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Options Weekly Expiry | loss money in StockMarket | CE PE | Whirlpool | MCdowell | Bajaj | Grindwell

41 020 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Options Weekly Expiry |

Options Weekly Expiry | loss money in StockMarket | CE PE | Whirlpool | MCdowell | Bajaj | Grindwell


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Welcome to Trading Panthulu Channel,


Hello Everyone,

Since tomorrow is Options Expiry we will discuss about it with the help of Option Chain

Today we will be discussing about the Loss Money in Stockmarket,

Since some of the users have lost there money in stock Market,

So Today we are planning to give a small solution on this with giving post analysis on there trades,

I have given 4 videos which are very important since those videos talk about Gap Up market & Gap Down Markets along with Bullish & Bearish Market.

I have used Trend Line & Trend Line Break out in Gap Up & Gap Down Market.

We are planning to make this Channel as Best Share market channel in Telugu.

For Tomorrow i would Recommend Whirlpool & MCDowell for Buying

& for Selling i will give Bajaj & Grindwell..

Happy Trading

Yours Trading Panthulu....


You will find all educational videos in Playlist, I Request everyone to go check our playlist and Practice on it , You will able to learn all "Technical Analysis, and Technical Indicators in Stock market.

Hope this Video helped you and stay Tune for further Videos, we are Trying to make this Channel as best "Stock Market Telugu Channel".

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Options Weekly Expiry | loss money in StockMarket | CE PE | Whirlpool | MCdowell | Bajaj | Grindwell


Tomorrow's support and resistance of nifty levels?????
According to me major support is at 15030 and immediate support is at 15110 and resistance is at 15255.

Am I ✅✅correct sir Or any change in that. If so pl correct me....

Need that breakout analysis for options sir.. Waiting for it....... Eagerly sir

Shiva Surya

Where is your office bro? I didn't find your address in Google..

Maruthi Rao

Sir..maaku bore kottadam ledu sir...length ina ok sir..you can continue sir


miru chepinathu jargindhi sir ..market today


Thank u sir

Ashwini Ashwini

Today's video is very interesting sir... learnt many points... thank you for your guidance

sindhoj varma

Hi sir meeru 2hrs analysis chesaanu annaru Kada ninna market ela untundo cheppadaaniki adi ela chestunnaro cheppagalara maaku nerchukovalani undi

shiva k

✋️ sir pedda doubt sir, stocks lo trading chestunte, futures ki oka chart and cash ki oka chart? Yedi chudali sir

Madhu Reddy

Perugutundani call buy chestam taggutundani put buy chestam ikkadi varaku artham ayyindi sir.
Call ni sell cheyedam put ni cell cheyadam artham kavatledu sir

sai kumar belli

No borning sir very interested sir

Krushi Matta

Reliance is supporting nifty
It making flag
I think nifty go up

kommi manohar

Video Chala bagundhi. Me all videos lo Chala information vundhi. Videos chusthute market lo success avutha ani nammakam vastundhi. Nenu market lo ki vachina 2,3 months lo anukokunda me video chusa appati nunchi continue ga chusthuna meru
Me video chudakundavunte eppudòo na capital loss ayyevadini na capital nenu loss kakunda vundhi ante karanam mere SIR meru
Echhina knowledge THANK YOU

shiva katteboina

Thanks sir..


sir video total ga complete avaka mundhe reference videos screen ni cover chesthunai sir.

Doddi Lavanya kumar

Sir class very nice explanation sir

Praveen Akella

Hello sir, can you analysis Vascon engineering, I have lost 30k since 2 years. I want to gain in intraday

Kondeti Dargaswamy

ఎన్ని గంటలైనా ఉంటాం సార్

Vijay kumar dasaraju


Jagadeesh D

Sold nifty 15200 ce and got complete 20 rupees as you told sir

Sai Ram

Sir course join avvataniki a number ki amount pay cheyali

shiva k

✋️ stocks ni futures lo manchi techniques nerpinchandi sir

Pathi Badri

1st time video chusey time lo no forward, but 2nd and 3rd time I will forward to clarify panthulu garu

Munigala Jagadeeshwar

I would like to join in Intraday course sir
How to join ?

venkatesh Kusuma


Yedukondalu Ponamala

This video amezeing


Buy - Bajaj Auto , Cipla
Sell - Eichermotors , LT

Kommirisitti Kishore

Hi sir
ఒక కంపెనీ లార్డ్ సైజ్ తెలుసుకోవడం ఎలా

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Sir doubt, you said about time decay in that case can we use this time decay by selling options day before market holiday.

