Taking a cold shower

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5 Days Of Cold Showers | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

1 027 714 views | 8 Dec. 2017

This week on Try Living

This week on Try Living With Lucie, R29's host, Lucie Fink takes a cold shower everyday for 5 days to learn firsthand if the alleged health benefits of them are true! Did we mention that it's winter in New York City? Watch this week's episode to watch her take on this highly requested 5 day challenge!


Try Living With Lucie follows our favorite R29 millennial, Lucie Fink, as she dives headfirst into social experiments — five days at a time. From a week without sugar to full-blown street performing; there is nothing she won't try!


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Your hair was up the entire time and dry when you came out of the shower

Jelena Stojadinov

Hi, should we wet our head everyday (if we dont wash our long hair everyday..)?

Emily Zakhary

I like taking cold but not cold cold like in the middle of cold and hot but more on the cold side

Rain30 Balan

Your hair doesn't get the shine on the first day it takes time.

Luhle Ntombela-Kasumba


Morgan DeMasellis

5 days of no sugar or 5 days going vegan.??????

Sofie Dugan

The next one will be 5 days of Ayurveda

bibi aumeer

why dont you do a challenge on being vegan

madden nitsavong


ay oub

5 days without phone and internet . U ll fell ur childhood again and clear ur mind

Sam S

So pretty

Samantha May

Your eyes are stunning!

「amelia brynn」

Here in the Philippines we always take shower every morning

Tiju John

shower in cold water is easy peasy. I have been doing it from my childhood. Actually I am uncomfortable having shower with warm water.

coti hufflepuff

i think the next episode is hygge

Shelly Weng

5 days of no makeup ;)

Sky Equestrian

Can you do 5 days of riding horses? That would be awesome!!

mina glam

Five days of staying in your house??❤❤

Lucero Villicana

I take cold showers all the time!

ride roll studios

You forgot your hair ?

Jocelyn Kazemnia

i take a warm shower than before i get out rinse with cold water


I'm on day 5 myself felt good usually after 2 minutes the water feels tolerable until you turn around lol but my arms aren't dry and ashy which usually happened with a hot shower don't know about weight gotta find my scale but you are generally in a good mood and feel energetic and alert

Auδi Stγle

Instructions unclear: coconut oil fell out of my mouth due to screaming ?

Maia S

I feel like anyone who doesnt try this for more than 4 days cant rly say whether they love or hate cold showers...

Rimi Sen

Well I take cold water shower everyday and it's no big deal

Ayee its Laurel

5 days of being vegan

Isabella Sims

5 days only cooking at home

sam smith

omg your teeth are so big lol you have so many of them, that's all I can see lol

Shchds Xhxhdd

it isn't that bad

daisies et moi

I do shower 2 times a day in the morning and evening, and both with cold water

Andrey Zenperial - Manifest Daily

I’ve been taking cold showers everyday for the past 2 month and the impact is extremely noticeable.

Taking cold showers is increasing the quality of my life, it is making me a happier and more mindful person. During first cold shower I took, I couldn’t stop laughing (while grasping for air) because of the euphoria your body experiences. Try it! Taking cold showers in the morning rushes the blood through my body, making me more alert and present for the rest of the day.
Taking cold showers is helping me reach my dreams. Literally. What I mean by that is that cold showers help me stay focused on one task way better for longer periods of time; they also fulfill me with motivation which I get from the discipline it requires to step under ice cold water. I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for years to help people grow on personal and professional levels. I’ve finally done that (once I started taking cold showers), perhaps it’s a coincidence, perhaps it isn’t. I do find it easy now to sit through a 3 hour editing session or stay motivated while filming and uploading. I am doing what I love to do and am getting closer to my dreams. For some reason it was a way different story before I started taking cold showers.
Cold showers help me manage stress tremendously. I’ve always struggled with stress and the negative effects it had on me. By stepping under ice cold water, I experience small stress to the nervous system every time. This strengthens it and I’ve noticed that I cope with stress way better when the actual life situations appear.
I’ve also shared my experience in a video!

Emily Jones

Why does Lucie's face sort of make me think of the uncanny valley?

Louis Laszlo

I like what’s called the “Scottish shower” (a practice James Bond did in the novels). You first start washing with hot water to warm yourself up. Then rinse off with cold water. Alternate with hot and cold water throughout your shower. It gets your circulation flowing and is VERY invigorating, but because it lets you warm up and get comfortable first it isn’t pure torture. Jumping straight into a cold water shower isn’t fun, and isn’t necessary to get the benefits. Start with hot water first!

Dale Pelot

You're looking radiant

Skylareen Tan

just sayin but I take a bath with cold showers every day

Daniel paraiso

what the brand of your dry brush

Stella Polis

I just have one question for this whole video?who was recording her in the shower?

Tiju John

your eyes!


What would you like to see next on Try Living With Lucie?


Apparently washing your hair with cold water closes your hair cuticles and it stops you from getting split ends or whatever ? don’t know if that’s true tho

larissa Laughingtosh Tan

I love cold showers. Been taking them for like 2 weeks now. I look forward to them.

Charles Cayton

IAM IAM on here love your videos ??

Riverdale Riverdale

Can you do 5 days of crazy hairstyles with crazy outfits

Joel Gomes

I start by taking a warm shower for cleaning than for my hair at the end of the shower I rinse with cold water it wakes me up

Arthur Martins

I've been taking cold showers only for 16 months now, only the coldest possible! hahahaha

thanks for all

5 days in Russia. (Cold shower included lol)


Do 5 days of water fasting please.


