Saggy cheeks

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How to Lift Sagging Cheeks Naturally using Facial Exercise

56 127 views | 19 May. 2019

This How to Lift Sagging

This How to Lift Sagging Cheeks Naturally using Facial Exercise Video, will do just that. Watch and learn how to Lift Sagging Cheeks Naturally and use the Mind-Body Connection to help you. This Sagging Cheeks Exercise goes along with the Exercise Along With Me, Series 2, Exercise Set. Happy Exercising - Lift Those Sagging Cheeks Naturally!

#SaggingCheeks #FacialExercise #FaceYoga


0:42 How to Apply the Exercise Set to Follow the Program

1:38 Start of Exercise

2:53 Cheek Muscle Schematic

5:56 New Facerobics® Gym Pricing Coming Soon

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Noor Reem

You are wonderful my dear...


Is it normal for your cheeks to feel bigger/puffier after the exercise

Astrid Wolf

You look amazing❤️.
I have a question about the corners of my mouth. My eyebrows lifted, my neck is looki g better now but the corners of my mouth don't improve. Now I started to massage the corners of my mouth from the inside. I place my thump inside the my mouth and massage it. My pointing finger is on the other side. I feel a big, big round hard mussle there. Do you recognce the problem and do you think massage like this will help.
Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us. Love you for that. ??

Altamese BenAvram

Peta, I've tried all of the major facial exercises and I must say that your system is superior to all of them! It is more detail oriented, more subtle, more concentrated, much more powerful!! It take a while to learn to do the exercises because some of them are rather complex. It takes time to feel and visualize exactly what muscles you're working on. But it so worth the time! Thank you for this gift! It truly is life changing and I can say this after only been working for a little over a month. My face already looks more lifted and sculptured. Can't wait to see what changes the future brings.

Maj Abd

I can remove the translation from the screen because I cannot see your movements and put them under the screen Thank you

Giti Shirasb


alister a

Hello peta
Can we do only cheek exercise
Or we have to do full face exercise

Aiman Sareer

Amazing..thank u for all ur efforts for us..?

favorites me

FABULOUS! Your beautiful young face is testimony to the effectiveness of your exercises! ??

Isa Bellum

Bless you Peta, I can really see that this is exercise program is your mind child, you put so much efford into it and shared it with the world, I know a lot said it before but we re super thankful, and after years of sickness I had, it makes me more confident, and also more relaxed towards aging. I wish you the best and much love from Indonesia to you <3

Dawson Carpenter

I’m 13 and my cheeks go down I have lines by my nose where I smile too and it ruined my confidence

Hanorah Cinders

Peta I am just starting 150 reps of series 2 but I think the line from my bottom lip down ...marionette line I think has become deeper ! I'm a bit worried about this .

Aman Singh

Helpful ??

Александра Яновская

Peta, hello, I am in Kazakhstan, may I join your gym


What do you think about Tinaka massage?

Audrey’s Beauty Gadgets

I felt the burning so bad in my lips does that mean I was doing it wrong ?

Rose Rosyland

Always stunning Peta.i am actually doing the exercise right now.feel like burning in my jowls and cheeks.Fabulous! May be because I am working with conscience .you are a blessing Peta.,???

Crystal Mc

Peta, just a quick question. On all exercises that involve pressing the lips like this one, do your teeth touch or should they remain relaxed and slightly open?


Just wondering, do you sleep on your back or your side? Thank you!


Dear Peta thank you so much for these amazing videos and advice.. i have been doing deep muscle face massage using thumbs and my face feels so relaxed and nice. I am 21 yrs old so is it okay for me to that every day? And what type of massages/exercises should I start with because I find some of exercises difficult to perform. Thank you ❤


love the thumb!

Peggy Carrington

This is an awesome exercise. I can feel the muscle moving upward. Yes, laying down is great way to enjoy this exercise !

Tutti Fruiti

Forever grateful!! Thanks a million. p.s you are beautiful!!

crystal fashion

its not easy for me this

Sukhwinder Chahal

Hi peta thx for reply I have one question how long will do it series 1


She was the first one i started learning exercises off back in 2015. My face became flawless. So many people out there since her doing facial excercise videos, but now I find myself back to her excercises.

Spring Fan

I just started doing series 2 exercises a few days ago, so I need all the extra tips I can get. Thanks for making this video, Peta. This helped me understand the exercise much better. The only thing I need clarification on is the next exercise in series 2 where we push our tongue to roof of our mouth. I don’t think I am doing it correctly. Thanks for your help ?

paul anthony

Where is series number one?

