Neutrogena hydro boost water gel oily skin

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Malayalam Review| Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin #SkincareMalayalam

1 147 views | 27 Nov. 2020


Hello Everyone

Please enjoy product review of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Best for Oily Skin

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Rachitha Ramadas

Drishya Prasad

Philips BHS386 kerashine straightener ano nallath atho Philips BHS384 selfie straightener ano nallath
Reply pettann taran pattuvenghil tarane chechi pllzzz

Pocket Diary by Anu

As always genuine review.. your face is glowing ,looking very beautiful today ?yes, pls do a video on fabric dying

Shari's Day's


Sly Fox

Husband inte perfumes okke eduthu review cheythukoode?? ?


Loved the way u edit ?

Arts and Creations 2020

Woow... beautiful i like u??????i will dear friends here connected ??

Can u watch my channel. Stay connected pls

Shari's Day's

Ambooo drsum super ???

Kripa Mary

Very true chechzz....Wanted to know about it...much curiosity...???

Relax World

Entanu sister ipo songs onum idathee

shamja parveen

Chechi.. Oily acne prone skin pattiya affordable moisturizer suggest cheyyamo ☺️

Sanchayan - The Collection

Your presentation shows you are very much sincere , dedicated , intelligent and hard working. liked your work..keep it up my friend.God bless you.welcome.

Vidhus World

Chechide presentation vere level ആണ് ? കണ്ടിരിക്കാൻ നല്ല resam aanu??

Shabu's Beauty World

I too use this.. extreme moisturizing is the best benefit.. loved your genuine review dear and you look adorable as always ??

amra s

Dyng vedio plzzzzzzz

Amraibee S

Actually wanted a genuine review of this... thanks dear.. n of course, do the tie dying tutorial waiting for it

Sidharthan Aramban

?????????? Makup nu ithrayum shaastrheeyamaaya vashangaludenn manassilaakkunnath ningalude channel kaanumbozhaanu.???
U r Amazing...???

shibili pareveen

Lots of love❤

shamja parveen

Amazing Review chechii ????

Muhammad MI


Nish Tales

I use this product.. I bought it from costco.. I have dry skin and i thought it is suiting .. may be not.. ? I will check it again.. I bought this because of its content - hyaluronic acid.. I also observed that it does not have long lasting effect.. As you said i also love its texture... I can clearly say that you explained its pros and cons correctly as I use this product.. Good one Rachitha dear.. ❤️?

Kannan Arjun

Hi da

Vijitha Viswajith

Haii mamm... Can you please suggest skin care products for extra dry skin??

Laisy Daisy Corner

very good review.... as always genuine ....I like neotrogena products very much ...face wash, moisturizer, sunblock ....they have excellent products



Pretty ideas by farah

Super effective

fabe fabiya

Nice review... Idhu after using, skin tone fade aakunnundo


Hi rachitha nice ?

ramadas kandeth

Very nice review ,the product looks so beautiful the colour also very nice ,very sincere review keep it up ??

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel oily skin

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Review (Combination Skin)

8 478 views | 24 Sep. 2015

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Product Review

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel


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Fizzay Teeb

Is it good for oily skin??

dxmx b

I was always on the fence about this eventhough I tried it many times, I feel like maybe it makes my skin blueish, maybe it's all in my head idk, it does quenches though

Juju Mane

Alot of waderr ??

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel oily skin

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REVIEW: Neutrogena Hydro Boost WATER GEL

137 407 views | 8 Jun. 2018

This my experience using

This my experience using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel during the past summer and winter.

I have a few points that I couldn't include in the video:

- It contains fragrance so sensitive and acne prone skin should test to make sure it's ok.

- It doesn't say if it's free of parabens and gluten-free.

- Under $20 drugstore moisturizer.

- If you are in your 20’s and thinking on adding hyaluronic acid into your skin care routine, this product is fantastic to start with.

Wanna buy it ➡️ https://amzn.to/2G6YCXJ

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dorocubillo/

Pura Vida! ??? #dorocubillo

Logan Vega

Thanks for the vid! I just got some today! :)!

Olivia R

Use the version for extra dry skin it’s fragrance free and a little more moisturizing :)

Shivangi N

Hey! My skin looks darker after using it. Did you experience it??

hindusani insan

what is it price?????

LaShawn Murden

This burned my skin so bad ! But i was in love with it !

Sobia Bari

As much as I wanted like this product, this crap makes my skin and eyes burn.

julianna hernandez

what sunscreen did you use?

Roxana Leonzo

It's a good product ???? Pura vida!!! ????

first time commenting kinda nervous

Please reply can you use a moisturizer after or is it a moisturizer???

Niggie Biggie

Do you think this will help with my red cheeks? Plz respond I’m on the verge of buying it

Cay Arrington

I love this moisturizer!!!


