Under the ski

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Under the Skin TRAILER 1 (2014) - Scarlett Johansson Thriller HD

1 407 616 views | 11 Feb. 2014




Under the Skin TRAILER 1 (2014) - Scarlett Johansson Thriller HD

An alien masquerades as an alluring woman, kidnapping hitchhikers and selling them back home for food.

Marcos Panario

Do yourself a favor. Don't watch this movie.


Some wonderful footage of Scotland.

Nikolas Diquarto

moto madness

Misfits BMX

I hate creepy art students with money

MichaelRowYour BootyShorts

Came here after watching the movie. Can someone explain what they think the motorcycle guy represents?


I feel like A24 is what Miramax used to be.
But everything I have seen from A24 is pretty solid. I did a A24 search on netflix and they have. a crap load f their movies ; )


They Need To Air This More


saw it last night: disturbing, ugly, boring, terrible. Worst movie Scarlett made in my opinion...wonder how anyone could produce such stuff!

Robert Cantspell

This is probably my favorite movie


successor to kubrick? not even close

Ed Rock

Worst movie ever . Don't waste your time

Canis Majoris

the movie is just like the trailer. I doesn't make sense

Sharmin nupur

that was the most interesting and also the most disgusting movie i've ever seen

Dave Htz

This is one of the next generation's SF movies, hypnotic, mind-puzzling, out of regular codes, and this one point the acceptance of other's strangeness, as we are all differents on earth, and aliens are (stated in the movie) all similar in appearence, and that is why she's discovering herself as a unique person, her own identity, slowly, and she needs to accept it because of her new appearance, so this movie is all related with the theme of acceptance other's difference, about racism etc. (no links for alien between appearance - beauty and identity) and the last scene is climax, because of the violence coming from the diffrence we are seeing as humans between us, and the acceptance of unknow, or new living being. So this is the ultimate aliens movie because of the central strangeness theme.


Scarlett looks like Elizabeth Taylor in the '80s in this movie.

Khepri Cauldron

The lesson to be learned from this movie is to never mess with Scotish men... because it won't work out well for you in the end.

atomic mama

this is an amazing film. but, not for everyone.

Wdks 48

A little bit boring but with disturbing and beauty scenes.
Good movie.

Randy White

I’m about to watch this movie for the first time

Kate Loise

The music is haunting


Gonnae watch this cause it wis filmed in Scotland n am Scottish

Fabiola López

De verdad nadie?
Se vio reflejado en el terror de las mujeres al ser atacadas sexualmente?
Con está película se puede sentir y masticar el terror de ser cazada y asesinada peor que un animal.

Radmehr Show

2020 ?


So, a remake of Species then?

Oscar Travis

My god this was an utterly dull and over-rated movie. It's no stars from me

geo linkin

It's a good way to die!  a very good way to die!

Rachel Preston-Drenning

For those of you who do NOT know, this is based on a book by Michael Faber.

Mark Vegar

Extremely impressive trailer. The contrast between an almost amoral being with a forensic purpose, to its becoming human is well exemplified by the audio visuals.

Kyle Hart

Thus movie was a freaky and very entertaining watch! This movie kept me engaged right up to the end! Why is no one talking about this movie! I bought it instantly after renting it lol it's one of my all time favorites

Andrés Jimbo

No la vean, es un desperdicio de tiempo, a menos que la vean por ver a la escultural Scarlett Johansson, solo busquen sus escenas, porque la trama es malísima

Uchiha Aizen

Wtf man this a24 makes some.of the best movies evah

Entoy The Dragon

This movie is trying real hard.

That foo Ace

Plot: Wtf/10
Tiddies: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/10


Don't watch this with your parents

Ahamd Nabeezada

This movie will never gets old very artistic not easy to make movies like this


Wow!!!! I want to see this! It looks stunning!

Ryan Ramos

This movie is absolute trash. I had my father in law over and put this movie on because it was highly praised. I apologized for wasting 1:48 of his life.


Guys, I just have one question. Is it fun to watch?

To Explore By Subin Thodupuzha


Buck Schneider

This movie drags on for too long


She's an alien.


it´s like a lost special of black mirror ..... easily one of the best movies in many decades


i truly enjoyed this movie... the ending just proved how shitty humanity is.

juan pablo nicolas giancola

quiero saber que quisooooo decir este director con esta pelicu,laaaaaaaaa

Mike Vellon

Blackwidow playing as alien whos a Blackwidow that really acts like a blackwidow

Brother Seamus

I’m so startled


this is gonna be on a hidden gem list and get more popular in the 2030s

Joss Cues

A total rip off of the film Species.

Raymond Paenga

I think the movie is very disturbing but maybe that's the way it's meant to be alrighty then weirdos

Audio Fella

I only recently discovered this film, it was excellent, but if you have the attention span of a baboon you probably won't enjoy it!!!! I would say try going into it with an open mind which I know is a lot to ask of people these days. And god damn Scarlett Johansson is hot as HELL!! I definitely would have been harvested!!!


Great film.. and i still don't think i could resist following her even though i know what would happen now i've seen it ?

ObeyMe Yaser

Who else is here after Billie’s video ‘not my responsibility’ video

Kylo Ren

This movie was super creepy. The music really adds to that.

An Outlaw's Redemption

Terrible movie. No doubt the liberals will call if "art". It's horrible. Don't bother

Emanuel Garcia

A24?? Yes!

Apache Sakai

a low budget & bad story movie, what make people watch is Scarlett nude body

Mr Amin

The moral of story is : never tell strangers that you’re alone or far from your family/friends, because they may take an advantage of you

matthew stapon

dont watch this

Eric L


Perry Taylor

Who’s here from the Victoria Monet music video “Moment” which is a banger btw?

Davey Hudson

Anyone read the book by Michel Faber?


well Scarlett that peace of rubbish didn't help your career did it.just weird

Nathaly Mora

Great movie... in one word =succubus

Robb's Roads

This is a boring, ridiculous, awful movie. Don't believe any positive reviews you read

Chris C

Godly. Glad Netflix got their hands on this.

