How to stop hair sticking up at the sides

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How To Prevent Hair From Sticking Out the ends of Feed in Braids

407 123 views | 11 Jul. 2018




1. Black Panther Strong Edge Control: https://www.etsy.com/listing/609693702/black-panther-edge-control-24-hr-hold?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=%27black%20panther%27%20edge%20control&ref=sr_gallery-1-1

2.1 Pack of Spectra EZ Braid Hair

3. Vigorol Styling Mousse: https://amzn.to/2KVIrNV4

4. Styling Strips: https://amzn.to/2J0pGH8


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Nihan Lizarraga

Como se llama la pomada k le pone en el cabello?

Archie Beckworth

She are fine that I would love to have in my life forever

Leydi Vazquez

No se le entiende

Sammy Brown

Now demonstrate on black natural blunt hair.

Davielys Carolina Mendez Garcia



I’m having trouble with stitch braids

Nean Barrett

Screw all haters your doing a wonderful job

Jetsie Jay Colon


Melabear Sanchez

I would like to make an appointment with you

Natasha Romero

Where you guys from

keni applewhite

Love watching u style hopefully one day I’ll be just like u

mariela ilieva

I can watch over and over again ???
It's a perfect hair style ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for the video ??

Antoinette Samuels

Beautiful, neat.

Ashley Nunez

Wow so beautiful!! ?



anatipa taka

Shout out from new Zealand ur my fav braider, I can feed in now like a boss thanks gf

Jennifer Hall

Love you videos, plus your music choices are dope

Teirral Thompson

Can you film a video of you doing this to your own hair?


What STYLE do u recommend for hiding straight ends when the sections are smaller? I am caucasian with 3b-ISH hair and love to do small knotless singles occasionally, and the look great, at FIRST. But my ends always pop out after a while even with a LOT of holding product, decent tuck technique and definitely with exposure to water (dipping or swimming)
Is there an alternate to braids that would conceal my ends better? Like where my hair could be wrapped or contained within the fake hair? **bear in mind, I am white and don't want to look like I'm trying to change my hair texture to something unnatural for me ie.locs/kinky. Thank you! PS your work is amazing.

ibeth johanna holguin vera

Hola hubiera querido ver más lento de como pones el cabello postizo en las trenzas

Barrón Margarita

Beautiful ????


I was only gonna come here for saying that she writted sticking out hair out of the braunb

keasia dillard

i love it

Naimah Salahuddin



Круто. Чем смазывают волосы ?

Niyah and katrina

I love the hairstyle so pretty ❤️❤️

Isa Tlatuani

Hola desde mi bello México .un saludo y muchas gracias por tan lindos trenzas fáciles y están divinas son maravillosas ??????????????

Kenny Preza

Im a dude so im looking into avoiding my hairs sticking out ??‍♂️

Liberty Lgd3K2019

The song was weekend by:sza

Angel 24

Ouuu nice

Tenita Parsha

My daughter has alot of Latino friends <7th grader> at her school. I can make a hustle doing this cause they think they cant get their hair done this way after seeing my daughters hair, but you just showed something nice?

Sandra Edwards

In the event that ends straight hair started to come out of the braid what’s the solution o remedy to try?

Milena Silva

Lindo perfeito,amei

Elaina Mercedes

Beautiful ??

Jess Nae

whats the instrumental song?

Lisa Love

you are the parting queen! you encourage me to always check my parts to perfect my work <3

Outlandish McCandlish

I need this as my summer hairdo.

Julian Martines

How did u connect the two braids together

jennifer spinnato

does it matter what side you add the feed in hair? also, do you always use the same amount of hair the whole time ?

sadie sadie

Someone help I got this same style done and the hair was way too long so I cut it and I think I messed it up and I want to be able to get that faded look at the end dose anyone know how??!!!!!

peinados lidache Lopez

wou nince

Yesenia Castillos



I would love to work with you. I’ll tag you in my pictures of my braids.

