Micro needling vs laser

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Microneedling and...Radio frequency, Laser, Microcurrent + LED | Protocol and printable calendar!

24 842 views | 1 Jan. 2021


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Rabin U

Much needed video! Thank you ♥

Lisa Ray

OMG......Stratacel is the best post laser, microneedling, radio frequency protocol! Game changer for me. My doctor turned me on to it. FDA approved too. www.Stratacel.com.


Your videos of Dupes are amazing ! Will u do one of “Biologique Recherche
Lotion P50V Exfoliating Toner” ???? Well if there is one u can do it ....
Also please a review from “cos de BAHA “ skincare
Thank u
Pd- there are many excelents compositions products will u do soon ??? Like :
Inkey list
Coz de BAHA
Good molecules

Michèle-Andrée Cromp

Hi Penny, I saw you in an add on facebook for this company, I don't know if you authorized it https://www.101foreveryoung.com/products/high-frequency-therapy-wand?fbclid=IwAR31eQk1TcVDlROV9W7pU6CqDLHL7n6eLbqM-TK_OzoWip4CshozExLsObA

Misty Jones

Hi there, you have absolutely nailed your skincare regimen however I do have a question........ I would like to throw in DErma planing in this regimen and in what order to do this and timing in between?? I have a TCA Peel of 13%, oxytical calibier, hydra dermabrasion pen, fibroblast pen, micro current, Nira pen, LED face mask??? My thought are to DErma plane first following hydrodermabrasion, then apply HA and kiwi grape seed, then LED mask last-all in one session?? Then when to incorporate your AM/PM skin routine as usual?? Plz help???

Gloria Kim

Can the Nira Laser sometimes dry out the skin? I feel like every time I use it, I get flakes and that prevents me from being consistent :/ Also just saw that it helps with capillaries....was wondering if it could also cause any capillaries? I need helpppp ?

Michelle K

Thank you ? Thank you? I bought a planner to figure this out!!!!

DeNora Kuschel

Penny your hair and skin looks fabulous. Needed this video today. I have become lax using my LED , micro needling and micro current. It's a New Year need to get on board again⭐

Jen Jen

This has been so helpful thank you!! Ihave Radiofrequency, led light, microneedle, high frequency and mild facial peels.

Crystal Nixon

Wow, I need to go back & watch all of the videos about each of these devices!


Did you ever do a follow up to your PRF video, and how did it all turn out after? You look exquisite so I’m assuming it went well! Lol


Penny cuantos años tienes ?

Susan Black

Hi Penny! I have recently started watching your videos, and love them! I am getting to purchase a Dr. Pen but need some guidance on the pin cartridges. I am 45 with fine lines and acne scarring from when I was younger. Which pin should I use to target the scaring and fine lines. I know your fav is the 12 pin, but since your skin looks perfect, I think I need to use a different one to start. Thank you!

Barbara De Medeiros

I’d love to know Penny with what age could I use the Nira laser please? Love your videos xo

Dora .Toneva

Great video, thank you!!! How we can incorporate some chemical peels in all of this? And also the Faustina? Thank you :)

Laura Hastings-Brownstein

I have a Dermawand in addition to several other devices. Where would you put the Dermawand in your line up? I think I probably should have bought a Nira device, but I have the Dermawand, so I need to have some info on that. I would love that info to come from you as you are the BEST in my opinion of all the beauty gurus on YouTube.


This is so helpful! thank you Penny <3 how can I fit microdermabrasion into the schedule?

Julie Reading

Thanks for the videos. Here are some questions that I have generally:
1. Will you be doing anything on the Mini HiFu devices? I bought one but am a little scared to use it.
2. Microcurrent machines have dramatic prices differences between the gas-based and the bipolar ones like NuFace and Myolift. Is there a significant difference in benefits?
3. Are there any home devices out there that you think people should just be avoiding doing at home because the risks are too significant?

Lena Sheppard

Happy new year!
Thank your being here for us !


Would love to know how to do a protocol for a full face at home laser instead of just the eyes!!! ❤️❤️

Donj a know

Thank you for this protocol calendar. Wondering if I need to take into consideration areas where I have filler? Thanks!

jan milton

Woûld love to purchase the NEWA but they don’t ship to Canada. What would be your second choice?

Irma Gabrichidze

Love you, as always really interesting. could you pls advise how to fit Vitamin C, Retinol and Tranexamic Acid Serum. I have vitamin C- "vitabrid c12 serum" Retinol - “Paula’s choice 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment” and Tranexamic Acid Serum 5% Kojic Acid 5% Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid. Thank you in advance :-D

Heather Hernandez

I’m using your Amazon link again to shop


I love your channel and videos I’m learning so much!
Could you please update your link to Newa this is not working ?