Ryan Ramos

People who like this trash, like the smell of their own farts.


A weird movie for sure. Not sure if it „speaks“ to me but worth watching for sure.

Riley Freeman #JP

Movie was so boring I regret giving it a watch smh


you'll hate this movie if you can't comprehend or examine every scene. stick to your teeny bopper avengers.

Edgar Nello

I wanted to watch this but its weird. It looks like those movies that try to be all artsy by showing you weird things and sounds and stuff.

Maisie Mais

This, lucy and ghost in the shell.

Joshua LEao

Waste of time TRUST ME

Asmawi Hangsor

Woww scarlet minute 1.75

Ser Tristan Dartois Muller


To Explore By Subin Thodupuzha

For good videos
My channel

War Child

Mind blowing kaka movie nuff said sux like ozzy ozbulkaka

Vanlalruata Pachuau

I dont get this movie

FoundingFather’sinmyblood Killenemyoffreedom

Omg!❤️The human in the end —how he carried her over the puddle of water!

??‍♀️? He’ll be a nice snack for later?

Cody Oak

This movie was the closest feeling I had to watching 2001 A Space Odessy for the first time

Buttered Lumps

Watched this entire movie and still don't understand anything in it...


I did not understand the plot in this movie at all, the second I thought I had it, I didn’t

O. Guimarães



Probably the best score I’ve ever heard.


Just watch "enemy" and people was talking about this movie had a correlation or somn so let's see.

Ian S. Mozdzen

This was a fantastic film. Thank you.


I l her she is the most important actress in the last 440 years just amazing all my love scarlet to you and yours at this time love and hart's light cxxx ? ? ? ? ? hedgemoon witch fiery cxxx UK ??

Constantina Mylona

So Kubrick in some shots

FoundingFather’sinmyblood Killenemyoffreedom

Nice to see a woman (alien) with meat on her bones❤️??

Nor Fadzilah

habis dr calon sarjana


1:35 Wanderer above the Sea of Fog


If you like this movie, you have to watch "Border" (Sweden 2018). Both exceptional movies and settings.

Edward Hernandez

Ralph the movie maker.

Dark Nite

Why did the guy that helped Scarlett in the bus take her all the way to a castle to "mingle"? ? He tried to be all romantic I guess....lol

Dark Nite

I will always think twice before getting into a white van driven by a beautiful woman...lol

Mahmoud Alshenawy


Vishavjeet Sahota

hindi me ja kya

Cody Gearheart

This movie was one of those movies that you could take several screenshots from and people would think each shot was from something different. I was just blown away.

Black Dog

Um baita filme!!! ❤

Gringo Amigo

Not a movie for everyone, really. It's great for those who are into filmmaking or serious about it, or just the cinematography. If you're a big MCU fan or something similar, steer clear of this one.


Black widow is actually alive and in a secret mission to seduce all men

Under the ski

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Under the Skin FILM ANALYSIS

297 501 views | 28 Jul. 2014


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Under the Skin Analysis

Here are a few things I took away from the film "Under the Skin." I will not be discussing some of the social commentary the film presents because I believe it is up to the audience to figure those things out on their own. A film is meant to be interpreted by different people in different ways, so I will not be telling you what the film means.


In Scotland, a motorcyclist retrieves a young woman's body from the side of a road and places her in the back of a van. In a featureless white void, a naked woman strips the woman and dons her clothes.

The woman drives the van around Scotland, picking up men on the street. She brings them to her apartment — a black, featureless void — where the men follow her into darkness and find themselves submerged in an abyss of liquid. Their bodies vanish, leaving empty skins behind, and their innards are sucked away into a distant red light.

At a beach, the woman attempts to pick up a male swimmer. He tries to save a drowning couple, but almost drowns himself. Ignoring the cries of the couple's infant son, the woman strikes the swimmer's head with a rock, drags him to the van, and drives away. The motorcyclist retrieves the male swimmer's belongings and abandons the child.

After the woman seduces a lonely, sexually inexperienced man with facial neurofibromatosis disfigurement, she allows him to escape and flees to the Scottish highlands. The motorcyclist intercepts the man and bundles him into a car, then sets out across Scotland in pursuit of the woman.

The woman goes to a restaurant and attempts to eat cake, but gags and spits it out. At a bus stop, she meets a man who brings her home, cooks her dinner, and gives her a room. She examines her naked body in a mirror. She visits a ruined castle with her companion and they kiss. At his house, they begin to make love, but she stops and apparently examines her vagina, alarmed.

Wandering in a forest, the woman takes shelter in a bothy. She is awakened by a commercial logger who attempts to rape her. In the struggle, he tears skin from her back, revealing a black, featureless body beneath. She extricates herself from her superficial skin and attempts to run, but the logger douses her in petrol and sets her on fire. Her ashes coil into the sky.

Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson

Film Analysis

Jonathan Glazer




Opening Scene

Beach Scene


My family and I watched this on a bootleg. Got tired of it because nobody was talking the whole movie, skipped around and started laughing hysterically when she was in that black room flailing around like a balloon

Arjun Chawla

Is the soundtrack for this movie posted anywhere

Karl Dicker

I love scarlett's hair style in the movie,very 1980s in my opinion.


I’d like to say I love films, but I did not like this one. I understood it fine but it just wasn’t for me.

Ivan Kolić

There is not a single shot in this movie that is wasted film, every shot has meaning and propels the movie forward.

Nathalie Mac

180,000 people go missing in the UK every year! Let that sink in...


Ignoring the political (well, vegan, or at least critical of meat consumption) meaning from the novel to keep the film's mystery is I guess the expected move from film enthusiasts... but yeah, it's a shame cause you'd be actually able to go deeper into the significations of the film.

Anonymously Unknown

It's strange but I enjoyed it

Ryan Hohman

quit trying to troll, kid


i just watched this based on your reccomendation - i absolutely loved this movie so thankyou


Anyone else getting Jumanji vibes from this film? They could run almost parallel to one another and the same beats would appear at all the major moments. Man I love Jumanji.


