How to make semi permanent hair dye

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DIY: How to temporarily dye your hair with food coloring

663 819 views | 6 Jan. 2013


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I’m watching this coz my mom doesn’t want to dye my hair

Done with life

how long did it stay in for and would it work on dark brown hair?
reply ASAP.


oop this video is so old

lazzypanda 21

Is this water proof ?

Missjuju Diy

Do you have to blow dryer

Hannah Mosier

This is safe, right? I mean what if you get food colouring on your scalp or skin, will it affect you in any way other than staining???

Fallon Bridges

Whos watching this in 2017!!??

Miranda Bradley

u r so funny and the BEST this is such a GREAT idea thanks SO much

Winter zlp

My hair is dirty blonde will rose pink work?

Isabella art

your roots are black so there for your hair is not natrully orange

grace carss

hi here from 2020

Sapana Sunar

And yeah I like you talk to her you

Snake Queen

I don't have popsicle sticks :(


Your sussposed to put it in conditinor

Candice DJ


Makayla Wood

It’s 4 a.m. my mom is gonna be pissed lol and her wedding is in a few weeks shit ?

Shai Curtiss

Ou look like an actress ive seen before

Candice Lyn

Is it legitimately temporary?

carmen / crystalcarmen

If you go to the pool, will the dye come out?

Syeda AmnaShahzadi

U r too mch over


How long does it last?

Lily Dollison

I would mix the food coloring with conditioner

Lexi hawkins

who’s watching this in 2019:)?

Ronak Mazani

Who is scrolling down to see if this works


You kinda remind me of Emma Roberts....with blue eyes! Lol

Karina Cordova

Shower with cold water so it will stay longer

Marije Vos

My red food colouring wont stain my (blonde) hair, and my burgundy food colouring makes my hair pink. Anyone know a red food colouring that works with this?

Timothy Richard-Jackson

I did this and it lasted for months until I decided to bleach it again


In the thumbnail, u look like u just murdered someone but in the video ,u sound so nice

Jessica Carlisle

Does it come out in blonde hair



Miss Bliss

My mum won't even let me dye it temporarily with food coloring but ima do it anyway while she's sleeping

Jacqueline Reyna

kk_queen234 #1 me too

daniella xo

That looks BLOODY fabulous!

get the pun? heh heh?

Lilly Holthouse

I did this to my hair last year and it is still in!!


Just food coloring or with conditioner

Destiny Griggs

This shit dont work and you do not look like a Mermaid?

rafael trijulio

what did u use? only with food coloring or you use an conditioner also

Hope Dorr

Why am I here you ask cause I want to dye my hair like markiplier's

Kaelynn Jay

I tried it with conditioner it didn’t really work for me

Marisol Santana

How long did it last ???

Jacqueline Reyna

kk_queen234 #1 me too

Spicy Milk.

I used a little bit of leave in conditioner and the food dye soaked in my hair and it did not come off until I washed it so I recommend to put leave in conditioner

Butterfly Bei

She's so pretty that acne only eccentuates her beauty like nothing could make her not Beautiful.

Dogs 4 Life

Ok so how long do I leave it in for and how long will it stay in my hair and do I need to mix it with conditioner

Heyy People

Who is here after 7 years?!

Janet Quexada

Hi will it wash off? When you shower


I have brown hair I’m a brunette

Hannah Mosier

This is safe, right? I mean what if you get food colouring on your scalp or skin, will it affect you in any way other than staining???

Jennifer Benda

I have brown hair, And i just put food coloring on a tiny piece of my hair and it worked!

Abbie Bremer

Will red still be temporary?

question mark

It worked good without a hair dryer (I don't have one), I let it air dry then rinsed it out in the shower right away, it looked better once I rinsed it. I mixed red with a little blue and it came out a berry pink. I wonder how long its going to last!

DatTETE Over There *

Who watching during quarantine? I’m bored

Leila's Beauty Leagues



y es
n ou


I’m watching this in 2019 lmao

Matilda Regan

Bish im doing this, my moms gonna kill me , but im doing this.

Averinnah I Juris

i try it?

hafsa farah

who is watching in 2017!!!!!

Athziri Sanchez

2:23 she crashes into plant

Alison Walters

Are you supposed to rinse your hair before you blow dry it?


WTF was you on when you had this idea

Oumnia Saadi

U didn't wash your haire

bree ott

dose it come out

Maddie Bristow

Hello I’m from 2019 lol

KitKat Gaming

omg dude you bleached it there is no way it would turn out that bright! fakeeeeeee

keili lazo

Thanx I just tryded it and it worked??????even tho I made a BIG mess lmao thx

Paige Baby

your beautiful

Mahmoud Gamal

What did you use with colore food

Lamara Mikha

How do you get it out cause I can’t get get a blue one out ???


Your eyes❤❤

Ileana Salazar

how does the color lasts?