Thank you!

Dianna Hersch

what do you think of the ZIIp machine? nano current.

kun snoing

How many pins are the best for regrowing hair?

Line Broe

Would you please consider doing a routine for sensitive red and dry skin ? (that skintype)
and suggest different products you can use in each step?

I often find videos that suggest either ingredients wich can be hard to turn into a routine without using a ton of products which tends to be a bad idea with sensitive skin.
Or i find videos with a routine suggestion without ANY options to swap out so you are kinda lost if you live somewhere where say canadian or american products are unavailable.

chrislida C

Thank you so much Penny!❤️

Candy C

I bought the Dr Pen after watching your video it took me 2 months to use. Only used once and that was 6 months ago (sigh) I'm hoping to implement back into my regimen. To see the benefits. You make it look so easy.

Claudia L

Just wondering how old is she ? She looks 45 so I’m expecting her to be a lot older. Anyway love yours videos ?

marcel deac

what are your thoughts about Carboxytherapy- face & body please? is it efficient? any info about it would be greatly appreciated!

Denise Bruhns

Is there an enzyme mask you'd recommend?


Hey Penny! I love your videos! Always such useful content! Are any of these devices not okay to use with melasma? thanks so much!

J Mills

Thank you for this great calendar Penny!!

Marija Dunn

Hi Penny, love you and your channel. <3 I am opening a small medspa in Scottsdale AZ and am trying to decide on an FDA-approved micro-needling device. What micro-needling device do you use professionally or recommend for professional use? I value and respect your opinion. I look forward to hearing from you.

Natural Kaos

This was a great video on explaining the concept of each device and then organizing it to all flow together and work together to maximize one another. You look darling as usual and I’m wondering if you are using your new lens? It looks pretty :)

Holly House

Hello! I am going to ask you because I trust you. I am about to buy a microneedling device and I have read as many as I can of the articles of "the top 10 best" but I dont trust those, as they all seem like theyre written by the manufacturer. Could you recommend to me which you think is best? I am 50, and I need it for everything on my face that a 50 yr old needs, and my 11 is wretched. My hair is also badly thinning and I have some pretty bad spots. It appears that my hair just doesnt grow there anymore, so I am really hoping this works on the top of my head. I will join your facebook group as well. Thank you so much for your help. I am the one that asked you if you knew about Skin Actives yesterday on another video. <3


Here where we are located, we can get only Silk'n FaceTite Anti-Aging Tool. What do you think about this device? Thanks for your input.

Lynn B

Thanks for this! I just got a newa for christmas and was wondering when to use it since I start the morning with my nuface. One question: can you leave on the newa gel and go right into your microcurrent? Thanks so much for all you do!

Robyn B

Hi Penny ! I love all your videos ! I microneedle every 4 wks at .5 Now I will every 6 wks I just got the Derma wand pro and an LED mask I’m a little confused how I would incorporate them if you can help I’d appreciate it ! Thank you Robyn

Brittney Trine

What would be a good device to start with? Im 33 and trying to reverse sun damage and I want to start now while I can..? the time master pro is over 7oo.. Im not sure where to start.


Hey penny. A little off topic, but I have a question or two. I have to wear a cpap at night. I need to know if u know of anything I shouldn’t t be using. I found a cpap chap from amazon. It’s from resplabs. Can u look up and see what this has in it and what I can or can’t use with it ? I just don’t know what to do. Scared to use just anything. Thanks?

Carmen Fernandez

Hi Penny! I have a question... do you have a suggestion where to keep all your devices? I own the mini miolift,, aduro mask, gua cha tool and kinga spatula. Specially the aduro mask, do you keep on the counter? On a drawer? Do you put in a cloth bag. Do you think is good idea to have all your tools in a travelers or maje up bag? I would like to organize my products and tools so I can be more efficient doing my routine. Thank you for all your advice and information!

patricia rivet

Hi Penny! I just had a Morpheus 8 treatment and was wondering when I can introduce news again. Thanks.

Ines Castaneda

Hi Penny, Thanks for all the info I have a new myolift QT (still getting used to the probe and gloves)and a Nuface I assume its ok to alternate between these two .
Also why wait until day 10 to start the RF I just bought the nebulift have not tried it yet?

Lyndsie Robinson

Thanks Penny!!! How long after Botox or filler can you use these modalities? I heard 2 weeks is a good rule of thumb? Is this correct?


please do a video on nira laser on broken capillaries please.