@ralphthemoviemaker I know you don’t GAF but I really appreciated this analysis ? I understand so much more now and will definitely be giving it another watch in the future with this new knowledge. Cheers.

The Godson

I watched it and it was pretty great. I have PTSD now though

Albert Chehade

Nah.....not for me....
I am sure it is a great flick, but it's far too D & M for my liking.
Thanks for the upload though, thumbs up!

Karl Johnsen

It's not about aLIEns - it's about psychopaths in charge HERE.

The Devs

ScarJo is a h o t alien.


Read the book!

Tomas M

"...and for the most part I have no idea what the fuck these people were saying " HA ha ...rough Scottish accent. I am sure that was intentional.

derek laveau

G00D M0vie -- which scarlett will make another like this

LegoLad Gaming

Interesting i at first thought the woman in the beginning was just a hooker who was attacked and or murdered in that area but the aliens are able to copy and locate such throwaway people to use their bodies. But urs sounds better. I was sad when she was brutally set on fire and when she left the baby on the beach....alone. BTW I really think those scenes when she's talking to random guys while in her van are real. One of them even looks like he suspects he's actually talking to scarlett johansen or maybe they used someone else to ask the questions and later put in scarlett

Dianoia Noesis

This and Her I loved those films


I watched it with subs the whole time so I didn’t feel too foreign when the native Scottish folk started talking.
I honestly wasn’t sure I understood the message the movie was telling until I saw this video.

J - Dog

Its amazing how they made this movie feel so real and raw but still had mind bending sci-fi throughout

Johnny Johnny

Thanks bro. When it's explained it's so obvious. A real "why didn't I think that of that?" moment. Just saw it and didn't know what the fuck was going on, but then again I've long suspected that I'm dumb lol

Angelo Mordini

I hate that she died


I'm 1 minute in and you already have stated the obvious half a dozen times as if you are the only person to have ever watched a difficult film. Also you haven't read the book and yet you know that the movie has almost nothing to do with the book? Right. I'm done here. lol

Shoot Me Reviews

I've reviewed the movie as well. Please have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4VTlJp3Egk&feature=youtu.be

I think you've mostly understood the film correctly, but ultimately I didn't think there was any real substance to it.

Combed Autumn

I was really disappointed in it cos I didnt understand it, and im dubious as to it having some deep philosophical meaning. I think its all... for show. But let's see what you have to say about it.
OK so you also think its entirely shallow philosophically. This scene demonstrates human kindness, this scene demonstrates humans at their worst... wow deep lol ? and what the hell was that I read soneone say the ending will haunt you for months afterwards... i kept watching the credits thinking... it must still be coming... and it never did. And why the fuck was that dude rounding up random naked dudes at their houses? Were they supposed to be the people she drowned in her black goo who were then returned to earth or some shit? Alien bounty hunter? This movie was like a cross between critters, species, a cure for wellness and train fucking spotting ffs lol. Next on my list of wierd movies is the lobster, I hope that's better. Overall 5.5 out of 10.

Monty Wolfe

I think the use of Scotland as a backdrop was totally intentional.... because it is a very foreign-sounding version of English while still being English... The market for the film is English speaking countries, but the heavy accent would still give an added distance to it all.


Looks like diversity wasn't her strength

Daniel Harty

This analysis was great. I read the book and yeah it was totally different, a lot more literal in many ways, but the movie let's you enjoy the world again from a different perspective


11:28 hes saying "Govan", a town out not too far outside Glasgow city centre. was quite surprised how the real actors in this movie do really look like a lot of the people I see in Glasgow and more working class parts of scotland, could have easily chose any actor at all and people outside of scotland wouldnt have noticed

Alexandre Alves

She lets the deformed man go because as she looks into the mirror and watches the trapped fly, she comes to realize that she IS the deformed man, a fly trapped in a deformed body.

Jocelyn Jigsby

I love hidden meanings and metaphors and sci fi imagination things but this film dragged nasty. I actually fell asleep. And struggled to finish it. The only thing that kept me watching was Scarlett getting naked. Period. If it was some no name actress this movie would have been garbage

Scousie Red

I bought it on a whim because the box said 'nudity' but actually this is one of my favourite films.

Chris Reed

Hats off to the reviewer. This is a movie and not a book. I judge movies by how they stick in my head. It's a visual thing. This definitely stuck in my head. I watched 'Prometheus' recently and realised an hour in I had seen it before and forgotten it. Thanks for your insights I will watch it again. And that Glasgow thing! I worked in Scotland with Scots around and in Glasgow for 10 years and loved the Scots and Scotland. But as a place, Glasgow is a bit like it's own planet which is why it is such a powerful enduring city, and all a stones throw from the woods and the mountains. On a motorbike you could go from central Glasgow to the Isle of Arran in under 2 hours and that is with 55m on the ferry. I went there and bikers do it as a day out. Her being impervious to the setting until the end is important. As is the logger as a rapist. https://www.visitscotland.com/destinations-maps/arran/


After read the plot of the novel and the plot of the movie they are the same. Its follows the book exactly but with a more subtle and artistic aproach with all the images, colour, surrealism and noir. while the book (although I not red yet) from the synopsis seems more gory simple science fiction.


k now i understand it but i still hate it, just because it's confusing doesn't mean it's a masterpiece.



please anyone......if im extremely impressed with this masterpiece, what else similar would you recommend?


What’s the song at 13:34

A. I. L

It's so bizarre to me that you can't understand Scots, while we can understand you perfectly. Scarlett seems to be responding intelligently to it, I did think they must have given her some time to adapt to it. You didn't miss much btw, most of it is directions, some Galsgow landmarks like Ibrox Stadium and Govan (not "Scotland")

Kerrin White

I always watch movies with subtitles so I definitely lost that non-understanding aspect of the language, so thanks for bringing that to light!