Do u need to wash it off after applying and if yes then after how much time???


will this work if you have dark hair

Lowkey Jupiter

Its 3am


Your roots are dark--did you bleach the ends to achieve the bright red? Also you're adorable & I can hear your dad snoring lol!

kaylie ngo

Have you ever bleached your hair?

Madria Isa

Whose watching in 2017

Gabriella Fiske

I want 2 dye my hair just a little but my mom will kill me, so ill blame it on slime, but I don't want it to damage my hair.

iiomq birdies

Is this safe

french toast

ngl I thought that it wasn’t going to look good but it turned out so well ?


How long does it stay and how do you take it out?

Sapana Sunar

I didn't liked it I'm sorry well I just did not liked it

TTC Meliodas

im bout to dye my high top dreads one half red

rebecca myers

what type of food coloring did you use? that's so beautiful

Passionate Triple Threat

try not washing it more if u can do it less its better to jus get a dry shampoo

xk chitapphrrr

How do you take it off?

Ren Gajj

How long before it gone (how many days/week)


Can I use shampoo or conditioner??

CC Wight

Omg you have acne I feel you I'm 11 and I have acne but mines starting to go away


How long does it stay in for ??

Nataniel De Veyra

How can i remove ittt

Merna ahmad

How much does this last

Clarie Johnson

How long will it last

Sadie Luong

Does this work on black and brown hair

Areezha Jubail

from 2020 anyone,but yeah how long does it stays and can it be removed

game 4ever

use oatmeal and honey on ur face leave it for 20 minutes.. so u will look more beautiful it helps to remove pimples naturally hagd beauty :))

Crystal Li

You are so pretty


You earned a sub thanks so much I did it and I have my dream hair


Will it work on dark hair? And for how use is it kept before blow drying?

How to make semi permanent hair dye

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DIY Temporary Hair Color with Soft Pastels - HGTV Handmade

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Death row recores

The lady at the first sounded like she said fgteev??

Emma Ohler

Can you use just plain water?

Joanne Smith

does it work with chalk

Julie Noel

this would be cute as a wedding party

steven baugh


Amy Hazlewood

Is this good for your hair?


How do you color dark hair(temporarily) like you did in the video? I haven't been able to figure it out.


I wish this was done on dark hair


Is this healthy for kids? Cause i want to dye meh hair so bad!

edana sing star

Hi would this wash out if I swim?

Araniaaa's room

Can we use water color

Kevin LaManque

This is so cute awww :D

Dustin Grey

Gurl your makeup is ALWAYS so on point! ?

Viviane L. Jobin

Good to know for Halloween!

Jojo Mineo

Ok but what if I have to do it to my haornatta jedi toy sculles

Madison Campbell

Wow, i didn't know I could make hair chalk out of soft pastels, I have a pack of 48 because of an art project a few years ago and I didn't know what to do with them. This video was so helpful


Does this work on dark hair?

Beauty Queens

Does the spray bottle need to have water


Does it wash out with shampoo

Tori Patrick

Thank you sm for this video! It works with a brown color like my hair

Daniela Pando

Does is come off

How to make semi permanent hair dye

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How to make your own pastel hair dye

164 504 views | 30 Aug. 2012

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Nusaybah Ismail Zara

I like it


is it permanent?

Zoe Holt


Alyssa M

Can you use deep conditioner as the lightener? I use the Aussie brand color deep conditioner.

igrana sheikh

this is so nasty who is gonna damage their hair

Ally Krawczyk

Where can I get cheaper hair dye

Genesis Alcazar

Doses this work for dark hair.?

timar tubishat

Can i use a jell food coloring.??

Raena Fusco

same thing happened to me

Charity James

Can I mix coconut oil with food dye and conditioner?


I just wanna say thank you girl. Im following you and listening to you. Word for werrrd. Thank you


Yes u can use food coloring

julie Andrade

Can you put it in splat pain as well?



Hannah Tuan

Can I use marker....?


Is this permanent cause if it is and I did it at school I would be in trouble because I can't dye my hair in school but in weekends and vacations we can dye our hair

Michelle Johnson

Hey I'm thinking of doing this but with Mystic violet live xxl hair dye which is a permanent dye would that work or do I get a manic panic colour? Xx


Can you use food coloring ?

Corinne Hawkins

I've had a friend try panic manic color on me and it left dye on my clothes and pillows it ruined alot of my stuff why is that is it suppose to do that and if not what did she do wrong

Lps Curstin and Shelby



can you do this to make more dye? like add a little to make more of my blue dye

Mariana Vert

Yesterday I died my hair with dye+conditioner and it didn't dye at all, I don't know why but it wouldn't stay on my hair and in the end it looked awful. While I was applying The dye, the conditioner would kinda separate from the dye or something like that.
Does someone know why this happened?

Izzy Esposito

That is cool

Rhakeisha Dean

You sure this is a pastel dye

Anamta Sidd

Can we use shampoo instead of conditioner

Ayla Young

Is it permanent and can I use any thing else

oh no no

Can u use arclyc paint?

