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Starship - Sara (Official Music Video)

48 533 861 views | 13 Jul. 2013

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You're watching the official music video for Starship - "Sara" from the 1985 album 'Knee Deep in the Hoopla'.

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Performers: Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick, Donny Baldwin

Songwriters: Ina Wolf, Peter Wolf

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AMEDEO principe


Ellia Hode Eshye

Tami, 2/22/1966-09/02/2017 I will never find another girl like you, Rise in Paradise...

Caden Monier

1075 kiss fm is not comfortable playing these good classics

Michell Guillen

Unquestionably a very sad song !! Shara !!

Charity Tompkins

This might help me out sweetie how to party7 late night y ou work on my page now I want show you how much honey miss your face baby show up were honey please tell me how to see you honey alsways forever do what your name please don't funny thing five years after while when I can help you too baby girl who charity downplay gutair for you'll been with me3 honey John lets you want talk about us ok honey miss your face baby show up were honey I can't show up there sing on my page that how talk to yo u honey miss you guys alsways bye honey John

Maribel Mespaque

Listening in Brazil 2/2/2021✨✨✨✨now and ever✨✨✨sara? sara ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Piero Blanco

Where’s Grace??




amazing cinematography


2021 cadê os brasileiros que gosta de música de verdade dá um like ??

Noe Gándola

Saaara Saaara, storms are brewin' in your eyes ??

willie siller

Wow soo many years ago... now 2021....

Wolfy 909

Absolutely stunning guys/gals ?✨

Mike M

COVID-You been thirsty Drinks on me

Sara Mievis

Suddenly this songs pops up in my playlist, never heard the song before. Gave me goosebumps. ?


Sort of a sad little video from my childhood but I think some of use can relate to Sara in some way it couldn't have been easy for him but it appears she started again from nothing which can be kind of a scary thing.

Valerie McAlister

I miss the 80's!!!!


Makes me want to cry every time I hear this song . There's such a loneliness to it that grips you and doesn't want to let go.

Aldney Soares

I Love os music

Phil Lynott

This song sounds much more sad than it did as a kid. I really hear the pain in it now

Phil Lynott

What a set of pipes !!

Richard Ramos

This special song is dedicated to my favorite friend and wife, who is the best life of my Life

Samia Williams

3:39 gets me every time

Caden Monier

Number 1 song on kasey casems american top 40 on 3 15 1986, nice job starship

Edgame T


janaina alves bastos

Música linda! Ouvindo agora???
Pode passar o tempo q for q vai continuar enchendo o coração ????

Danny Asmat Vasquez

Si alguna vez de casualidad vez los
Comentarios sabras que era yo quien te la ponia mientras te veia correr el el america aquellas veces cuando salias a las 5:00 de la mañana
Chica transparente mente bella

Jeff M

I don't know why, but this song reminds me of my best friend, Sara

Philip Kyalo

It's 2021 and I'm listening to starship after their Nothing's gonna stop us now song was used as a soundtrack in Brooklyn Nine-Nine


im 16 and im proud to hear this song again

The W1nd In The W1llows

Dr. Mott was her sugar daddy and bought her that convertible Mustang.

She ran off to Seattle to be with him and changed her name to Peyton so she couldn't be found.

Nolverto Castaño

Esta canción me. encanta por que se inglés y meentrengo. Mucho cantandola


Please don't go !(^-^)

David Corley Walsh

Good song

SirKeith Vincent

Nothing beats a classic. NOTHING. 80's forever ✊


Love the music!

Transformer01 Soccer

Amazing song Thanks much

Roberto Martinez

What a lovely sing. It's forever stuck in my mind since the 80's.

Laércio Scortegagna




saira stephens

Awwww a song with my name ...

Mi vida junto a Mateo

El tema qe yo quiero sara Mónica palopoli hermoso???????????



tt p

yrs back of ex and fun.

Marcos Torres

Gosto Dessa Música Linda Lembra Minha Namorada Distante Muito Longe.

José Domingo

La vida 80 beautiful


Love It???

Nel S.D.S

Sara and Rebecca De Mornay??

