How to make eyes look younger

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HOW TO make your UNDER EYES look 10 years YOUNGER // LIFE changing TIPS for DARK CIRCLES, WRINKLES

14 142 views | 12 Aug. 2020

Hello ❤ bugs! Today HOW

Hello ❤ bugs! Today HOW TO make your UNDER EYES look 10 years YOUNGER // LIFE changing TIPS for DARK CIRCLES, WRINKLES and FINE LINES

We all hate DARK CIRCLES or WRINKLES UNDER the EYES, with this TIPS you look 10 YEARS YOUNGER fast.

I'm glad I can show you that TIPS in this video, so let's start vanish your UNDER EYES.

Let me know what you think of about these TIPS in the comments below.

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Dena Kimball

I want to try this not only under my eyes, but my whole face! Gorgeous!!!

Melanie Adorno

Hi Jennifer,
I don't have you exact suggested products but I have an arsenal of all types of serums, concealers, setting spray and the new Tati velour puff..I so want this to work..thank you so much, i will get back 2 u tomorrow evening its 9:35 pm here in Florida Aug 17,2020
Will get back and let you know tomorrow same time
Stay safe, GB you and yours

Tamara Atkins

Love this! I hate cakey undereye! Thank you Jenn!

MrsMelissaM Beauty

Absolutely great tutorial girlfriend! I love this method in the winter when its super dry here! Luv ya lady❌⭕❤??

sagit ohayon

Hi Jennifer, do you have facebook page or community that also I could follow?

Mar Tina


Dinah Crosthwaite

You are the most relatable on you tube for all beauty tips and tricks, and gadget reviews, ty xxxxx

Theresa Gutierrez

I can’t wait to try this in the morning! I love your tips and tricks! ?

Liz Parker

I can’t wait to try... thank you ?

Marlene Harden

Yes-yes I love it great tricks of the trade?? you just get better each time I watch you...xoxo ???❣thank you for sharing...

Renee’ Haskins MissChiff

I love these tip....Beautiful

Amy P and Dirty too

"Some of you out there, you know who you are"............

Claudia Glows

Hi beautiful, I need this video ?

Crystal Causland

I've been doing my concealer like this for year's .I use the by by under eye from it cosmetics and you have to warm it up with your fingers also, I use a eye gel under my eyes.

James Longmore

Nice you started with a serum there great im useing skinmedica tns eye serum what a gem of a eye cream .Im still awaiting my neogesis serums and eye serum il let you no how the human stem cells goes .iv never been into make-up il leave that for you lady's ??

B Mackenzie

I can’t wait to try this! How do you think the neutrogina concealer will do with very dry skin? L’Oréal has this new true match concealer they recently came out with that I want to try too. I am going to try this method here in a bit when I have to get ready! Love ya Jen!

Stefanie Simmons

What about using a color corrector under the concealer? Any special technique for that?

Melanie Cooper

Thank you for this tip


Can’t wait to try this! Love the tips! Thank you.

Cassie Sistrunk

WOW!!! You weren’t lying when you said life changing! I tried this and I am shocked at how great my under eyes look and I’m 50 years old!! I used my ELF Camo hydrating concealer and my Milani Make it Dewy setting spray. Thank you soooooi much for sharing this!!!

Tracy Piatt-Fox

Hello! I’m almost 50 and have super oily skin! What are your favorite primers/concealers/liquid or powder foundations, and setting powders?

Myranda Brown

There is makeup artist on tiktok I follow. She did a clip for bullet proof makeup and for under eye concealer. She started with setting spray and finished with setting spray. I think Risa did a YouTube video from seeing the same clip. Haven’t tried yet myself.

Denise Riner

Can't wait to try this! This is one of my most challenging makeup issues at 55. Powder always make it worse for me.

Susan Murray

Amazing tips Jenn. . I will follow all these methods. Except the powder. No matter how hard I try, powder never works. But setting spray yes !

Ms O

You clever lady! I’ve never thought about warming my fingers before and I’m excited to try it ✨
Edit: your eyes always grab my eye like crazy, they’re just the loveliest color :)

Alice Mehtemetian

in a word: WOW

Ld Lutzow

Girl, u r looking SO frackin young!

S Maria

This was extremely helpful ?thank you

unlikely critic

Congrats on 20K :)

Stacy B

Great tips! I never thought about warming my fingertips like this, or using setting spray on a pouf. And I LOVE your nails! So pretty!

Kelly Ehrenman

I can’t wait to try this tomorrow morning! Mind blown! And you could be a deejay! Love your music choices!

Joanne Shaw

Definitely going to try this!

Alicia Delcoco

The Neutrogena concealer has good ingredients in it too. Someone said it's a dupe for Pat McGrath concealer.

Bella Princess

I'm always in a rush, where can I found that little fan?

Nola Girl

What is the name of the tiny fan ? Where can we buy it ?

Edie Garfinkle

Great tips, again thanks for advice. AND - love your nails!