Barla Bhaskar

BANKNIFTY options గురించి చెప్తారా కోర్సులో

pranith kumar

Hi sir,
Un even expiry ante meaning enti

ejjaratu srinu

Iam watching ur videos till end sir ?. For to watch important points Thank u for ur suggestions ??❤️

venkatesh. akula

Sir new batch eppudu Start avtundi sirrr

Durga Prasad

Hi sir,
How to join your classes from starting

Chakrapani Arcot

Panthulu garu me week expiry plan chala baga use ayindi me knowledge matho share cheskuntunanduku thanks chepina saripodu


thank you sir

Vemkatesh Tatavarthi

Hi Sir , Meeru cheppinatu gane nifty is in between 15000 to 15160. I made a mistake sir . Meeru chepparu kangarupadaddu ni kani nenu 15 mins chart badulu 1 min chart open cheyadam valla confusion lo dabbulu pogottukunnanu. Me lessons valla nenu konchem konchem nerchukuntunanu. Thanks a lot Sir

Raao Ponna

I want knowledge .. I spend un limited time for knowledge...

Challa Jaswanth

Option buying ki koda chepandi sir..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gajendra B

It's asking for more than 50k to sell PE sir 14900PE


గురువు గారు మీరు market మొత్తం live లో మీ ఇంస్ట్రుక్షన్స్ ఇస్తే చూడాలని వుంది పంతులు గారు

RaghuRami Reddy

I am not able to join your club dispite using a visa card

srikanth ambati

పంతులు గారు చెప్పిన ప్రతి అంశం చాలా ముఖ్యమైనవి గా వుంటాయి కానుక video పూర్తిగా చూడండి ????


I hve learn Day By Day Improve Guruji

Srikanth The Trader

Sir nenu ivala stoploss pettadam marchipoya sir. so tvaraga exit ayya sir.

Chakrapani Arcot

Knowledge is devine antha goppa vishayani matho share cheskutunanduku chala chala anandmaga undi and memu nerchukovadaniki ready sir options gurinchi maku chala baga chepistunaru

Sai Mahesh 18

Emo anukunnam gaani losses explanation maatram chala use avthundhi sir...and thanks for the 25 mints class.... Panthulu ane name ki apted person sir meeru❤️?

Rahul Fearstar

Market mundu roj? cheptada sir mik.. gisina Lines madyala..kotukutundi... entha Experience oh ??? HATS OFF miru Telugu community lo undatam.. MA ADRUSTAM❤️❤️❤️

sravan kommawar

Sir market repu bearish a..,bullish a.... ani ela analysis cheyali ani cheypandi sir.

Garikapati Aditya

Sir I Have Buyed NIFTY FEB 14700 PE At Average 129.50 But Rate As Gone Very Down To 100 Should I Hold Or Shall I Sell?

kandukuri arunkumar

Time DK effect... Shopping market .. క్లియర్ గా అర్థమైంది..... ??? Thank you sir ❤️❤️

Vadla Krishna

చాలా బాగా చెప్పుతున్నారు నేను కొత్తగా వస్తున్నా మీ సహాయం కావాలి సార్

Raju Kadamati

Special thanks for this video sir, why because day by day I lernt so many things.
And also thank you so much for your patience.


Sir what about banknifty uneven expiry or normal difference is there at Bank Nifty

Kanaka Raju

I am interested length videos sir......,


sir please explain uneveny expairy

Mohan Rao

dont worry about our time

Doddi Lavanya kumar

Voltas , jk paper buy&selling bajaj electral


Paper trading chesa option selling given nice profit sir

sashank123 p

Hi Panthulu Garu. I am intraday student.. Meeru video lo market bullish or bearish findout cheyyadaniki 2 and half hour analysis chesanu annaru kada...please oka sari meeru ela chesaro cheptara naku telusukovalani undi Panthulu Garu.

universal internet



I request you to give your valuable time for 1min to discuss sir or I want to meet you personally

Telugu useful video's A to Z

Sir pe or ce sell cheyamanaru kadha ye time lo cheyali sir

Karthik Hema

Thank you sir ❤️

pradeep kumar

Hi sir. App Store lo mee app ledu. So mee app lo vunna learning videos anni YouTube channel lo vunnaya

Sowmya M

It's not boring sir
If your vedio extended 15min
It's then also interesting sir

HaRi RelanGi

Sir miru makosam chala kastapadutunnaru...mi video Kosam evng 7p.m nundi waiting sir...YouTube open chesi chustunnam mi video kosam..