Your timing is impeccable! And this video, the blog & most importantly the calendars are priceless!! Thank you so much, I’ll venture into listing owned devices after coffee! ?

Julie Muhle

Ordered the A7, so excited!

Lisa Wilson

Happy New Year.. Thank you so much for all you do for us without this channel my skin would still be a mess God Bless U

Kara Russell

Hi Penny, Thank you for all of your informative videos! I have gone a bit crazy during quarantine and purchased along with other devices not mentioned in this video, A Dr. Pen, the Nira, MitoMIN LED Panel and a NuFace. I'm hoping for instructions on how to use the MitoMIN for antiaging and for hair loss for my guy. Specifically, how far away to be from the panel, if Red light and Infrared should both be used, how long for a treatment and if the skin should be clean or if any products should be used. I am sure you have already covered this at some point and I have looked, I just cannot seem to find it. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks again!


Hi Penny, devices I own are Dr Pen A6 Micrconeedling, Microdermabrasion, LED face mask & High Frequency Facial, how would I go about using them throughout the month?

Ramona B

Hi Penny, can you please help me understand if the formula below of a product is good for microneedling?
- Acid hialuronic pur, Aqua, Pentylene glycol, Sodium hyaluronate
Thank you so much in advance. I cannot find Cos de BAHA in my country, but I found a product with the above formula.

Ju Du

I have NIRA and Faustian IPL and was wondering how to combine them for my under eyes since NIRA is done daily.

Mattie Schmidt

I’m desperately needing to start a routine like this so thank you for posting! My only question is about micro needling and pimples. I’m 41 and still get some pimples. I’ve been using a high frequency wand for it and it has been making a difference but rarely is my skin bump free. They usually do not have heads, just red bumps, sometimes not red just a bump. Is there any way to micro needle with them (avoiding the area) or is it a no-go completely?

Alice Verrecchia

Hi Penny.!I just do my RF 2 days ago.when can i do microneedling?

Parisa Refah

I could not find your Facebook group

Kristin Loehrmann

Uhm, how come we're not talking about Penny's arms at all? Because: goals.

riptiderobin 16

Radio frequency and high frequency, what's the difference? Is one better than the other? Do they cause fat loss? Does microcurrent cause fat loss? I have been researching this whole day...And I'm going in circles in my head. Skincare devices are a maze.

Teresa Klauber

Thank you so much for this informative video. I just subscribed to your channel. Are there any of these devices that should NOT be used if you have filler and/or Botox?


I wish there were more before and after pics of these devices because there are so many of them it's hard to choose the right one. I noticed people do a combination of skincare so it's hard to tell if the results are from the device itself or it's due to other things done.

Jennifer Ashley

Hi! I have the myolift mini. I’d like to add one more modality at this point. Which would add - the Newa or LED red mask?


Penny, you are so pretty!!! ...(I haven't even finished watching it yet, but I had to tell you)!


I don’t have any of these devices and want to start investing in them. Is there one you would recommend I purchase first? My main goal is to reduce deep wrinkles, fine lines and lift sagging skin. Thanks for your advice!


Quick question, I ended up with some serious hyperpigmentation post micro needling. It has been two months and not going away. What can I use to correct this?

Lindsay London

Thank you Penny! I have had my Mito Red for a couple of years. I love it. I rigged it to the bottom of a chair near my bed, so I just lay under it. I was wearing goggles, but I want the skin around my eyes to reap the benefits too. The last month or two- I stopped using the goggles, and I just keep my eyes closed. Is this safe? Xoxo

Nicole Wesselman

I wish there was a pocket Penny ? you are brilliant!

Angela Puddy

Hi penny.im knew here.can u tell me if the myolift Qt app works in UK?? I can't download it.x

Max Mustermann

Hi Penny, thanks for this informative video. I have a question concerning RF: Can we really safely use RF devices during the microneedling recovery time? I thought we must give the skin 4 weeks to fully recover or otherwise we disturb the collagen cycle. After 0.25 I wouldn't hesitate to do an RF treatment, but after 0.5 or deeper I think it's risky. At least that's what I grasped from the book you recommend. Thanks for your answer.

Dawn Runyon

I thought we could do cosmetic micro needling once a week between the medical micro needling?

Annelise Gerber Woest

Has anyone used topical MSM with nano needling

Ana caballero

Hi Penny, can the Time Master Pro be considered Radio Frequency or can it replace it? Where would it fit in this routine? I love the TMP and have noticed a huge difference more than any other device.

