Skin colour palette

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How to Paint Flesh Colours Using the Zorn Palette with Alex Tzavaras

591 986 views | 23 Oct. 2019

Realist Artist Alex

Realist Artist Alex Tzavaras shows you how to mix flesh colours using the Zorn Palette. A limited palette, named after the 19th Century Swedish Artist Anders Zorn, consisting of four colours, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Light (or Vermillion) and Ivory Black.

In addition to this Youtube version, there is also a full length version. Filmed entirely in real time with an in-depth commentary, explaining Alex's process in detail. Available now on SIMPLIFY Drawing & Painting's new Patreon Channel:


Elżbieta Królikowska

Amazing! Thank you :)


Such skill. You make it look so easy!

Francisco Baldonado

Thank you for sharing what you have learned in this painting journey,God bless you Mr.....much love and respect all the way from Long Beach, California.... peace.

Raven Shadowz

Do you prefer a grey palette over a white or clear palette?


Are these oil or acrylic? ?

Meteor hammer

Simply brilliant! Thank you!

Pauline Hughes

Thanks very helpful

Jomme Hardonk

is this oil or acrylics?

Liam A

Very helpful thank you


This was extremely helpful and took my painting to a new level. By far one of the best painting tutorials I’ve seen. Thank you so much!

fat ima

راقييييي جدااااا?

joanne jones

Fantastic.ive noticed you use Michael Harding oil colours,I’ve heard they’re amazing. Love your tutorials??

Trisha Idoni

wow! Beautiful!


Thank you so much Alex, what an inspiring demo!

Crystal Aringo

Is this acrylic paint or oil paint

Hollow Moon


Nicky Pasterfield


Frederick Fullerton

Good video' it is refreshing to see from real life.Frederick Fullerton portrait.is my video. blocking in simple palette works very well.I will try it in my next portrait



Renata Myers


Kandes Tobin

This is amazing... Thank you for the lesson.

Reen K

I keep seeing little people on the palette. At around 16:45, horizontally, the yellow ochre looks like a bearded guy.

Ahmed Gtari

Hello, I follow U from Tunisia ( North Africa )

roger berlin

i bet this is your best portrait ever

Zanif Art

Love this. Will definitely be taking some of this into my own work

Rena Levi

Wonderful tutorial, Alex! I struggled so much going layer after layer... until the final result was even worse
My combination for flesh tone now is cadmium red, ochre, titanium white and dark brown instead of black
I will try black though
Thank you so much


Why have all my art teachers been trash? i realise it now..

Dokulu Renkler

Çok iyi

Rachel Balunsat

Fabulous❣️ I learned planes of the face and how to use values. Simple palette and starting flesh tones, starting with more darker more neutral first tone. Beginning with ground.

Fabiano Olinto


Sharon Watterson

Nice technique and simple.

Norman Comerford

excellent summary from a great portraitist!

Veronica M.

I love it

Derek And Anthony

He’s like staring into my soul


Thank you sir.

Chickentown Polly&Boris

cool! love the explanation

Hilary Minor

It is astonishing how you created that likeness! Thanks for this instruction. I am due to attempt painting a portrait using the Anders Zorn colours soon and this video has been super helpful :-)

Moises y Crystal Jimenez

I’m a new fan


Great job. Clear, deliberate, and knowledgeable. I've subscribed. You're a boss.

Coralie Ceredig-Evans

absolutely brilliant tutorial, thank you

Norval Bowman

This a top 5 video of all time. Dead or alive

June 39

She's Raquel Murillo at some point..

Kha'al Amen

how could something be ivory and black?


This just...makes since, woah.

The black part confuses me though because they always told us not to use black

Sierra King

This is amazing!! You’re teaching me less is more constantly, thank you thank you.

Sniper Mohammed

أتمنى ان يكون مترجم للعربية

Maria Elisa Grion

I like so much your work and really appreciate your video, please could you make more videos like this in youtube?, your videos are very interesting


Thank you, I learned allot!!

Danoez Z

So amazing how it turns into a realistic face! When you started on the eyes and added detail, just wow!?

Txart* chick

Wow.Thank you .I learned so much by watching your video.I was uncertain at first how you would accomplish realism using only 4 colors ,I stand corrected,great informative video my friend ??


So much learned, thank you!