Oh my gosh I love your necklace! Where is it from?

American Girl Studios

5 days of going old school

Saira Naeem

One time in 3 rd grade or so I had to take a really cold shower ( including washing my long hair) because the hot water ran out. I froze but hit a 100 on every test that week ?

Brigen Mucaj

I think the best way to do it is have a warm showers clean yours self and then you can step away from the warm shower and turn the cold water you can breathe for 10 seconds preparing your self then you can let the water go on you it is a bit easier like that you can do it for 15 seconds in the begging and increase bit by bit

Kate Taylor

5 days of putting milk in my hair instead of conditioner

Gabriella Negron

Why do people swish coconut oil in there mouths?

Quan Le Minh

5 days of fasting :V

Charles Cayton

I do not like cold showers lol it is painful I rather have a hot shower insteadwell don't make it this hot water cuz you'll know your skin off you made a zombie but just make it worse cold and hot make warm and it's not so bad happy Halloween


how tha hell didd this end up in my feed, i mean i know i suppose to take cold showers but i dont

Alemeli Amor

Wim hoff said to start hot and work your way to cold in a matter of days, I did that and it’s way better then just starting with cold right away.


when the cold water hits your back it slaps different


This days you tuber's are gone mad .. ? what you're trying to proof by this video ..... ?LOL #CRAZY

Hope LaFleur

Ya she really did this..!

Real Person

5 days of doing different celebrities skin care routines!!! Ex)Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr etc etc

rama sundar

Did the camera man look at lucie nude

Soybean sawyer

Wear 5 layers of makeup for 5 days

Sophia Asaro

I think you should do 5 days of only wearing onzis!

Andreene Mullings

I hate taking cold showers.

Natasha Newell

5 days taking hot showers

ThinkPink DC

It’s not good for muscles, it doesn’t boost hormones, it’s just placebo

Joker games

Is bad I got used to in a week and I just say what ever and still shower with out shivering also it does help my hair got more lushes and my skin feel nice and soft after


I could not do that.

oukhoya chaima

5 days of study harrrrrd ??

Nowfel Sawda

I take ice cold showers everyday


I’m trying them because I just dyed my hair bright purple and really don’t want it to fade


I usually try to just end with a cold shower, close the pores and such

Serenity Johnson

I hate cold showers

Michael Miller

Hey, every time I get in a cold shower and try to rinse my hair I get a feeling like the worst brain freeze ever times 10. It just is so painful when I put my head in the cold water. Any tips?

Mallory Tijerina

Five days of zero waste

Ebony The Poodle

they ran out of decent ideas so now they are just winging it

Kiing_ Kiing_

Try cold showers at mine ?

Raphael Vasconcellos

I love cold showers it gives me an happiness rush like I'm on a waterfall or at the sea and I feel more clean. But I get into the warm shower then turn the heat off, that makes me shower gradually cool and reduces the initial shock


5 days of top less videos.lol



Abby Jencks

5 days of eating subway

Zesty Cantaloupe

I’m doing the 30 day cold water challenge right now! It’s honestly not that bad. My hair and skin has improved SO much since I started. I totally recommend it!


I love cold showers, but I have curly hair...so I need cold showers!

Sophie McCormick

Can I do all pulling with sunflower oil or olive oil


5 day vegan ?

Mia Fierro

5 days of a full face of makeup!

Erika Murguia

I dont mind cold showers I dont really care

Stella Lanham

5 days of going to a sauna

Bella Marie

I'm shivering just watching! Just saw a MAMASWOLE video where she does ice cold showers for a week AND AT 5AM!! That's just double torture! It's freaking hilarious and inspiring too!!!!

Taco Thandi

5 days without technology

Jalon Fonseca

Cold showers, sleeping on the floor, and apple cider vinegar. Best health tips I'll give when I'm a centennial.
Also...lots of whiskey and tobacco.


Shit I wanna try living with Lucie’s fine ass

Maia S

I feel like anyone who doesnt try this for more than 4 days cant rly say whether they love or hate cold showers...


Lucie is planning 5 days of Hygge!

McCoy Allen

I’ve been taking contrast showers! 5 mins hot (hot, not warm) and 1 min cold, repeating a few times, finishing with cold. I made a playlist on Spotify with songs that length so I know when to switch the temperature. ☺️ I like it better than taking just a cold shower because the heat relaxes my muscles, opens my pores, and clears my sinuses, BUT I actually love the cold parts, too. It wakes me up and closes up my pores and hair cuticles like you said. I do feel more energized now than I did when I showered with warm water.

Brittany Leigh

she didn't say to use less shampoo and no product. she said don't use more shampoo to make up for the lather. and to use less product.

Mike, Kami, Gabi & Gracie Miller

When I took a cold shower and put my head in the water, it felt like the worst brain freeze every times 10. Did this happen to anyone else?

Ayla Mia

How does she film these videos, is it Michael?

The Sacred Cottage

I’ve taken cold showers before but not so cold that I was uncomefortable if you think about it our ancient ancestors only had hot water if they lived near warm springs and cold showers any where else which is why hot springs were so sought after. But our ancestors would jump in the stream and bath in groups of the same sex so it only makes since that it would actually be healthier for our bodies to adapt anchient rituals like adding this with the no poo method and so on. Your videos are definitely inspiring.