Toner on dry hair

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Why I use a face toner on my scalp & hair (Dry, oily, itchy, dandruff) Purito, Pyunkang yul, Neogen

493 views | 9 Sep. 2020

PURITO - Centella

PURITO - Centella Unscented Toner


NEOGEN - Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence


Pyunkang Yul - Essence Toner


Pyunkang Yul - Mist Toner


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nounia fa

very useful and tought out of the box - big thank you - Merci :)

Problematic Bitch

Have you tried "Neutrogena T-Gel" for dry scalp? I used to have bad dandruff and dry scalp but ever since using t-gel it has gone away

C Lyss

Wow, good info. Thanks

Nattan Pires

Use minoxidil for hair regrowth and stop hair loss


Hey Kaif? Why are you not uploading reacts?

As Facetas de Marini Art Ur

Miss your reactions. Especially for Pabllo songs. It's too bad that you deleted all your reactions videos. Hope everything is ok with you. Love ya ❤

Nattan Pires

Why you lost hair? You had so much hair years before

Toner on dry hair

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The Most Helpful Hair Toning Video EVER on Youtube // Don't check that!!!

240 765 views | 1 Aug. 2018

Product Used: Jerome

Product Used: Jerome Russell Bblonde Toner in SILVER £4.50

Thank you so much for watching


INSTAGRAM: anwen_williams

EMAIL: [email protected]

Vee Sexton

Anwen my new toner is Matrix Brass Off it’s a Blue shampoo ( forget the purple, Blue is the future!) I buy it from EBay. Hands down the best shampoo if you want white blonde. You can leave it on longer if you want more silver. Doesn’t grab the ends it’s brilliant. Thought I would share this with you.
We don’t have Jerome in Australia and it’s not worth $20 for me to get it here.
If you want a really good toner buy Wella Colour Charm Toner in T18 (white lady) you need to buy the little developer, but the toner and developer I cut in half so 2 applications. Hair looks movie star quality ❤️

Travis Maupin

Littlery the same way I talk. I love it

Angela Cassidy

hi love your hair colour it really suits you and love your sense of humour xx

Nicole Gulbranson

I love the purple tint

Lori Ann

lemon juice and dawn blue dish soap

Shannon Keithley

She cracks me up!!!!!

Lacey Stanley

Hahaha this is totally me doing my hair! Im dyyying

Ffion Gould

Does this work with orange or just yellow

Leah Lo

It made my hair blue :/

Melissa Sherriff

love your hair colour


You look so good and your hilarious xD ??❤ xoxo

studio records

Just a little tip first of all when you are bleaching your hair always start from the middle shaft of your hair going down to the tips and process the roots last as the roots take way before any other part of the hair
And also when your tone in your hair you want to be focusing on the back of it where it’s more gingery rather than the platinum part on the top because of what it’s going to happen in the end if you’re going to have snow white roots and darker ends just few tips

Anwen Griffiths

Cool name lol

Arianna Sarnataro

Her voice sounds a little like Cardi b
Anyway i liked so much ur video?


Your to cute ? funny too , do you know if the product is only available in uk or also in states as well ?

Didier valdez

U r hot

T Christine

You are my soul animal. ?❤ "if you don't have some on your forehead, what are you even doing?" 27 minutes ? You're sooo beautiful & I absolutely looove your sense of humor ?

Lisa England

So so so me ??? absolutely loved watching your videos - had me in stitches, I could so hang out with you, would have so much fun!!! - My hair went very yellow!!! About to use the toner - lets see what happens ?‍♀️

Eriane Smohnson

LoL that’s pretty much me doing my own hair


You have the voice of an 89 year old woman

Susanna S

I just trumped I had beans and toast. Best video ever ????

Nancy Scinicariello

Fun video but your roots on top are so light I would have started down further and top last. You wouldn't have purple on top. It was enjoyable and it looks ok.

Bonnie Nash

I ? the voice & the hair..cheers from Nashville!?

Courtney Momof3


Lorraine Daniels

I ment to put that l really love your tattoo your really brave l cud not do that my self l have been told that it really hurts really bad by my mum so that put me right of from wondering a cross tattoo ?????????

Jobelly Welly

Your towel dance party... I love you so much! You're literally me ?❤

Roxy & Abi

I bleach my roots and it’s so yellow on the top and in my bottom hair I don’t want my hair be silver just like cream natural blond so which one I should get toner

Ju- de

All the comments on this video are so wholesome and sweet ? thanks for the help with my hair boo! ❤️

Tina Campbell

It looked better before you did that! Your hair is purple!!!


