Obagi reviews for wrinkles

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Retin-A for Anti-Aging | How to Use it Properly & Minimize Side Effects

231 201 views | 25 Jan. 2016

Retin-a available at

Retin-a available at www.premierlook.com I work with a facial cosmetic surgeon and these are tips we tell the patients on how to minimize irritation and side effects..hope this helps ;) Please Subscribe and give this video a Thumbs Up!

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Starting Retin-A this week for help with brown spots. I’m so glad I found you! Thank you for the tip about only using a few times a week.

Naz Khan

I don't get this? Dr. Obagi Products have a number system on their Nu-Derm Products so you use it one after the other, which means cleanser and then the blender etc and Retin A etc so why say you shouldn't use this before using the Retin A? I don't get it

Hang Nguyen

Reptilian race


If I use Retin A every other night what would be good to use on the alternative nights? Thanks! Love your channel!

Katherine Smith

Brianna, this is not a question on the current topic. I have dark spots on my face from sun damage. I have medium olive skin. I have done microabrasion and a peel plus I use the Obagi line of products. Any advise on how to reduce the appearance or get rid of them nothing seems to help? I'm so self conscience.

usa gal

you are so loud and full of energy. I would like to have that energy. what is your secret?

Sc Smurfette

Thanks for your video. I am new to Retin A and I would like to ask if you can recommend a good moisturizer to use after waiting 30 min after the retin a?

Madam Della Master Psychic

Does Premier Look still sell Retin A Tretinoin? I cannot locate it on the site only retinols

Kim Paduck

Can you tell us .. have you had botox? Bc if retin a does this to your face I cant wait for mine

Marie Antoinette

Good morning Brianna! I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas in a week. I currently use Obagi 4% Clear and Blender and rotate Tretinoin 0.5 and 0.1% daily. I use SPF regiliously, but have heard the hydroquinone and tretinoin makes skin ultra sensitive to the sun. Should I quit using the Retin A and Obagi before the cruise or at least while there? I have a good wide brim hat and big glasses but am afraid to make my melasma come back! What do you recommend?

Wendy Jaillett

Can you use retin a and hydroquinine at the same time?


Is Acretin same as Retin A?


Hi! I've just discovered your channel. Very informative! Where is the product on the website though? I couldn't find it.


I started using retin-A about five months ago and it's doing great! My concern is that I live in AZ and the summer sun and heat are unkind. I feel like I should quit using it for the summer months. What are your thoughts on that?


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Vitamin C serum to use and the best time to use it in combination with Retin -A therapy?

Steph L Southern

Thanks for the information Sweetie! Stay safe and healthy!❤️

Teky Hnialum

im 20 can i use this.. i. live in india.. i want to have glowing pinkish skin.. can. i use this

Lyricism K

Hi Brianna! What about the area around the eyes?

Mia Ash

Exceptionally informative!
❤ From Copenhagen, Scandinavia

Veronica Lopez- Realtor

Hi Brianna are you still selling Retin-A? I don't see any Retin- A on you site .


Can I use tretinoin with other retinoids? Such as a moisturiser with Retinol or a retinoids serum?

No one seems to be talking about layering different retinoids and hence I found no answer to this question.
Thank you very much

Yessi Bee

Why can premier look no longer sell refissa or retin a products?

fred fred

I never peeled or had irritation using this but my dark spots have got worse after 2 months. Is this normal?

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Hi mam, this video is very helpful
I have a Question - "after 30 min of applying retin A, is it that we have to wash the face before applying mosturizer ????
Also how to select a face wash which suits the best for boys ?????

Elly Houser

Will this help with the wrinkles under the eyes ?

leo chung

Brianna i just started to use retinol few days ago. And i have my skin peeling. Is there anyway to have that not peeling too much?????

Lori Hancock

Do you not ship to Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Jasmen R

Hi Brianna have you heard of Tazarotene or Tazorac/Zorac? Its even stronger and more effective than Retin A. Part of the retinoid family

Blinks Bill

The weirdest thing that happened to me related to retin a last night was: I used it around the same time as when I started my period, which was last night and the night before, during this time I notice my turn over rate increased drastically, I know this because I slept for a good 2 days and when I woke up my skin was pretty dry and peeling on the lower parts of my cheeks and my chin area. I find that when I am on my period, my body uses more energy, and my skin completes its job with the retin a faster. Especially when I find the need to oversleep, which I believe is because my body is working overtime handling itself while I’m on my period.

