Should i wash my face everyday

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i wash my face with rice water everyday & look what happened to my face, crystal clear skin

680 161 views | 4 Jun. 2017

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ric water not only gives you crystal clear skin but also helps heal acne, pimples, dark spots and tighten open pores. it brightens your complexion and give you even skin tone. this also helps in skin whitening and gives natural glow to your skin.

Welcome to Beauty Recipes. We provide you home remedies for health, skin, hair and all beauty problems.

Disclaimer : These contents or videos are only intended for informational purpose.Any information associated with these videos should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and health care professionals.Viewers are subjected to use these information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this. Please always remember, products that work for me, may not work for you, always try & either get a sample or test them out before buying if you are unsure. If not, you don't have to use the exact same products as me, you can always use similar products or your favorites instead.

Promise Games

Can I keep rice water for days?

Firdousi Hussain

I have been using rice water for cleansing ma face twice a day and it has improved ma acne prone skin nd it has added a healthy glow to my skin

Highly favored

How long can it last without refrigeration ?

kapil goyal

Ma'am can we use rice water daily as a toner...plzzzzz rply

adrian blade

You turned into rice?

Jihaan Nortey

Can a black person use

Beulah Kusa

Can I use only boil rice water ( makes)

Shubham Agarwal

Can I reuse the soaked rice?

Shkurta Qorri

Does boiled rice water is better then not boiled rice water !

varshitha Varsha

one question...wat should I do to take out pimple marks and dark circles??

poonam pk

can I store it tell me how much day

Jyoti Nishad

plz give me tip for skin whitening and glowing

Tasha Ramesh

can u use brown rice


My Korean friend recommended this to me and I'm here to try starting now. I hope to see a noticeable improvement. Thank you for this.

Naina Naina

I've bad acne prone skin ,will this help ...plzz reply ?

Yangden Bhutia

I'm 25 years can I use

anindya GOSWAMI

How many days I can store this water

kajal pancholi

Kya ye pimpal or khaskr whitheds pr work krega

Ramya sai

I have been using it...for a week....results shown


Remve pimpel.&marks plzz tell


is using ice cube cause scar?

Rowena Alvarez

i use rice water everyday


how long can I keep the rice water? do I need to put in in the fridge?

Raya Das

should I wash the rice first???

Shikha Das

Use L'oreal Paris fall repair shampoo.

Uchiha Madara

Nice & easy , thanks for uploading ... but can I use boiled rice water instead ???? Will it whiten my complexion ????

Me as Myself

I mix this rice water with rice powder and apply as a face pack or sumtyms as a scrub.it gives the best results by doing so..

Puja Das

is it really work?

Fathima Sheza

Will it reduce my open pores please tell me mam, after apply this toner, must I rise it off ?

Diana Trujillo

What to do for fine lines on my forehead???


My question is, do you any face mask suggestion with soaked rice afterwards?

Saada Rahman


Isfat Iqtiar

After this toner can i use moisturiser??

john winchester

I have oily and acne prone skin..what is the best facepack

Naomi Sparkiss

pls can I add cucumber, potatoes,tomatoes,rice water,lemon/orange juice to made ice cubes??

Chauhan Pooja

some peaope boil rice and some not.. so tell me plzz which water is more benificial, the boiled one or another one.. plz reply ????

Ananya Roy

can i use cooked rice water??

Giovanni Quiroz

Lets say i do this for about 2 months and my acne goes away. So lets say i stopped using it after 2 months after i got my acne on my face to go away, will i get more acne if i don't keep using it?

Sravanti 1409

Soaked rice water or boiled rice water?

Anupam Kaur

Can we put salt at the time of booking rice

carl ding

it works if you use it for 1week you will see the results fast

Su Su San

How long did you let the rice sit at 0:12? And does the water need to be boiled? Did you use the tap water? Thanks for the video.

Jesus Is Lord

Which is the best water to use.
From cooked or uncooked rice?

Reejasatheesh Satheesh

cooked rice or

Raiza Quiza

Hi.. I have a question.. Can i used it to all my body part?

Julie Anna

i wish you mentioned the preparation method

Ankita Tiwari


MissAngel jani

It's nice I will do it ?

Reana Bangloy

it can also remove acne marks?
plss answer?

daniella sanabria

Can I use cooked rice??