Tammy Leeder Whitaker

Sarah FAITH ?

Dianne Cava

Rebecca De Mornay

Rzxkp7 I

Watching this while being monitored. I love his voice.

Night Loaf


John Minor Washburn Jr.

This is my sexy song please stop listening while I’m here

Sara Hernández Granda

thanks for dedicating it to me


People named Sara get this AND the Fleetwood Mac song? Some girls have all the luck!

Kiomy Vasquez

is serra

Mary Martinez

Ke bonita cancion son las ke yo escucho en mi modular viejito de mi casa.

Julio Batista




New Wave Geek, Inc

Still listening in 2021

Paleo PH

48M views and 10K dislikes.....is this a bad Starship song?

Kiomy Vasquez


Marie Claire

Wally George daughter ! Google it if you don't believe...(Sara) .. Rebecca demorny


hey Sara

? ?


Great song


I remember hearing this song as a kid when riding in the car with my mom. For some reason, whenever this song came on, everybody stopped talking. I still remember staring out the window, just relaxing to the music. Words can't describe how much I miss those days.

rose sorilla

One of the best music on 80's...

Alejandra Besaron

hermosa canción !!!!



Mike M

About to shock the world


Having a good time :P

Sara Sabas

I am Sara and mu father used to play this song every morning. My mom and dad would sing this everytime.

Jimmy Roof

Ex's name was sarah ended terrible idk if this song hurts more thsn it helps lol

Enoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani

Febrero 2021 Lima Perú presente :D


2021 and 10k people never had a good Sarah in their lives.

José Evaldo

Boa música - Taboão da Serra SP


Bruhhm the song Sara and my second name is Sara

Kiomy Vasquez



Love the 80s? Check out the 80s Hits Party Playlist ????? https://lnk.to/80sPartyMusicYC

Pete Deezo

My wife's name is Sarah...She's one of those really beautiful but BAT SHIT crazy chicks! Great song btw..


Its unanimous. 6 of Gen xrz want their decade back!

joan Jett

Now , it has been a long time since I’ve listened to this song.. I love it

Elisângela Conceição

Amo muito ?


I would be curious to know what this place looks like today.

Pedro Moronta

This Song is dedicated to my daughter Sarah with H who died 2010 because she was a Child of Glass Decease

Marvin LikedARTS

I remembered my Grandma and Grandpa when I heard this old song then I miss them much?

Paul Morrison

Every time I hear this song - always makes me think of a girl I was hooked on called Sara - sadly it was only one way - she married a guy who treated her with no respect - just one chance, one chance was all I wanted ....


Storms are growing in my eyes.




My name is Sarah, and I studied in Taiwan for three months in 2009. One of the Taiwan students came to visit me at my dorm room and when I opened the door she started singing, “Sara, Sara,” and I was glad she knew about some old songs. Music can really help people learn language, and her English was a lot better than my Chinese. My Chinese teacher introduced us to songs to help us learn and it did and a bunch of them were from the 80s-90s. I gravitate towards older songs when I learn languages for some reason, but they are really nice to listen to.

Kari Atkinson

My Daddy's song

Khludra Sha


Alice M

Mickey Thomas soulfully sings this song ???

Sarah Otoole

Love this song also my name is Sarah grew up listening to 80s

Chris Sapp

Today’s music, doesn’t touch any of the 70,80,90s. One of the best bands ever!

Debi Mohanty

I first started to listen this song in Feb last year when corona started i got corona in March,but this song kept me motivated,I am still alive,I can play this song 24/7 till I am alive


I liked this tune, but didn't know that was Starship.❣?

james wilson

God this song sucks, they play it at my store all the time

Travissa Bizzell

Still listening in 2021!!! Classic

Sara Kali

Alguém pode traduzir pra mim???

Star on your eye

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Simply Red - Stars (Official Video)

77 806 173 views | 27 Apr. 2009

The second single to be

The second single to be taken from 1991's Stars album and one of the most memorable hits of the 90s. A live favourite and one of the songs that helped Stars become the only UK album ever to be the biggest seller two years running (1991 & 1992).

