Paper masks facial

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Paper Facial Masks vs Bio Cellulose Masks

10 449 views | 4 Mar. 2012

If you compare Bel Mondo

If you compare Bel Mondo bio cellulose masks versus typical paper facial masks - bio cellulose wins every time.

Bel Mondo Beauty Bio Cellulose vs Paper Facial Treatment Masks

Paper masks....they're basically wet paper.

Paper doesn't adhere well....paper dries out quickly.

This paper mask dried out in under 12 minutes.

Compare this to bio cellulose...

Bio cellulose clings tightly to your face.

It super hydrates.

Bio cellulose stays put and moist...until you're ready to remove it!

Which would you rather use?

Bio cellulose versus paper?

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks

Super moisturizing.

100% natural cellulose fabric.

Soothing and restorative.

Bel Mondo Beauty & Skin Care

Indulgent pampering. Spa results.


Vanessa Acheampong

How much is the mask I might buy one please comment back

Vanessa Acheampong

How much is the mask I might buy it please comment back

Sophie MB

With the paper masks you are ment to make a mix for your face apply then put the mask on top or soak the paper mask in a mix then use.

The Unplanned Life

Hahaha. I use a lot of paper masks and none of them actually look like the one in this video.

Louis Martelli

Hi, The masks are sold in box sets of 5 treatments for $90. They can also be purchased individually for $20. The bio cellulose fabric is widely considered the best material available for hydrating and reconditioning skin. Through end of August, there is a 25% special in play. Enter SKIN25 at checkout.

Eden Everly

oh come on now! Granted, I do enjoy the experience of a bio cellulose mask more, but this is just a gross exagerration! You would have made a better impression on me if you just simply held it up and showed the difference without being dramatic about it just to make it look like paper sheet masks are useless, when they surely are NOT. You just obviously have to be gentle with them when you unfold them and the essence makes them even more prone to ripping. But I've NEVER ripped one in my life. Why? Because I know they are paper and I could rip it if I handle it. Yes, it would follow that some of them may dry out too quickly. I've used countless, and I can think of two brands where the sheet dried out too fast because there wasn't enough essence. No secret that bio cellulose is better, but the good quality paper masks do not dry out that fast and do the job. This is foolish.


Paper Facial Masks vs Bio Cellulose Masks http://buff.ly/1AxGDyo #facialmask #beauty


Paper Facial Masks vs Bio Cellulose Masks - YouTube http://buff.ly/1BtBOat


paper masks are not that bad. It looks like she's ripped it. The ones I've used don't just dry out like that. What the video says anyway. The biomask does look good though.

Paper masks facial

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Facial Mask Routine | YES TO Coconut Paper Mask | Flaunt Your Fro

1 554 views | 20 Nov. 2016


Products Used:

Garnier Micellar Water

YES TO Grapefruit Facial Scrub

YES TO Coconut Paper Mask

Wild Flowers Pore Refining Toner

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer

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blog: http://www.flauntyourfro.com/

instagram: http://www.instagram.com/flauntyourfro

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pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/flauntyourfro

snapchat: @flauntyourfro

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Camera: Canon 70D

Software: iMovie

FTC: Not sponsored!

Ali B

I love your routine !!! love you and your channel girl !! ????????

Bella Kinks

Great video!!

Amariah's Aurora

I also have oily skin so i definitely will try these face products out! I also would like to see you do a video on relationship tips on dating a airforce guy because I noticed your boyfriend is also in the military. I love watching your channel girl ?


Wow your skin is beautiful... my skin used to be clean and spotless like that but that was once upon a time lol

Emily Engle

you are so beautiful

Paper masks facial

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133 411 views | 21 Jun. 2018

Watch in 1080p60, pag low

Watch in 1080p60, pag low net mag auto ?

Used Products:

Miniso Compressed Sheet Mask (White) - ₱99.00

Miniso Compressed Sheet Mask (Charcoal) - ₱149.00

Rose Essence Toner - ₱299.00

Enjoy watching!



Music: https://www.bensound.com

Ending Song:

Artist: Mihka! and The End

Track Name: Kodokushi (孤独死)

Genre: Future Bass

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»Support The End:




Filming Camera:

Canon 600D

Canon EOS M10

Let's be friends!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariakrista.balmes

Twitter: @bmariakrista

IG: @bmariakrista



Miniso Compressed Face Mask

Miniso Compressed Facial Mask

Miniso Products

Miniso Skin Care Products

Miniso Rose Essence Toner

Kiran Limbu

I don't understand you're language.


I love ur channel!??

Johaira Enggang

Nabili ako nian nqaun kaya nandito ako nqaun para tingnan ... Tuner lanq po ba anq pudi jan .

Rolly Bells

Tanong lang po. Sabi kase sa instructions wash your face after using daw. Hinuhugasan ba talaga after using facemask with toner? Or hahayaan lang sya matuyo? Pasagot po thanksss

Sunny Chillzzz

May tanong lang po, pwede po bang gamitin yung belo whitening toner? Sana po may sumagot.

Anne Azada

Want ko itry yan at affordable p tanks sis☺️

Angeline Villaroman

Kailangan po ba everyday mag mask? Hehe, question lang po thank you. btw, bumili ako nang mask sa miniso nung napanood ko yung video mo. Thank you for sharing. ?

