Male fingernails

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Long Male Fingernails

4 630 views | 17 Jul. 2010

My fingernails...not

My fingernails...not trimmed since May 10, 2010.


Damn I wanna lick your nails!!!!!


Great video, as always! Can't believe how much they've grown in such a short space of time! Really nice to see you post a video dedicated to your fingernails. Especially like the clicking! And I agree, the whites are fantastic. Thanks!


Looking fine Steve. Please keep posting updates showing their growth progress.


Still really white nails and still a real turn on!

Male fingernails

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How Should I Cut My Nails? - Matthew J. Connolly, DPM

248 496 views | 1 Apr. 2014

Dr. Connolly shares proper

Dr. Connolly shares proper technique for cutting or trimming toenails. Dr. Connolly is a board-certified podiatrist with Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers, a 20-physician orthopaedic and sports medicine practice with 6 locations serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Iron Man

next video how to breathe scientifically

Orlando Sajoe

why isnt this teached in school? jeez the system is scuffed

Daniel Lanzotti

Too much mumbo jumbo


An excellent, informative and interesting video, well presented. Maybe the lack of a practical demonstration accounts for the (unnecessary) downvoting? As far as the theory goes, very good.


“Everyone knows what that skin is called” ?


No wonder my nail bed is so small! I have been cutting them wrong ??‍♀️, oooof.


Thanks a lot, i'll start cutting my nails that way before it get worse!

Michael Sharp

Great doctor

CARERS Training

Thank you for a clear and reasoned explanation. I wish all educational videos explained the "why" as well as the "how". Thanks.

Thinn Thuzar Htet

Thank a lot. I did learn today!

Mairi MacNeil

Helpful explanation. Thank you!

Artur Karapetyan

Very good way of explaining thanks!

Jay Black

Now clone this man and make his clone study every field that there is to study and make them, do other tutorials, everything is so simple yet completely explained.

Everything Videos

I learned my lesson from cutting my nails I got a ingrown toe nail that sucker hurt I now just sand my toe nails down with a file which helps the nail become even!

Youtube aholic

Is my toenail supposed to have a slight curl on the sides?

150 000 wampifty

Ty doc very ty easy

Daizy Baltazar Cabrera

but how do u cut the extra piece without pain

Dennis Timko

Great job!

Venom Warrior - Brawl Stars

Man explained the laws of science when asked “how to cut nails” ???


Hello wat can do about a split thumb nail ???

Rishi Mutha

My right thumb nail is once cut by hitting football ⚽ then after it's grow back but it's not straight it curbing into skin like upper parabola or rain bow what can I do pls suggest

Naveen Dahiya

Very informative video. Thank you very much.

Dalan Edwards

Find yourself 6 hours away from civilization and a razor rag and a pin got my job done


What would happen if you had no toenails and skin instead. Would your toes feel pain when wearing shoes?


Thank you!

Therisa Means

This video was very informative and straight to the point! I learned a lot about the skin and nail combo and why it acts the way it does.


very informative thanks!

Mike C

I had my right toe nail removed it will never grow back

Jolly Cooperation

My nail has managed to extend deeper down the toe. It has grown a few millimeter in a direction it shouldnt. Where I should have skin, i now have nail. The skin has seemed to have been pushed to the side.
I did have an ingrown nail, to which I painfully fixed myself. Very painful but it had to be done on that day. Took months to heal, and I got another ingrow. I had to go through the painful procces again.
I now dont have ingrown nail problems. But my nail is larger than what is should be.

Matthias Lamb

100% accurate. I watched this video because of an ingrown toenail and I did exactly that

mi: ima

is there anyone like to overcut their nail? i cut mine until bleeding and almost 95% gone :/ i like the hurt feel after ._.

Coal Minor Canary

You are a really good teacher! Thanks!!


well I learned something today. Thanks!

Ben McLaughlin

i literally just took a knife and cut it out of there lol
then drenched it in neosporin
and its all good now lol

rick nowak


Azèz '

thanks a lot doctor it helped a lot

Adam Bailey

Such a clear and helpful explanation. Awesome video


I always round mine off and I've had an ingrown toe or finger as a result of that. Go figure, plus no place for.dirt to build up, which look grody.

