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Boys Take The Charcoal Peel Off Mask Challenge | Filtercopy | Nykaa

617 351 views | 3 Apr. 2018

You can’t scroll through

You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a video of someone peeling off a charcoal face mask. Charcoal peel-off masks are one of the biggest beauty trends at the moment. We are sure that you have seen your favourite beauty bloggers smothering the black gooey mask on their faces and peeling it off, often while cringing, to examine the extracted impurities. It’s clear this process can be quite … uncomfortable. Given the pain, are these charcoal peel-off masks as effective as they seem?We asked the Boys from Filtercopy to try out the peel off mask and tell us all about their experience.

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Thangkhosei Doungel

What is the name of the product??

Mohor Chowdhury

Try waxing your beard some day......
It will really show you what trouble the girls take just to please you guys......

Warda Thakur

"Kya nikla?" ........."meri jaan"

Sehrish Bashir

Aakash with that hair clip, viraj Saying it's like commando❤️
Veer: kya nikla?
Viraj: mera jaan??
They are absolutely the cutest! ♥️♥️

lakshmi narayana

akash is looking choo cute in that hair clip

Tanmayi maddali

I was dying laughing.....so very enjoyed it...BTW who else is reading comments while watching video...

Sumiya Ali

Kaash veer mera boyfriend hota

shifa Shaikh

Akash looking so cute while he cliped in his hair...?....I really enjoyed this video


Just like Hardik pandeya u got no chill??

Lalit Chetan

All look pretty rejuvenated

Sensei Shourjya Ghosh

Viraj is so good

Madz Das

Luv 2 c u all

lakka shravani

very funny ????????

samayita Bhattacharya

akashdeep looked so cute with the hair clip.

Arpita Kar

Hayeee viraj ?❤️

antara mukherjee

Akashdeep looked so cute with that hairclip on...

Dimrey Momin

It was funny though????

Garima kaushik

Basically this video is dream of every girl. To put clip on a guy's hair, apply face mask, do makeup on his face without him whining and throwing tantrums ??

Tiyasha Ghosh

Aakashdeep is so cute man!

fatema akter rima

Is i m the only one who don't feel pain in that mask ?

Gunjan Dua

Veer looks handsome

Surya sr

Viraj and akaash ❤️

Sushieee Sharmaa__

Veer doesn’t need all this

Aparajita Dubey

What a paid shitty video


"for men and women both"
Thanks for clarifying that. Warna mujhe lagta tha ki men ki skin me magic hota hai and humare pores block nahi hote. ?

Mukesh Raj pk

Jar se baal nikalne vala kirim

meghna pandit

Men will be men ????

Monisha Nandagopal

And I'm watching this video with the charcoal mask on my face ?

khushboo srivastava

Konsa facepack h bhai


Abhi youtube ne garud scene recommend kiya aur akash idhar bhi

Sarah Jackson

Mard ko dard nai hota hai.

Tanya Jaiswal


Nurjahan Begum

Where is ayush and baneerje??

Prabha Shukla

Awww aakash u look so cute ???

shalaka gaikwad

Kya nikla?? MERA JAAN ???????

Rupmati Kayal

???❤❤❤❤ki shundor

Nurjahan Begum

Akash looks sooo cute ee

Karni Singh

U all r great haaaa haaaa haa maza aa gaya aap sub ko Is Tarah dekh kar

Sayed ahsanul hoque Ruhal

beardo me mask use kor sekta hai bro

longnila rong


Harjeet Kour 17

Hey tri out some asian makeup please ??????????????

Chaitra Koneru

This is actually a bad mask it doesn’t peel off properly wat so ever ??

Monika bisht

I got damaged product today I'm disappointed with nykka

Smritikana Tarafdar

Akashdeep looked so cute in that hair clip.

Pearl 234

Smjh ni ara ki ye chamak peel off mask k baad ki hai ya make up apply krne k bd ki ??

Mahima Chandwani

That random game was chidiya UDD??

Kathakali Goswami

Akashdeep looks really cute with that hairclip

free spirit

Awww that guy with hair clip is choooooo cute

Pretty Lady

Veer ko saab pata hain!?

Rutuja Bhosle

Veer looking cute ?

Riya Chhetri

?4 veer

Jhalak N

Veer you are so handsome! Wow yaar! ❤

pragati gupta

It was funny to me.

suga D

Kehte hai mard ko dard nhi hota hai akash = hota hai hota hai hota hai ????

Mansi Morajkar

Viraj and raj are looking more handsome

Amna Safdar

I wished Dhruv to be the part of this ?

Dhriya Majumdar

Veer ap asehi handsome ho ab to or handsome or cute lag rahe ho. I ❤ U??

Shivangi singh Singh

aur jayada glow krne lge

niva gupta

Hmm ab tum log vi yhe karo mast ad h heeee

Sonal Shah

Kya nikla...
viraj: mera jaan ???

Yukta Phansekar


Progati Dhar

????no comment

Komal Sharma

Veer is looking so handsome ?

FIRE Gamerz

This video is a prove that boys are the weirdest thing on earth


are they mad or what??

harry babe

Funny yaar

Sushmita Choudhary

Actually it worked on you guys

nilofar maneri

Boy's are so funny ??

priya Chauhan

????i can't stop laughing ?

Meena Patil

Akashdeep is soo cute with the hair clip ???

Priya Reddy

Viraj is so funnyy...
And this not your mom??

Aman Mansoor

It's like peeling mehndi ....

Mahima Jain

Why AYUSH is not there ???who else missing him hit like??

Dyuthi Hareethan

Akashdeep! ??

Leela Lodhi


Asna Khan

Veer is love ????

Shelly Sharma

It seems that veer tries it everyday

jency elias

oh the hassle....uff...me no likey

Namrata Kshirasagar

You have to try wax

Shyamala Varadharajan

veer was really cute and akash was cute with the hair clip..

Nabomita Howlader

Ha ha i can't stop laughing

Archu Jdv


Sreelakshmi Suresh

I applied charcoal facemask in my brother's face and he was like..."woww...what a change..." .❤❤

Anamika Sutradhar


Akshita Uttam

All are looking cool

Madhurima Bhattacharya

My first impression with the thumbnail:
"RIP to the guys who applied it to their full face." ?


It is #teamfiltercopy ????????


Amazing product and funny video

surrounded solitude

Akash is too cute to handle man when he puts a hair pin too

Karthick John

Fuck u

nivedita bhalla

I'm only here to see guys shriek in pain.
I just enjoy seeing men suffer the same fate as women.?
Whatttt this wasn't the one that kills u with pain!!!!!! So sad.

Myself Roshni

Viraj reaction on peeling mask...( With sqweeki..rat sound) was Soo cute....and his reply for 'what came out,?'....'My soul!!,'?? ... amazing!!!

swati kumar

What did I just watch.. and why was is in my recommended list... Mysteries of life

Sweta Singh

Akash look soo bubbly... I just want to do lots of gossips with him ?. And fark ki baat hai to boys sorry to say but koi fark nhi dikha.

Sujata Behpera

Omg funny?????

Home cooking - Aakansha Vlogs

Ab pata Chala ladki hona easy nahi hai

Laiba Kharal

It really works wow

Thara M

I can't stop laughing ? ? ? ?

Hemlata phase

Can you make lipstick from your own

Vibha Alur

Akashdeep u are so cute like a girl... ??