Prp skin treatment

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Skin Rejuvenation with PRP and Skin boosters | Best Non-Surgical Skin Treatment in India

9 270 views | 7 Mar. 2019

Skin Rejuvenation with PRP

Skin Rejuvenation with PRP and Skin Boosters. Antiageing Medicine, Skin Elasticity, Texture Improvement, De-Wrinkling, Glow and a lot of hydration with a single skin shot. Elixir of youth for the Millenials in 21st century.

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aryan syed

Mam mam mam i Like u

Pooja Sharma

What is the right age to use PRP? I am 25 and my dermatologist recommended dermapen with PRP for photoageing...

Vibes With me

Does it help in hollow eyes and dark circles as well?

Albert Abid

Mem aap accha explain krte ho

jash bhatt

This lady is goddess.

A N Janvekar

I too want to look 52 to 32


mam have u any treatment for dark elbows and knuckles?

Ali Baba

Ok Mam We love you

A N Janvekar

Believe me


mam tried to contact you but no respond from you..

team Singapore

she looks 42. she's taking care of her health and others. aunty monisha lucky. all the best . find out more technology and n let see which one are best results. that's the way she love what she's doing

A N Janvekar

U look 22

Aparajita Singh

How much u charge for this therapy

miu miu

What is the cost for this treatment Please?

Sindura Bhargav

Mam what are the cost of nose and jawline surgery

Rebel Manoj

Hi mam my skin barrier is extremely damaged, its turns red and oily and looks horrible. Will this treatment work to restore the barrier?

Garima Chaudhary

Mam.. plss tell me.. what is the price of nose tip correction

Tyagu J

I done 5 settings ofprp treatment for hair loss..but no more improvement still as like same...what should i do mam

Rekha sehrawat

What will be the cost of jawline surgery mam...?

Minaximino MV

is dis help in lip pigmentation or darkness

lord beerus

Below 30 dikhti hai ..... But nose ki surgery thodi gadbad ho gayi......isliye kehtay kabhi bhi kudh ki plastic surgery kudh se nahi karni chahiye

maneet pooja

loose skin wale ye tritment krwate h to result kitne din me aata h

Saanjida Talukdar

In which hospital you done the rhinoplasty? I'm from Bangladesh. I will like to come you for done my mashed nose job :( give me a contact of yours or fb id that I can sent my nose photo from another country and can ask for cost.

khushi sharma

42!!!!! U look 32-33 .... M shock

Bhawna Sukhija

Mam if once we did prP on our face den after it how much time we have to give tiz therapy again on our skin

sIdHaNT sAuRaV

severe strech marks treatment

jim dwight

Informative video about ?Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenations?. check out the video ?