To be honest, I was looking forward to watch this movie but when I finally did I was kind of disappointed. The idea is very interesting, the acting is great just as the cinematography and the soundtrack is also very good but it lacked substance. And yeah I know, it's all about the social commentary, the themes and the symbolism etc but that should always ADD to an already existing story and not be a replacement for a lack of plot. I like the movie but it would've been way better with more story.

Kyra C

Hey this video is amazing!! I have several questions though. Where is the beginning scene taking place? The one where Scarlett takes the clothes of the alien woman? Since it’s a white background, we know it’s not in the house where she takes men too. Is it in the back of the van? Is it in a place devoid of structure and reality? And her black void, can that be activated only when she’s in the house? How was she able to let the man go once he was sucked into the floor? I’m sorry I just have so many questions.

Josh Robinson

This analysis really gave me a better appreciation for this film, especially the bit featuring the male alien checking scarletts eyes for any kind of depth. Great video.

Cornelius Wells

Read the book, it explains it in the correct way.


Use the word "sympathize" instead of saying "grow sympathy for." "She starts to sympathize with them" instead of "she starts to grow sympathy for them."

one day ill be successful

Ralph’s film of the decade, this one. I gave it a watch after watching his 2010’s best/worst video. I enjoyed this film.

merdemoiii -

I just have finished it, and what I took from it is that because she questioned her purpose and what her clear motive was, she died. She was there to feast, she was being watched by the biker dudes who I’m sure are aliens too the bikers make sure she does what she needs. But because she is shown care and love, she begins to live and throughout the film becomes more and more emotional and aware of her film. It’s kind of tragic, and I love how the planet is made to look so cold and scary and amazing, she finds calm in the earth, not In people really which is why she runs away from the guy. She’s alone and we feel that loneliness. We’re alone with her until she isn’t anymore, but it’s sad she meets her end as alone and afraid as she’s felt for the majority of the film. But at least the biker guy didn’t end up using her body for a new alien.

Francois Menard

Glasgow accent is hard to understand,but great movie

Spud Matix

The guys Scar Jo picks up were initially filmed with a hidden camera to get an authentic reaction from passerbys and THEN they were paid and asked if they will do the next scene

King Of The Fleetians

This is the only modern movie to actually scare me at points. And I'd like to think Scarlet Johansson just literally couldn't understand the Scotts

Mike Mroczkowski

To me the biggest theme is that beauty is skin deep. All the men in the movie see her beauty and desire her. She is empty inside but they don't care. Even the deformed man and the one that tried to help her, both tried to sleep with her. The man at the end, that took her in, knew something was wrong with her but still couldn't stop himself from trying to sleep with her.

riccardo namroc

Further to the alien developing human feelings: The encounter with the deformed man begins around the middle of the film. When she tells him "I'm lost, really," this is more than a ploy, at least saying more than she knows; she's already begun transitioning between worlds. Similarly, during the seduction, he asks twice "Dreaming?" and she replies, "Yes....Yes, we are" - a kind of shared, lucid dreaming which I took as a clue to the viewer. Re-watching the film as a dreamscape repaid my time.

Barkat Dhanji

Good movie. Kind of a bad analysis of it.


I enjoyed your analysis of the movie up to the point where you start playing identity politics and say it's kind of "fitting" that her boss is a man. Too obvious and literal interpretation when the whole point of the movie is to make you challenge and deconstruct those stereotypes. I'd say the movie PLAYS with those stereotypes but it also provokes you to go much further, and that's what it is really good at. Scarlet Johansson is not playing the part of a woman, she's playing the part of an alien dressed with the skin of a woman. And I also don't believe her boss is neither a boss or a man, it's just another alien doing its part of a job. It's in this tension between what they are and what they are not and what they might be that the movie strives. It even undermines our movie stereotype of "alien", in the end we don't get to understand if the aliens are good or evil, which represents the extreme opposite of the typical good Vs evil Hollywood formula.


I love that “I don’t understand what these people are saying most of the time with these accents”
Me: Should I be worried I understood word for word!!! ?


Great review. Curious as to whether some scenes are literal or possibly purely symbolic or metaphorical. Like the men descending into the pool of black liquid. Works equally well as an elegant display of hyper-advanced alien tech, as it does as a metaphoric representation of descent into the oblivion of lust.

Don't Read My Profile Picture

Why this video won't play it keeps buffering.

Blue Patch1413

I see MK ultra in her eyes

Angel Yotov

I dont think the girls are Aliens like the motor-man more like bio-machines of some sort doing their dirty work

Cigol Zëlev

This film is the answer. We just need to find the question.

Ben Rogers

Why can she walk down the stairs at the beginning of the movie but needs help at the castle?

Ritvij Tiwari

Maybe she came from hell (hellish world?)?


The meat being sucked out of humans is actually food for Scarlette’s alien species on her home world (it’s in the book).
It’s a high priced delecacy. Like shark fin or whale meat, they eat the insides of humans and see it as a rare type of food.


I think the most amazing part about this movie is that Scarlett Johansson, one of the most recognizable and famous actresses on the planet, was so convincing in her role that nobody said "Holy shit is that Scarlett Johansson"


This movie was the opposite of scary or emotional. It was whack af.

Currentlylocated Nanjing.



How is Scottish English considered to be English?

P St

This movie lso deals with the question of what humanity as a social term means. And it is the viewer who has to answer it by being the alien and watching humans like watching animals.


Im really happy that i felt the same as you feel with this flick, other than the fact im from North England and could understand what the people were saying...so, yeah


I think movies should stand on their own, without explanation, so if you don't understand the story then maybe it's not for you. I don't understand 'Lucy', it makes no sense. But this movie with Scarlett was epic & had a few story arcs you could follow. One for example is with the human meat collection you mention .. maybe the meat was thrown away or burnt in the red furnace, & they kept the skins which they wore. Anyway, good synopsis.

Angelo Mordini

The guy with the disfigured face was let free right?