Cindy Flood

Happy New Year, Penny. Thank you for the hard work of setting this up for us. I am wondering about using Myolift consecutive days, as they recommend every other day. Right now I rotate NEWA and Myolift, and do the rest as you suggest. I also would like to know if any Nano could be added in with this schedule?


Awesome video! Thanks! I have the NuFACE trinity with the LED wrinkle reducer, I have a Dr Pen for micro-needling with both needles for med and nano, I also do TCA peels at 12% and eventually plan to increase to 20%. Love you much more here at YouTube. I can't get used to Instagram or find my way around. :-(

Jana Kanewicz

Hi Penny, thank you very much for this huge selection of skincare options!!. I have a question: is the glowbiotics vit c version intended to use with nano needling? or in that case would you recommend l ascorbic acid? for example from the ordinary? also between 40 and 50 what version of retinoid would you recommend: retin a, retinoid, I have some confusion here.
Thanks !

Teresa Thompson

This is perfect timing! Just got a couple new devices for Christmas and was wondering how to put them all together. I have the Nuface trinity, Tria eye laser (may look into Nira as it can be used on eyelids:) ), Skintastic led device,, PMD Microdermabrasion and the Tri Pollar Stop X. Been a little leary to try microneedling on myself. I do use Tretnoin and Vitamin C Serum, plus a couple others. I am waiting on my W Skin aqua facial device. I also do glycolic peels every so often.

Tammy Jo Kerney

OM Goodmess! Thank you!!! ? This is incredibly helpful! I am so appreciative! I definitely will held over to your blog and print out the calendar in the morning. I want to hug you right now! Thank you! ? I have a couple of questions. The first question is that I need to use the Nira for my marionette lines and my elevens too. On what day after doing the microneedling Can I use the Nira on those areas? Can I use the Nira twice a day? And, if I use it twice a day do I need to incorporate any other devices with it for the second treatment? Lastly, do any of these devices help with broken capillaries? Or, do I just have to wait and incorporate the faustina at another time? I have all the devices you mentioned. I do not have the Faustina yet, but I was very interested in it for broken capillaries.

Megan D

Penny rockstar video for us at home!! What about superficial needing? The .03 or under?

Claudia A

Awesome ??. Very well explained. I have microcurrent, radio frecuency, led, and I’m thinking to buy the master pro, is ultrasound right?
Hopefully you can add it in the next video????

Patricia Elkins

Great video! Thank you!?

Boss Tv


Nicole Bram

Thank you so much for this!!!


Hello Penny, First, thank you for your helpful tutorials. Second, questions! I keep reading that RF can damage fat cells. Is this true, and if so, is there a sure way to avoid it? Are some devices safer than others? Also, RF seem to be counter-indicated for Fitzpatrik skin types 4+ and people with hyperpigmentation. Is this why you use your Newa on neck only? I assume that RF heat causes possible hyperpigmentation; is this right? Do devices like Nebulyft avoid pigmentation since heat is controlled below 42F and the machine (supposedly) adapts to skin thickness so the radio frequency doesn't heat fat layers? Or should darker skinned people avoid RF altogether? Thank you for your answers!

Adriana Papadopoulos

NEWA RF - Is there a 10% off code for Canada at all ???


Can you separate it ex nuface in the morning and rf and led at night

Iuliana Butoi

I was wondering where do people buy their Derma Pen. I live in Europe, Germany and looked for this. I found Dr. Pen in the USA and 2 companies that sell a lookalike in Germany. After a long search in the internet, everybody says that Dr. Pen comes directly from China and also the ones from Amazon and german companies do, so I really wonder if it's actually the same thing with that one from Aliexpress. Did anyone bought this from Aliexpress and if not, where do you buy it?

Parisa Refah

How about TCA peel?


I have the silk'n titan, is it good or am I wasting my time

Hiền Vlogs


Shirley Miller

Dermal needing dr lance setterfield is amazon 230$ is that for professional use? Am i going to invest that amount for personal knowledge? Is this advised?

Kathy Brintlinger

I’d like to purchase the best at home red light LED for anti aging. Is the mito pro panel best? Their website is confusing. I trust your opinion! Thanks so much!

Linda W

Am I able to use tretinoin after all these devices? And when I use the NEWA and Nira on the same day, can they be used over the same areas of the face?

