Showering before tanning

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NEW St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Self Tan Lotion | Review and Before + After Photos

121 677 views | 15 Jun. 2015



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Thanks for the review!

What lashes are you wearing in this video? And I think you've mentioned it before. What's your favourite lash glue?

kirsty a

Thanks for a great straight go the point review. I think i'll give this one a miss, i'm like you i like to be dark & id rather just get that result in 1 go! ??


I feel like ur very negative .... but I like ur hair


Audio is awful

Stefanie Medina

I picked this up in the Sephora VIB sale. Going to try it this week. I am fair and don't like getting super dark, just glory. I was reading that it doesn't smell. I can't stand the fake tanner smell. I love the color Jergens natural glow gives but I reek!


Hey Hun
Can u pls do a review on that foot scrub u bought in ur last sephora haul
The one made from crushed diamonds
Debating if I should get it or not
Thanks !

Cassidy Renee

For me this is a great self tanner because I'm very pale and it gives a really light tan so it's great for people who just need a little bit of a glow rather than people looking for an actual tan

Diána Vizsi

OMG! You are gorgeous! Love the makeup!!!


Having to stand in the shower naked and cold for 3 minutes is enough for me to say no, i would much rather towel off and apply a regular self tanner

Sam Sparkles

Do you know why the shower has to be turned off? I mean, I just did it with the shower turned away from me so that it didnt trip on my body, obviously.

Filippa N

Thank you for the information, my mom got this at sale and its perfect for me as a first selftan, I'm new at it and I'm nervous about looking like a carrot or getting weird lines ?

Cherrie Walker

I'm so glad I saw this video before going out tomorrow and buying it, thank you

Sofia Isabel

I found this product at marshalls for 10$!


Thanks for your honesty!

Sam Sparkles

After using it for a few days now, the only reason I know that it's done anything is bc my skin stinks, in terms of colour - very minimal.

Sydney Crow

it also has a deeper color

Shari Valley

Hi Cheryl!! Just wanted to know how you applied this. Did you just use your hands or a puff? Thanks for the great information!!

Squeedgy Beckinheim

I love this product so much!! I've gone through a lot of fake tan and different brands but they all gave an orangey tan. This gave me a totally sun kissed tan after one/two applications. I'm stocking up on this! Plus in the UK atm it's on offer for about £9 which is crazily good.
I do really agree with you though with the different skin tones. I am extremely pale so it works great for me but for darker tones it's a bit pointless.

Carolina. B

Thanks for your review! I liked the editing and how you put the video together.And as always you look so pretty

Anita Stories

really nice!! I made a review of this product on my channel showing before and after and pros and cons and if it's ok to apply it on the face, girls please check the video on my channel :))) thanks :))

Ambers Beauty

I don't think it would touch the sides for me
Lol I like to be rather bronzed! ??

Summa Spicer

I love the intro was so cute! Also your lashes look beautiful! Are they individual? x

Sarah Sunshine

They have a shower one for deep skin tones!!!! Check at Ulta!(:


Whats your favourite/ go-to self tanner? Xx

Kathryn Serka

Cheryl, I don't use self tanners, but you did an awesome review!! Very thorough. You look beautiful, btw. Not too much more to go! Can't wait ?

Maria Materasso

This looks so luxurious! I wanna try it!

Crypto Mogul

before and after photos dont show no color in you. lol...

ana ayala

you are a fuckin idiot! you do realize that this product is available in deeper shades, right? dont tell ladies with darker skin that something is not gonna work for them. you should do more research on a product before you decide to do a review!

Macayla Stewart

I was super curious about this product so thank you so much for your review! I'm very fair skinned so it might work for me but I agree, I think I'd rather use an actual lotion or mousse for better and quicker results. You're beautiful by the way, love you!!

Sam Sparkles

ya this did NOTHING. I am pale and didn't see much result at all and I use a lot of self tanning products as well. I do like in-shower lotions so I like it for that, but not for colour.


Would love to see a video of your favorite self-tanners. Which ones you've tried and ones you love.


Please do more makeup tutorials. I miss them:( you look stunning

Courtney J

Just wondering if this stains your palms??

Anairen Rodriguez

what lashes Are you wearing?

Becky Fuentes

wanted to buy this product, but not anymore.. i ve never tan and thought this would be a great start, but by just listening to your review i might not enjoy this! Great video btw! Hope you are doing good.


What a gimmick! Thank you for this review.

Hayley Reese

Really appreciate this video!

Christina Jane

Great review, thanks for your honesty Cheryl! this product will probably work on me since I'm pretty fair this summer haha


I literally just did this and got dressed. I'm doubting it'll do anything for me. Luckily I got a sample in a subscription box

Brianna Elizabeth Freedman

I love it when brands say "good for all skin tones and types!" And you're just like yeeeeeeah suuuuuree ?