Follow Simply Red:




For tours dates and more info go to www.simplyred.com

Simply Red have over a billion hits on YouTube, have sold over 60 million albums worldwide, 5 going to number one in the UK. Their 1991 classic Stars was the best-selling album for two years running in Britain and Europe. They have had two US Billboard chart toppers with classic singles Holding Back The Years and If You Don’t Know Me By Now. Every Simply Red studio album has been a UK top ten (with previous release Big Love reaching number 4 in 2015). Hucknall has been the songwriter and bandleader since the beginning in 1985.

sandra ferreira

stars tem tudo haver com mimha história

Claudia Ruiz

Stars es una hermosa canción....un amigo del pasado me la dedicaba siempre?



Cristiane gomes

Puts essa também dancei muito,o saudade!

Robbie Chandler


Gretchen Thies

Your songs are important to me and everyone today, tomorrow and always, love

James M

Love this song..
I feel good whenever I listen to this song...

Emilio Astorga

Yo aprendí a hablar inglés con esta canción :v

rafael tamayo

yes, i´m listening in 2018

Aydan Csiz


Lilly Loves

Star 2018 ? best song ever. Feels good ?


Wish you cringe fuckers would stop going to every old song "like if you're listening in 2018" just shut up and listen to the song rather than begging for likes

Diana Bermúdez Puello

Amo esta canción desde que era niña...aún me encanta!

jeronimo santo domingo

Realmente volteamos al cielo para ver las estrellas aganlo de vez en cuando y admiren la grandeza de dios y si se puede que sea en el mar o el desierto es algo realmente maravilloso un saludo desde guadalajara mexico

Slawek Szalapski

dyskoteka klasowa

Rudo Madondo

Simply red November 2018

Quincy Kosetino Fulu

I’ve been looking for this song for 10 years it’s so such a special song to me

Ben Vasilinda

Another great song done by the magical voice of Mick Hucknall.

Alex Curran

Simply Reds best song by a country mile

Анатолий Петров

Это вечно

Claudio Mattos


גבריאל וינשלבאום

im flayn to the sky whit this song....


One of my favorites!!! Simply Red..... Simply Fantastic!!!

Gretchen Thies

Quiero caer de las estrellas directamente en tus brazos amor.

son gokou

he is the best singer compared to elton john, elton john u sucks

Rodrigo Moraes

Escuto milhões de vezes 19/11/2018 São Paulo ?


now anyone?

Nancy Cardenas

Que divino tema de simply red ??????


Still symple read fan in 2018minutes and the years to come ?


You'd think the cameraman would've told him that he has stuff on his teeth :/


ffor some reason simply red songs induce a slight feeling of nausea in me.

Jose Silva

Sao paulo brazil

Jean Carlos Carlos

Gosto muito dessas músicas, o cara é muito bom.

Paulo Moreira

Rio de Janeiro BRASIL 19-11-2018


Im Japanese and 25, this is one of my favorite song.
I really thankful that I could have the opportunity to know this song.

Ben Kennedy

2018 and still a banger

susan gibson

I love this song STARS cause the song is in one movie I like called Jack and Sarah with Richard E Grant playing Jack

celticrose2 (the celtic rose)


Özge Aydın

Дима дима

Всегда нравилась эта вещь.

Medea Arabidze

<3 <3


ALGUÉM EM 2018 ....


Mary Jocelyn Nebab

Simply red November 2018

Barbara Getliff

Love this song .

Михаил Опякин


Shelley Tuohy

God what a beautiful soulful voice x

peppe mur83

Great song !! I like Simply Red songs !!! Bye from Italy !!



juan carlos vargas arce

Simply red noviembre 2018

Luis Felipe

amazing song :D
Congrats from Brazil \0/

André Costa

alguém hoje?

Child of God


Bea Ewy

me lembra minhas aulas de ballet quando eu era pequena

dalia love

Monterrey 1993 secundaria 56

Reuban Davey

Who’s here from blondey?


83.9 21.3

Rosario Ferman

hermosa cancion


Que música é essa?!Não me canso de ouvir!

Gustavo Amorim

It sounds like a movie soundtrack of the 90s

Donald Williams

Mick Hucknall great voice!!!


