to/2xRGgcu


Solar flame torch: https://amzn.to/2X1a0Oh

Solar Fairy light: https://amzn.to/2ZylOZT

Bamboo screening: https://amzn.to/2LUOFzH


Kew Tropical Plant identification: https://amzn.to/36qSxC5

Hot Plants For Cool Places: https://amzn.to/3ebbATi

Big Leaves for Exotic Effect: https://amzn.to/2M1Leah

Mint Paste

Yum just need 3.33 USD to get some nice ricin

Rohan Plantboy James

I like this channel. Where can I get a couple viable beans. I'm in New Zealand and broke as F.

Jeanne M

the warning about the toxicity should have been more than a footnote. These plants are the source of the poison ricin.


I love this plant so much! I have been growing it for many years and have learned alot about it. Here are some of my notes:
-If you want to make them grow faster, plant them in a big pot, at least 40cm in diameter per plant and plant them in pairs or in 3's, instead of planting them into the ground.
-If you want to grow them even much faster, stop it from flowering and cut off the buds as soon as you see them. Letting them develop buds and fruit will strongly slow down the growing process.
-These plants are extremely hungry for nitrogen, I can fertilize the living hell out of them! I give 3 different long-term fertilizers, Hornshavings, Blood meal and especially Ammonium Nitrate. Not all at once mind you. Then I also give liquid fertilizer (8+8+6) twice a week and the larger they are, the more I give at once, up to 3 times the recommended dosage!
-The warmer and more light they get the better.
-They develop much bigger leafs when planted in the ground
-You can buy up to 8 or 9 different variations of this plant, from extremely deep red leafs (New Zealand Purple) and stem to light green (Zanzi Palm, Zanzibariensis). The green variations grow the biggest leaves, up to 1 meter in diameter. And the green variation 'Zansi Palm' grows the tallest of all, up to 5meters.
-They need ALOT of water on hot days. One pot (60cm diameter) with 3 plants will need up to 30 liters of water in one day!
-You can, if you have the space, take them inside in winter, and cultivate them until it is warm again outside and grow them in the garden.
-In their natural habitat, they reach a height of 13meters over 2-3 years!

I have so much more, but I will leave it at that :)

Eddy's tropical gardening Experience

You can start sowing these february but you will have to repot it a few times before you can put them outisde. Btw. i plant them much deeper so the stems will be better when repotting. And about toxicity its not that scary only digesting the plant or the seeds is toxic handling can be done without gloves otherwise i would be long dead by now ;-)

Sunflower Hunni

I did not realise we can buy the seeds in England! I would love to buy some but dont know where from

Ezequiel Alvarez

I didn't know to wear gloves and I just shelled a whole jar of seeds. Some of the white tips were black or pink, so I picked them off with my nails....now I am not sure if i am sick now from that process? I have been sick now for a few days....anyone been sick from shelling without gloves?


Ricinus is most toxic plant on this planet....

Les French

I just ordered mine from https://www.seedaholic.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=RICINUS+COMMUNIS+%27CARMENCITA
Thanks for the advice Seedaholic have four types.

danny lawlor

Wehay great plant and try the T. rex varieties and my ricin plants are doing well and am giving them to all my friends ( making jungle gardens everywhere) ... have your neighbors commented on the giant plants

Annieke Koegelenberg

It so, so invasive and detrimental to the natural environment

Ashley Marquez

Hi my mother use to have this castor bean plants beautiful red color! And I love to have a seed can you please tell me where I can buy a few? ? I'm from Dallas Texas or if you can sale me please let me know, I subscribe to your channel thanks ?


Good video ? gotta get some.
My papa as a kid gave me a few to grow. They got really big!


I aslo suggest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbAjCQOkb5M

Winner Emerald Otinkorang

I just fell in love with your garden. Planning to do the same here in Ghana. Please is your castor seed the Jamaican type? I really need some here. We only have the normal ones, the seed is smaller than yours. Please can u help me with that?

Chris Henton

Good to see another video at last, thanks.
Hope the garden is fairing up well now that the real cold spells are fast approaching.

One of question.

Given the high toxicity of the plant what are your thoughts on planting in a garden used by kids? What level of contact is fine without consequence?

Cheers ?

Sergio García

Uh what's the purpose of having this plant ? Lots grow wild here in Mexico , I see no point in having them in your garden , you can't eat them anyway

john jackson

Hi, that was highly entertaining, in fact I've just tried ebay to purchase just a few seeds... looks as if I must buy a whole plant, but or send abroad. Determined to do this, so can you let me know where I can buy seeds. Brilliant
John J

peter tubey

Great video, thanks for sharing. Trying the zanzi palm this year, Hoping for good results

Sylvia Appleton

Great video thank you but when is best time to start sewing seeds please?

Beckie Smith

I live it Spain and just came across this plant on waste ground, very large to big up so I snapped a piece off, can you grow from a cutting with rooting power or do I have to wait for the seeds


These plants hate for their roots to be disturbed. Best to just pop the seeds right where you want them in the garden as soon as summer hits. I live in socal and my plants shot up 5 feet in 2 months!

Rohan Plantboy James

Would you do a trade for 2-4 beans?

Bella Guzica

Great video!


I have just got one to germinate and was thinking about overwintering in inside is that feasible?

Bree Lawrence's Plants And Garden

I enjoyed your video it was a Great video and very detailed tfs

Michael Leach


Sylvia Appleton

Oh great thank you I will do right now.

Tanya Stephens

V good video......thanks.

Kamran Pipekesh

Is it die after season end? Do they survive at winter time?


What a beautiful garden with Richinus!

Daniel Dionísio

My school had one of these plants and I absolutely loved it. It happens the my school's staff got to know this was poisonous, so, they cut it. I am now searching how to grow another one to replant in the exact same place

Fanny Buster

Who is a castor oil fan..?


how long does it take from putting the seed in the earth until it comes out of it?

Tommy Johnson

Idid grow giant castor beans a burgundy flower thats good for garden background ( you will love them ) in your garden.

Anthony Rickard ii

A great a very educational video and love your technique and well say too. Question about saving my seeds by adding in a jar and add rice or silica packs for longer shelf until ready to plant? And if so how long will I have


Why don't you direct sow?

roderick fiske

Any special soil requirements ? Great video, thanks.

danny lawlor

Hello tropical garden how is the stream getting on with the winter.. do you drain it or keep it going cheers and looking forward too next vid

Avia Grierson

Hi, I’m in Leeds West Yorkshire. Is it possible for me to get some of the red leaf ? seeds please?

Aunty P

Very invasive species of plants you dont need to plant them with one plant already matured you can get thousands of plants.just let the dry ones remain on the tree it will pop naturally by the sun and disperse,soon you will have so many you will grow tired of them??
I.dont have a problem with them though i make and sell the oil for a living

Gerardo Morales

Are these plants good in hot temperatures? I live in a desert where it gets around 100 degrees so I’m wondering will these last


half of the ppl watching this just to see how to make poison from iit :D


Having trouble with my beans wanting to leave their heads in the ground too long .I have to gently pull it up for it to break through soft pro mix .And sometimes I have to take seed casing off . Temperature ,humidity , planting depth and light are all correct. Great video ! Any solutions??


I was beginning to get withdrawals....! Great vid....I bought some Ricinus seeds last year and have been waiting to plant them. what month did you plant your seeds?

D Pictures

Great to see some more content! I love your channel.

It would be good in future videos to mention what time of year each step is done. I.e Sowing, potting on, planting out. Maybe that could be added to the description.

Again, great video!

Connie Arney

Where can I find seeds for the red variety? We already have the other varieties.