I didn't really like this stuff tbh thanks for posting this x


Cheryl u need to do more makeup tutorials! I feel like lately u have been doing a lot of hauls n pregnancy updates! ☺️ tnx


P.s. You are stunning! I just discovered your videos

Rachel Groeschl

Thank you for the review! I was so hoping this was going to be life changing haha sticking with my loving tan :)


You Can brush you teeth within 3 min

Carla Thomas

What lashes are you wearing in this video?x

Alix Gibbs

Thank you for the video! And thank you for saving me $30! :-D

Susanne Lowe

I’ve used this product an have to agree with everything Cheryl says about it. I’m going to try the medium to dark version to see if that’s any better for colour.

Hatch Man Do

The nice thing about it is no major tanning mistakes.


That sucks!! They should have came out with a light and deep option:( I ordered this & giving it a go when I get it, but Im sure i will Only use it when my tan is fading and I need a boost for a couple days!

Mayte Perez

I love this

Crypto Mogul

lol.. i guess waiting 3 min really bugs you. Also this review sucks! Just because you did not get a tan. What you expect your a white girl. lol... Also i don't see any tan in you.


Cheryl, I appreciate the in depth and informative reviews you do !!
Hugs, Stacy ?

Watercolor Blooms

Do you put this on your face too? Does it have that typical tanner smell?


I just got this and I'm so excited to try it!!!


UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that St. Tropez now carries a larger range to fit more skin tones, which is great. At the time they only carried this one shade to suit all, which it didn't. I'm happy they are now carrying a wider range and would be interested in seeing if the deeper tones work for my skin tone. Please keep in mind that this video was filmed a year ago when they first launched the product and only had the one universal shade. Thanks.

Erin M

I have got this product but I was kinda disappointed that it wasn't going according to plan but nothing has really improved tho


Hey Cheryl, I don't know if you know, but they actually have a medium/deep shade also and you're using the light/medium one. I don't know if it's recent, but on Sephora they had the two shades.

Hollie Sanderson

? your videos always, MakeUpByCheryl. I'm not sure if you have made a video, way back, or recently, however, I'm so curious of how you began your entire journey to become a MUA. From your time in school, to freelancing, and youtube. I often think about it... Your advice and story would be lovely for all of your great fans. :) ?
Thank you, Hollie

Sherie Kelly

I'm fair skinned and I didn't see a great change in colour... I'm going to stick to my usual tanning product which has an instant tan and use the rest of my st tropez to make it last longer. X


actually its the light. then they have medium.

Coffee lovercc

AAAAHHHH your soooo beautiful <3

Wiwi Jumandi

i have a question. will this dry out your skin if you apply it everyday? thanks

Melissa Mudry

For the price I'd expect to see greater results. Think I'll skip this thx for the review

Isabella Mchugh

I am very pale and this product hardly shows up I don't think it's the colour of your skin to start it just doesn't do much for anyone

Melissa Powers

I love how honest you always are!

Samantha Haberl

What are your thoughts about applying this to your face? If it is possible, would there be a specific technique or any way that would reduce any blotchiness or potential unevenness? Thank you!

Showering before tanning

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2 046 views | 7 Feb. 2019

In this video I show you

In this video I show you how I use Dove Summer Glow (Normal-Dark) Nourishing Lotion to get or maintain a great looking tan in 24 hours. As Dove is a Nourishing Lotion / Moisturizer, it is perfect for maintaining your current base tan. It can be applied daily to enhance the color/colour you already have or maintain what you currently have. Works great if your prone to sweating a lot or go to the gym frequently.

Products I use in the video: -

The Tan/lotion/ Moisturizer I am using in this video is “Dove Summer Glow (Normal-Dark)” The link is: -


The Lotion / Moisturizer I am using on my hands, wrists, ankles, knees and elbows is "Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lotion". The Link is: -


The Tool I am using for my back is called “I’ve Got My Back Lotion Applicator “

Unfortunately they do not make them anymore :-(. HOWEVER!

I have brought an alternative and I hate to say it because I loved my “I’ve Got My Back Lotion Applicator “


This lotion applicator is Sooooo much better! It’s called “My Skn Back Lotion Applicator” its wider than the “I’ve Got My Back Lotion Applicator “ plus its machine washable! Brilliant! The link to the site is: -


The Tan I am using in this video to touch up my hands and feet is "Bondi Sands Foam (Dark)". The Link is: -


The Make up Brush I used to blend the tan into my feet, ankles, wrists, hands, knees, elbows, face, beard, traps and collarbone is called "Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush". The link is: -


The other back tool I used in my other video, but briefly mention is called the "BackBliss Back Lotion Cream Applicator". The link is: -


The Rubber Gloves I got are from Amazon. This Link is:-


Jacko Wacko

Looks the same can’t see abs change

Oh Keh

You might like Le tan instant tan cream.

Oh Keh

Use a hair dryer to dry off lol


Need a hand? Lol ??