Vantex skin bleaching cream side effects

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How To Get Fair Skin In 1 Week

120 773 views | 26 Jun. 2017

Hi Guys, welcome back to

Hi Guys, welcome back to my channel, get fair skin in 1 week using only one ingredients best home remedy. If you find this video helpful, interesting please hit the SUBSCRIBE to my channel and please share this video.


Beneks/Fashion Fair Cream

Jesus baby Jesus baby

You people should stop advising and encouraging every one to bleach and damage their skin RUBBISH

Aria Aria

Hi I'm Malaysian and hre can't get this fashion fair cream. If you don't mind help me. Tq

Roland Ehis


Daya Bassett

Don't use this shit pleas

Fatu Meilesa Sheriff

Thanks for sharing sweetie, please what can I use to remove sm

Uche Ozumba

Which cream did you mix it with. I didn't see a difference after a week

Nita Cruz

What color is the gel supposed to be and how do I know if the cream is real ?? , does it have a strong smell

Motivation Flash By LouisaOK

Hello babe how did u clear your stretch marks pls

Anna Peters

I use it on my hands and it not working at all.

Lysha ann

After mixing is it safe to use on my whole arms and legs? Bc my face is fairer than my body I want to lighten my body to match my face colour

Deborah Robinson

It don't work

Carla Garner

Can you tell me where to get this cream

charmaine Rose

w hats the name of that cream please

tim lund

I'm a black man will this work on me?

Rob Carlos Maynor

Does it really work and if so how long before you see results

Journey Called Life

How dark were you before?

Taebi Ma


Caryl Eugene


Cassandra M. Nance

My skin is already fair I just need a product that protects my skin from darkening or getting a very dark tan that's my dilemma.

Josey George

Hi Onaiwu, i really don't no but i don't think you should mix it, but you should ask your physician or a professional person and get their idea.......

ibrahim nefisat



Which one is preferable gel or cream

Rhonda Pickett

Question....It did good but on my 3 tube my skin is going back likeit was before why is this?

Ryan gomez

Do you have to mix it or can you use it by itself?? Amd what would you recommend mixing it with?

Blessingemmy Emmy

my skin is so hard.especially my face av used creams don't know what to do..help me out pls

Shany Jean

What YOU use soap please

Adetokunbo Ujomah

Good of you ? for sharing. You are a star ?

Rhonda Pickett

I got it but question is it suppose to be white are pink? From other reviews it’s saying pink...Mine came white

lady Mariam tv

Can I use holy the gel on my black finger

Courage Kingsley

Hello I was using fair nd white, so white the complete nd the cream is darkening my skin, please what cream can i use to lighting my skin

Josey George

Hi everyone, i just want to say thank you guys for watching and sharing my video, i really appreciate it, i have been get all kind of question about how to mix this cream to your body lotions/creams, i have made a few mins video on my phone on how to mix it.... i just had to make it for you guys so please accept it the one it is i made it off my phone.... thank you so much once again for watching....

Hunadi Mafolo

Hi my dear sister I'm in South Africa where can i buy this cream

Assumpta Vyenna

au drank

Rob Carlos Maynor

Again what store can I buy it from

Darly Tshabalala

For original beneks cream send me a WhatsApp, I am in South Africa. I ship to most countries


Is this permanent

Meka Doe

Self hate. You need help.

lisa washington

ur skin look really nice do u live in canada? if u do where can i get it in canada?cos they don't make this one in American only in african i checked their website msg them they said they don't make that cream

Olivia Queen

I love u so much, dear. Your skin is gorgeous.

Rob Carlos Maynor

Can I order it from online or can I buy it from my local beauty store ?

Kadija Fazerrahman

Dose it work with removing big pores?

menin Bry

Hi Josey george.which store can I find original beneks here in the states.

Dorian Peeples

How long have you been using fashion fair? @joseygeorge


Its disgusting, you silly people. I hope you live to regret this.

Ekwughaa Cynthia

can i use it to lighten my dark feet and knuckles

Matilda Narhdarling

The side effect of fashion fair is it gives stretch marks but it lighten the body

jot jasi

I want this crame plz contact no

Mimi Sibiya

I'm in south africa and can't find thid cream anywhere, help please

Feranmi Foyekemi

Its working for me. I've been using it for years

Pete Cam

Is it an effective remover of dark spots? Most people such as myself have no desire to become white, we just want an even skin tone.

Sahra Ahmed

Wher is the Cream made? Lagos Nigeria or Milan italy?

Ronny Ume

Which lotion do you use to mix it and which soap do you use.

Dawn Harris

Where can I buy I live in De. Also online nd how will I kno its real/authentic fair nd white? Please direct me to a real website for creams,soaps nd lotions,Thanx I Luv Ur Energy! ?

Shanaya Angilee

Hey what lotion can I use with it pleas tell me

Rob Carlos Maynor

Nice thank you by the way u very beautiful can I get to know you ?