Puffy Piña

So my hair isn't straight like hers, but it's smooth. I have a curl pattern(3a), but I'm mixed with b\Black and Asian/islander. I have box braids in now and the ends of my natural hair are sticking out like crazy.(I have bangs and my hair is a little lower than shoulder length when dry) What would you suggest I do?

Sarah Sifuentes

Does it still work if you tuck in braods behind ears

Stephany Eisenhardt


Samuel Cortes

eres la mejor

Stephanie Taylor

I like to do braids on my daughter, and I never realized that adding synthetic hair would help keep the ends in better. I don't think I'll be getting synthetic hair for her until she's a little older, but this is great information!

LaTice Hair

This was a good video. I don't do a lot of braids, however one of my clients wanted this same style. I was able to utilize your technique and the style came out great. Thanks for sharing!!!

Shermy hainricjk

I have the same type of hair like hers. Ive been wondering if that type of hair can have box braids.

des ray

The song is Sza on the ?.. Cool

Brooklyne Leverett

Your really amazing at hair


I just did this on my daughter's hair. It was actually not that hard. I'm new at braiding and it came out pretty good. I will keep practicing of course. Thank you

Sinndy Morr

I would be happy for product because that style will hold. I have wavy/curly hair and I would love to have the braids to protect my hair in the summer. Braids I have had in the past did not hold because the stylist only used hairspray. As soon as my hair was exposed to humidity the shorter, curlier hairs, around my hairline, began to revert and come out of the braid. Time and $$$$ wasted!!

angel babby

Damn that's shit came out cuhhleaaan

Rebeca Diaz

Where did you get this instrumental?

Erika Lee

thank you so much for the helpful tips you give daily

Laurys Tavera

me gusta mucho

tania rodriguez

Pana you live in West Palm beach thanks

Tateanna Etheridge

Where do u live


This was the look I was going for! I felt like I stylist rushed my feed in braids and just plain lazy cause she didn’t braid at the end like u did, she didn’t add a lot of product (my hair is thick and naturally straight), and I felt the quality of hair wasn’t the best. 3 days later my hair was sticking out and the weave at the ends was starting to become undone when this style should last a week or so...I was so mad cause I spent $90 and that’s not including buying the hair. Girl I wish u were close lol

alexcia bell

I'm doing my just like that right now I have two more braids left

Cynthia Cordova

I Love this. I've been trying to do braids in my hair and cant get it. I can do a basic braid. This is soo pretty, Fierce. You are Talented. ?

Sharneezy Babi

How much does Murrays edge wax different from Jam Extra strong hold? @DOPEaxxPANA

ayanti grant


Racquel Campbell

How Manny P

Adilene Sanchez

I have a question. When I do box braids on my husbands hair the tails of his braids tend to curl inward towards his neck, how do I prevent that from happening and make sure to keep the tails of his braids stay straight?

Kellyne Maria


Tasty Mukbang Eats

Beautiful job


Hello....So I'm gonna get right to the point: Can you plzzzz do my hair????? Pretty plzzz????

Tay -Tay Razors


Jazmine Boria

I love it!

Miss Zenia

Thank you for this tutorial. I did a feed in the other day and I didn't use enough hair and my clients hair was coming out at the ends. Glad I watched this video because I know now what i need to do and did not do

Randa Mcgahee


N. Napoleoni

Lol the girl who braided my hair told me my ends were sticking out because I had split ends. Is this is another reason hair may stick out of braids? And can the hair sticking out get damaged when I take my braids out?

glenda Taveras

Beautiful ?

Deisy Banguera

me gusta

Jeannine quarles

Thanks for this video.Was that a coffee pot? Never thought to use in all my 27 years of being a Cosmetologist/braider.

talima hunter

Is that the piano version of love galore


Thumbs up from me, nice work.