Man the people she was talkin to in the movie are just regular people she encountered on her way

Douglas Milton

Very good video, and thanks, but if as you say, you haven't read the book, then why do you go on to assert, several times, that the film has nothing to do with the book? How would you know? And anyway, what's the big deal? If you've been blown away, as I was, by the film, you absolutely should read Michel Faber's brilliant novel. I mean, without the book, there would have been no film. And it opens up the film in so many ways. Not trying to be picky, loved your analysis, but I really think book and film are entwined in perhaps a rather rare fashion. Like, say, A Clockwork Orange. Your thoughts?

Robin Fox

I loved it! It's the most scary film I have ever watched.

Vassilis Gonis

I don't think she is an alien. She is a carbon based android, with self developing AI, that has been developed by meat providers when pork and bovine became scarce. The thing that is the most dreadful in the film is when you realize what people are fed with. No wonder our hormones are going crazy after eating meat.It comes from sexually aroused men, who are pumped with testosterone at the moment. ;-)

sammy's tank

Just watched this movie today. This analysis was really helpful and eye opening. Thanks Ralph!

Marc Valley

I watched the film with subtitles and I realise now that it would've been better if I didn't. Not knowing what the fuck these people were saying, would've made the experience even better.

What other film manages to do that?!?!

Support Mass Censorship, use YouTube in anyway.

Interesting. The Hollywood Pedophiles have interesting ways to entertain Sheeppeople.

William Crownin

This was a great episode of Star Trek rewritten for the cinema.

Alexander Nairanovski

This movie is not about aliens. It is about clones and cloning facilities that produce human-like people, who are alienated: Elizabeth queen, Vladimir Putin and other scums ;-)

Santiago Mendoza

qué buen análisis, muchas gracias.


Just like you analysis of the Lobster this made me appreciate the film A LOT more. Thanks!

Julio Sanchez

Great analysis

John Davidson

I watched this film but couldn’t watch to the end. It should of been a black comedy but there was not enough humour. An Alien race needing human flesh, a horror film trying to satisfy sci-fi fans and gore at the same time. The problem with the film from what I saw was “artistic license “ being allowed to deviate from fact for shock value. No I don’t respect it, it’s lazy film making. I found it totally incredulous aiming at shock value with no content or direction.


0:36 If you haven't read the book, then how do you know it veers far away from it????

Scousie Red

I love how the subtitles for the Scots are wrong.
This is set in Glasgow, Glasgee to locals. The guy doesn't say he's from Scotland, he says he's from Govan, part of Glasgow. The other guy gives directions past Asda (a shop) and Ibrox, the local stadium in Govan.


The narrator keeps commenting on the aliens wanting the humans meat. I don’t think it’s the meat the aliens are concerned with...it’s the skin they’re harvesting so they can disguise more aliens.


Johansson gets naked in this movie? Guess I better buy my blu ray copy now then get slammed in the head by a rock

yung miggle

Can anyone explain why some shots went on for so long? Especially the one at 1:24


Yea I turned on subtitles the moment I heard the first guy speak



Moses Mfinanga

Man you just made my day... The fact that you couldn't understand some of the accents... Expose yourself to different people, accents and forms of English, as a film reviewer, you'll love it, and benefit a whole lot.... BTW, I'm Tanzanian mate, but I made out about 99% of all the things said in that movie... explore....

Hip to be square

3:40 I would also say that the ant represents not just the unexpected nature of Scarlett Johansson’s character, but how the aliens work as a species. Ants themselves, while having the appearance of them being weak and fragile because of them being so small and insignificant to the rest of the world, are actually surprisingly strong for their size, lifting up to 5000 times there body weight to gather nourishment and sustenance for the colony, all hive minded and answering to the Queen only. And there are many different kinds, some can even kill you if you don’t know what they’re capable of and you get in their path. One seems insignificant, but a whole colony of them are truly dangerous, and usually you don’t see the rest of the colony until you’re up close to it, and see just how many there really are. It’s a perfect metaphor for the aliens, keeping their nest hidden and making the audience believe that there’s only just a couple out there but who knows how many aliens are walking the earth. You could also argue that the view point of the ant is the same view point of these men, who don’t fully grasp the capability of what this woman can do to them, leading them closer to becoming one with the queen.

I saw this film like a week ago and I can’t get it out of my head lol

Alle Rhie

the start of the movie had her trying to speak... i thought she was teaching someone to speak


This is one of my favorite (really favorite, not hyperbole) films, and you do it justice. Thank you and appreciate your insights. The novella is good too. I recommend it.

Felton Gailey

Even if you happen not to like this movie, you can still respect it.

Jaden Van Hess

I just watched this movie last night. I was so confused by it when I was done and I didn’t think much of it after I moved on to something else. However, when I was laying in bed, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the film and what I had seen... This movie is a masterpiece.

vincent johnson

imust admit, i was compltely blown and frustrated at the end of this movie , because i absolutely had no idea what the hell i had just watched .. i only watched it because of " her" ... i immediately ran to youtube after the movie ended, and i chose your video out of the other options that popped up and im glad i chose yours. your breakdown helped make the movie sensible to me and i plan to rewatch it because of your explanation. thanks for this . much appreciated

Under the ski

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Under the Skin - Movie Review

217 595 views | 19 Apr. 2014


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisStuckmann

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Chris_Stuckmann

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.chrisstuckmann.com

Chris Stuckmann reviews Under the Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson. Directed by Jonathan Glazer.

Marko Posavec

I did not know this was a alien sci-fi film at all when I pressed play. Imagine my surprise when her skin got torn... Oh so that's what all those weird scenes were about. Awesome film!

Rosie E

I almost cried with the baby scene. Honestly horrid feeling watching that poor baby.

Shannon F-L

I’m studying this film in my A Level Film Studies class! Totally agree with this review! :D


What a boring ass movie

Enrico Vendrametto

It really drifts away from Faber's book. And that's good.

Charles Bronson

I had to come here just to understand this type of movie. I felt like a deer in headlights.