Hi Anwen I love your videos I came accross your channel whilst looking for toning videos, keep up the good work ;)

sweet honey bee

Wash off the purple w orange shampoo

Peggy Beltran

This was great!! Maybe just untangle your hair first, that’ll help the product slip thru easier. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing!! ???


If I ever get my hair that tangled its razor time

Alex Hurley

When it comes to toning hair, you need to try the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, it's about 15 quid for a 1000ml bottle on JustMyLook.com and it's by far the best thing for toning hair I've ever used! Goes such a long way and because it's so concentrated in pigment, especially when you dilute it (like I do) to get a more subtle tone, it lasts even longer. I have had mine since January and I'm not even halfway through!?

April AMC?

Maybe split your hair half up half down and start on the underneath layer and finish at the top nearer the front. newer hair will absorb the colour quicker this may help the purple outcome :) <3

C Mings

You are hilarious!!!! DANCE PARTY

Tyana Jayne

Your technique is terrible, the reason it’s so purple on top is because you’ve put the toner on the lightest point of your hair for longer. You need to section and I would start from bottom to top.

Syl Eggy



Dude! Towel dry hair doesn't mean you have to wash it! It just means damp.

It’s Private

*Im cringing really hoping You comb your wet hair before adding the toner*
When your hair is knotted like that You get spotty hair ?
Oh well lol ? it’s your hair do You boo
Btw you’re absolutely gorgeous!!! ?

Isabella Castile

Honestly, unless you have very oily/greasy hair, you absolutely shouldn't be washing it more than 2X's per week. I wash mine once a week and I have very healthy, thick hair with lots of volume. In between washings, the only thing you need to do is wet it in the shower and rub your scalp under the water to loosen and remove dirt from the scalp. Washing daily causes your scalp to over produce oils your hair actually needs and in turn, makes it look and feel worse in the end. Now, if you're sweating, swimming etc often, you'll need to wash it more than once a week but no worries, nobody thinks you're dirty lol After 23 years working with hair I can say, you're doing it right with skipping the daily shampooing.

miro mazzo

I think I fell in love ????
Finally a REAL honest person in YouTube

instructions unclear

I'm soo happy you are British, Cuz now I can actually use the brands u use

Donna Waldron

My hair is fucked ha ha. Damn Savers products.

Jerilyn Prescott

You’re so gorgeous!!!

Jana Alejandre

I know this is probably a late reply but anyway.. 1st off, freaking love you from Oklahoma, 2nd, you might try purple shampoo mixed into some hair conditioner and apply to dry hair, let it sit for roughly 10 minutes.. lastly, try the lavender moon toner but if you bleach your hair a lot be sure to use a protein filler first, that’s why your hair is staying wet for so long, it’s dry and dying for some moisture. Again love your video and have a wonderful day whenever you see this

D Al

DDG fan

E. R.

You're so funny and you sound like Macy Gray! Thank you for the tip I will give it a try

Shauna Richmond

Better get myself down to these shops buy one get ...?

Hatch Man Do

NO WAY THE BEST TONER VIDEO EVER. seems like a fail- sorry.
You are gorgeous. Seems like you are killing your hair with bleach. Id love to see you darker. You’d look fab with black/brown hair or any shade. Even darker blonde to get healthier hair.

For the toner- I think you should have started putting the toner on from the bottom- thats where you seemed more brassy and I still see yellow here & there. And eeek turning purple- i guess you left it too long and/or bc your hair is so dry from bleach it soaked in fast. Im no hairdresser though- but Im def not using this after watching.

Victoria A

Didn’t hear the trump, don’t worry! ??

Laiteesha Rogers

Hi. I tried all these products but using the 30% and platinum toner and my hair looks amazing! Thankyou for giving me the confidence to have a go and saving me so much money now I don't have to go to a salon x

Rachel Rodriguez

I was dying lol “ sweet testicles “ too funny!

Shay Kilcoyne

If you start with the ends then do you roots it should turn out less purple ☺️

Shantal Michiel

Oh my gosh I used to watch your aliexpress reviews religiously when you were getting 1k views each video look at how fat you’ve come anwen!

jayjay emotions

Love you ? so 'me' woops i trumped ?? are you on fB ?? Plus i never dare to use the full bottle as its turned out with a blue/purple tint too


Hunnies walking in like Prof. Robert Kelly's toddler in the BBC interview about South Korea. ?

