Stomach tightening procedures

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Which are the best stomach tightening procedures? - Dr. Srikanth V

942 views | 30 Dec. 2017

That depends on the body

That depends on the body type that you have. If you have a very small excess of tummy, then the procedure is very different, if you have a moderate excess, the procedure is different and if you have a large excess of stomach, then the procedure is entirely different. Typically if you are married or if you are unmarried. The procedures are entirely different, to lost out a few procedures, we have liposuction, we have mini tummy tuck, we have full tummy tuck, we have a tummy tuck along with liposuction. When do we do liposuction? Usually we do in unmarried people or in people who are yet to start their family or their pregnancy, if they feel that their stomach is larger in excess, then liposuction will help them to tighten their skin and give you a firm looking abdomen. Or if there is a slight excess of skin, then you can go for a mini abdominoplasty or a mini tummy tuck. if there is a lot more excess of skin or who had a pregnancy or after pregnancy , your stomach has not shrunk back to its original shape or if it is associated with hernia, then you need to go for a full tummy tuck, where in the excess fat, the excess skin and the stomach muscles are tightened and in case the stomach muscles are not tightened you have to put a synthetic mesh to tighten your stomach so that you get a nice and flat stomach.

Stomach tightening procedures

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Live Surgery: What is an Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Rectus Plication: Muscle Tightening

176 636 views | 31 May. 2013

This is a surgical video

This is a surgical video in which I show a surgical example of a Abdominoplasty and Rectus Plication. So what is an abdominoplasty? Its the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. Removing this skin and fat is important for improving the abdominal appearance. However just as important is performing the rectus plication. What is a Rectus Plication? It is tightening / eliminating the space between the muscles. By placing sutures the abdominal wall tightens on the inside and greatly improves the contour of the abdominal wall. I prefer to use interrupted sutures in case one of the sutures breaks or pulls through the fascia. Many surgeons use a running stitch from top to bottom however if the knot breaks or unwinds then the entire plication may come apart. When this happens the patient can have bleeding or end up with abdominal bulge that they were hoping to eliminate. Individual suturing takes significantly more time (30min) however may result in a more stable plication until healing occurs.

See my abdominoplasty page for additional information:





Mandy Russell

I'm having the muscle repair and tummy tuck in February watching this has give me more confidence thank you


I was fine with everything else but then when I saw the belly button I was like “AYO HOLD UP.”

Sonia Ckm

Doc is it possible to do tummy tuck during c section .. I feel very tired coz of my tummy... Kindly suggest


I don’t like how the side or hip after the tummy tuck look ?

Ofelia Alfaro

I dont want surgery. I rather do exercises

J.-Army S.

I'm ready to have a procedure done. After I deliver with my fourth baby by the end of March, I know i would have to wait a couple months to recover from my c section. It's due time I get my body back. I love myself of course no matter how big i am. But I also want to stay healthy and live longer for my kids. As much as I love being a big momma bear for my little ones when they sleep with me. I want to exercise before having to see a consultant for one tummy tuck and then be ready to be active again. YaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS ??

Amitabh Thacoor

As usual, excellent videos Dr McClelland! I was looking for videos on rectus plication techniques for a while, until I saw yours! Thanks!

Christine Mba

I'm never eating Lasonya again.


Oghhhh my god

melissa Duncan

I believe he said I will have three drain tubes so I have a lot of stomach fat to get it off hopefully my surgery will be in November


I was looking for an edit audio and found this...


I have a big diastasis and lots of weakness in the abdominal area after 3 pregnancies. Am scared of infections or blood c,it's is this a possibility in this surgery.

Rebecca McCallum

don 't do it

Caroline Lyddiatt

That was hard to watch, I’m no good at stuff like this but Iv got a consultation soon, excited and emotional ??

John Mendoza

Now im craving for some pulled pork.


She can just exercise to lose weight bruh

Milda Valle

Im really interested in a tummy tuck. Is there any videos that I can watch to educate myself?

Roman Kovbasniuk

What happens to the rectus abdominal after the sutures from the plication have dissolved?

Reema Singh


finishline driversed

Thank you I’m having this done soon

Robot Palace


Simple V2

Couldn’t she just lose weight


why is the skin sk easy to cut?!

Livid Horizon

Imagine Anastasia awareness during this fuckkk

Elena Marie

Wow I never imagined how the procedure was done, Amazing results

Alpha Fort

i was wondering whether this procedure can be done in younger ppl (about 20 to 30), and also about the condition of the abs if the person did intense workouts after full post op recovery - will the appearance be natural (i.e., the six - pack) or would the appearance be affected by the earlier surgery?


Wow this looks like an extremely well done surgery from my view. I have a friend that has this much visceral fat on her belly like this lady , She is considering having this surgery but need a ballpark figure of how much money it will cost. Can you help me with some information on this cost? I appreciate any information you can give me even a ballpark figure is fine. Thank you so much

Mrs Magaña

Where are you located Dr? The website you have in your description says it's invalid


Is it possible for the suture to tear/break? what type of material is the suture? Does the sutures stay inside for indefinite?

Asif Khan

This type of surgery take alot of time for healing and some time cause a severe infection

Felix Mcshan


Chloie Carley

Miss Chloe Carly it’s me a YouTube about doing more so I have a good day and I’m 60 years old walking to school for teaching grade 5


The bb scar isn't concealed well.

Lisa Steeples

I have an appointment on 10-9 to see the surgeon. Hoping for some skin off my breasts. I have lost 88 pounds and have only 1 leg. It will be so much easier to get around. I can't wait.