Maria g

Wow, really soft beautiful portrait. I have a couple of questions. 1-I am a relatively new painter (watercolor and gouache) and have been doing a drawing first but I am drawn to doing the basic lines dividing the face and blocking tones out rather than a detailed sketch. Do you feel that is fair to try as a new artist? my drawing skills have improved greatly and I am noticing I am able to do some basic justice to drawing animals freehand. 2-what do you think of water mixable oils? I have not gotten into oils yet but I want to. My mother was an oil painter and the smell and feel of turpintine is etched in my brain, plus I don't have a room with good ventilation so the water mixables are attractive.


This is genius


Thanks a Lot.

Naj Ajo

So happy I found this video, thanks for the detailed explanation.I struggle with portraits ,getting confused with colour and tonal values...which to concentrate on first. Your video helped clarify a few things

Yap Wee Lim

I've watched your videos countless times. thank you for making this, I think its the best one on youtube.

Little Heath

I taught myself how to paint a portrait . A simple and enjoyable method . Buy 10 large stretched canvases and during 2 weeks painted 10 portraits . Some from photos and some purely from imagination. You learn very quickly .

Ev Mood

Wow!! I'll start Art at the University next year! Can't wait to learn how to make something like this!! Just amazing I love it a looot??????

Krisei San Juan

Can you make a video for just 4-5 colors? mainly red, blue, yellow and white? Please? I'm struggling now having a portrait commission ?

Ridho Irvan

Is this oil or acrylic?

Johan Sebastian Berglund

Fine. Hi. My name is Johan Sebastian Berglund, and by typing "Johan Sebastian Berglund - artist and caricaturist", there is my YouTube channel with story, paintings, caricatures and so.. and maybe can give a "like" and a "subscribe". Thank you.

Richard Ubasinachi

I saw this video at the right time. Thank you


this is beautiful


I just started my art channel for supper kitchen table beginners. But I really appreciate these lessons. Thank you for the support. I love when artist encourage other artist.

Miguel Lleras

Very informative, thanks!

Rachelle Marie

Mind blown

Philo Kvetch

Thank you for this great video.

Landon Rasmussen

Incredible! I really want to start painting with a Zorn palette. Very inspiring video, thanks!

Ro Lyzko

Thanks for the great guide!
Btw, pretty not sure, but it looks like colors on palette look a bit different from ones on canvas. Maybe it's the difference in cameras


I just found your channel today and though I was familiar with the Zorn palette, I enjoyed your thoughtful voice-over and your particular way of using the end of your brush handle! I am looking forward to your other videos and have subscribed.
Cheers, from Toronto. (Please, do NOT visit this summer!) ☮


i would LOVE to see a video on this on dark skin colours!


Shes gorgeous

narinder singh

Thanks ji

Atom V

You help me SOOOOOOO much

Pe. G

Thank you, Maestro, for this short but very helpful lesson!

Elena Eros

Very good.

Linda Steere

Wow! Love your technique and with a limited palette. Thanks so much.

tiziana rosanero

meraviglia!!! sei uno spettacolo! ti guarderei per ore!!!!

michel richard

Very good bravo

Claire Hopkins

Very well presented with easy to understand dialogue. Thank you...very enjoyable , as well. Claire

Surowy Szef

Black is not a colour.


Thank you for the excellent lesson usig limited palette

Prarthana Garg

You are a phenomenal artist. I’m simply amazed by your talent.

Elizabeth S

Amazing! I wish I had seen this 20 years ago, would have saved so much time and money on buying unnecessary and confusing tubes of paint


Sir, twas a delight being educated on warm and cool tones to achieve 3D painting. well done. ???


I am a painter, but I had never heard of the Zorn palette until I watched this video. I have mostly used a complimentary contrast +primaries palette in landscape painting. However I do remember a tonal painting exercise we did at art school with something like a modified version of this using cadmium orange and Prussian blue in place of red and black. This includes a complimentary contrast and it was pretty quick to get the tonal relationships set up and a satisfying result. Having watched this, I am going to revisit that palette and see if I can't use it to cleave some rust off my figure drawing.