Love you SR!

The Brave Little Toaster

Wtf is wrong with his tooth EEUUUGGHHH

Goran Madridista

Great Song ?

Gustavo Henrique

CARAMBA a musica o rítimo ate que é bom mas ja repararam a letra: I wanna fall from the stars straight into your arms ou seja(Eu quero caír das estrelas direto em teus braços) e segundo a bíblia quem caiu das estrelas foi LÚCIFER quando perdeu sua glória perante Deus.
Será que ele se compara a LÚCIFER, é estranho isso.

Ivana Mijic

Best song ever!!!

Victor Hernandez

Hermosa canción, no me canso de escucharla, aparte Simply Red tiene unas canciones maravillosas....

Bruno Eduardo Lopez Medina

Esta canción me hace acordar a mi amigo Renzo q acaba de fallecer nunca t olvidare hermano.

Andrè Z.

Great Song ! I was 21..

AP França


Evelyn Barboza

Cuando tenía 15 era mi amor platónico soñaba con casarme con él ???
Me encanta toda su música?

Mj B

My favourite song from the 80s this song brings it back ❤️?

Оксана Мишарина

красивая мелодия

Bryan Tapia

ahhh having flashbacks...if hurts.

Francisca Leal

Sin duda ame esta canción me enamore incluso me relaja ??

lloyd lowell


Nacho Bizness

This guy looks like that Disney princess with the bow and arrow.

Dragon lair

whos listening in 1992

Kelly Martins

November 2018

Yånï Pärz

December 02,2018 but still.. ❤

de oliveira paulo

Je t'aime la musique écouter aujourd'hui j'habite a Guiana francesa je suis brésilienne 05/11/2018 Merci

Данияр Турдумамбетов

Базару нет ЛЕГЕНДА! Салам алейкум из 2018 года ✌??????????

rishi pradhan

Still listening ???

Fisher Man

Abroad in Japan > Simply Red

MERKABAH channel



November 13 2018 ??

Carla Papa

La sua voce è poesia.

Junichi Tanigawa

We don't get music like this now...when this was "ON" it was literally everywhere! I still love it!


You hear songs like this in grocery stores. When I worked at the 99c store years ago, this song and many others would play. Brings me back

Jenni Jo

Can I have a repeat button for this video/song please ?

Jacqueline C.

My oh My ???

donna theobald

One of my all time favs ?

Blessed B Saturday

So HAPPY for YOU TWO! It seems as the Universe Is Still on TASK!! Filling Any Notion of a VOID? Hey Mick.. Grateful for you and your Pursuit & Perseverance Many Blessings!

luiz fernando


Yozar Remixer

Reminds me as a teenager ?

Pablo Marmol

La escucho y recuerdo mucho a mi señora madre?

Arnulfo Alvarez

Alguien la escucha en Diciembre 2018?

Maria Sanchini

limk de descarga por fa


Still sounds as great now as it did back all those years ago. Classic!

MKS Land

Loved it when it came out and still love it today 11/15/12018! Great song and album!

Gretchen Thies

Tus canciones son importantes para mí y para todos hoy, mañana y siempre, amor.

Star on your eye

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The Dramatics - (I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes

3 722 114 views | 1 Oct. 2007

Don't give a heck... bout

Don't give a heck... bout that old zodiac!

areccia everett

Mane! I love The Dramatics. But I loved Lenny even more I still mourn for him. R.I.P Lenny Ronnie Willie there will never be another like you guys. God broke the mold.

Paul Kitson

Hey I'm aquarius I love you?

Monica Poyser

My favourite group lenny ,Ron they are best back in the days

Sha'Ron Austin

My grandfather loved this song RIP

Bird T

These guys were great. they can all lead sing. Along with the Temps. J5, Gladys and the Pips., Ojays, they were best dancing groups. i miss them

muata chikwendu

2020 I still DJ this one a favorite

Tennessee Larry

Thanks mom i love you for turning me on to this song❤❤

Mickel Smith

Classic group

Maxine Mathenia

2021 listen to and love this song Maxine Mathis ?

gerald walls

This is what real music sounds like

Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history

Better than the Temptations!!

