Male perm before and after

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Asian Guy Gets A PERM! Straight To Curly Hair

192 886 views | 3 Apr. 2019

Wanted to change it up a

Wanted to change it up a bit and try out a perm so filmed the process and before/after. If you have any questions about the process or the hair leave a comment below!

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Ur not supposed to shower for like 2-3 days


0.46 wish my hair was like that I have a perm now thou but I wish it was like that

Callum Renaud

Bruh you hair was better before ngl. I have curly hair but it’s natural so looks good and healthy. You need tighter curls and use conditioner bcs damn your hair dry my man

Tj Anthony

You don't blow dry curls


my hair is really long like down to my nose but i have thin hair, should i still get s perm ?


Once you get a perm how do you keep it curly


Is ur hair still curly

Y M.

Such a fail looks ugly

Alphonse Acari

Why does he look like asian jon snow

Billy Hoenekker

bruh it look better b4

Mariol 22

It looks bad asian

Adam Sung

What length do you get your sides faded?


Every person I've ever come across who has natural curly hair: I wish I had straight hair, you guys dont know the struggle of having curly hair.

Every person I know who has straight hair: You people with curly hair are so blessed.

Danny A.

Naturally curly hair Gang wya

Miguel D

Salvation is a free gift.When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption.
Jesus died for our past, present ,and future sins on the cross ,was buried ,and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.

Mauricio.300 hn

I am thinking about getting perm next week my hair is long at my eyes already but I want to know how long it gonn be curly like weeks or months.?


Bro what type of perm did you get ?

Bryce Le

How much do a perm usually cost?


How long u think ur perm will last?


My chigga

Prince Vegeta

It looks bad bro lol

Lil Cappin

He went from “herro u want shrimp fry rice” to “wussup my nigga”

YoBoii Damian

Culture appropriation?


aren’t u supposed to wait for a week before u actually use a shampoo or conditioner ?


how long does the perm process take?

youtube account

There're no perm that can give you curls :/

Walker 2k19

Yo what’s your haircut called not the perm like the haircut u would get usually

JC AlreadyKNO

I wanted to get a perm but if it’s gona turn out like this then I’m good


What curl did u get?

C Sandvick

That was NOT her peeing! ???

AK Chicago

Looks dope bro.


Where’d you get your perm?

Andre Ballas

How long did this last bro?!?

Tj Anthony

Looking black really is cool


Ur not supposed to condition or shampoo it or BLOW DRY it after getting a perm


You look greatm the first perm?

Teter S

bro that thumbnail i thought you were lil mosey for a sec

Sensei Angel

All these Asians getting perms ?

Earfquake Tyler

✌?I’m getting a perm today ???


3:45 dang she pees hella hard


Hey bro, in case you ever need help here is how to maintain your perm. To make your curls defined please air dry, if in a rush blowdry but keep it on cool. you can finger coil some parts of your hair trust me it makes ur curls look better. With your Shea moisture conditioner, maybe use a curl creme. And sleep with a satin bonnet on to preserve your curls that’s all best of luck to you love ur new hair :)

Prod by Drippy

ɖid you get tight or lose curls?


How long wud u say ur hair has to be

Bruv It’sme

Your hair looked horrible after tbh

omer ramic

dont use a blow dryer ; use a diffuser or blow dry it naturali without any instruments

The Asian Connnoisseur

Don’t kno about this style, looks kinda weird

Vince Erickson

I want tight curls but I want my hair to drop down not tall like yours.What kind of rods do I use?????


How much was it? I’m thinking of perming my straight hair into curly like yours and I don’t wanna spend too much money

Baltazar Benitez

That the worst perm ever I’ve seen better

Double ii Miike

I got my PERM & it's the best decision I've made. Although my hair may be short and curly it looks ? to me. You can see on my Page ?


how much did it cost for the perm


wished my hair look that good while only blowdrying it lmaoo my hair is fucking too straight


Can u get waves with a perm?


WHY YO GIRL LIE TO YOU LIKE THAT ? she gotta go smh


Low key thought it was 6ix9ine in the thumbnail for a moment


Bro ur girlfriend was definitely texting another dude i’m sleep

Hhe Heyy

My hair is down to my eyebrows...is that a good length to get da perm like yours?

Nyte Hera

Its too messy needs to be less compact


Can I get a perm with 4inches of hair

Jenna tolls XXL

How long was you’re hair at that time cuz that shit turned out hard???


What I post to tell the lady I wanna get perm and she will know!!??


The funniest part is that he didn't make a cent from this video for the simple fact that he put a couples seconds of music

Ayan Ahmed

Perms are not good for your long term health whether you want straight or culy hair. Just love what you got.


Jeremy lin with another crazy hairstyle?


bet he going around saying he lightskin


How tight did you perm it


Asians be having straight hairlines??

AK Chicago

How long does it last. Your hair still look like that or nah


Hey you have a new perm now?


Should've gotten it a bit looser

ザ Zeek 根暗

Homeboy went from a 6 straight to a 10

Nyte Hera

Bruh she failed it like its so bad?