Karen dunn

I am so in love with you and your video so informative so straightforward easy to understand love it love it love it ? ???

Donna Cone

Thanks for this video I need help with Retin A fixing to start on the weakest one!!

batty Azem

Thanks so much!

Doll up with Margs

Hi just subscribed. Thank you for your informative video, I've just started using tretinoin, do you also put the cream on your eyelids and down onto your neck and decolatage?


Apparently you don't sell these on your website anymore.

Terry Nebergall

Thank you. You just answered what I’ve been wondering

Uzma Sajjad

Can u plz recommend best eye product for lines??? Second I want to know is it safe to use retin a for long period of time?? Whats the difference between tretenoin,retin a or retinol which is best ??


I have watched videos that show women mixing the Retin-A with a moisturizer at the same time. Is that helping or hurting?

M A Walker

QUESTION:  I've successfully used Differin Gel for three months (love!) to reduce/clear my large clogged pores. Can I add Retin-A, or would it replace the Differin?  Thanks for such thorough info, especially re waiting 30 min after washing.

Monica Spader

Hi, I have a question, how close to my eyes can I apply it, and can I use Tretinoin on upper lids as well, yes I know, not too close to my eyes. ? Another thing, my dermatologist's nurse also prescribed hydroquinone, she said they need to go together.. what are your thoughts on that?

Chrissy Moss

Great timing for me. Will be starting retin-A soon and this information is so valuable. Thank you xxx ?xxx

Helen Boula

Oh,its time i get a stronger. Streanth.

Daniela I. Lungu

Can you use Vitamin C serum when you use Retin-A? (thanks very much, Brianna for this amazing super informative video :)

January P

I have a question is it safe to use RetinA twice a day. During the day with sunblock
Then at night before bed


Hi.. is it safe to use a Niacinimide serum after using Retin A? Also, on the nights that I dont use the Retin A, is it ok to use a Glycolic Acid? I normally use the Alpha H Liquid Gold?

Roxanna Reid

Did I miss it or did you mention the brand of Retin_A in this video?


Thank you for not talking about "buffering." I hear so many tips and tricks telling people that their skin must absolutely be dry before applying the retin-a but then the next tip is to put on a moisturizer first or mix it in with your moisturizer. How is that applying it to dry skin? I've done this and experienced so much more peeling and irritation the following day. It does NOT help.

Genesis Revelation

Your eyes are beautiful!

Krista Horton

Hi Brianna Stanko, I am subscribed to Alex Gaza's channel and she raves about you constantly. Thank you so much for this video! I have Retin-A and was never properly informed how to use is apparently. Couldn't hit the subscribe button to your channel fast enough ?

Bethany Robinson

Hi Brianna, I do micro flash (shaving) 1x a week and at home microdermabrasionMD 2x a week. I am about to start using 0.5%. Is it safe to do both on the same day? Not a problem now because I can alternate my days, but when I build up to everyday use, I am wondering how you incorporate into your routine. Thank you! Great video!!!

just fee

So helpful... thank you


Do I apply retin a after moisturizer/face serum/eye cream or before?

Salma Khan

So glad found your video
Somebody is talking sense and giving the right advice
If one starts with lowest strength once a week and then gradually go up
I wanted to ask for how long one has to stay on lowest strength and how many days a week one has to apply Retin A
When a person applies 2nd highest strength of Retin
How many day in a week to apply and for how long to stay on 2nd highest strength
Same question goes for highest strength
How many days
0.25 / how many times a week and for how long to stay on 0.25strength / duration
0.5 strength how many times a week to apply how long to stay on 0.5 strength time period
0.1 srength highest strength how many times a week to use

Ka Zia Vang

does lotion counts as moisturizer ? because ive been using the retin-a with my super dry face which it gives me irritation. Does any moisturizer useful?

mia samsung

I've started usin retin A 0.5% but I didn't get the peeling neither the irritation. so I've moved to 0.1% about 2 weeks ago and same thing...I use it every night. Afther the retin A I appky my night cream. Do you think that if I don't get the sides effects I won't get the benefits of it?