Bucket List


Aicha Carpentier

If Dwight from the office had a youtube channel

zareen remendies

amazing upload

colin whitfield

Amazing. Any tips on warm/cool, colors added, if my model is black? Does the warm-shadow plane stay warm if it's, say, twice as dark a tone to begin with as the one in this video? or would it start to go cool again? I love the simplicity, so helpful in terms of keeping the architecture in the forefront, but I've got a racially diverse cast of character here, and I'd love to know how you'd approach a subject whose skin tone is milk chocolatey or even nearly burnt umber? Its the warm/cool switch-ups between tonal areas that gets me every time, especially in deep shadow . THANK YOU

Deniz Kaptan

this was so satisfying to watch and also so informative thank youuu!!

Daisy Daisy


Wayne Brady


Ramesses II Setepenre

Can one use lamp black?


Insightful, thank you :)

Hernan Miranda

thanks a lot ... great job

Dem buDem

Çok beğendim çok da öğretici Teşekkürler ?❤️???

joshua gogarty

Thank you so much

Elizabeth FitzGibbon

So well explained! Thank you ,

Mark de Guzman

I LOVE IT!!! In just few colours you can able to create amazing artwork...

Skin colour palette

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“My constant state of anxiety gives me cat like reflexes..” I felt that on a whole new level


Like nation ?


It’s so cool to see Adam’s style change and improvement from when he first started drawing! His style kind of reminds me of manga, but it has his own tweak in it. Keep drawing guys, you’re doing great and you get better everyday! :)

Jamie Lynn

Steph is unbelievably cute in this video!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Annabelle's Art

Hey guys, have you heard about studio 71 markers? They are cheap brushmarkers I saw on amazon and I thought you might like to try them♡
I love your channel and videos, have a nice day and pet Monty and the guinea pigs for me^^?

Stine Lahn

Oh my godd! I'm also colour blind and this is SUCH a life-saver! I need this in my life now haha


I really need a skin tone watercolour set!

Rain Biscuit

Steph you are too stinkin adorable. I have been a part of your like nation since nearly the beginning! Keep up the videos and stay healthy!


i feel like Im chant mixed with a bit of peach cobbler


I love all of Steph's random intros. Haha!

Redeemed and Repaired Clothing

I'd be freaking gold!XD


"I seen it falling and just dissociated." wow that's just like me. big mood.

Sarah Day

You guys are my favorites.

Megan W

I've got three sets of this brand of watercolor.

Ana McInally

I have three of those palettes (pastel dreams, tropical, and shimmering lights) and I absolutely love them. They’re a good price for the quality in my opinion and the colours are beautiful ! I’m definitely going to recommend them to anyone starting out !:)

kad 13

My skintone wouldn't be in the set I'm basically the color of the paper, SUPER pale

Shirley Downing

I truly see an intrinsic value in swatching.

lexi h

I loooooove both of your styles. It’s so funny to see how differently the two of you draw, like Steph’s style is so cartoonish (with their cute eyelashes) and Adam draws like he’s creating his own manga WOOIooooWWW

jamie roberts

Great video!

Sad FruitBowl


That's the colour I would be based on the colour

Dancing Queen

peach cobbler

Jolene Cornett

omg PEACE OUT YO i am crying

AnimeGracecrazi H

Steph, what colors did you use for the girls?


AHHHH IM just wondering where you got that little witch academia pillow?

Neptuna Franz

these intros have me laughing so hard recently


would steph ever do a video of swatches?

Shirley Downing

I love you guys and your silliness. ❤️❤️

Jolene Cornett

LOL the beginning. I love Steph.


i like that palette as its own thing, the colors work really nice and are very natural! your pics came out really good! love you guys, yall are so cute~

Kat Skyline

Steph: I have cat like reflexes!
Adam: prove it!
Steph:*saves the camera*

Adam: I have cat like reflexes!
Steph: prove it!
Adam:*sees a cat*
Adam: I like that one

(Sorry it was just a thing I saw online for a fandom I’m in)

Shannon Lee

If you mixed Peach Cobbler with Lemonade you'd get my skin tone! Haha cool.

Eri B.

You should use these outside using your cool glasses.

Landon Davis

2:18 closed captions? Oof

Rebecca McCarty

You guys always brighten my day ?

Kuutti Nuutti

You should try Neopiko 2 or Neopiko 3 markers. There's 144 colors available (at least where I live)

stupid little goblin

I’m getting these for Christmas aaa


9:41 Awwww! The little hand on the wrist. You guys are adorable.

Natalie Eng

omg steph where did you get your glasses????

Jamie Lynn

Steph is so cute in this video!!!


