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How To Grow Long Nail in 7 Days | Promote Nail Growth At Home FAST

35 views | 7 Aug. 2020

How To Grow Long Nail in

How To Grow Long Nail in 7 Days | Promote Nail Growth At Home FAST

Egg Shells

Most of us throw the egg shells after eating the egg thinking they are not useful.

However, not many of us know that these eggshells are rich in proteins, iron, calcium and other minerals like potassium and magnesium, which are very essential for the nail growth. The way in which you can use eggshells to make your nails grow faster are as follows:

Take the eggshells, crush them and put them in a blender. Add almonds or flax seeds with the egg shells to the blender. Blend the egg shells till you get a powder. You can store this powder in an airtight container to be used whenever required. Take 1 teaspoon of the powder with warm milk each morning. Follow this home remedy of using eggshell for at least one month and you will see the changes in your nails where they start growing faster and will become healthy and strong in a natural way.


Garlic is a powerful ingredient used widely in treatment for many health problems due to its anti-protozoal properties, anti-microbial and anti-tumor effects. It is also known as one of home remedies for nail growth. More exactly, it protects your nails against infection due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, provides the best condition for the nail to develop. Garlic is also a good one for your nail health and beauty.

• Cut garlic cloves in half and rub them on your nails.

• Keep for a few minutes to absorb.

• Blend a few cloves of garlic to get a paste and apply it to the nails for 5 minutes. Apply this remedy for a week to achieve the expected result.

Flaxseeds oil

Flaxseeds are known to have high omega-3 content and are considered as an excellent home remedy to treat various hairs and nail problems. Flaxseeds also contain vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, which is essential for growth of nails. The experience by several individuals suffering with slow nail growth suggests suffering with slow nail growth When consumed regularly, flaxseeds are also very healthy as they help prevent nails from cracking, splitting, drying or brittleness.

Heat up some flaxseed oil till it gets lukewarm. Massage this warm flaxseed oil into your nails and cuticles for about 5 minutes. Keep your hands covered at night with gloves, so the flaxseed oil can get absorbed more quickly and this will also prevent stains to the bedclothes.

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Promote nail growth

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How To: Nail Growth Explosion

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Promote nail growth

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Ever thought that you could never grow your nails long and beautiful? well think again. This video will help and guide you to successfully reaching your goals for lovely nails. Hope you pick up some useful tips and facts.

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Karla B

This video is very helpful and i am going to try soaking my nail in warm milk.

Karla B

@TheNailShow11 It works great

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u could soak your nails in lemon juice to get them white