Vijay Modhwadia


imjusttoofunny y

how long does it stay on?

Ovarall. Pastel


Zoe Holt

Uhm That's Pretty I Might Use it, Because It's Prettyish! <3


So i also want to die my hair pastel but pastel pink. I found pink hair dye and i found pastel pink hair die. Now i can choose between conditioner and pink hair dye or just a little bit of conditioner and pastel pink hair dye. But i want it to stay long so whats better and stays longer? Sorry for horrible grammar ;D wait grammar or grammer i dunno ;p

Ashli Striegel

What bout Arctic fox

Three Kozlowski

Is this permanent?

Jilly c:

You're huffing and puffing but you're not even running. Are you sick?
anyway, thanks for the tutorial :)


will the brand color jamz work with this?


Will it stay on dark hair though?

Rachael Wilson


jurdz ingalo

is it permanent?

sumaiya zahir

Will it work on black hair?

Førever emøji girl21

It acully works

Lina Soukky

Could I use chalk?

Mojca Rošker

How long does it stay on?

Kristina Cassar

Rhakeisha Dean

What is "this"!?

Ashlee Mae


art pearl

i love that power ranger movie

Adalyn Bunnybaker

I love manic painc I tried using the ion hair dye and it didn't last it just all came out when I rinsed it but I did mainc panic and no color residue came out

Msp Rileyluvsme

2016 Can you use food coloring?

Pistachio Gaming

can u just use paint

Grace Fields

I use manic panic just straight up.

ITs. EM!

Manic panic =bæ

kayliyah pekins

where do you get it at

Zobo And Cymro

Can you use gel food coloring instead of hair dye?


It also work with color brilliance I did it with blue, purple and pink for my galaxy hair for winter

Gabs L

we don't have that kind of color dye product here. I saw there's food coloring can be use for dye hair. Can it mix with hair conditioner? I need your suggestions and advise. :)


Hi, I know this is very late, but I see many comments asking about splat. Do NOT use splat. Splat sucks. So does manic panic. And please people, do not put paint in your hair. This method also does not work for any hair other than platinum blonde, and even then it's faint and temporary. The best method for makeshift permanent hair dye is food colouring or kool aid mixed in boiling water. Use vinegar for more vibrancy. No, Apple cider vinegar does not work. If you do this, then use a different colour on the same spot, it will take the previous colour out and not dye it the new colour. I don't know a method better than this, but this is only dip dying. I know this is very late, but still, I hope this helps someone.

Dhaniah Adeeba

is it permanent

Karen Morena Law

Will it stay forever?

Starr Guity

It's this temporary


I did this with indago and it looked silver/grey wanted a light blue.

Corinne Hawkins

okay that could be thanks


can u get it in australia and if so where?

Kat's Korner

Thank you


Is it washable?


you need to bleach your hair if it's dark, right?

Førever emøji girl21

Can i get 20 likes cuz inam turning 12 in 6 days

sonu gulabani

is it permenent???

Alison Blackshaw

we love you so much thank you for the tips xxxx

Sugar Ice

I’m gonna dye my eyebrows since I can’t dye my hair without bleach because it’s red, I’ll tell y’all how it goes tomorrow lol wish me luck ahhhh

Jacky & Mel

Where can I buy the manic panic

Daphne Davis

I don't have dye

Abigail Portillo


Anthony Salazar

Or us shampoo

X BelladonnaTears X

I love manic panic! The have a mix called the pastelizer in manic panic to make any color they have a pastel its amazing!

Ayla Dennis

would it work if when i put my hair dye in, to wrap my dyed hair pices in foil then leave my hair for 30 min then rinse my hair untill water runs clear because i want best results plz help!


can use water paint?

lil bat

Omg the comments on this video are ridiculous lol

Nat Montes

will this work with splat

just mimi

How long do i keep it in before i wash my hair to get the extra dye out

Anthony Salazar

Can u use like a brand that might be like shampoo and conditioner

Tessa Narma

Does this last for ever

Adrian Wong

Can i use paint? Will it damage my hair?

William Garrett

is this semi permanant

Desiree Alonso

I love it go to my channel Desiree and dalena

Farhana Syed


Catlin Celeste

what about white shampoo

Isabell Purvis

It didn't work on my hair :(

Chelsea Brooke

Can splat be used to do this


Will this work with Berina hair dye?

Serenity Garcia

is it permanent?

Miguel A Hernandez

All these comments are qauistoin

ishcake 101

can i use (2in1)shampoo and condishner

Farhad Habib

Dude is it temporary

Madeline Jones

will it stay in

Ivanis Lopez

Is this temporary

Forever Unknown

who else is looking in to comments to see if it actually works

Fa Ha

Does this work

Adrian Wong

Can i use paint? Will it damage my hair?


manic panic only lasts like 4 weeks and ion is so much better i have it in my hair rn