Thank you, Brenda. I do wait 30 minutes after applying my Retin-A before my serum and moisturizer. I've been putting my retin A right after I wash my face, though. I'm going to change that tonight.

Greer Johnston

I'm surprised. You suggest washing, then waiting 30 minutes before applying Retin A, then waiting another 30 minutes to apply moisturizer. This seems extremely drying to me. I always apply moisturizer as soon as I've washed my face, while my skin is still damp -- this locks in the water. I'd be as dry as sandpaper if I didn't. I've been applying .01% Retin A to my damp skin for years, then applying moisturizer on top of that, with no irritation. I certainly don't have thick skin.


Thanks! This basically answered all my questions. I just started on a 0.05% and yeah, seems like I've been doing it a bit wrong but I'm only on my second week. I do have one question though, is it OK to use niacinamide and/or a little rosehip oil with your moisturizer? My current retin-a/tretanoin routine is:
- Double cleanse with Neutrogena's deep clean cleansing oil & Simple's moisturizering face wash...I realise it's not called a 'cleanser' but it essentially acts like one.
- Simple's soothing facial toner
- Apply the retin-a
- A few drops of niacinamide (from The Ordinary)
- Lastly moisturize, I use Neutrogena's hydro boost with a little rosehip oil
I honestly don't think it's going to negatively affect it because niacinamide works with practically everything and the rosehip oil is just making the moisturizer a bit more dense and oily but I'd like to know your thoughts please? I'll be 34 in two months and just recently started getting into skincare after decades of neglect >.<

Terra V.

I would love to get the Retin-A from your website. What's the secret? I dont see it. Another YouTuber said I could get it here.

Bird of Paradise

What's your opinion on combining Tretinoin with Obagi Nu-derm Blend Fx? Both in pea size quantity for better product distribution simultaneously...
I heard it makes a better application of Tretinoin.

Raven Nelson

how long should I wait to put retin-a on after using obagi clear?

Cecilia Persson

So helpful. Thank you!

Nicole Sandrini

I'm pretty pissed off at my dermatologist for not informing me about how to use retin a. My skin is flaky as F.

Tricia P

What moisturizer do you suggest for daytime with SPF?

Hari Kari

I can't find the retin a on the site

hannah roebem

I just started retin a 0.5 - can i apply it to my neck also?

Liza Kazi

Hi Brianna , liked your video information. Wanted to know that we should not use any retinol long right. ? We can use two mon & then give a break then use again. Please reply me. Thank you.

Deb Leigh

So informative! Thank you. I have a question, I really would like to start Retin-A I'm 52 years old and I would like to start as soon as possible. I recently visited my dermatologist and he refused to write me a prescription for Retin-A for anti-aging. He said there was a study out saying it could be linked to skin cancer. Which I find interesting, because he still prescribes it for acne so, is it OK to prescribe something that might cause skin cancer to young people with acne but not old ladies with wrinkles… Anyway seems crazy to me. Have you heard this from anyone else, or is that a typical response for a dermatologist?
Thank you.

Noella Miranda

Does this help with skin discoloration

amrita sekhon

I have heard people say it is good, safe and kinda more result oriented to use Retin A with any acid, then vitamin C followed by Retin A, could you please share your views on this??

jeanine Velasquez

Thank you for your video. Can you use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1% on the same night you use Retin-A?

Daniela I. Lungu

Hi - I cannot find Retin-A (trtinoin) on the Premier website ?

debbie bridges

Can I use niacinamide, hyaluronic acid or the ordinary matrixyl with retin A?

Jenifer R. López Mota

Hi! I was just wondering if premier look stopped selling retina creams? I cannot find the refissa I usually order o their site;(

Michaela A

I've literally broken 90% of these rules in the last week so that explains why my skin stings when I put anything on it lol


Is it ok to use 10% Vitamin C in the morning and Retin-a at night.

Claire Foxall

Hi have tapped onto Premierlook bit not showing up any Rentin A ??Does it come under another name on site?? please


Being an avid user of Retin A for over 9 years now I can wholeheartedly attest that all, and I mean ALL this lady is saying about the Retin A and its use is 100% true! Very good and informative video. Wish this was up nine years ago when I was starting, might have spared me my burns and itching when I had overdone it with Retin A at occasions in the beginning. LOL!