Alex Hansen

Haha anyone else thought it was funny when she said 'these arent stylish gloves and I wouldnt wear them out and about' like , 2020 lockdown you gotta wear them now ?

Lucinda Holland

Haven't washed hair in a week. I'd be minging by now


Just re-dampen your hair a bit next time and the mix will go further. Or add a few mls of water to the bottle and shake! X

jayjay emotions

My kinda girl ?( having a dance inbetween )

Gabby 127

I used to wash my hair less but it gets way to oily for me to be ok going out in public, even dry shampoo doesnt help if i go more then 2 days without washing.


Aww your lovely.lovely wee voice and so funny xx

Nina Taylor

Hah your title ? I think you’d have been fine if you brushed your hair before applying the purple shampoo. I have really thick curly hair but got great results. A few tips for everyone: Make sure you spread it evenly through your hair. Don’t start at the roots, start at the ends and work up, like you would dying or bleaching it, as the roots soak in more than the rest. And don’t do it straight after bleaching!!!... my purple shampoo bottle says you are supposed to wait 2 weeks, which is a bit long! So I waited a few days and washed it first and was fine. Good luck! ?

Joshua Heavener

I love how she was blasting DDG

Marjorie HILL

I agree with Lisa B. Watching your video just now, made me feel like I was with a group of friends just hanging out, and having fun. Your super cute, and you have a great personality! Don’t change a thing for the naysayers. They don’t deserve to watch and comment to you! ?❤️

Joan Reitzel

Could she speak even softer? I kept turning up the volume and still had trouble hearing her.

Cláudia Marina Ferreira

Gosh...its a bit stained.

Lorraine Daniels

hi hunn l love your hair video it's brilliant it's looking really nice and l cut the bottle open so l can get more out of it please try that and you will get more out of the bottle hunn l just wont to help you you just have to piss the bottle on one side and than cut few to the over said cut it in two places let me now if this really helped you hunn l love you lot's and lot's have subscribed and turned on your notification's and done a big massive big Bangor of a big fat like to love from lorraine Daniel's white special need's and I am autistic and l suffer from depression and anxiety to and happy easter hunn l hope you have had a lovely day and lovely weekend God bless you to be really safe from this nasty coronavirus firus to ????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤???????????????????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤?????????✌✌✌???????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????and hunn would you be so kind to support me on my different cool top brilliant video's please and thank you hunn tack really good care of your self love you for live ????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤

Courtney Momof3

This woman is adorable!

Hannah J

Anybody else with yellow orange hair looking for a really good video to tone the hair


What do you eat to stay thin Anwen?


I love you! Hehehe!! Im Native American and my voice tone is very low, but thats how we talk over here. You look very tough but I love your voice and accent, too adorable. Im not making fun of you. I subscribed, just to watch..so cute, not creeping up to you, just cute.? Thank you.

Jeny Mitchell

You're too funny lol

Alexie Shaw

Oh my its purple lol!!!

Melanie Walker

Your so entertaining and funny, and you don't have to try I can see you're just you.


I don't know if you have lipstick on here but if you do i'd love to know which one!! perfect nude color, ive been looking for one. :D

Emma Quaghebeur

I love the light purple in your hair!!

Julie Young

? ? ? ? ? That was very entertaining... Comedien

It’s Private

get some Shimmer Lights purple shampoo! It’s the strongest purple shampoo , I know You said purple shampoo doesn’t work well but if You haven’t tried that brand then You haven’t tried the best/strongest one! It’s iconic and 99% of hair salons recommend it! Also instead of using that box toner get yourself Wella T-18 toner(they have tons of other shades but that’s the most popular and Wella Toner is made for professional hair dressers but anyone can buy it , it’s easy to use)and 10 volume developer, one bottle will be enough since you will be adding developer. It’s 6$ usd, so it is about 4.50£, if You can’t find it in a shop, they sell it on Amazon!! You will only need a 4 oz bottle of developer which is about 1.50£ (I’m not sure if “£” is the pound sign, let me know:) I also just wanted to say that I absolutely love your personality and I’ve never seen any other videos of You so I’m going to check out your channel, you’re so funny and bubbly and make me smile and feel so happy ?

Karina Phillips

You can remove the purple with baking soda and washing up liquid xx

It’s Private

YOU WOULD LOOK AMAZING WITH A LITTLE BIT OF A SHADOW ROOT!!! That way when your roots come in it won’t be obvious and makes your hair look natural

Joleen Cox

The purple tint looks so cute on you!! This was a fun video to watch, you made me laugh! Love your hair, thanks for the video!

jenn-jenn loveyface

Omg I don't know what I expected but you are funny as hell and if you lived by me we would def be hanging out in mah hood! Glad I stumbled across you!