I got a perm and I’m asian but very dark, i ended up looking light skin black and the people around me liked it and thought I was mixed black.

ý0ųŅģ eAsTside bEaAsTside

Dope video

Peter Jensen

Grow your hair longet and take the new perm. The perm is looking great!


arent u not supposed to towel dry immediately after doing the treatment? lol

Jayden Cook

Not surposed to wash in 48 hours

Victoria Karmel

Ohhh I’m soooo excited!!!! My baby boy has like that same hair texture. He’s half Spanish/Irish (from his dad) and I’m Vietnamese, Polish n Russian... so his hair is like seriously thick and we’ve been growing it out to perm it but we’ve both been a little nervous cuz my hair can’t take to curls unless I spray the f**kkkk outta it so I wasn’t sure if a perm would work as well as it would for normal persons head... yeahhh I totally just rambled but yasssss I’m so excited cuz he’s wanted a fro since he was like 3 and has always been like “why can’t my hair be like...” and I said well if it wassss then daddy would be having some major problems with me ?
Omg looks so good and thanks for this video cuz u just settled my fear of paying for a perm with shit results


i’d rather do bantu knots instead ?


Ur natural hair looks better

20,000 subscribers without a video challenge

What is it with all these Asians getting perms do they wanna be black,be happy with what you got

Boo Gazy

Should I get a perm? I have wavy/curly hair but I want a tighter curl. My hair is down to the bottom of my nose.



Marvin So

Asians trynna look like Black dudes lmao

Danrey Catingub

Everything that is not allowed after getting a perm is what he exactly did, wish he learned his lesson. And could have look good with the perm

4realAk Ik

Is there different types of perm or is ut all the same


Don’t just blow dry it. Put product.

Josiah Jacobo

You not supposed to wash it the next day give it 3 days

Corona Virus

When he used the blow drier the next day?

Caprrice Wrld

Only a 130 subs wtf I thought you had like 100k you deserve it

Anna Nansen

He went from Chinese to chigga real quick ?

Benson Yabu

My hair is like yours exactly and the front goes a little past my eyebrows should I wait or get a perm now?

Evan & Owen Lee

I know it’s a weird question but do you have thick hair


i want to get a perm but my mom won’t really let me and i’m scared if it doesn’t look good on me


That ain’t no perm. Shit looks like an Afro.

Desean Weatherspoon

You must like black girls


How much did you pay

DynamicFN MV7

My hair is thick and straight it goes to my eyes should I perm it ?

Auto Gweenz

My mans did everything wrong after the perm but I’m sure he realized by now that’s the wrong way ?

FizzlyFN 2

101th Sub! Btw I wanna get a perm too what is the age to get a perm?

Male perm before and after

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140 042 views | 31 May. 2018

What’s up everyone! This

What’s up everyone! This video, I actually went and got a male Perm... I really hope you like it because I love it! I hope you are having an absolute amazing day, make sure that you remember to Like, comment and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE to see future content!

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What type of curls

YouTube Assasin

my hair is down to my eyebrows now you think i should get a perm?

Expt Dashy

How long did your hair go down two cuz I wanna do your perm and my hairs past my nose

Max Hamby

what number clippers did they use on the sides and back?

Bryn Griffin

Also my hair goes down to about my eyes when it’s dry is that ok ?


So there is a salon that does perm I want tight curls shall I trust it with over 4.5 rating


0 - 100 real quick ??

King Bants

Get @ da dm .psb. if you wanna do a vid together

Calvin XX

How much does it cost to get perms ?


I really like that, I'm getting one tmrw! Wish me luck...


What type of perm did you get ?


Where did u get ur perm?


what ur perm called bro it looks so lit


I lik it dude


I'm getting a perm in 2 weeks. It would really help me out if u can tell me what size u got?

matthew lekman

you sound like miniminter

Brooklyn Bingobuckley

I’ve got naturally curly hair is good or bad???

Nyte Leaf

My hair am tuching my cock is long enugh? pls answered


What type of perm did you get because i was thinking about getting my hair permed but i jus found out theirs different types.

Travis J. Reed

very handsome on you

ClappyTrixter •

When did you wash your hair after you got a perm like did you wait for 1 or 2 days before washing your hair?

Joe Westerland

I would love to see the pattern you used for the perming rods e.g. are they all rolled down or are the front ones rolled up?


I have been looking to get a perm but I am scared i’ll go bald or damage my hair and i’m 16 how different did your hair feel after the perm?


What did u say to get that perm

ultra instinct

Bro do you know why my perm is flat and no volume?

Exticy Zayne

Alhaul Akbar at 1:40


my hair goes down to my mouth , is that long enough??

Oma Garcia

Another fellow man with the name christian sup bro also like if your name christian


idk why people hate having curly hair. i'd kill for curly hair it looks amazing


Mines about minimum 3.2inches and maximum 3.6 inches you reckon it’ll come out well or do you recommend waiting a bit longer?