Norman Mack

Bad boys




LJ has to be the best emergency replacement in a group of all time. WeeGee was incredible, but LJ is NOBODY'S consolation prize. Has there ever been a more perfect replacement in a grouo?!

gregory henderson

Lenny mays had a great voice those are Detroit finest that group could sing some has passed on they left some good memories thanks you tube for playing this music

Gracie Candler

At the record hops at McCall Jr.high


boy do i miss the 70s slow jams!!!

CARAMELkimmie Kim

How about a Pisces Lol?

Tee Pride

Among the Greatest Groups ever.????????

Ava Delray

Awesome ?

Harrington Benton

Black Man can't do this no more, he lost it

Vanessa Shelton

The beginning of this tone of.this song!,,,awesome!

chario TwoFilthy

Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this story of what happens when you love someone all you see is you and her together thats what. Fun and people cared about Linda j peace

Mc Anthony Raymo

Bring back so many memories I miss those time OMG

Vivian Hayes

Loved these guys????

Steven Smith

Just great music n Ron banks u was the music today is pitiful it's really embarrassing I must say I don't know anyone or group that can come close 5o these guys n that's sad to say

Carol Neuman

It's hard to believe they only had 1 ,#1 hit..... In the rain! Love all there music.

Milton Murray

I really hope you got a chance to see them live what a show and sharp dressing was a must Memphis

Glennice Fryson

And the moves were so smooth. Lord, lord. These men made women ache for them.

Ted Mechnick

what talent, Loved Soul Train.

Vanessa Shelton

Love the very being of this song;keep starting it over;"not saying that I dont love the whole song because I do;just saying"!??!

Michael Holmes

Man for Man the best group of all time


November 2020... still listening. My favorite group of all time

420 horsepower


Steven Smith

Mr Ron banks n L C u were the best of the best

Wanda Corley

Hahaha could listen to this star in your eyes everyday cause they say my horoscope first. Hahaha!


I love how he comes in with "But even if you were a Capricorn...."

Honey Bee

I fell in love with LJ years ago and I STILL LOVE HIM.

deni GiYo


Ana Sofia Molano Gonzalez

Arthur Phillips was the best on tenor....

Peggy Stoute Morin

My all-time favorites! They all killed it. Nothing left to do but call the minister and have the funeral. A bunch of talented performers.

Rhonda Sparks

Yes indeed ?


To my big sis Charlene ...
She still loves this song and Lenny ❗️

Verona Nelson



"Hey baby, what's your sign" I believe this song single handedly made that request moot.

Velisa Gorham

Music I grew up on. Thank God.

Randy S

What a great group


Detroit 1970's????????????????


RIP Mr. Ron Banks

Shelia Howard

I love all their Songs

Trish Range

Rip Lenny always smiles ? and great personality


and thats how u sang

tee cloud

Great classic with pure meaning..pure soul


Still loving Lenny Mays.. Lenny Maysssss...LJReynolds totally untouchable.. beautiful voices.. flawless presentation.. great video.. Thank you so much!

Michael Carridine

Such a wonderful performance with so many different voices producing a moment of pure magic.

Wade Allen

No vulgar language, just straight clear lyrics!

Zell Hunt

Still rocking this hit always a classic

Gigi Dooley

2020 ?

Wanda Corley

I fell in love since I was 13 I'm a sagittarius

Maxine Mathenia

I going by the star in your big beatiful eyes Maxine Mathis and i love you Maxine Mathis ?

MJP 73

Loved Ron Banks!!

Marcella Shabazz

One Of The Best Songs Ever To Sing
The Dramatics Are The One Of The
Monster Of The Best Of The Best
Soul Groups To Ever Exist. Can't
Deny Them Ever.. God Will Shine
The Light of The Kings All Over
The World.. Being Humble Is The
Eyes Of God.. I Am Humble Cause I Know Who. Im In Contect With is Can-sl

Im inky Has His.b

MJP 73

Lenny, LJ and Ron tore this up!! I can watch this over and over. Never, ever gets old!!

Kathy Thomas

I love the Dramatics,such memories ?