Kristie Angel

My dermatologist told me to always moisturize first before applying to avoid irritation.

laura nabi

Thanks so much for the best advise ?

Ms Mc

I did not find RetinA on Premierlook. Did you stop selling it?

Marina Brusenska

Briana can i apply my hylauronic acid serum after applying retinoid product at night or retinoids cannt be used together with any kind of acids?

J To Tha Co

Thanks for this video!! Just prescribed.05%. Anyone have suggestions on good face wash and moisturizer?? Thanks!!!

Diana Peter

I mix my night cream with a small pea size of retrieve cream as have sensitive skin. Works wonders and at end I rub it over my eyes once done whole face. Only used for a month every night and seen wonders in it. When I first started using it I would apply night cream n then about a quarter of a pea size all over on top of night cream every night. Helped me to ease in without much side effects and to get my tolerance levels right based on my sensitive skin. Now I can use small pea size every night mixed with night cream with minimal side effects. My skin looks great. It's got rid of my roscea aswell as teetered bumpy skin on cheeky n forehead. I'm so happy n wrapped. Plus my eyes are looking better too n less wrinkly.
I do notice when I wake in morning my skin feels tight especially on upper lip part. I see a line from the pulling of skin when I smile n it hurts. Might be but dry but feels more right as never had that prob before. It's a great product and am happy with it.


what is the best for eyelids..i think its by skinceuticals?thank you

gemstone online

Very informative video dear. Wanted to ask one thing, I have sunscreen lotion having spf 70. Should I have to use it daily whether I would expose to the sun or not? Or only when I go outside? Plz guide.

muita marcus

Thank you. Great info . You're so beautiful.

Liberté H.

The wait after washing is because the washing will mildly irritate your skin and the fifteen minute-or-so wait is for that to calm down. ??

Lina Monreale

Thanks for sharing!!!!! Love it

Mature Beauty & Skin Care

Hello Brianna
Boy i sure hope you see this question ?. I watched a video last year saying when your using retin a, you have to wait a few days to use a glycolic cream or peel, is this true, because you said you can use a glycolic product the next morning. I'm now using the highest strength 3 days a week with no irritation, script from doctor. I will be awaiting your reply ?

xee doll

Thank you ?

Rachelle Moore

How old are you? I am 46 and really need to start using Retin-A. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

Julie Swahn

you know what you're talking about...

Letty M

Love this video

Women of God

??❤️❤️❤️thank you

Jenni Whallon

Very informative. Thanks!

Leela Howland

So I’m pretty sure no matter the strength of spf, it doesn’t last more than about 2 hours. What do you do about that if anything? I have a 30spf primer but of course after a couple hours it’s useless.

II Lydia II

So I should use spf at night when I use retinoid?

Rossana Campolunghi



I got a bit over ambitious and put a tiny tiny like I mean pencil tip amount right under my eyes and today that area is burning and red ???. Eh I knew it could happen but didn’t imagine such a small amt would irritate.
The skin under my eyes is an area I’m very self conscious about and want it to improve. I know that tretinoin moves around so the application by the checks will move upwards too. So for now I will let my skin adjust bc I’ve only been on it for a month so maybe in the future when my face is more used to it I can start to apply a tiny amt directly under the eyes. I want that skin to get thicker and more healthy so my dark circles don’t show as much. I’m fair and the skin there is so thin and it’s not cute seeing the black and blue of the blood vessels or whatever it is.


Cant find obagi 0.025 on site?

Obagi reviews for wrinkles

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Beauty Darlings | My Daily Skincare Routine

10 089 views | 22 Apr. 2019


Hey Friends!

I'm finally sharing my daily skincare routine! I've been using these products faithfully for the last 4 months and have seen a dramatic change. See for yourself and watch! I've listed the products below as well if you wanted to shop them.

If you are part of the Intracoastal Dermatology Skincare Club you can save 10% off all products!

Exfoliating Cleanser: https://zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/exfoliating-cleanser

*Exfoliating Polish: https://zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/exfoliating-polish

Complexion Renewal Pads: https://zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/complexion-renewal-pads

Daily Power Defense: https://zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/daily-power-defense

BrightAlive: https://zoskinhealth.com/product/brightalive-non-retinol-skin-brightener

*0.5% Retinol Skin Brightener: https://zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/retinol-skin-brightener-05

*Used at Night


Stay Lovely

Janine Morris

Hey. Thanks for this video. How long did it take before you started to see results?