Geneva Johnson

Your skin just looks better and better each time you film!!

Tamara’s Timeless Beauty

This was great Jenn! At 60 my under eyes are super challenging to say the least...wrinklier and darker by the day. A peach corrector is a must for me. And powder is my enemy. I must try the puff with the setting spray! Love you my talented beautiful sweet friend. ❤️❤️❤️

Rachel Schultz

Jennifer I just found your channel, I can’t wait to try this!

William Martin

What about eye bags? Even though its hereditary.


Giveaway - JDDLphx

Thank you! ?

Tonya Williams

Which concealer has the orange tint to it? The circles under my eyes are purplish blue and orange does cover that for me but I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t make me look way older

Gina Duffy

I have this concealer and I am SO trying this today!

Shawna T

How,is the Nira working for you?

Eden Rivers

Awesome new tips, I will be testing them out! Love your mani!!


I was hoping this video would mention some type of device or manual method to help with the the puffiness of the under eyes. Haven’t been wearing make up and just want to take care of that darn puffiness lol! The eye serum sounds delightful, another product I’m adding to my shopping list ?

Penny Kent

Can't wait to try it.

Julie Rose

Once again great video content. I really appreciate it since I have so much real estate to disguise under my eyes including in large blue veins which are nearly impossible to cover. The Nira is helping out tremendously with under eye texture however I have had to return two of them due to cracks forming near the USB port. Curious if anybody else has had that problem. May try this under eye serum as well. Love and and and him enjoying the other Bay Harbor product I bought recently that you were touting.

don whildin

I love love your videos - you explain things so well and you just have a pleasant voice -- You and two others are my favorite people to follow for DIY stuff. You remind me a lot of my hairdresser / shes also an Esthetician. -- Laura

-Nellie -m

I’m going to try this today as I have to go out and my concealer is always caking under my eyes that sometimes I don’t even wear it, Great tip ??❤️❤️...unfortunately Neutrogena makeup isn’t available here in Australia ??

Anne Harper

Milani concealer! The best

L Ahlm

Giveaway @loriahlm. Okay I am taking notes and paying attention. Love you Jen. Thank you for helping us look our best. With my lovely allergies I look rough not just tired and older. Lol Take care.


Thank goodness I dont have these to deal with yet. Under eyes are holding up well. I think my main issues comes from excess skin from massive weight loss. I must say the skin on my neck is tightening back up nicely

Aundrea Lauzon

Definitely going to try some of these!! I need them!! Lol
Love the tip with the setting spray on the puff. Awesome!!
[email protected]gmail.com

Deedee Smith

I love this hack and can’t wait to try.


Owwwww I love the idea of the setting spray on the puff!!! Im gonna do that!


This really does work amazingly well!!

Ellen Papuga

I’ve been doing setting spray under my eyes but I’ve been tapping it on with my finger and sometimes if I get a little overzealous I end up rubbing off the concealer! This is a great tip!


1:06 ?? The clapping has me cracking up

Ld Lutzow

GIVEAWAY bestestmeemaw_

Gabriella Ruiz

No links for the fan my lovely?best wishes

V. Sanders


Jolina Haz

Great video Jen! The eye serum and the concealer i will / want try those out!

Jelizabeth Petrie

Cute earrings! Brand or store?❤️?

Michaela celeste

Going to buy this and try this, ❤ are you still using your nira? I am finding it drys skin and mouth wrinkles so they look worse :( ☹ I'm not giving it up tho....

Jai Eesse

I watch quite a few American beauty blogs & I always feel a little sad because there seems to be very little interest in Cruelty Free products...There are so many makeup lines now that are CF there’s no need to i
Line the pockets of those who torture creatures

Jenny Johnson

Def gonna try this tomorrow!


Who think Jen is the best????


Yeii Giveaway ??? Ig: kattmy

Laura Dean

Girlfriend you need to bottle and sell this recipe. GAME CHANGER! Oh my God this works beautifully. I am so pleased instead of disappointed for a change, really and truly. Thanks so much Jen! Big help!


I looked at that spray you used. I might get it. Pretty decent ingredients.

Jennifer Joyce Beauty

Hi guys, are you gonna try this tips?

T turner

I love it. I would love to see it on someone with more under eye wrinkles. I can not wait to try this. Thank you.

Ld Lutzow

OMG, I SO HAVE TO TRY! Btw, where did u get my pic ?

DeNora Kuschel

Jen, I am definitely going to try this. Great advice!


Those are such great tips! I am doing basically everything you said with the exception of the setting spray so I am goin to try! Thank you for sharing! And yes, your under eyes look much younger! ??

Joey Saczynski

Why do you use concealer vs color corrector?

Ms. R Melinda R

GIVEAWAY melindaramey5919

Mary Dixon

I LOVE this method so much! It works and I am 57! But timewise, it is Pacific Daylight Time right now, well, since the start of March. It makes an hour of difference! Standard Time is only from
Nov- March.


