Red skin tones

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How to correct skin tones in Davinci Resolve

1 637 views | 4 Nov. 2020

How to correct skin tones

How to correct skin tones in Davinci Resolve. Fast and easy

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Jongho B - Easy Personal Finance, Self-Improvement

wait, this was crazy helpful, and you made it very easy to follow. I watched so many other videos about skin tone correction, but those require too many nodes that I get lost.

btw, idk if this is helpful. your audio is great when you're on the computer, but the audio could be better when you're the camera. Other than that, amazing content!


Thanks Andy! Appreciate all your content! Still awaiting parts for my davinci workstation I am building but I love learning from you! Keep up the awesome content!

Keifer Costa

First ?

Frank Niethardt

Hey Andy, love those videos. I always wanted to make more with Resolve but didn't really get the hang of it. Makes much more sense now...

Red skin tones

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RED Komodo: Skin Tones

4 920 views | 12 Aug. 2020

Does anyone read

Does anyone read descriptions?

Not scientific, not fun, super dry material. Skin tones on Komodo and Gemini.

Richard Tran

is it me? but I feel like from the background, the exposures are different.

Estefano Munar Foppoli

Looks great

Tom J. Kelly

Great and useful footage thanks. Makes me feel better about owning a Gemini. :)


Please how do I order the red Komodo


Hi, I'm looking to buy a new camera. I'm considering red gemini as an option, yet komodo looks promising too and it's way cheaper. Can make more comparison videos with the two. I would love to see more videos with proper lightning setups, skintones and so one. I know I ask much :-) What do you think about komodo in comparison to the gemini?

Errick Jackson

The Gemini is definitely better to me, but not enough to push away the Komodo. Enough can be done with the Komodo in the grade to make up the difference in my opinion.
I will say, I'm not sure how fair it is to compare these at non-native ISOs as I'm fairly certain the Gemini and Komodo have different amounts of DR to their sensor and shooting at ISO 250 is going to hamper their highlight retention capabilities, which seems to be the source of some of the Komodo's harshness compared to the Gemini.

Still, great test, beautiful light and subjects, and RED continues to show they have spectacular skin tone reproduction at any price point.

Daymian Mejia

Solid, I think this should be shown as a color test. They match well. Exposure seems to be off through shots but OP said in comment below that he wasn’t doing a serious test. Was just looking to match. Throughout the test it felt like there was more room to save the highlights as the shadows didn’t seem like they were close to being crushed.

Jason David

What lens did you use on the Komodo and what lens did you use on the Gemini?


Gemini look more like ‘film’ Komodo looks more digital. Just slightly. Looks great for the price.

Y. Zhao

I don't know why but to my eyes, the Komodo produces some kind of fringing type effect in the shots.


This is a great test, thanks for sharing!

Taraka Rama

Thanks for posting this.

Mineral Sound

Honestly, I like the higher-contrast look of the Komodo here. Not sure how much of that is coming down to the grade vs. the sensor, but the colors coming out of the Komodo look a little more natural to my eye, while the Gemini seems to have a bit of a warm cast. I'm not worried about footage looking "too clean" as I can always throw on a 50-year-old lens or a diffusion filter to mess that up, I'm just astonished at how close the Komodo gets to the Gemini considering it's less than 1/3rd of the price.

Michael Hill

Great little test. The Gemini seems to have a more natural look with less sharpening, lighter shadows and softer rolloff into the shadows. What is the difference between the lenses that you used? The lens can change the look of an image a lot. What lens is on the Gemini and what is on the Komodo?


Gemini is much smoother. Komodo seems to show every difference and imperfection. Still pretty good for the money. At least the color is on the ball.


thank you for this test John, Komodo matches with Gemini nicely!


Great test, thank you!

Y. Zhao

I'm seeing artifacts on the grey backdrop. Is that noise or is it caused by compression?

Deni Neli

Incredibile, me ne spedisci una di komodo in italia? poi ti mando l'indirizzo di casa


Komodo seems to have some red/cyan color fringing all over the contrasty edges. It does not look like chromatic aberration of the lens (but could be) but more like color channels shifted against each other. Any idea what this might be?


Komodo looks to have harsher highlights

Pablo Szuster

super nice image with the kmodo. could you make some low light test comparisson too? thanx

adam baker

These 2 shots don't look like a match to me. Im watching on a qled TV but the komodo seems way whiter and less saturated. The Gemini looks perfect. Skin tones are amazing. Komodo looks too white, less saturated, like a higher luma in skintones. You don't see the red in the skintones. Now this could be fixed in post but also I see iso 250. I thought komodo was default around iso 800. But when exposing Red don't you need to dial in with a gray card? Idk white sheet specs for komodo but skintones look way different to me.

Jason David

Seems like you shot them at different frame rates as well.

Joe O.

The issue here is using ISO 250!? That crushes the dynamic range on the highlight side of things. Both should have been at ISO 800 for dynamic range. The Komodo lens was most likely opened up a bit more or a faster lens in general because of the exposure differences. Thus making Komodo seem to have less dynamic range and also looking hotter than it should. This is why, again, people need to learn properly how to set up their cameras and understand the science behind how to make them look good.

Y. Zhao

This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I had the exactly same idea in mind. Have you done a Dragon and Komodo comparison? To me Dragon might match the Komodo better.

Red skin tones

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How to Color Correct in Premiere Pro 2020 (Perfect Skin Tones)

2 332 views | 14 Sep. 2020

In today's video I'm

In today's video I'm walking you through my process for how to color correct footage in Premiere Pro CC 2020! I've learned a few new tips and tricks in the last few months that have made a huge difference in my footage, especially when editing skin tones.

(0:00): Intro

(0:50): My Dual Monitor Layout

(1:56): Example #1 (Wide DR)

(3:09): Waveform Explanation

(4:27): Step 1: Color Wheels & Match

(6:00): Step 2: Basic Correction Tab

(8:20): Step 3: HSL Secondary

(11:15): Example #2 (C-Log 2)

(11:42): Converting Log to Rec-709 Explanation

(12:42): Color Correcting Clip #2

(15:00): Color Grading with LUT

(15:30): Wrap Up!

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Capture Project One

@2:52 Color grading raw on the C200, have you uploaded this video? Thanks

Prashant Saha

Really liked the way you setup both the monitors. Makes work a lot easier. Also liked the way you do the color correction.

Brandon Talley

Great video! We've been wanting to figure out color grading in our editing, this was helpful! I've actually never used the lumetri scopes panel before, haha, I'll start using it!


This was super insightful! Thank you Tyler for publishing this video :)

Emmanuel Nkwocha

Also if you use the HSL you can use the eye dropper tool on both the hue and saturation tab to saturate the skintones without adding saturation to the whole clip. But dope work man ??

Tyler Herrinton

Thanks for watching! Who would be interested in more content about C-Log & shooting RAW?

Luke Liable

Great video man! Where do you find the cinemagamut clog to Bt709 Lut?

TJuggs Productions

You know on the vector scope the line between the red and yellow is called the skin tone line. Whenever you are using the HSL secondary and have it zoned in on only the subjects skin the vector scope should show directly over that line for the truest skin tones. Rule of thumb is skin tone saturation’s should go no more than halfway up that line.

Capture Project One

Just have to say, great job explaining, a nice setup you have. Thanks

Bartek T

Great video! How you expose wide dr in camera?

mohammadreza golestani

love this video thanks man


This was a great watch. Definitely going to experiment this week. Thanks!

Mr. Rey Prosia

Too much talk