I wish there's a skin tone set in gouache. I cant mix skin tones to save my life. I have a stack of recently scrapped paintings on my nightstand that I thought were nice brown skintones... until my boyfriend informed me they're actually very, very orange. D:


watercolour confections is part of prima isn't it?

Josie Lewis Art

Thank you for the swatch examples, very fun!

Faith Tucker

I remember decadent pie


You guys are so much FUN! I wonder what or where "Full of beans" comes from? And it means? I wonder what are these watercolors quality? I had trouble finding the light-fastness ratings. I have read about these paints but I seriously doubt their claim of high quality. Anybody have good experiences with them? Super video you make the paints look good!

Loose Screws

Awesome video, each one I watch makes me smile, thanks for the fun watch : )



luke k

I would be namaste lol

Bella Smith

I think it's time Adam got a surprise intro????


In your intros, Steph reminds me more and more of myself when I stay up really late at night.

I don’t want to be here -

Omg I love peach cobbler so I’d have to be that

H. Teunissen

The two of you are such darlings.

Hannah Janae

Adam: “The tin is boring, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

Emma Carey

They deserve so many more subscribers ????????

Puppywaffles 38

Im a darkish Cavern!

Yvan S.

This is such a wholesome video


you guys are really cute


adam is SO GOOD to steph,, what a keeper

Lilah Manfredi

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This to
This too
This took
This took a
This took a r
This took a re
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please use more of the watercolor confection sets theyre so cool


plz draw rimzies plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl zppzlzl

Rowan Luther

i've been getting into watercolor recently and I'm so glad you guys reviewed this set!! i've been seeing them around and wondered if they were worth it


Aaaahh steph you’re so cute ??

Fresh Soymiilk

uwu i really want those watercolor now but i don’t think they’re u.s art/craft stores and i don’t wanna bother my parents even though i already did :(((( and IT LOOKS SO NICE

Joanne rupertinger

The company that makes the watercolours is prima marketing


I’m the color of the swatch card.

Cinny’s Little Friends

I love the watercolor that’s called namaste. Hehe

eve ruby

This is so cute

Frida Jensen

You guys are such couple goals!!

Shaze Brothers Three

awe I love how cute you two are together!


I really love the Jane Davenport watercolors, perhaps you guys would like them?:)

Tushar Kaul

So I'm going through them old vids after the new video. Never been more satisfied with these ♥♥♥


Search up target beetles and can you please draw them in a video?

? skintone watercolours


Completely fangirled at that adorable “ I fancy you” moment



PS:there is one like Monty I think


AAAAAA- you have a Shiny Chariot pillow!

Yvan S.

Tag yourself, are you "constant state of anxiety means I've got cat-like reflexes" or "I seen it falling and I just disassociate", I'm disassociating anxiety.

Bob Ross Is my friend

Your videos make me feel so much at home! (:

Delia Ramirez

I love you guys so much

Tiffani Brown

This is my absolute favorite youtube channel!???

yuna ♔

those color names are so dang cute


Adam's color is usually quite faint and muted and Steph's is kinda the opposite - would be interesting to see them color each other's art!

Peachy Pink Art

#peach cobbler


I would be the polarbear, which they would not included because it would be a white ;)

Siani Lopez

My skin is somewhere between Chant and Cavern...so.......Chanting Cavern?

Lemon Eyes

Why is lemonade pink?xD

Nicky's Toy Box

You guys are so fun!

Makayla Grant

I have a "Cavern" skintone XD

Ghost Phrog

I am chant colored!?

Omayra Gaitan

I'm cavern

unicorn squad

Try to paint with nailpolish


So far I have two watercolor pallets from them, I have the Tropical and Pastel sets and they both are really awesome ^^

Emma Gould

so where can we get this paint set?

Julie q

9:50 goals <3


I am the color of "peach cobbler"

Christine Schmidt

It's so much fun to watch you two! Your drawings are fun, painting and silliness is entertaining for sure! I really want that paint palette! Nice!


This is so well-timed for me, I was just choosing which one of the watercolor confections palettes i'm gonna buy

Rachel Marie Morton

I've realized I haven't been getting notifications for your videos?

Morning Star

God, I love Adam's art so much! His art style is so addicting! :0

No One In Particular

Je suis cavern!


I don't know if that will make you feel better Adam, but I'm not colour blind and also can't mix skin colours ; -;