Tobin Hays

I thought this was one of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen. It was emotional, disturbing, fascinating, and the more I learn about it, the more I like it. I think this will go down as an all-time great film.




This is one of the few films that can be described as a masterpiece after a first viewing. Usually, masterpieces take some time to be recognized as such. Not this one.


This film would have made a great half-hour Twilight Zone episode.....


Almost 6 years since I saw this film, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Fucking masterpiece.

Tania Haeussler

She was searching for a mate on earth, or just luring men to be killed and processed into "meaty parts"?...


In regards to the accents that were tough to follow with the non-actors, at first I felt the same way you did. But I think having no subtitles and that audio made us feel like the main character, thrown into the middle of a foreign place, learning and observing humanity and people. I thought it was extremely effective at making us feel like an alien thrown into a foreign place.

Rain Dog

How did they manage to get a guy with a disfiguring disease to literally get the piss taken out of him in a movie? These are the same people who support LGBTQ and defend against hate that transexuals experience.. It's a strange thing the npc's deem socially acceptable. I've seen similar in many other tv shows and movies.

Jackie U

So, let me get this straight... They didn't tell a man with a facial deformity, and one that he was clearly embarrassed about at that, that he was being filmed and put in a movie? Fuuuuuuuck the entire crew of this movie... Instant -5 stars. ? That's so fucking cruel.

Borden Webb-Brown

Love this movie


Watched this a year ago , not knowing anything about this film... It's still on my mind! Masterpiece!

Home O'Lone

It's crazy to think they weren't real actors she was picking up so what if one of them took it too far and tried it on with her? That could have gone badly

Blackbird Productions

This was a such a great movie to look at. I tried describing the plot to my family, but I just couldn't make the words and I enjoy that as odd as it sounds. Really, I don't think you can call this a movie it's something you experience

orgone generator

This film haunted me like no other

Jen 33

This one definitely got stuck in my head. It does make me ponder about several issues, seeing our world from her eyes. Scotland looked like a 3rd world place in this film though, strangely.

Danny Quill

Amazing movie.

Myron Achtman

This movie still sits in my books as the worst movie I've ever seen.

Yesnier Merced

i honestly thought this is SUPER pretentious. the boredom i felt watching this movie cannot really be compared to anything else i've ever seen. it felt like a it was 4 hours long.

M a i

The accents made the themes of alienation and isolation even stronger


I didn’t like this movie. Even after watching videos of people explaining it, I understand the movie, but it was so boring, and trying to say too much. So much has no meaning but then everything had a meaning. Again I understand everything about the movie, maybe I wasn’t in the right headspace watching it? Maybe it just was too different from everything else? Idk i just didn’t enjoy the movie, I didn’t feel anything from it

Edit: it’s been 24 hours since I’ve watched it, and still feel the same about it, maybe it’s because I didn’t care about Scarlett? Like from the beginning I knew she wasn’t necessarily good? Like I knew she wasn’t normal, so I didn’t care too much about her, and throughout the movie I didn’t have much feeling towards her, I was more focused on some big understanding of it all. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the beauty in it, but also I still didn’t enjoy it

AC Gang

Nah bro I don't buy it that movie was garbage and I just be nice

prince mukbang

I loved it ❤️

The NBA Storyteller

not understanding everything those guys said seemed to be the point - it seemed like language, itself wasn't really important. from the beginning when we hear her learning how to speak, till the clip of the comedian not saying real words

aaron biglow

Stellar review of one of my favorite movies. Definitely an amazing film!

A001 Afif Farheen

This movie is for those people who see a cloud and over analyze it to a point you start seeing bambi in there

Xavier M

Their letting the disclosure out I see slowly but surely

Romans 8:9

How true is that info about the non-actors? Seems hard to believe they wouldn´t recognise one of the most famous actresses in the world, even with the changed look.


This film is a work of art, pure and simple. It's science fiction filmmaking at its most sublime. But man oh man, is it creepy.


Wait wait......they basically do a bangbus thing with Scarlett Johansson???

Sherlock Bond

One of the only fitting reviews of this masterpiece on YT. I know this was done a long time ago, but bravo, nonetheless!

Charlie Sierra

Johansson's best movie ever.

Abu Fares

Disappointed I use to hear from your reviews allways but this movie is kind of slow and boring the actress did a good job but still boring it deserve C maximum. From my opnion

harold sherwood

it was bad.

Andrew Clunie

The only theme you mention is Human's perception of beauty ??

Nathan Resick

I'm fucking annoyed Chris convinced me to watch this... an hour and half into this pretentious trash pile and literally nothing has happened other than scarlet driving around and picking up hitchhikers. Literally. That is all that has happened. This movie is pretentious garbage.

chanel henderson

I just couldnt with this film i was like wtf i didnt even finish it

Damon Hazelwood

Great film!!!


I was lucky enough to watch this movie knowing absolutely nothing about the movie other than Scarlett Johansson was in it. It was an incredible experience, even having to figure out that she was an alien part way through.

rafa montana

I didn't realize her breast and butt were so nice, beautiful women

Currentlylocated Nanjing.

yea Great Movie there

Dave Balmada

It's a movie that leaves you with a feeling of unease that's hard to describe. I think the essential part of the movie is the music. Sometimes I play that Spotify playlist and feel like I'm in a horror movie.

Gregory Mandara

It wasn't for me. I thought it was the most boring piece of shit ever made. What ever happened to dialogue? Self absorbed, artsy fartsy crap... Yup, PRETENTIOUS. I got so bored I shut it off. The main character doesn't have any real lines, or a personality, and somehow Chris thinks this is a good thing. Not impressed at all.

Shel ATGmail

Thank you


i loved this movie so much


It’s a dark film. The way they leave that baby to cry just for a movie is unethical. The baby doesn’t know he is a character in a movie. He looks genuinely confused and scared.