Thank you very much sir

khalid Ahamed


Pandu_ranga D

Sir to show patterens what is the time frame of candles. Iam slightly confused while u wr showing flag patterns of whirlpool. Pl clarify

nagababu kondiparthi

TQ sir

Pulavarthi Sandeep

Sir meru entha sepu cheppina vintam sir

Kurumella Satya Rajesh

Avunu sir iam learning sir meru enta sepu cheppna iam interested sir.

Dora Vissu

Sir not boring we are interesting, Thank you so much sir for analysis videos Very nice Analysis videos sir.???????


Wonderful Prediction ?


Really true mistake


Hi sir

Arun Kumar


ch nagesh

Angel Broking Demat account
Link kavali


Good morning bro

yerramsetti dhanaraj

Sir Meru Maku knowledge Esthunnaru.. Meru Anni gantaku cheppina Memu ventamu sir.. Maku Meru Echay knowledge kavali sir..tq sir

kovvuri reddy

Excellent option chain analysis point sir

mohan bitla


S.Vijay kumar

Thanks for your efforts for us Sir!!

Pathi Badri

Panthulu garu ????????

Ravi prasad

Thanks Sir. Nice session ?

Lokini Naveen

Excellent sir, I liked video content and fixing of levels for gap up or down or normal opening. As you said market may respect all your levels. Greet job sir

mohan suresh

Hi sir greed ni lock cheyadam baga cheparu tq sir

Kurumella Satya Rajesh

➡️ Buy : muthootfinece - Hdfclife ➡️Sell : HDFCBANK -TATASTEEL

Sowmya M

I don't know nifty future chart and cash chart difference

shiva k

✋️ like kottandi ba, video spread avudi

rock star

Seriously didnt felt like watched for 25 mins...time a telee ledu sir, antha worth content istunnaru..??

Krishna Kanth

Nice analysis, really happy to see..
Special thanks to you for your valuable information and your analysis time, which you are spending for us
Big thanks Panthulu Garu once again

harish harsha

Options ni sell cheyante upstox angel broking vallu ma astulu adugutaru brother

Mamatha O

Sir why r they taking 36500 PE ATM cheskovalikada

Harshad Paleti

Annaaa....call sell chesina put buy chesina okatey naa...???

Karthik k

Enti Alice blue lo antha takkuvulo option selling cheyocha?

shiva k

✋️ sir share market gurinchi oka school petandi sir miru, hostel kuda petandi sir course aye varuku

karthik poloroid

Anna me chart ke ma chart ki chala difference undhi

N Nickname


Shiva Reddy

Very good information guru ji ????

Make up expiry dates

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Kirandeep C

info edge is front of young,Naukri

gajendra kamat

Mam today's bank nifty calls was good if possible please give tom also expiry special call. Thnks for ur analysis and hard work which ur doing for us ❤️??

Stock Pro

Yes, while making the video I forgot that it is Naukari ??


Mam, how to join your premium call service

pradeep sharma

Mam Infoedge =NAUKRI

Mukta Rathi

Titan ka kya??
Also 10 Feb u told about bullish index...titan is making low today also.,..

Nidhi Jain

mkt looks easy when you explain it...thanx for the inputs...

deepak panwar

Good guidance mam

china raja

Please provide your telegram details

Maheshuij Salvi

Thank u so much mam

Mukta Rathi

Even Infosys is making low...

Md Khan

Mam todays call in 36000 ce at 300 was excellent. Mam it's my huble request to u that please do Banknifty and Nifty index analysis on daily basis .
Because there is a dearth of authentic channels on youtube.

deepak panwar

Superb knowledge ??????