Sarayu Kumpati

how many days can we use that strained rice water if we store it in refrigerator?

Mahender Singh

rice water se face dhone k kitni der baad simple water se face saaf krna h

Prakriti Luintel

i hav dry skin can i use it?

Jazz Portillas

acne scars ? like Rough road
it can help?

Shaheda Begum

can teens do this

Mina Urooj Mina Urooj

hw many dsy i can store

ÅŁï ŻËhrÄ.

Mam it can remove our dark spot or how long we, can store it in spray bottle????
plzzz, reply Mam

OoF The teA

This has been tested and does work


holy water

adya singh

Do v have to use warm water

Yashraj Dewangan

yes......it is worked...
i saw a result in just 3 days.....
last 3 months i didnt lighten my dark spots bt use of this mask i really get a wonderful result....??

Faran Dada

Isk andar green tea or evion 1 capsl dal skte hen ya nh?

Diana Ramroop

would brown rice work jus as the same with white rice ?

tazeen princess

Kisi ny use kiya h yeh

Customised Items Namrata Agrawal

let the water absorbed by skin or should clean it with a something aftr few min.s ????
nd hw many times a day we hv to do this..,? I hv lot of acne marks ovr shoulder and face
does it work for shoulder too..??

deepika b

boiled rice water or soaked rice water?

where am I?

will brown rice work?

Reejasatheesh Satheesh

cooked rice or before cooked rice plcc tllll and hot water or cool water plc tell thss two qstns

sonika thanarii

Can we use boiled rice water

Crumb Reth

Are you supposed to rinse it off??

mimi kyky

I need to boil the rice right ? Or should i just let it be in the water till it look OK

Pls answer anyone ~

Count it all Joy

I think it is better with fermented rice water though?

pubali bhattacharya

for how long can the water be preserved after making once?

Sima Shaw

from this is my face clour would be chng

Neelu Annu

Rice water is used for scalp hair growth also.if rice water used on face does it increases facial hair growth????

Olena Mcquagge

I have been doing thia

Reejasatheesh Satheesh

it will put on fridge???

Kim Hobson


A Smyle

How long do u keep it on your face and if you don't use it all can you put it in the fridge the rice water

Saba Shahid

I have oily skin....should I also use this water....or do I need to add something into it...please suggest

Ratna Tamang

Hi miss i have a question to ask you that i have extreme oily face and a open pores on my face
So my question is do i have to let my face soak the rice water and how long should i have to keep keep rice water on my face for five or 10 minutes or should i have to clean my face after putting some of rice water with water
Please replay me
Any one who has this tips working please tell me and thank you for the answer in advance

Hannah Noah


mamoni mili

I love you beauty secreat

Heinrich Böll

can i use it as a cleanser?

Phylin Beauty Court

please should I cook the rice?

Delito West

Can it get rid of dark eczema scars?

James Rimes

I like the video,and I'd like to ask how exactly should we implement rice water into our skin care routine, should I try it instead of a toner after washing my face, and then apply serums and creams? Is for day or for night?

Blanca Cantu

After i use the rice on my face and it drys can i use a face mask?

Nandy joy

How many days we can store that rice water ?


no added anything maam it's only rice water.. cu i have big problem in my face all over in my face had a acne.. so i dont know what will i do..

Salawati Ismail

Hi, i have question. any type of rice worked? even the cheap ones?

Smriti Atsib

What can I use to remove the acne marks? Please respond beautyrecipe

kulwinder kaur

can we store in room tamprate

Angelia Faustina Kostka Kostka

I do use rice water it make my skin fair I love it thank for share from Malaysia

Mahaa lakshmi

Pls reply as fast as you can mam can we use.soap after washing with rice water and can we use soap or facewash before using rice water mam pls reply mam

zhar tamba

how many times to use it?
daily or a week,?plzz reply mam,,

Aluru Swethaniranjan Aluru swethaniranjan

give me tip for skin whitening

ray ray

Cooked rice water is good or not?

Sabab Sabab

can I use cooked rice water

Should i wash my face everyday

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Should i wash my face everyday

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Lucy Aguilera

AN ICON! Seriously though why are you so pretty?! ?


i loved that makeup


Nobody wakes up at 7:30 am bruhh come on. It’s always 5-10 minutes before the first class