Late 50s

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The Original, Unaired Pilot for "Mr. Ed" - from the late 50s - w/o/c, part 1 of 3!!

26 857 views | 6 Nov. 2011

Here is a REAL rarity -

Here is a REAL rarity - the original and unaired pilot for MR. ED, with a different cast! I think this is from the late 50s, and even has some original commercials! This is part 1 of 3.


What a beautiful find thank you so much we love Mr. and send us more thank you again

Brian Arbenz

Wilbur POPE?



Rick Kienel

This is like finding out Barry Nelson was the first James Bond.


Is that Bamboo Harvester there? He was the horse that played Mr Ed or is that another palomino horse before Bamboo took the role?


I’m glad they changed the actors. And brought in the Addison’s.


Loving all the posts you are putting on this channel... Although I know it takes time to get all these videos up for our enjoyment, it you could put in a line or two in the description to give some background on them (as some are quite rare) and fill in the missing providence, that would be a great asset to the viewing experience ! With this in mind, I am assuming this Mr Ed clip is from a series launch for sponsors well before the finalization of the series before TX ?

Chibuzo Achebe

Alan Young was the first choice to play Wilbur Post, but he refused. So they replaced him in the pilot with Scott McKay. Then in syndication, Studebaker, the now-defunct car company, sponsored it, then Alan Young came around.

Frankie J

Wow! I had never seen this before! The show wouldn't have worked with these actors. That actor who played Wilbur was OK (not as good as Alan Young) but Carlotta wasn't very good and neither were the neighbors. Pilot storyline was very similar with some minor changes (for the better)

mike cubes

they are playing this show on decades channel right now. its the same as the other pilot but with different actors. i like the actors from the main show better than this bunch

Steve Mandl

who the heck are these actors does anyone know? this version actually sucks


How now brown cow

midnite dip

wow cant really imagine Mister Ed without Alan Young glad they made the change.The Munsters also made a last minute cast change after shooting the original pilot.Gotta be rough one day you have a show next day your out . cruel Hollywood haha.

Bob Bell

The Studebaker Lark was introduced for the 1959 model year, a full year before Ford introduced their compact Falcon and Chevrolet introduced their compact Corvair. Judging by the opening commercial, I believe this pilot was intended for the Fall 1959 TV season.


@tubeie07 Thanks for feedback, all makes sense now - cheers Tom...

Scott Miller

Mr Ed still after all these years is still considered the best sitcom of its type of all time. And Alan Young was the best actor as Wilbur Post for this wonderful series!!!!!

Rick Tooke

Don't like posts wife until she lets him keep Ed

Rick Tooke

Like this show very much, light harted and funny.

jerry richards

I loved Edna Skinner

Late 50s

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Drive-in theater vintage short films - late 50s, early 60s - intermission, refreshments- cartoons!

55 013 views | 9 Jan. 2013

Drive-in movie theaters

Drive-in movie theaters are a bygone venue of American entertainment. Most of them literally disappeared in the 1980s. This is a collection of short films designed to be shown in between features and short subjects. Lots of wacky late 50s- early sixties ads, some animated, and PSAs, etc......enjoy!


I can't say I remember any of these specifically, except maybe the Dr. Pepper ad, but they sure bring back memories of trips to the drive-in in the late 50's and 60's. Always a big event for my sisters & I, although we never made it thru the first movie. It was all about the playground, snack bar (if we were good), the cartoon, coming attractions & the snack bar ads like these, & maybe 10 minutes of the movie, before we were fast asleep in the back of our Studebaker station wagon. Sweet dreams.

That guy on the bus that stares at ur daughter

If I'm not mistaken, that dairy queen is still open...


Thanks for sharing the memories of the Drive-In theater.

Robin Springer

I do believe that that is the most CREEPIEST clown I have EVER seen :)

Keith Yo

About two years ago I went to a drive in
That's in New Jersey about an hour outside philadelphia. ....

Mike Newton

The one I always liked was the clip where the cartoon characters are trucking out to the refereshment stand, waving their index finger, and singing "Let;s Go Out To the Lobby." I didn't get to many drive-in movies until I was about twenty and was allowed to drive. The clips they showed at our drive-in had to be about twenty years old.


I have got to find a way to key this video into my home theater setup!!! Would be great during a Star Wars fest to key this up while changing the Blu ray disc or laserdisc and have this come one while getting snacks. I miss drive ins, so many of this new generation are missing so much :(


I'm running this at the start of a projector party im having tonight, thanks so much!

The Marble Index

I can smell that Orange Crush ad.

Gie Codilla

2019 haha


I looked video. Very much I wanted to have. Wrap a couple.

Gaming Chente

why they dissapear

Mary Marino

I worked at the route 3 drive in East Rutherford NJ the snack bar what a great place N memories.worked the thriller in Manila fight .sell out crowd...



The Marble Index

Beatnik Dr. Pepper? That's cool, Daddy-O!


Where do people GET these things? (also old ads and old cartoons/TV shows). Do people have old film reels in the basement or what?

Peter JV

What a load of golden, pure, creamery butter.


A chocolate drink for a dog? Setting a bad example :P

John Oldham

Please help us save our Keno Drive-In! Join our group and ask me how


pupcorn, hut dog


"Let's pour this good drink all over the floor to get these people's attention!"

Billie Towzer

Glad you liked it!

Paul Miller

It's no wonder I ended up a loon--I "grew" watching this.

Toby Radloff

Probably the earliest Dairy Queen commercial ever.


Dairy Queen - mmmmmmmm......

anne marie x

the kid biting/chewing the hamburger - he looks like he's ready to hurl!

reckoner rat


that was all very nice

Outlaw Medic Photos

If only I had been born 40 years earlier....

Late 50s

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Backyard Blow Up Pool late 50s Home Movie

1 175 views | 8 Apr. 2013

Grandma & Grandpa, Great

Grandma & Grandpa, Great Aunt Louisabelle, Mom & Dad, me and little sis.