MastoorA Beauty MA

Try MastoorA beauty purple toning shampoo, it's natural, contains rice water and natural oils. Comes with free hair butter for a limited time.
Check the reviews

Mimi Grabner

You are such a Gorgeous Lady. Never Change Sweetie.

It’s Private

When You get to the bottom of the bottle you can add a very small amount like a tablespoon of water and shake it up and it will give you a good amount

Jonny Hughes

I a man i dont want purple i want silver grey

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

You can change alarm sound so you wont get confused


Does this toner also work for light orangey/slightly brassy hair?

Robert Fechete

Put a few drops in a bucket of water , soak your hair once , and thats it . Even toning


Loved this video, you're so funny , thankyou luv

Enjoys The Little Things

The purple washes out in 1 or 2 washes ?

Tia Gibson

i bet you're glad you have so many latex gloves now that covid-19 is here hahah

Bethany Aitken

It absorbs because of the bleach I use fanola no orange
And fanola no yellow. N that stains that's only a shampoo! I'm about to use a Jerome Russel plantium blonde toner box.. it literally says toner so hopefully. We will see.

michelle bowler

I’ve not used Jerome Russel this time I got the live intense lightning and it’s orange lol I’ve got provoke tough of silver shampoo and conditioner I’m hoping it works for me for lightening I’m thinking of getting a normal blonde hair dye or a ash blonde next week see if it works haha how have you not dried your hair out plus love your personality ?

Misty W

The purple left in the hair will wash out after a few washes. Wait to do the perimeter of your hair til last, so it doesn't pick up quite as much of the purple


You need two bottles of the toner to be sure and the purple will wash out very quickly and leave you a great ashy blonde

Elizabeth Rigby


Cara Copland

Your curls are absolutely gorgeous darling. I fell upon your video because I 've been following the CURLY GIRL METHOD that YOU SHOULD TRY AND FILM ... you 've a funny persona and I needed to learn about toner- fast- as u got too big 4 my boots with my brill ginger curls and dyed well bleached them on a weird whim ( my estranged mother showed after 11yrs bald with illness. I know I'm fkn broadcasting it but luckily no 1 I know knows I do this. I felt it was worth you knowing as I think u should really try young looking, flirty, lush curls & showing ur story from England has not been done from bad to good from a gr8 personality yet...) so thanks v much 4 making me realise I should 've bought the toner- I 've nice and easy in cool light blonde 4 toner in 2 boxes now on my head. Eek. AM I ABLE TO PUT A SECOND TONER ON- I'M SCARED TO WASH IT OFF AS THE FOAM SEEMS QUITE LIGHT BROWNISH. aka- light ash blonde. Ach it was a mistake anyway. Feckin SHANUS.

Do I need to strip my hair with bleach again even a light volume one so I could use the correct toner and strip out the ones in my thick hair now??????? Serious q which I would appreciate sincerely. Pls consider trying CG M. You d b awesome for a waved mane. Ok ramble over Caroline and Eloi the hound;)

Toner on dry hair

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Fanola Review - Applied to Dry Hair as a Toner for Bleached Blondes

14 255 views | 18 Jun. 2019

#Fanola #Toner

#Fanola #Toner #Regrowth

Fanola has become one of the most popular toning shampoos on the market, but after i had my scalp fried by bleach, I came home with very yellow roots from the hairdressers and decided to do what a hairdresser ones told me too and that was too apply toning shampoo straight to my scalp and here is how it went.

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Aaron Christoffersen

Also use the no orange which is a blue shampoo

kytown 4

How long did you leave it on before you rinsed it out?

Lisa Worley

It's like a little bit better

Lea Anastasia

I feel like the main issue was with the roots not being lifted light enough. Because you weren’t able to finish the lightening process due to the pain, the roots weren’t able to be lifted to a level 10 (platinum/ white, just like the rest of your hair). They seem to be more of a level 9, which purple shampoo will barely do anything for. I personally tone with Fanola all the time and its so strong that it makes my hair pastel purple. I feel like a blue shampoo would work a lot better for your orange roots, but it wouldn’t make it platinum, it would be more of an ashy shadow root. I’m not sure where you are with your hair now, but the roots would need to be re bleached in order to get to the platinum color you desired. Great video :)