Angelica Seitz

Are you still using the products? How do you feel?

Lilli Esi

girl you are so beautiful and glowing


Thank you so much for this video! 
Do you have any more feedback on the BrightAlive? I'm interested in purchasing it because I think it could help with my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from acne, but I just want to be sure before I go ahead. I'm not interested in trying retinol yet, so I'm just wondering if, in your experience, the BrightAlive did a good job in clearing your PIH?

Azsa Kiambre’

Hello ♥️ What percentage is the Retinol Brightener?

Jennifer Rudolph

I am a licensed Esthetician of 17 years and one helpful tip I'd love to offer you is to always cleanse before exfoliating. So for your night routine, I would suggest using your ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish after your cleanser. Reason being...we never want to grind our own impurities back into our skin. So start off with a fresh clean canvas and then your exfoliating polish will work to lift off your dead cells safely. ?


How many weeks supply do you get in the daily defense and brightalive just ordered some but worried I won’t have enough to last the month

Gabrielle Alexander

Thank you for your routine! Starting to use the line as well and was curious on other person's thoughts on them

Anita Keshi

Great video beautiful lady, this has made me go ahead with the Brightalive!

Vannuge Jiiko

I just bought mine last week and my face is so tight I can’t even smile hopefully it gets better as time goes.

Monica O

I just purchased this brand and was looking for reviews. Thank you for your video ? I already see the results in my skin.

angelita magsalsal

beautiful skin tone and skin you have! love from the philippines?

Farzanah Beelontally

Hi dear im using same product but is just 1and half month I use this is make your skin come darker first my skin come very dark i starts to peel as well

Emma Wright

Oh no, I haven’t been letting my skin dry after the pads! This is v informative thanks!

Vannuge Jiiko

I got this stuff 3 weeks ago and my goodness this is the real deal.


Thank you so much for this. This line was recommended to me and I needed to see a review like this.

Nathalie Binnion

So do you skip the pads for your PM routine? I just started this line and wondering whether using the pads before the retinol is making my skin too irritated.

Randall oda

what about men.. will this be something you would recommend

Soraya X

Hi. This video is so helpful. Just wondered if you could still use the growth factor serum at night after the retinol skin brightener. Also did it cause much irritation. did you ever consider the wrinkle+texture repair? It was mentioned to me for pigmentation. Thankyou x

Amber Sarwar

Did you first start using the retinol 1-2 times a week and gradually build up? Or did you just jump into daily use? I just got this retinol and my skin feels so much more sensitive

Obagi reviews for wrinkles

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Obagi Nu Derm Review - How to Get Rid of Sun Damage, Wrinkles, Melasma & Hyperpigmentation at Home!

51 views | 22 Jan. 2021

In this video we review

In this video we review the Obagi Nu Derm System! Find out how Nu Derm works, how to use Nu Derm and the difference between the Nu Derm Fx and Nu Derm Rx systems! We also talk about how to use Obagi Nu Derm with Tretinoin. Check out the Nu Derm before and afters throughout the video.

Instagram: @cityskinclinic

Website: www.cityskinclinic.com

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? The legal bit ?

This video does not contain any sponsored content. The products in these videos have been either purchased myself or are PR samples sent to the clinic to test out but I am under no obligation to use them or give them a positive review. Any paid for content will be clearly disclosed.

Please note that any references to prescription only medicines are for your information and education only. Our videos, social media posts, blog posts, website pages and comments are in no way an advertisement for any product, prescription only medicine or treatment. You should always seek medical advice and a detailed in-person consultation before embarking on any treatment. The views expressed on this channel are the author's own and provided for informational purposes only. The author makes no warranties about the suitability of any product or treatment referenced or reviewed here for any person other than herself and any reliance placed on these reviews or references by you is done solely at your own risk. Nothing on this channel shall be construed as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice.


I have a similar complexion to you, will the nu derm system make my skin overall lighter? I'm a bit worried that it might alter my complexion drastically and give it a grey/whiter tone?

Our Little Paradise

I used Obagi as well and my reviews on youtube as well. If its work right then it's wonderful. Thank you for sharing


How to repigment skin?