Rajitha Nayer

Does it work really? Or have you done any upliftment ??

Sukhwinder Chahal

Thank you very much I miss this video

Mia Bir

Thank you sooo much from Algeria, you are amaazing? ,thx for all the tips you give us

barbie g

Just confirm please, if we go to the playlist we go straight to the updates, I've been finding it hard to piece this together, that means ignore the older series 2 videos, and just focus on updates. Thank you.

Mamta sharma

Hello mam
I love ur exercises an the way u explain
My smile has become ugly ? becoz wen I smile I Dnt knw wat it’s called umm may b dee line around my mouth corner and
my skin around my mouth is sagging
Dnt knw it’s jaw sagging or it’s due to cheeks sagging . M just 27
Do help me what should I follow
Can I get back my toned face back .
These problems jzt coz of my back surgery I was inactive for about six months
Do help me.
No one reply on YouTube channels
Hoping ur reply thanku mam

Aida Nofal

I am watching the videos again, to learn the exercises probably ❤️❤️❤️❤️????

momna ali

Hey peta! Hope you are fine. In this clip you were saying that its best if you lay down and do your facial exercises. I am following your series 1 ....so do I need to do that while laying down? Please reply. Take care


Hi, I'm sure you've answered this before, but will these exercises (in your opinion) help with sagging skin? I'm sure sagging skin is more than just a muscle issue but something else has to be involved which causes the neck skin to give that turkey appearance...etc...thanks for the exercises....


I love your videos but you always do that pointing thing, and there's never a link to a video! Am I missing something?

Liana Simone

Thank u so much from Italy and please do stick with us for long!!!

Asma Shabbir

Hi Peta, i visit your playlist. You said after ending series 1, take a week off to learn series 2. We need one week gap for every series to learn new series? My 2nd question is that after ending series 3, why we go back to series 1 basic routine? Don't we need to go to series 4,5 and 6? I visited your programme but couldn't have answers of these two questions. Plz reply my both questions. I m waiting for your reply


Wow! You look really great Peta.Your exersizes obviously work!Thank you so much for creating these fantastic videos.They are so beautifully done. .I love them!❤ ? ? ?

brandons M

Just on time im on the Second series 150 Reps. Peta alot of times when im doing them your face and the way you do them come very clearly in to my mind?
Thank you for all that you do, you are a life changer, my looks and confidence is stonger after seeing a terrible decline in them.Im a small face person and when I decided to loose weight all the fat from the face went with it, I had a tired, angry, flat face apperance. I found you learned and stuck with the program, put in the hard work and I could not be happier. No surgery, fillers, botox or other unnatural and expensive methods. I did all 5 series and started all over and im on series 2 again with the awesome updates. When I began the second round of the series was when I vegan to see more volume on my face, so to anyone out there don't give up. Im a 43 year old female! I had to rename my account to my son's name because he loves to make videos (Lol) LOVE YOU Peta???

Safi Aleshawee

Hi peta u are right every time I see the video I release now things thanks alot

Destiny Sky

So I have to do the full video of " Series 2 "?

Gowthami h k

Does this excercise help to remove mid cheek lines..?

walaa ahmed

but in that way I'm wrinkling my nasolabial folds so any solution

Saggy cheeks

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Face Massage for Saggy Cheeks, Smile Lines/ Nasolabial Folds | Anti Ageing Massage | Face Exercise

126 532 views | 18 Oct. 2020

This Video Face Massage

This Video Face Massage for Saggy Cheeks, Smile Lines/ Nasolabial Folds | Anti Ageing Face Massage | Face Exercise to tighten and lift the face and face massage for glowing skin, lift saggy cheeks and remove Smile lines/ laugh lines/ Nasolabial Folds. You can do this face massage at home and face exercise to lose face fat. I showed face massage steps in hindi and other subtitles like face exercise Malayalam , face exercises in Tamil. You have seen face massage asmr or face massager machine and face massage for wrinkles videos and also used face massager roller and face massage for slimming but after watched this video give face massager review like how was face massage for anti aging.you can use any light face massage oil but not face massage cream. Hope you like this video.

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Thank you so much..........

Suman Chauhan

Punnu Sharma

Can we massage with moisturizer cream instead of oil ?

Poornima Sherigar

Chubby chicks keliye batayiye pls ????