I hated it. Had this burning sensation and made me look darker. Don't try


What if im a teenager? Would it suit me

sushmaja nagella

Is this can use in full body or only face

Butterfly Whisperer

I found this at Costco. Two jars 1.7oz each, plus a tube .25oz (which I’m still not sure if it’s the same thing in a travel size, or what?) I forget the exact price, but I want to say it was between $20-$25. And I love it. I use it before makeup and at night too and I also have sensitive skin. During the winter when I need more moisture, I just add a little serum to it and it mixes very well. I use Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Serum with Retinol for Dry or Dehydrated Skin.

Rockshana Shanta

Is it can be used at day?

Gretta Lemabouchou

During winter I layer too. This is a good product!

Maria Ur #1 Memer Gurl VGCP THDTC

I used it...it really works 100%

Jaya Barathi

Will our skin glow? After using this

Nemesis Nick

It flakes on me and I don’t know why

Abigail Martinez

Soh do you record it for oily skin ? I have really oily skin and I'm looking for something that won't make my face more oily ?

RIMI's kingdom

Is it good for oily acne prone skin ?

Ashrafia Jahan

Can i use it at night... My skin became very much dry due to acne treatment??


i have a oily T zone and a dry U zone so should i put the gel on my t zone only or put it everywhere?

anuradha sharma

Its fine for only summer

Victoria Doney

Its very refreshing but it makes my makeup patchy ans flacky so sad

Dasa Koprivnik

Hi! What sunscreen do you use?

Melisha Singh

Nice review


is it supposed to smell chemically?? just got it from amazon and smells kinda perfumy/chemically

Jorge Reyes

Should I apply on dry face or damp face ? Can you please get back to me


What cream do you use on top? ?

Viktoria Junakovic

Hello! I really liked this review. Could u please tell me if I can use this after I have applied vichy mineral 89 ?

Simple Cooking Channel

Its use on wrinkle ..pls reply at night time

Beautyful ASMR

Nice review!! I bought this water gel yet today, so I can’t wait to get home and clean my skin and use this! I actually also purchased the neutrogena hydro boost scrub which I also can’t wait to try. Have you tried other products in this hydro boost range?

Naruto Uchiha

It has fragrance, is that bad?

Alannah Dexter

Hyram is having a heart attack.

Alice Fay

is this one for oily skin or dry skin?? because there are 2 types of hydro boost cream from neutrogena!

michael alvarado

En serio que brillas!! ? saludos?? y sigue así con ese carisma, nunca cambies ?

Lamia Afroz

Can i use The ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% +Ha serum and this moisturizer together?is it a good combination?

Nemesis Nick

Someone help

Anjali Majhi

Is this good for dry skin?

isntit delicate

love this review! subscribed! i have had skin issues recently and am now clearing up from acne. i ordered this moisturizer along with the cleansing gel and hydro boost face masks. high hopes that this keeps my skin clear and hydrated. ? thanks for the lovely review girl!

Travel Diaries

I have acne prone nd extraaaa senstive skin...nothing suits me...should i buy it?? Anyone with acne prone skin here used it??

nehamit Jain

How many times should we use in a day

Min Alcarax

Neutrogena tests on animals so any of their products is a "No, thank you" from me.


ur skin is glowing ??

Nmarmi 7

It doesn’t have a smell...

ayna bari

I have oily acne prone skin. Can i use it?

Mona Sandhu

Hey is this for oily skin?

Linda Sanger

it has been around for a long time

Minhtri Ton

Just me or does this burn ur face

Michael Sings

I can understand why you’d need to put a better seal ( a layer of thicker product ) to prevent dry skin during the cold times, from my understanding the water gel only brings water to the surface of your skin from within and holds it there. So if you don’t properly seal it (depending on the weather) it could evaporate or lose its effectiveness

Büşra Bülbül

Çok güzel bir ürüne benziyor. Deneyeceğim?

Bhargavi Bhargavi

it's exlent gel i us this only superb my skin

Hijabi Dolli

Is this good for dehydratedskin plz reply

Insherah Imam Niha

Hlw mam , I’m 18years old. Can I use this? Please tell me


I've used products in every price range and this is the absolute best. My skin is deeply moisturized without being oily and my makeup goes over it perfectly!

Doro Cubillo

?Top 6 Facial Gua Sha Massages-->https://youtu.be/FIHgR-xYPxs
Do you think this is the best drugstore moisturizer right now? I would love to hear your opinion :)

Antonio Biorato

Heyyyy can i use this product when your like 13 & and half or nooo

Sim Devdhar

Hi I want to know I have also bought bt hyloronic acid is not mentioned in that it's hydro boost is it same


Its so refreshing to see a quick and good review

A.J. Patterson

Is it worth $16?