Mary Dicerni

Mine is worse... and higher as well. with the abdominal wall seemingly sitting up high pushing the breasts up, but not able to go up any further. I am 84 and it was made much worse by a colonoscopy I did not need, and now no one will help me find a proper surgeon. It happened at age 75.. when I went to see about a hernia popped up on my chest. Is there a surgeon who uses pig skin for a patch? There is one in Toronto, but no one will allow me to see him. Why are we not allowed to have surgery at 84? They just delay everything ..not to have to do it. Mary

Sony Goud


Julia Khamis

Great video, and a very good job!!!

ant n

doc, you got me all fucked up.

Graciela Millan

OMG! I felt weak...They open so big...

Debra Goldman

what are the side effects or complications from this surgery?

Drew MB Silverotter

question. 61 ye old male I have a large Diastisis recti split, but my problem is I have substantial abdominal scar tissue. one large external scar, and umbilical hernia scar. would surgery work?

Amber T

i was looking for workouts a d found this ? ? ?

CM Stones


Victor Salguero

Dont do this to yourself.

L. R.

Is it bad to get a tt with muscle repair if i have mild cystocele rectocele and uterine prolapse

Crystal_ MeMoRiEs

Omg its soo scary


I have the same body. Do you think it’s possible to get rid of all the loose skin by working out and dieting?? I really want to know because I e been trying for 4 years now and I want to get extremely toned and flat belly.

maddie roberts

wait i didnt realize it would make that big a difference


Doctor Thomas :) Would you advise patients to remove the fat naturally through being in a negative energy balance and improving lifestyle ? Won't any and all forms of surgery tend to weaken our immune system in some way ?

Hyoyeon's Lover

Kris jenner brought me here

Collette Harvey

Can I ask why the patient didn’t have contouring liposuction? Was that her choice ? Or did you advise against it ? I’m booked in for a tummy tuck, muscle repair and liposuction next month .. very nervous about the recovery from the muscle repair more than anything

Mehmet Ay

Fiyat ne kadar

Cass Thomas


Boris Danyukov

I cant be the only one that watches it pass 2 am

Vidhya Vidhu

How many rate for this procedure

Ruan is a cutie

what happens to the double chin and arms and stuff

Kina K

amazing job, you took your time and patience on that

Hekidonmuya Salisburry

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Chante Hayward

My God, I never realised just how much trauma is inflicted during this procedure. I didn't think it was so... Invasive... ? excellent information and demonstrate. ???

Makina Estabrook

I have 7 kids and wont be having anymore. My stomach issue wont go away even with a diet and exercise. Last 5 years after I had my last 2 babies, my self esteem is nothing like it used to. I hate my stomach so much its controlling every day. I even hate myself I wont go out do to my stomach, I'm severely depressed EVERY SINGLE DAY. Its actually ruining my life. I cant even do things with my husband to make him happy cause I'm insecure and always covering up. I day dream nearly every single day of having a tummy tuck maybe even a mommy make over. But I'll never be able to afford either one. I pray for miracle to happen. I want to feel better about myself and not let it control me anymore. I would be set free


Do some patients come to you with lower and mid back pain, from the diastasi recti, before repair?

Sam Sako

Is the scar going to go away ?

Ravens Moon

Fantastic video! Really shows what you do and how/why it is done

Kirsty A

This is insane!! I want this


Done very nice


This makes me want to lose whight and lose every once of fat on me

Abel Cast

Her fatass was too lazy to exercise lmao

manali poojari


Julian Tippett

Are those black line vains or sum?

Meghan Lewis

I don’t want wit u r

Shawna Tiu

I just had this exact procedure done a week ago and now realize why I was in so much pain the first five days. Holy shit my whole upper belly was lifted up separating skin from muscle with a big metal thing to keep it open and then muscles sewn tight, cut hip to hip , extra skin cut off, belly button relocated and stitched all the way across. Plus I had lipo too! This is major surgery and so happy to see doctor explaining everything involved.

Mithee Hesan

Tnk u dctr.i want to do this by ur hand


Wasted all that money she coulda lost that easy in 6 weeks max with a good workout plan and diet

lachanda brown


Purple Lilac

Fasinating!!! I had a tummy tuck done and it was the best decision I made!!! Surgery and having babies destroyed my stomach. My advice, do your research, make sure the doctor is board certified. DONT pick a Doctor based on price, cheapest is not better. Thank you for the video, you are truly talented!!!

Luci noel

Never want that to happen to my stomach

Owen Banks

I need it but I feel sick looking at it

Ryan Canada

Beautifully done

Ashla Merlin Thomas

Can I do this if I have a tendency for keloids?



famous zack

??The things people go through Cuz society

Alliyah Saulsbury

Uhm is it just me or do it look fun to play with ??‍♀️

Afshan Khan

Can liposuction mums give birth to a baby ?



Jesus Christ sister

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/ イ ((( \
( ノ  ̄Y\
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ヽ ヽ`(´^ㅅ^)_/ノ/
\ | ⌒Y⌒ / /
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\ トー仝ーイ /
| ミ土彡 |
You did good

Jane The killer

Jeff: cool
Ben: oh god
Sally: ooh
Lazari: yummy
Slender: oh my-
Me: passes out

Pni Gurung

I want to how much cost

Rebecca Abrams


jacqueline wells

Great job

esh war getenv

Can't the same result be achieved through workout?

John N

Great procedure.

So hard


Azam Neha

How much Py bely orporate where are you

Erin Percival


Cass Thomas

That looks so gross


This is awesome thanku for this in depth video yessssss

Debra Mohamed

Where are you from?

Alexia Rodriguez

Good for her!


No mames wey, que pedo.

Hayley Mohedano

One day I will be able to afford this !!!!