Humidity and natural hair

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Maintaining Natural Hair in Humid Weather

17 513 views | 23 Jun. 2017

I hope you enjoyed a look

I hope you enjoyed a look at how I maintain my natural hair in humid Florida Weather. I have low porosity type 4 natural hair and find that wash and go's are the best style for my hair in the dead of summer.

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Thanks for watching!

Deon Gillespie

Best video I’ve seen on humidity resistance. Hoping you will be able to answer a question. I have transitioning, fine (but thick), low porosity hair. I live in a desert climate, but it has been raining every day lately. Should I consider using an anti-humidity finishing spray? It was amazing when I was doing silk blowouts, but today I wanna try it with a roller set. I need a regimine.

Simi Sanni

My hair shrinkage is crazy, I can’t do wash and gos I feel like a poodle

Kyetti R.

Hi, what is PPA and PBT? Are those chemicals?


Jacksonville in the building ☺ Wash n go.


I live in SC and the humidity is a beast! I had a really rough detangling session on Monday...your video explained why. Thanks!

Sis Tasha

What would you say your hair density is? Fine, medium, or thick?

Nmendenh 2017

Once you said I live in Florida I immediately subscribed! Just moved here for a job so great tips!!!

Roza 4Jesus7

Glycerin is a humectants. It works better in the summer. It's worse in the winter so it sucks the moisture out of you hair into the air. Thank you so much for your wisdom


Avoid glycerin

Doretha Mcelliott

So is it not possible to get a good lasting twist out in humid Florida?

Conner 01

What gel are you using in this video

Pebbles McBride

is that an OM frequency in the background?

alicia trotter

Very helpful advice. Thank you!

Nap Freedom215

Had to return to this video. Used Miche for a side twistout! Was bomb, but by the end of the day soft puff ball! Will be trying this again with a gel! Thank You for your valuable information.

Carol Smith

This is just in time. I'm going on two years natural and have struggled with the summer weather. I live near the river and in the past month the humidity can be cut with a knife. I am learning how to do wash and go styles and have been improving little by little.


Yay another Floridian!! ?? lol I understand you're PAIN girl. I've been natural for 3 and a half years, and throughout my journey while living in Fl, I've found MANY ways to combat humidity. And what I've learned is that if my hair is moisturized to the MAX (regardless of style) my hair is too full of moisture to attract anymore, and the sealant I use has to be really good to help aid with no frizz. The best sealant/humidity blocker that I've used so far is blue magic. I know a lot of people don't use grease but I'm not concerned with these things. Silicones work great as well I you don't care for ingredients. I just make focus the grease on my hair and not touch my scalp with it. I'm not able to do wash and go's as much as I would like to because I get too much breakage overtime. Which is why I had to search for other ways for my twistouts, braid outs, etc to survive.


ur awesome. i deal with caribbean heat so these tips help year round

Shenelle Taylor

Love the tips girl! Is that a wash and go or twist out ?

Dr K

I m watching back to back ,you re awesome !

I want it all Yesterday

Glad I found this video


Wish I had discovered your video sooner. I finally got the perfect twist out this morning, by 10 a.m. I looked drowned rat. This Florida humidity is no joke.


If I use gel, do I use an oil over it?


Thank# for drop this knowledge girl!!!!!

Netta Davis

I just left Tampa Fl and my normal products without glycerin didn't stand a chance either that climate


You are a beautiful woman btw ? and thank you for your videos! Such reliable advice ???


Florida in the house, twist looking juicy and str8....in 2 minutes I like like a combo of Simba AND Chaka Khan...no lie ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️


Bless this video, I'm living in Houston for college and my hair is struggling

sheree lorraine

I live Florida too!! Thanks for the tips I've been struggling!

Sasha King

OMG thank u SO MUCH for making this video! I live in florida too!!! girl this humidity is RIDICULOUS. smh I would spend an hour ona style take it out the next day, only to have my curls drop in less than 5 minutes. -__- and i'm transitioning so i heavily rely on twist outs and what not. but i think i'll be big chopping soon so i can do wash n gos. lol.

Timeless Insights

Hi I learned so much in your video! I have a question: what if I hydrate my hair to the max and stretch it out? Would humidity revert it back ?

Dominique Sweeney

Your makeup here looks soooo great I'm really loving these colors!?


I am here now at Disney and my hair looks TERRIBLE!! I wasn't ready. I gave up and put a hat on over my twists.

Kyetti R.

Thanks a lot for this video, it was very informative for me personally because I to live in Florida and have been suffering from the things mentioned. I'm definitely going to try out what you've recommended. Could you please provide me links to your detangling and moisturizing video Thanks again!

Sweet J

Your fourth day curls looks great???

Doretha Mcelliott

So is there no way to achieve a lasting twist with glycerin based products living in South Florida? I can't do WNG it causes breakage.