Gregory Wilson

Hit the like is still listening in 2020??

Victoria Johnson

When he sang @1:32 , I fell in love and @ 1:52 this Mans voice is amazing! ❤️

Shonuff wright

Do Wop AT its BEST

John Morris

Inventive lyrics. A lost art.



Malcom X

This song was most revelent in that Era because if a girl was interested in you and vice versa, one of the first questions that was ask was what is your sign. Great song from a very interesting time in human history.

Maurice Felton

No stars in the sky

Brenda R

Their dance steps was so cool and smooth!

Gigi Dooley

2020 ?


These cats were smooth as hell!!! Favorite song by them!!!


I ain't going by the stars in the sky I'm going by the stars in your eyes, I don't give a heck about that old zodiac. Since hearing this again I've been listening over and over again and again past few days

Carstella Moore

I wish they would have put a movie out legendary


I Love This Song Thank You For Sharing.

Audrey Ledbetter

I love this song soooo much.

Belinda Walls

Love the DRAMATICS!!! They were so underrated. These guys in DETROIT we're on the same level as the TEMPTATIONS. I'm from DETROIT born and breed here. We loved the DRAMATICS just as much as the TEMPTATIONS. Both groups were outstanding. Loved them both!!! equally!!!!

Muriel Mwamba


Berenice Stolaroff


Jolyette Frye

CANCER ♋.....

Earnest Woodards

Eddie Kendrick of temptations is the best 1 tenor off then all Ron bank is very good but Eddie is the man

Harold Arrington

I truly lo?e this song!

Gregory Libra

Love.that joint

Mzbigbabydeedees Johnson

Mood right now.❤️

Andella White

That Lenny Mays put his heart into this song I love this song so much can hear it all day every day, and love the steps. ??????

tee cloud

I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes"

Sagittarius, Virgo
Maybe Scorpio
I wouldn't care if you were Aquarius
I'm still in love with you

As sure as you were born
You could be Gemini
But even if you were a Capricorn
I could never let you go

'Cause, I ain't goin' by
Those stars in the sky
I'm goin' by those stars in your eyes
And I love you

Oh, I don't need a second look
'Cause you're what's happenin'
In my book
And I love you

Taurus, Leo, Pisces
It makes no difference, girl
If you're in love with me
Oh, that's all I need to know

I will give all my heart
And all my love
And I don't care about the stars
My love just grows and grows

'Cause I ain't goin' by
Those stars in the sky
Yeah, I'm goin' by
Those stars in your eyes

I don't give a heck
About that old zodiac
Because it's what's in your heart
Girl that's where it's at

And I love you
Oh, I need you, I need you
I don't need a second look
'Cause you're what's happening in my book

I ain't goin' by
Those stars in the sky
Yeah, I'm goin' by
Those stars in your eyes, yes

I don't give a heck
About the old zodiac
'Cause girl, it's what's in your heart
Girl, that's where it's at

I don't believe in this reality
When it comes to you and me

I ain't goin' by
Those stars in the sky
Yeah, I'm goin' by
Those stars in your eyes

Vivian Shelton

I know my son wishes I would find another song. I listen to this 2 or 3 times a day. They look so serious!!!!!

Barry Butler

Ron Banks Cold as ice can you dig

John Jones

Button an john Scorpio an Scorpio 4ever

Annette B

I’m 100% Libra ♎️ ???

first day

These Black Kings could sing!

Freddy Franco

Beautiful ??



Janine Grantham

Alright RJ, brings back memories of backstage, and the medallion I shared with you, 5 yrs later God Blessed you.

Aziza Alkebulan

The Dramatic will alway be my choice of classical soul music.??????

Vickie Adams

These guys were on equal talent level as the Temps. Only One Ron Banks. Each unique. Do they have an Unsung episode?

Edward Jones


Ma Bell

What a wonderful year 70s was Wow! Enjoyed the songs, soul train Don Cornelius his voice on soul train, the clothes my platform shoes there will never be another era like the 70s no daily killing just love each other the music was the best I'm glad I got to see it. PEACE AND SOUL RIP Don Cornelius