I love this. Ima try this on my 4 year old but sh wants colored hair so where would I be able to find colored hair extensions or what are they called? Thanks

Nursing student Anita

Really cute

trinidad gonzalez

hola excelente forma de partir el cabello en la parte de la cien muy bueno y claro, el paso a paso debe ser un poco mas lento y con mejor vista del resto del peinado y en especial la puesta de las extensiones. un aplauso y felicitaciones

Shenee Wells

Can you tell me what kind of pot that is that you use to dip with and where can I find it

Penelope Taylor

I want to learn how to do this!!

Amanda Reyes

Are you from denver so you could do my hair


Hi DOPExxx....how can I get your Facebook contact please?

Deidali Lujan



Does this work for African American natural kinky hair ends, as well?


How long does this take you to do? It looks beautiful and intricate

Brittney Valdez

What if I deep in my Braids in hot water a day after I got them done would they still be neat??

Celestial Fanessa

I'm learning a lot❣️?my ? when choosing hair, is one brand better? Real or synthetic, other possibilities? Thank you???

Athena GM

Such beautiful work!

Kate Today

Nice ?

f f

ahhhhH the girls hair cut is gona give me nightmares!!! i bet the braids will be pretty!

Rocky Jarvis

Rocky ?????????????????????????????????????????

Nano Rajab

مافهمت شيء يا ناس بالله عليكم نبي حل سريع سريع جدا جدا نبي نعلم كيف كيف كيف

Andreia Rocha

Adorei ?


Girl I knew the minute I saw you using that pinky you knew what you was doing. Lol
That's the way I have to braid straight hair vs the traditional holding (gripping method).
Then when the stitch braid became popular I was like shoot my braids already look like that. Lol
Great pattern and design! ?

Edith Garcia

What cream you uses

How to stop hair sticking up at the sides

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3 298 views | 20 Feb. 2020

Yesterdays Video:

Yesterdays Video: https://youtu.be/lKXqre1nqZo


Business Inquires: [email protected]



Clinton Mckeithen

Make a video a about me my 360 wave

Diamond Jno Phillip



Been a minute since I been here ??


Is soft brushes just for like a month old hair? But let's say u did the shower method thing for kinda longer hair what brush should I use then?


? for this

Wicharleby Saby

Another fired/banger video.?/?

Mulenga mwambazi


Bryce Davis

Give away give aways

minister jap

Playaz 4 life

La Voiture Noire

Drai you should make a vid on what beginner wavers should expect during the summer and ps don’t forget that brush collection vid

Osei Wilburg


Miguel Duarte

Bro this one part of hair doesn’t go down at all no matter what way I brush it.... how do I fix that

Abdilahi Baller

Ur vids explain everything I need help wit thx ??

Jermaine Skinner

Is wavebuilder spin’n waves classic a good product ? @


clutch video had this problem on my right side

DailyDose of FTTV

Aye drai I been tryna wave for the last couple weeks and my brush is pretty bad. I'm in England watching your vids and I was wondering if you have any old or new brushes that you could possibly help me out with would really benefit my waves. Either way I still think your videos are dope. Preciate the vids

Wavy Zay

What's good?

Diamond Jno Phillip


Demarcus Crump

this video came right ON TIME!

Esdras Portillo

Nice vid bro

Dee dee

i started waves again cus i cut my hair 3 weeks ago, & this video d.a helped me bro glooks❗️

Izehumah Eyiba

I'm having a tough time getting my forks to come in.

Smoke and Mirrors

I know this channel is geared more for course hair wavers, but a bunch of your advice has given me amazing results as a straight hair waver so thanks a million Drai!

Diamond Jno Phillip


How to stop hair sticking up at the sides

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Eliminating Hair Sticking Out Durag On 360 Waves

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@wavywinsday on IG comment like share subscribe and follow

J T Dehaney

What do i search to get this type of rag?

Devonte Marks

This didn’t help at all

Wavy Winsday

I’ll be sure to make a better video explaining it in greater detail here soon! Hit the sub button!