MaKeisha Burton

Looking forward to the next video on moisturizing wash n gos. I never remoisturize my wash n gos for fear of destroying it. Cant wait!


TFS! I learned about Florida humidity the hard way. On vacay there I packed my trust KKCC and my hair stayed wet all day and night! I drove around most of Orlando the next day looking for wet line extreme gel so that my hair would have a stronger hold!

Sharon Tillman

Just in time! The humidity in NY is horrible


this was a really helpful video i'm not used to how my hair is behaves in humid weather but i'm learning i need to mosturise more and more often than i did during the winter

Nap Freedom215

Yes! My hair loves elasticity treatments!!! Silk Amino acids are my best friends, Hydrolyzed proteins of any kind has to be low low on the ingredients list. Your knowledge is bomb and we are listening and applying. P.S. I'm Monica Raines in the FB group!

Humidity and natural hair

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613 views | 3 Nov. 2018

How I straighten my

How I straighten my natural hair. I just love the versatility of my natural hair, I’m going to show you how you can straighten your natural hair!

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Heather Amin

Your hair is shiny and smooth

Humidity and natural hair

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Humidity Tips That Really Work For Natural Hair

732 views | 8 Aug. 2020

Here are some practical

Here are some practical tips on how to survive humid climates with your natural hair! We are speaking with Queens Around the WORLD about humidity tips that really work for natural hair!

These 12 Natural Queens include:



4C Chick








Napptural Beginnings




Jessica Hession


Dora The Natural Hair Coach


Shirley Ann


The Dynamite Natural




Want to Know What Works for Me?

My top basic tips for maximum hair growth! There maybe 10 reasons why your hair isn’t growing; yet I GUARANTEE your natural hair will grow if you watch this and practice these tips WEEKLY!

My best tips to grow long healthy natural hair always begin with "keeping it SIMPLE!"

When it comes to how to grow natural hair long & fast; 3 easy steps that ACTUALLY Works are:

1. Shampoo and deep condition WEEKLY

How Scalp Care Can Save Your Hair


Deep Condition Like A Pro


2. Seal in the hydration from deep conditioning and keep your hair moisturized using the LOC Method

How To Properly Moisturize Your Hair | LOC Explained


3. Protect your natural hair from harsh elements and damaging styles

Retain Length Like A Pro | My Best Tips To Grow Long Healthy Natural Hair


4 Hairstyles That Broke Off My Natural Hair


Sadly, there's no magic potion that will make your hair grow faster. Yet; good news is there is much we can control by the way we treat our hair.

To promote optimal hair growth, you have to "feed" the hair from the inside and the outside. Proper diet, which includes adequate protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins, is essential.

"Feeding from the outside" means using shampoos and conditioners that target the scalp, as well as hydrate the hair.

The speed at which your hair grows depends on both genetics and the shape of your follicles. Here is more information about the Hair Growth Cycle, https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/HAC/hair_an...

Natural hair is a science; yet once you understand the right way to care for your strands, your growth potential will be unlimited!

If you need help with maintaining and growing your natural hair, check out our playlist where I show you everything I do to maintain and grow my natural kinky hair!

How To Grow Long Natural Hair


See our JJVlog | Truth Be Told


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Simply Jah-nette

Ohh that's nice ... I get to discover other channels ?


Hey Jheri, you did an amazing job putting this together & thank you soooo much for inviting me to be apart of this! Really great video!!!

LaCosta’s Lifestyle

This was cute!! I loved It ????!!

Shirley Ann

Oh my goodness Jheri this is such a wonderful idea I love it love it love it and thanks for inviting me to be in this video?


Omg! ?this is super Awesome I’m soo happy to have been a part of this collaboration! Thank you ?? so much Jehri I’ve learn a lot from you and other lovely queens here and continue to learn! Much love! ?

Blujeans Network

Yet another very put together production Sis! But one advice for surviving humid climates - relocate or stay indoors with the AC on 24/7!

Sharese Nicole

I knew it was something I was forgetting to do ??‍♀️ this came out soooo beautiful ?

SunRaye TV

Wow!! What a great video!! ??Love seeing all the ladies from the different states and countries. Shhh...don’t tell nobody that I had to look up Oman even though Dora said it’s in the Middle East. ??

Curly Tells

Hey Jheri ???? I love this video so much!! It was wonderful to see all these gorgeous ladies and hear their amazing tips ? Thanks for sharing ???

All African kitchen TV

Wow this is so fantastic video

Carramel Fit

I really like this video it was very informative. I like all the tips and hacks from all the ladies. Well done ??

Jessica Hession

I follow alot of these ladies!! These we're all great ways to deal with humidity! I enjoyed being apart of this collab!?