Hello Jennifer ?, I really need make up under eye problems please you will make a video enlarge the lips?

Carla Tullis

Wow Jen this is exciting exactly what I need can’t wait to try it thank you

Gwen Strum


Tanya Flynn

You.were reading my mind!! I just stared getting the wrinkles under my eyes! Not crows feet because I can use the Innotox. This is brilliant!! Thank you, Jen. I'm going to try this! Xoxo

Heather Hernandez

I need to try to remember to do this

Admin User

You have such great content


Finally! I hope you have found the golden ticket to help old gals like me find hope in an under eye method and products that actually work! Thanks and I can't wait to try these out:-) xoxox

Jennifer Maher

Looks great??

Christine Mack

Jen, I can't wait to try this! Thank you. xo

Pat Mandolla

Oh my God Jen I just bought .the newa. I used your Jen code I'm so excited and also scared to use it I know I have already used the Nira which I love and I also use the Tria which I love but this is the first time I bought something without somebody saying the true results I know I should have wait for your results when I couldn't I couldn't wait LOL

Samantha Levinson

im obsessed with those earrings, who is the designer? @jenniferjoycebeauty


Love it!! You are brilliant! You look fantastic!

How to make eyes look younger

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Eye procedure to look younger/Youthful eye procedure

590 views | 16 Aug. 2019

Here is a look at the

Here is a look at the procedure I had done for my aging eyes. Watch as I take you along with me at the doctors office and answer most of your questions.

Here is the information on the doctor:

Ballantyne location

Dr David Croland


16147 Lancaster Hwy,

Charlotte, NC 28277

Tel: 704-243-7106

Matthews location

Dr. David Croland


1207 Crews Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28105


Please be advised that the pricing as mentioned in this video can change at any time.

At the time of filming, here is the pricing below

$995 first visit includes 1 syringe of filler and PRF.

$495 for each additional PRF session (under eyes only)

will take anywhere between 2 to 4 sessions to get the desired results

Package price (cash) for 3 sessions paid up front $1795 (includes 1 syringe of filler and 3 PRF sessions).

I would encourage you to call for a consultation

You can find me on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifewithjackyxo/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifewithjackyxo/?ref=bookmarks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifewithjackyxo

Thank you for watching

Jacky XO

#undereyefillers #cosmeticprocedure #prf #prp #finelinesandwrinkles #undereyebags #crowsfeet #youthfuleyes #fillersandbotox #cosmeticsurgery #plasma,

minky cat

This is my favorite makeup look on you. Your lucky your fillers dissolved. Had some filler under eye 3 years ago and hate it. Most has dissolved but have pesky residual amount left that makes a small ridge under the orbital bone.. Ugh, never again. Will not have it dissolved because it's costly and sometimes it can make it look worse I have heard.

melissa pintone

You look amazing!!!! What do you do for keeping your skin so firm? Fillers? And neck? Do you a skincare video?

Libby k

Loved this!! Skincare video def should be next you look so amazing I’m @romanholidayz17 just subscribed to ur videos ???

How to make eyes look younger

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How To Make My Eyes Look Younger

10 views | 25 Nov. 2015

How To Make My Eyes Look

How To Make My Eyes Look Younger

Visit Us - http://clickclicktoget.com/ageless/

How To Make My Eyes Look Younger - Now you'll discover numerous findings of solutions that will help continue to keep people - those who are escalating more mature does not undo niatanya appear to be youthful again most famously evidently in the exhibit in order to continue to be youthful. Nonetheless the action - the knowledge is perfectly modified toward the mental and biological a person who looks as well as the ability based upon age. Therefore Suggestions about how to generally be Conscious Ageless Encounter To here which you could do if you are escalating age and rising older. So tend not to worry oneself because here sangatalah how effective and secure on the a lot of procedures to deal with the deal with region to ensure they're appear younger.

With Favourable Pondering

Your mind is a element which includes an impact around the health and fitness in the physique. Stress might induce ailment. Similarly, inside your facial area, an too much amount of money of pondering could make the deal with glance older. So, imagine good and check out to simply accept regardless of what your situation as a little something excellent.

Decide on the ideal beauty products

Absolutely one of picking out beauty goods, could possibly be a bad have an affect on over the deal with. So, turn out to be familiar with your pores and skin and hire the goods appropriately. Should not be afflicted charge or maybe a specific brand, but use that actually fits the skin. Getting a number of tips higher than with any luck , could make you search more interesting, stunning and sturdy mua course.

Visit our videos :

How To Make My Face Skin Hands Eyes Look 10years Younger Than At Your 40 Age Female Home Remedies Naturally


How To Make My Face Look Young And Beautiful Than Your Age Younger At 30 Home Remedies Naturally | Yourself


How To Make Your Eyes Face Hands Skin Look 10 Years Younger At 50 Naturally | Get 10years Looking


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