Bruce Luber

They should have remained an art-house short of about 15 minutes

Alexander Troelstrup

I honestly think the most terrifying thing imaginable is that a greater intelligence can just abduct us and kill us and we wouldn't even comprehend what's happening. This film definitely struck that chord. What bothers me about the plot though is that scarlets character ostensibly gets totally lost after running out of gas in her van... I was like REALLY?? ... as if this intelligent species didn't have the capacity for a backup plan. If I missed something please enlighten me.


This is a modern day masterpiece.


Absolute masterpiece of film and sound. Unforgettable stuff.

Duarte Vader

The pacing was a little slow for me, but the movie was almost perfect.

Don White

It bothers me that so many people really need to watch this movie again, since they think she is playing an "alien". --- She is an alien construct, a manufactured synthetic programmed to do bad things by an actual alien, but who rejects the predator programming after her experiences amongst us. Unfortunately, it's programming and physicality does not allow it to be a part of anything, and it never stands a chance, despite it's awakening. - Under The Skin It is not what we have been conditioned to accept as a movie, and it's easy to see why it is compared to 2001 in that aspect, although that's not an accurate take. . Months later, I decided to watch it again, having caught bits of 'she plays an alien' so many times, it stuck in my craw.

Jay Sony

This movie was a surreal piece of shit. It didn’t get Under My Skin, it got On My Nerves . . . .

Ryan Ramos

That movie was god awful. Lazy and boring. It shocked me that it had such a big following. I like how he said Scarlett was a great actress for playing a boring emotionless alien. Doesn't take much skill to do that

freddy mabule

6 years later, I try watching the film and was annoyed by the sound effects(annoying sound frequency).

Halfway through the movie I stopped.

Fabio Cataldo

hahahahahaha this movie sucks guys omg..... how people can enjoy such a trash like this?


I loved it when it came out. I just watched it again. I loved it even more. One of my favorite movies. I just can't look away. Amazing cinematography.


I like most of your reviews but this one had me bored. I liked the way Scarlet Johansson could tell a story with just facial expressions, but I needed more substance and more dialog. I didn't like it because of the slow pace, the lack of dialog and the ability to bore me. I always love Scarlet so I would give it a D.

Sentinel Ex

I finally convicted myself to give this movie a try. I had already spoiled myself seeing the ending and some clips, but I was curious to see anyway. I gotta say tho Scarlet my God she is such a beautiful woman and I'm glad they got her for the part. Idk if it's just me or not but I felt as if they were trying to give a message. The part where she came across the man with a deformity. I thought it was interesting she showed interest in the man with a deformity despite the abductions of men. Poor guy has never had a gf or any friends due to his image, but it took an alien to show interest in him and give him the pleasure to feel her beauty. I sensed a message of how we shouldn't treat each other based on how we look. Just my thought about that part. The second message is the ending. The man wanted to rape her because of her beauty. The alien was met with the ugliest of men. A man forcing himself on her. But once he noticed she wasn't a real woman. He fled but later came back to burn her. Its like as if they were showing another message. Its just skin that we wear over our body. It's like we mostly want what's on top instead of underneath. But underneath we are more. We have emotions. We're not just an image. And in the movie the aliens want what's underneath our skin and leave the skin behind. It's crazy!? Humans are attracted to what's on top and the aliens want our insides. Also I really enjoyed the movie more once it became aware of how it looked and wondered off. Having no clue how we humans interact. The part where Scarlet is facing in the mirror nude really shows something. Her beauty. The skin. It's all skin in the end. FYI Scarlett is just stunning too look at. After the alien attempted to have sex with the man I knew wouldn't work. I thought it was funny, but also sad. I'm sorry I know I've typed so much but here's my summary and conclusion. An alien with a beautiful body/skin is forced by its race to lure men. Once it steps out of line it wonders off not knowing anything much about our world. Our way of life and how we go through happiness. For a little bit it looked like it wanted to live the way we do. Eat food. Listen to music. Watch TV. Explore. Even have intimacy. Love? Lol I knew the sex scene wasn't gonna work because its likely it doesn't have a vagina. The man made a hole in the skin. But I thought it was sad because in the end the alien could never be one of us. It never found prosperity from its own species or the humans. Later met with fate of burning to ash after a man saw it's TRUE form. Man didn't want that man wanted its skin. Poor being couldn't fit in anywhere. Thats my view. Now I feel like we as humans should be thankful how we look no matter what because others may have it worse. We should all find love and joy with one another. What matters the most is what's inside. Not always about the looks.

Erika L Garcia

"A" way to generous for this film.

VinchenzVinchenz VFP-III

CHRIS !!!!!! ??????????????It SCARED The ?Outta me and Yes "2001" was PHENOMENAL But BUT BUT but ..... Jeezzzzzz..... I WAS NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING like THIS !!!! The "Fatal Attraction" movie ? of 2020 AND BEYOND.... Ohhhhh btw it's Sun. Oct 25, 2020???????AND I PURCHASED it !!!! I Think Adam was BRILLIANT !!!! TombStone is my #1 but???? under the skin is now my Numero UNO !!!!! In 2020?BUT BUT but but but why???? United States of America OFFICIAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JET FIGHTER Footage VERIFIED ? VIDEO ??????????? YEAHHHHH ??????? Think about THIS for just 2.654389 seconds !!!!! ?????????????????YeAP !!!!!
And Ohhhhhh my ?GOD ; with covid too?, people HORNIER than E. V. E. R. ?????????and the ? MOVIE ? doesn't explain this to much BUT the 1st victim was a CHICK !!!!!! ??????????????No sex for me for ...........????......mmmmmmmmm........ give me a minute........ mmmmmmmmm......???

Ethan Perriera

I'm still haunted by this movie. It's menacing in a way I've never experienced before. Classic.

Ryan Ramos

Am I the only person that hated this movie? I thought 2002 Spider was the worst movie I have seen, but this took the cake? Anyone else think Under The Skin was an over hyped piece of trash?


Anyone else feel bad for the alien at the end?

Disciple of Ole

It's creepy. Truly.