Itz Cloudxlov

Puwede po ba siya sa 13 years old saka mild po ba siya Di po ba siya harsh sa skin what type of skin puwede po gumamit niyan saka puwede po yung celeteque toner saka ano po dyan sa dalawa ang ma's recommend niyo pasagot po

mia domiel

okay lng kahit araw araw gamitin? or weekly?

Rimpee Sardar

This is so cool!!!!!!

Bethel Yanz

Akin po is aloe Vera toner sa mumuso

Nicole Vlog’s

Hi poo:))pede po bayan sa 12 years old? O bawal pa po?

eriel ramos

Sayang wala na yung rose toner ng miniso


Parang nag light po ung Pinole niyo nung tinanggal niyo ung mask, maganda pala ito

Ma. Fe Gacuya

Sis anung magandang toner for oily skin?

Christine Ivy Capiral

Pwede po ba gamitin yung garnier micellar water ang mahal kc ng mga toner salamat po

Maricar Ilagan

Pwede po kayang ang gamiting toner ay eskinol pimple fighting(toner)

Rch Reyes

Pde po ba gamitin yung toner na pang rejuv? TIA

Claudine Marie Jose

Is it okay po ba kung water lang yung gagamitin? Kahit wala na pong toner, okay po ba siya?

jeannette bedonia

first time ko po bumili ng facial mask..sa miniso ko dn po sya binili for 119php 30pcs.kaso ndi ko po lam kung nu dapat gamitin para mag expand..hehe saka kung anu po dapat ko ilagay sa face ko after..para san po ung toner¿..


Nabili ko sa MUMUSO eh ?

Madhu v V

Even I love miniso

Kristine Aehr Navarrete

Ate Krista

Ziya Delann Sy

Pwede po ba yan sa 13 years old?hehe

Sarooj Gul

Someone please tell me how to use in English

Krista Balmes

Demo starts at 4:30. Thank you for watching!

Stephanie Oliveros

Pwde po bang ang tomato ilagay sa face mask?

Marissa Alojado

Ngayon ko lang to nalaman. Mas worth it pala to bilhin kaysa sa ibang mask na paisa isa pa plus mahal pa ang price.

Marian Vargas

Hi :)
Can it be done with just water?

Chesarae Freya

Pwede po na aloe vera gel?

Erandy Garcia

Which one do you recommend for normal skin?

Poge Siya

Hi we sell sheet mask from SNP KOREA, just visit our page in insta @shopaholic4595

Bishakha Bhattarai

No subtitle? Sucks !! ?

Alina A

Кто здесь русский?

Taisha mohammed

Which one would you recommend for combination skin? Is only water enough for hydration??

Ridwan Maksud

video before the earthquake & tsunami in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Anna Lim Lugtu

Saan nyo po nabili yung toner??

Kusum Gurung

Which one is better?? I couldn't understand a word

Yza Gene

Tfs po???

이 사

Please add English subtitles

ajbhrg skskskkss

pwede po ba gamitin yung eskinol?

Diya khadgi

Can this mask make skin white and shiny

Erin J.

Hii fyi lang po. Ang sheet mask po hindi po pinapatuyo sa face kaya recommended yung 15 mins kasi once na natutuyo na ung sheet mask, i-susuck out nya ulit yung moisture ng face. :)

Nadège TV

Why the title is in English if the video is not?


30pcs for 99php? Wow!! Mas economical siya kaysa bumili ng sheet masks na paisa isa. Now ko lang nalaman to! Thanks sis!?


Cam we use it everyday?


Mas affordable kaysa yung paisa-isang facial mask. Kahit need ko pa bumili ng toner. Mas mura pa din. Gotta try this kasi ang habol ko lang naman sa mask at yung pampering effect.

celine celine

Nag subscribed ako kasi nakita ko nag rereply sya sa mga comments ?

yumin kitano

Kakabili ko lng sakin sa wedo.. Pero aloe vera moisturizer na galing sa yoyoso nmn.. Matagal kasi nag expand sakin kaya na punta ako dto. Hehe thank u ngayon alam ko na pano.

Ameera MOD

We can put some water or no even what the liquid name?

Iqra Ali Mirza

How often should we use these in a week?

stephen chan

aa i have an opinion lang po, i hope it won't offend you, but if you're using any type of face mask specially a sheet mask, do not allow it to dry on your face, it will only absorb the moisture of your face making it more dry. we know that our face is very sensitive, the time range of using any mask is 15-25, Please do not exceed on the limit otherwise it will destroy your face. This is only an enhancement tip. thanks for acknowledging ?

Hiraite Neko

wow.. thanks for the comparison ?

Nerson Ronato

Pwede po bang tubig lng wala kamong toner eh??

Skincare Obsessed

New video on my vlog channel, miniso tour and chat. Must watch https://youtu.be/ezRewOt1sKM

Mark Ryan

Naruko is way better than this ..
Mumuso is a cheap garbage skincare brand from China

Kristine Aehr Navarrete

Hiii po

Rosanna Trinidad

Essences po ang ginagamitan ng mask ndi po toner... ang toner nila is tap tap lang... unlike ung mala-eskinol... pero kung gnun tlga gngwa mu.. ok ln cguro...

Anna Lim Lugtu

Ung toner po ba pwede pang 10 yr old?or bawal po

Jouana Reyes

pwedi po baa cleanser?


Pwede water ?

kimberly perin

hello po ask kolang po kung pwede kopo gamitin yung toner at serum sa rejuvenating set sa face mask salamat po☺️

domielll vergara

Maganda po ba ung effect?