Bro I wanna get a perm


Is it possible to get a perm if you have a loose afro?

Chance Mitchell

Add me on Snapchat @yaboychance22 to see it


Should i cut/fade my hair before or after the perm? Please help hahaha

rack rack

Just subbed g I want perm but scared what mated will say but I honestly think I will look good w it

My dad drinks bath water

she fucked up ur fade tho g

Drip.k K

Where did u get ur perm

kan the lv don

My hair reaches just the tip of my nose, is that fine or do I wait a bit longer??

Great vid btw

Gavyn Schulz

It is dope I just got a perm because you got one


I followed you on Instagram because I needed a picture to show my hair dressers, please accept my follow request ?


I need this


Yo bro how long did you haft to grow your hair to get a perm like that

OG Carlows

My hair reaches the top of my eyebrow . Would it work?

Jerco Swierings

ey can a perm help up cover up a receding hairline/widows peak?

Cvsh Cvsh

I really want to get a perm but idk if it would look good on me?

cms tv

my hair is in my eyes is it long enough ? and keep up the good work ive been subscribed for a lil now :) but when my hair is wet its to my nose what do u think?


Does this damage your hair, and do you need products afterwords with your curly hair? Please help me

Im gay

my hair go to my nose is that ok?


Mines past my eyes


What happens when u blow dry it without a diffuser


How long does that take

Yeet Army

Aye bruh dats nice dog


what kind of perm is that

Devin Hurton

Yo I just got a pirm to?

Ethan Morden

Did you get your perm at a local Salon or a chain like Sport Clips??


Hey brother, im bout to get my first ever perm in a couple weeks, im scared that i might get made fun of lol. idk if i should. how do i talk to my stylist like what do i say, also if i want a fade on the side should i get it after or before? also final question how do i sleep during the 48 hours after the perm. thanks brother sorry if this is long im just so nervous ??




Looks so nice bro I’m looking a perm but dk if i should yet

Wyatt Moehring

How long does the hair have to be?


Where did you get your perm?

danny Mc Donald

How much did it cost

Stcven 856

Do you know what size rods you used? & what products to use and not use? Btw it looks really nice that’s kind of what I’m aiming for. I’m just scared it going to fall down and look terrible ?

Jessie -.-

My perm last over 7 months now


What’s your hair dresser called I’m pretty sure we are from the same place


How long did you grow your hair for?


you got the perm from a salon right ?¿

Aaron F



This man actually liked and commented every comment wtf ?this man dedicated

Atif S

Hey bro, where did you get this done at?


My hair is literally longer than yours and i was told to let it grow more...

Sergioo 818

Yo you look better

Clay Upton

Do you know what your type of perm is called?


What's an ideal lenght to get my hair permed? How long was yours when you got it done?

Bryn Griffin

My hair is jagged is that ok?


My hair goes down to my eyes is that long enough?

Antonio Cardenas

Are thos tight curls?

Tristan Thornton

Love it

Kornelijus Kuzma

Was this a loose perm or a tight perm?


What type of perm did u ask for? Did u ask for tight curls or medium


What colour rods did you use bro


I just got my male perm today, u inspired me to get it and now everyone likes it, thanks mate ?

Zarif Sadiq

My hair goes down to my ass crack, is that long enough? Or should I wait a couple more weeks?

JaYMod Z

Also can u tell me what sizes u get u know how u can get like loose curls or tight curls like can u tell me bc idk

Kimmy Manny

Hey bro i showed the stylist your video. Intold her i want to be permed just like yours. Its going well until her assistant removed the rollers before the neutralizer was administered. When she saw her, the had a little chat away from me. The result, well other part had little to no curl at alllll. I am kinda disappointed cause i saw the curls. It wasnt as curly as yours

Brian Centeno

I want a perm like your buy like how many inches was your hair or like the rod are they all the same?


I’m getting a perm in a week and i wanted to ask for how long did she put chemicals in ur hair like was it 15 mins 45 or how much

Gillians Answers

You look so good!!! ??

J .banks

Are those thight curls or lose because I want to get the same perm as u

Yung child support

Bro really had to get a perm ?? y’all white af... natural curl gang wya

Sebastian Falcon

Why you're so handsome? Great video bro <3


Looks mad

Lucy Weighell

I'm getting a perm

nutty 69

should i get one

Chance Mitchell

I got a perm about 5 months ago

Brian Centeno

I need you help bro I love your perm but how did your order it like loose or tight. I like your perm a lot help me out bro


Even though she rolls the rods backwards your hair still goes forward on top of your forehead right ?

Spartan Spyderz

How long was your hair?

Army Bts

I perm my hair and it looks like noodle and I died it blond and everyone on my school was like noodle boy

Shoreline. Brian

Ima get one how long you think does my hair have to be


im getting a perm tomorrow it goes down to my eyebrows when dry. just wanna know can u still get a perm when it’s thin? Because my cousin wants to get one too! im also getting one because i want to look my attractive and appealing