Kristofer Paul

I watched a really good analysis by Ralph the Moviemaker that posited that the times that you couldn't understand the "foreign" dialogue was meant to put you in the position of the alien. You know the language but that it's different than actually being immersed in it.


When I saw it, all the way though I found it utterly frustrating because I didn't know what she was was doing. Who she was was a mystery and there didn't seem to be a true north...but that's what made it special. It was on my mind for days, simply because I couldn't figure out the narrative of the film maker, the motivation. And as a result the indecision within me is proof that I had been affected. One seen that I'll always remember is the abandoned and baby crying on the beach, it took me out of the film and I wondered how the parents must have agonized over the the duration of the take...yet an alien might not have had the sensibility to comfort the baby being from somewhere else...there is a benchmark of paralleled to earlier directors of the earlier 70s films. A real head scratcher, like " A cure for wellness."

Randy Reeves

Here I am a day later and I’m still thinking about this movie. Now I’m seeking out reviews and analysis of it to see if their experience with it jived with mine. I didn’t like the ending at first but the more I digest (ahem) this film, the more I love the subtext of it.

S W58

In the film the gentleman goingvto the market very timid & afraid she gained his confidence.
A. Did the fluid reject him?
B. Did she free him from the fluid?
C. Did she reject him?

Jason Pryde

i cant imagine people walking out man, i was hooked from the get go. Really really good and an unexpected surprise at how rad it was.


No it only seems like she is looking for a mate. Read the book

Bruce Luber

Bike Eraserhead this thing as padded as hell and did not need to be anywhere near as long as it was to make its point

Lexie Tibbs


I interpreted it as Scarlet Johanson's character trying to understand human connection. When she's seducing the men maliciously, they end up dissintegrating in the black liquid. When she has that genuine(?) moment of connection with the bus man who helps her, neither of them get physically hurt, but it doesn't work out anyway. And finally, the man sexually assaulting her at the end shows her the other side of the coin, and leads to her destruction. I'm just really unsure of what the motorcycle man had to do with it all, perhaps a second viewing could help with that

Lus _

I need to go watch a comedy

Hans Zarkov

the movie works better if you think of her as a robot. that is the impression i got


one of the most bizarre films iv seen ina while

Steve Goody

Excellent review. Just watched the film for the first time. So many ways to interpret the film. I got the impression she was being controlled by the men/aliens on the bikes. She saw her image in the mirror and wanted to be human. Pinocchio theme... Oh I don't know honestly, watch it make your own mind up. That's why I really enjoyed this film.

Ray Goshay

I rather liked the heavy Gaelic accents... It has the eerie effect of subconsciously making the viewer feel like a stranger in a strange land, the irony being that we understand the alien's speech better than that of the humans' - despite the fact that all the dialogue is in English.

Sagittarius A

I'm thinking of buying this movie on Blu-ray. I Love movies that are complex and take their time to tell the story. And where you discover more with multiple viewings. Is this that kind of movie?

Shaun Rayner

Please review Sexy Beast. Another Jonathan Glazer movie and its fucking brilliant. He might be primarily a music video director but his movies are fantastic.


This film had multiple layers.. too many to address but somewhere in the mix there must be some contempt for men.. they're shown to be stupid and easily lead by their genitals.. The alien would lure hapless victim after victim into a filthy dilapidated shack penis erect completely oblivious to what was about to happen.. Scarlett Johansson does a good acting job though.. This film is a study in method acting, the subject matter and concept is somewhat interesting but bizarre.. In our crazy world right about now though ... I'm getting an overdose of the bizarre !!!...smh

Rylee Matthew

I never got the motorcycle dude. Like why was he even in it tho? I kinda hoped in the end the motorcycle dude would avenge her, and kill the creepy forest guy or something but he literally just stood there? I still liked the movie and how it portrays its message, even if there were some scenes I rlly didn’t understand.


I wish they'd followed the book more - it's not about seduction at all. The alien is collecting humans to fatten up for food. The book is really interesting - with humans viewed by the aliens as we humans view animals.


Loved this film so much, as soon as I'd watched it for the first time I immediately dove in again. Well good

[email protected]

I'm watching this weird ass movie on Netflix now, aaaand....

? It's something??

Timothy O'Brien

This movie sucked big hair monster balls. What a piece of puke. It's BS. What a waste of time.

Don White

They are not comparing it to the final 20 minutes of 2001. They are comparing it to the relative quiet in which shocking or profound things are happening throughout. Both movies are simply devoid of what we have been conditioned to accept as a movie.

Bruce Luber

Movie should have remained in a dark house short in about 15 minutes

Ninja Darkside

The alien Looks like the alien from signs lol them bastards at it again


Visually, it's a great experience. From a script/storytelling point of view, it's extremely bland and dry.

Dobre Geo

I am sorry, Chris. But you hyped the fuck out of this movie. It's an allegory, this whole movie. It's just very weird, undigestible movie. It's not for everyone. Actually it's a film for a very niche audience. For film students, I don't know. But as entertainment goes... This film almost has none. It's not a masterpiece, I'm sorry. It's very different, but the way this story is told... A movie to be a masterpiece must have a perfect blend of substance, style, entertainment. It's very hard to watch. Very confusing and at the end of the movie, the second time you watch it, yes it makes more sense, but is not actually worth to get through this confusing mess to find that there isn't much substance to this movie. It's not that interesting, not that mind blowing, is it worth watching? Yes, but again is for a very niche audience, that is why it was a box office flop.

Doug Young

agree. Keeping thinking thing about a film is what I think makes a good film instead of forgetting

Gavin Revitt

I know exactly what you mean..

Aio Official

ur joking right?

Joshua Hendricks

I find Chriss and Jeremy are a perfect mix. Jeremy is not a shallow guy, but he does usually appeal to the most well known. Which is fine. Chriss is the serious artistic technical side, Jeremy is the no less important Everyman's view.

Add Folding Ideas and Movies with Mickey in the mix that's all you ever need.