Neelam Sharma

Mam kon sa oil use kare please rply

Mamta Rani

Hlo mam

Bablu Rai

Namste mam hmare dono pair ke heel me dard rhta h hmesa please aap mujhe upay btaye 2 Year ho gya h

Renu Singh


Renu Singh


Somveer soran

Muje need kam aati h puaya bto

Yogita Mishra

Correct bola apne please sagging jawline and sagging neck key leye all in one video bataye.

Vijaymala Sule

Eyes puppyness ke liye kya solutions hai mam

Sarita Francis

Thank you

Raneeb Islamic TV


Reena Jhulan

Hello mam meri lip bahut jyada black hai main har vah chij try ki Jo mujhe theek Laga par kuch bhi asar nahin hua please koi upay bataiye black lip ke Karan main apne aap ko bahut embarrass feel Karti hun ???

Patel Shyam

Mere galko phula na hai

Perrien Perrien

I'm just 23 age but smile lines i have ?

Tulsi Raye

आप का टिप्स बहुत खुबसूरत होते हैं ??

Vatsala Grover

Chunna mam pls bta do ki gulkand Mai rakhkr le skte hai kya..mung daal jitna leti hu..

Saeeda Khatoon

Bahut khoob ??????????

Balwinder Kaur

Nice video

Mamta Surana


Saba Khan

Mam apki age kitni hy ??


Very nice thanks sister mein aapķi batai exercises follow karti hoon


Apki age kia ha plzz btaden

Brijinder Kaur


Sukur Ali

Thank you so much mam

Madho Rajpoot

Smile line kam hogi

manjit kumraha

Mam oil koan sa lagana hai ?

manjit kumraha

Oil koan sa lagana hai, ??

Kiran Rashid


Riti Sharma

Thnkuuuu Di g for gud face exercise..God bless u..Reet

Neelam Sharma

Nice vidieo ???

Manoj Kumar


Spontaneous OM Symbol On Crown Chakra

Om Shanti.....

Bhaskar Mahajan

Very Good

Meena Baghel

Thank you

reena rajput

new subscriber dii

Neelam Sharma

Very nice methods.

Goutam Tapadar

My Age is 48 and l have shaggy cheeks can I do this massage

thahaseena banu

Thank you so much I like your face massage I will try to do

Vickie Sharma

I wish it was in English translation while she’s talking

Pawandeep Tiwana

Mam mere lumber spiine thoda sa tedha ho gya hai mere pet ki taraf gadda sa lagta hai dekhne par
Please mam is k lye koi exercise btaye
Mai bahut pain me hoon

Disha Srivastav

Thanks mam ?

Lakshmi Hosurmath

Hai medom mera nam hai lakshmi my karnataka hospet me behatihoo apka video hameha dektihu ap both ache health tips ke bareme bolte ho mera problem a hai ki muje spinal cord me nours twist hogayahai chalet me today moch athi hai iske bareme thoda apka rai bathaye medom thankive


Mam navtrati fasting me kya yoga ya pranayam kr sakte hai??

Jyoti Baghel

Bahut sahi aur sateek upay hote h aapke

Jahanoor Islam

Very good

Beauty Health

Mam, can we apply moisturizer cream or cold cream for message rather than oil?

Ashu Bhutani - Vocalist

Hi, I am your new subscriber from USA...I liked your videos...
Please give me solution for pimples on face) it happened after lazor treatment (technique to remove hair permanently) thanks ?please respond either way, if don’t know after lazor treatment pimples problem? Simply tell something for red big puffy pimples pus wale...please don’t ignore as I am new at channel and would appreciate respond ?

Manjula Sikdar


Uzma Babar

Hi just wanted to know why did u make rounds ?on your cheeks what is the idea for that?thanks

Gurvinder Kour

Mam mai app Ki exercise follow karte hun mam mera weight kam nahi ho raha haiplease koi diet planbhi bato mere ko thyroid hai thyroid ke uper bhi ek video banao

Amritpal Kaur

Good information

poonam rajawat

Aapki age kya h

Lalit Joshi


Isha Rathore

Thanku so much mam
Apny meri wish puri kari
May God bless uh..........love uh so much

Rekha Anil Shah

Mam I like your videos
Mam mane suna hai massage se skin loos ho jati hai kya ye sach hai

maaz ali khan

Ap boht piyri ho

Mukesh Kumar

Aap bhaut khubsurat ho

Sheetal Telang

Hey your looking so pretty,and nail polish colour is very lovely

Keerti Chauhan