Eleazar Moraru

I was thinking of cutting the skin and let the nail come out to fix the ingrown problem. cause the skin will grow back where it's supposed to and so id have fixed the problem without seeing a doctor

Mala Khan

thanks ...

Chhun Yi

Thank you sharing this video very interesting and useful. ??????????

Venkat Apparao

Hello sir, I met with accident, my tip of toe finger is cutted 3/4 at the grown nail part, so stitches are been, is that my nail will grow??

Bongtasia Duelfiend

No, Everybody Doesn't Know, lol xP

Sammy Joe

He conveniently draws the tip of the toe flat. My toe is not flat at the end- it's round. Maybe learn some anatomy? This is an important point, because when a person with round toes clip their toenails straight, they have 1/4" of nail sticking out on both sides of the toe. Now, your body is unaware of any part of the nail that sticks out beyond it, so what's the point of keeping it there. I've worked with a lot of PHDs in my life and one thing I have found out is that they read books- just like auto mechanics. Glean what you can from this video, but in the end you need to apply common sense. And yes, I compare physicians with auto mechanics. I have met a lot of very intelligent auto mechanics. If you read enough medical journals you will come across the phrase, "For many years doctors recommended blah blah blah, but now we realize THEY WERE WRONG!" So don't bullshit me with "But how could you question him? He's got a MIC, and a KEY, and a MOUSE degree! I savor the day when you can change doctors like you change grocery stores. Then they will come running up and say, "Can I help you???" rather than make you wait for an hour- like their time is worth more than yours!

Juan Marco



Can you elaborate on cutting straight across?
Nails have a slight (natural) curve so wouldn't it be logical to follow that curve?


great i have ingrown toenail

Average Commenter

So what happens if you have it rounded? Can it ever grow straight again or will you always have to cut it rounded until you eventually let it grow and get an ingrown nail and have it taken off?

Sara Onlu

My god did he explain everything! It made so much sense! Thank you! He really broke down everything for us to understand.

Karen Zanko Ocker

I found using 40% urea clean along the edges of the nail softens the skin and reduces my ingrown nail problem. My nails curve in on the sides towards the end of my large toe. In a pinch New Skin applied to the ingrown area, after pulling any skin away , gives almost instant pain relief. This suggestion was from my MD cousin.

Notsy Hoodge

Excellent explnaition, Thank you very much!

just shat myself

thx doc


And the part where the nail grows is called the matrix, but I guess everyone knows that. And lots of people's ingrown nails happen closer to this area of the nail, but I guess were not going to talk about that.


This is very helpful and informative, thank you!

Toqa تــُقى

Thank you sir.

Amke Official

Can someone help me. I can't cut normally because some of my meat is growing in the middle of my nail and it's triangle shaped and sharp. I can't cut it it hurts so much.

Erica Hoxie


पेड-Tree guy


Hayden logan

Thank you so much

Under Review

At last, Someone who does not speak to me like a Sesame St buffoon. Good video

Steve Brule

What if you have curved fingers like a human and not squares?

Tina Howard

Wonderful explanation, I wished I didn’t have ingrown toenails but sadly I have to cut out 8 about every month or so.???

Male fingernails

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How To Trim Your Fingernails-DIY Manscaping

21 235 views | 23 Feb. 2016

In this video, I show you

In this video, I show you how to trim your fingernails with a nail clipper. I also go over the process for filing your nails to make sure that they are smooth. It is a DIY manscaping tutorial that is geared towards men's fingernails; however, the same process can also be applied to women's fingernails (depending on the desired length and shape of the nails).


Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/





Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Joe Coglitore

Excellent video very well described! You are very clear! Thanks

Timothy Hubener

What nail clippers do you use?

Sabrina Borton

I love how you take time to explain how you are clipping your finger nails.

Aman Gaddu

Are u native American

Dillon Alexander

this got 7 likes bc of the way he talks but this was actually very helpful lol