Diamond Princess

Thank you so much

Okoye Nneka

Which cream did u mix it with

treasure man

Its not a lighting cream it's for people with skin problem an eczema or itching or rash read the box and instructions the box does not say skin lighting or bleaching or brighten cream don't be fooled how long will it last

barbara tareke

Thanks somuch in god bles

Akiyah Francis

Hey do you buy yours online? If so, from what website? Thanks

Sucy James

can I mix it with Carotone


D cream or d gel which is better? And can i mix it with sure white cream? N how many?

Aisha Issah

Please what is the same of this cream and the lotion. And when can I get it please

Jesus baby Jesus baby

What a SHAME hisssssssssssssssssssss

Happy Joy

Is this Cream in Libya Yes,No.??

skin doctor

Do what makes you happy sweetheart I make organic creams my creams gives 3'4'5'shades and all my products works very well no dark knuckles no dark patches nothing at all I use to be dark but now am white like I was born with the skin
For the fact that you love your skin doesn't mean someone else's loves theirs the way it is everyone wants to change something about them self doesn't mean they are not greatfull to God so you people should stop judging people and for you guys trying to get a flawless glowing skin do it right and stop using harsh chemicals on your skin
Message me if you want to get 3''''''4shades
+234 818 176 8501

Lizzy channel

Please what kind of cream can I mix with

Olivia Queen

Hello, please do u recommend d Fashion fair gel? I want to use it for my dark knuckles.

Bello Iyabo

Can I mix it with qei+ carrot lotion and how many can I mix with the full cream

nikkitwinspin nikki

Can i mix in coconut oil

Celestina Dimeze

Am heading to the market now

tasha little

Is it ok to mix this cream with caro white?

Agnes Nash

Bleaching stuff

Amani kwaje

U so cute ??

Ana Léa

i would like to know what is better between the cream and the gel


Pls where can I get this fashion fair cream....am in Nigeria,Kaduna state to be precise......thanks alot as u reply

D' jolie Femme

Loud... Ahht ahht

Kandi Grey

I mix like 3 with a big bowl of coco butter I’ve been using it for 2 days nothing happening I thought it’s supposed to be fast action please help I want to be light so bad!!!!

Beauty Maks

What lotion do you mix it with?

Rob Carlos Maynor

Hi where can I buy the cream

P. D.

The foundation as in your skin must be healthy too. The complexion is worthless if the base is scared and full of blemishes.

Kadija Fazerrahman

Do you know any effective cure that can remove or reduce face pores? I have it around my nose and cheek:(

david emerald

What a shabby review......

Pertty Berry gold

Send your WhatsApp number

lola tequila

Hi, thanks for the amazing honest review! I got the cream, I’m just wondering does it lighten dark spots? ?

Harris Comfort

How can I get it ?

Lesline Joseph

Can you use this on inner thighs, knees and elbows ?

Wide Awake FullyBloomed

I Want To Order Some Too. Where Can I Order It?

Ronny Ume

What saop do you use.

sandhya ch

Where can we buy that
.can u send me link

Touch Not

I read the comments, too many haters, don’t pay them know mind..... you’ve just earned another sub, keep doing you girl!

peace omobude

Pls what do you recommend I use on my face pls since I can’t use the lotion mix with fashion fair cream??

danii rose

Will try but my lips are black .

Shupikai Zalira

Your energy is dope but this product is too harsh... I dont believe u.

Lyon Faith

Can I miss it with any jergens lotion, or only with jergens aloe

Tracy Hen

Hi what is the colour of the gel in this product

leila thom

how do i know whether is fake or original cz there is a lot of fake cream nowdays

brown D

Please dear... can I mix this benecks cream.with clinic clear cream please

Tina Anthony

Hello dear, I like your video and your complexion. Please what country Does it say on the box that the product is manufactured. Nigeria or Italy? Thanks love

Lerato Prudence Mbamara

Hi this cream any side effect for the body I have mixed it with my cream but I'm getting yellow I'm far but I don'twant to be mach

Vantex skin bleaching cream side effects

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Which is The Best Bleach ? Full Honest Review |In Urdu/Hindi|

389 views | 6 Feb. 2019

Which is The Best Bleach

Which is The Best Bleach ? Full Honest Review |In Urdu/Hindi| Ayesha Bukhari

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Beauty Fan


Adnan 0331

Nice vide0 api

Beauty Fan

Meri request puri krny k ly

Vantex skin bleaching cream side effects

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Bleach Cream For Skin? I Found A Better Alternative!

12 676 views | 24 Mar. 2014

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sasha sangeet

How can I buy it please?

Jason Main

For a man who needed to lighten some acne scars around his body this was a Godsend! Those creams in the stores can be damn expensive!

Stefan Snipes

Bought this for my girl, she loves it! Saved me a packet on the more expensive stuff to lol!

Jessica Fallon

Starting to see results, awesome, thanks for sharing :)

Amanda Dewi

I'm using this on many places on my body, so far seeing good results :)

Triskelion Global

this the real thing nice one =D

sasha sangeet