Umueke Maiden

One word for this video: yasssssssssssss! Loved seeing the ladies from Nigeria! I agree with Amiee and can relate about the rain and The Dynamite Natural on Harmattan. The dryness during Harmattan is SOMETHING ELSE! Whenever I go home I stick to braids or twists with extensions! Loved the tips because now I have a better idea on how to manage my natural hair next time I'm home, and can rock it in its full naturalness. Thank you for this one Jheri ❤️

Faith Natural

Heyy Jheri ❤️ I truly enjoyed this video and I love the concept of hearing a wide range of different naturals from across the world’s regimen on how they maintain their hair during months where there’s more humidity in the air I’m so sad I missed this but I enjoyed this video !!


Oh my what a Great vid! Lots of good tips! Thanks so much Jheri !! ???


I love love love that you did this! Nice! Hearing straight from queens themselves from different parts of the world - nice one doc

ItzClovey Nuh

43rd. ???????

Natashya Mitchell-Hendrix

Loved this! You have an awesome mind!

Dora's Natural Hair World

Awesome great compilation of beautiful queens ?

4C Chick

Very nice video! Thank you for including me!


Very nice video. Thanks for including us.

Beauty In4C

Wow..you did such an amazing job in creating this video with the beautiful ladies..Dora is my neighbor back home so i felt well represented❤❤..i use glycerine& aloevera in my hair and i do get dry hair when i go out depending on the season..so i do try to be in twists most times...back home i was more into 'protective'styling so i could not really tell how humidity affected my hair back then

Napptural Beginnings

This was awesome Jheri! Definitely a very creative and thoughtful idea to show our different techniques and struggles with our hair around the world ?. Excellent video!

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible

Heyy JJ ??
I really enjoyed this video especially since we got a view of women haircare regimen around the globe. FW like always ?

Adair R

Thank you for sharing this nice collab jherri

Jheri Johnson

Join Us On Facebook

Fee-Bee Rome

Ouuuu this is a big problem for me. I need the tips

Macy Wacy

Great video Jheri ! Love how you included our sisters from home and abroad! Queens for sure!


This is so true because when I was back home (Caribbean) my hair grew like crazy now am in the states my hair struggles so much u have to be extra careful about what I put into my hair and I had to build a completely different regimen which am still working on.

Gladys WJ

Very impressive and informative collaboration from a useful range of sistahs. I live in the northeast USA with low porosity, 3c/4a, fine natural, healthy coils. I stay clear of products high in glycerin during high humidity. Additionally, I seal in moisture with film forming humectants such as Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic or Camille Rose Curl Maker followed with a light oil. Wet sets are my go to styles during the year which usually end up in an updo. And I run to water.

Pamela Coon Naturally Beauty Naturally You

I enjoyed watching ?

Kimira Jewels

This is a wonderful video. Oh boy. You’ve just given me more awesome people to follow ?


Wow..beautiful queens with amazing hair...i love this, great job jheri.

Rissa Y Paz

This was such a creative idea! Loved it!! I gotta get back active in the FB group!!

Angela Ihekagu vlog

This was so creative, love how you covered different locations ❤️

Derrick C. Williams

Derrick is here because he supports Cook County's own Jheri Johnson.

Abiona Redwood

Thanks for another video! Love that you showcased naturals from around the world. I tried the heating cap (I was lazy and bought it and not made it). I'm trying something new to maximize moisture, a little DIY. I mixed in pure hyaluronic acid powder, vitamin B5 and glycerin into aloe vera juice which made a thick slippery gel that I put into my hair after washing. I wanna see how it pans out over the week when it comes to moisture retention. I live in humid Florida hence all the humectants

Dashy Zana

Gorgeous hair. My hair got damaged so I had to do the big chop and start all over again. I uploaded my 4c natural hair routine and products I use on my channel. I enjoyed ya video. Very nice.

The Dynamite Natural

This is wonderful. You killed it with this one!!! It's wonderful to get these tips and hear other queens' experiences from around the world.

Tiarrea B Just Doing Me

So creative. Love this so much. ❤?

Onika Pascal

Thanks for this, Jheri. So awesome to see natural hair content creators from around different states and countries share their tips.

Shondria Baynard

Omg thank you for including me in your video! This was a very helpful video and I appreciate all your work putting it together.

Courageous Kay

This was very creative. It goes to show that different climatic condition affects your hair differently, and no one solution/products works.

Lady Bianca

It is a great video. Humility does plays a role in our hair for sure. Since I’m in Houston my hair does not like products that has glycerin and I love productive styles.

IGOR Berezhnoy

Hello, have a nice day ?


Wow—you circled the globe on this one, Jheri! I love how you broke it down by location ?? and covered the various hair types. I think this video will appeal to many viewers b/c there is great representation. You put a lot of into this—- the world thanks ?? you. Such beautiful, beautiful Black Queens!

Courageous Kay

When I heard @JackieNaturals I immediately checked my phone to see if I was watching her channel instead of yours? then I figured it out ❤️