Stacy Yates

Hi! Two questions: what do you use to protect your eyes for LED if using a lamp? I have tanning goggles but I don’t think they cut it. Second: I’m starting to get marionette lines ( it’s so depressing!)... sagging around the corners of my mouth all of a sudden at age 44. What device would you recommend? The only thing I have now are the Led lamp and the microneedling pen. Thank you in advance. ❤️


Thank you so much Penny! I’m one who needs things set out in order to understand. I received the micro-needling device that you reviewed that is cordless with two batteries & a cord if you so choose for Christmas from my mom, I also picked up the Dr. Dennis Gross led mask thanks to Cate the Great, she let everyone know that it was $100 off at Nordstrom before Christmas so I impulsively purchased it ??. I also purchased a Foreo led mask device & I have NeuFace micro current device, the one that I can switch out the heads. I only have the ball one & the led lights one though. I think that’s all. I’ve yet to try the micro needling, I am going to educate myself throughly before using it. I’m a bit nervous about using it even though I’ve used the roller micro needling before. I am just about to try the Dr. Dennis Gross led mask, I have purchased alcohol wipes to cleanse it & I ordered some green tea serum for in the future off of Amazon, I got Melixer Green Tea toner. It’s a single ingredient & it seems to be a quality product, I’m looking forward to trying it out. I have recently been diagnosed with Rosacea, my husband also has it, and I’m hoping that the red light therapy will help with that. My poor husband has it horribly, so any advice on helping him would be GREATLY appreciated ? Sorry for the Ted Talk ??

Nola U

Do you have any info on derma rolling loose skin and stretch marks on the body?

Denise Lowe

Thanks very informative, when would I incorporate my Faustina IPL for my age spots ?

J McMillan

Thank you so much for this video, it is very helpful. I would love some help with the timeline of my devices. I have a Riivivia microdermabrasion, .2mm microneedle, nuface microcurrent, and just added a Time Master Pro for the red LED and RF. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you!

Riley Hamilton

Yesss! Been waiting for this!

I have devices;

Hey silky skin hair removal laser

Micro needling dr pen 8 w/ nano and 16 pin

LED mask and wand

Project e beauty,
Ultrasound w/led (not sure I like this device)
High frequency
Galvanic w/roller (love the micro current roller!)
Pore vacuum (don’t care for)
Inferred hair comb

NuFace micro current

Sonic scrubber


Pmd kiss

Gua sha set (lol is it a “device”?)

Stacey Bauer

My aesthetician uses the SkinPen for MN and goes under my eyes. I know I can not use the Nira along with MN. When can I start using my Nira under my eyes after MN and when should I stop it before my next MN treatment? Thank you for your passion for skin and sharing it with us!

Micro needling vs laser

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How Aggressiveness of Microneedling and Laser for Acne Scars can be Reduced by Combining Treatments

14 755 views | 18 Dec. 2017

For more on

For more on microneedling: http://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/vampire-facial/

For more on acne scar treatment, please go to: https://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/acne-scars-treatment/

For more on laser treatment, please go to: http://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/laser-light-treatments/

For more information about platelet-rich plasma treatment, please visit: https://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/platelet-rich-plasma/

To learn more about Dr. Prasad's background and training, please go to: https://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/dr-amiya-prasad/

Someone wants to undergo microneedling for acne scars, however they are hesitant due to some reviews saying that microneedling causes major collagen loss and permanent orange peel skin. An aesthetician told them that microneedling does not stimulate collagen, but instead causes scar tissue to form.

New York oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews their concerns in this video, and explains how skin damage and collagen loss can happen when are treatments done too aggressively, and better, safer results can be achieved by reducing aggressiveness of treatment, and combining different treatment modalities with platelet-rich plasma (PRP):

1:46 — Dr. Prasad details his background training in cosmetic oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as his experience as a facial rejuvenation specialist

2:20 — The importance of defining the core of your cosmetic concerns

2:55 — How treatment for acne scars is determined; and the different types of acne scars

3:31 — How the downsides of microneedling may be due to the procedure being done too aggressively

4:25 — Dr. Prasad explains the mechanics of how collagen induction therapy works in microneedling

5:27 — How microneedling and other similar modalities can be done at different depths

5:46 — How some practitioners resort to increasing aggressiveness of treatment when patients are not satisfied

6:15 — How fillers can improve the appearance of acne scars and volume loss due to acne scarring

6:55 — How Dr. Prasad balances out the aggressiveness of laser treatment by using platelet-rich plasma

7:59 — The value in combining treatments to get the maximum result with minimum risk

8:44 — The importance of choosing the right practitioner

9:01 — How acne scar treatment is different for every individual; and the importance of observing one’s response to treatment

10:04 — Dr. Prasad’s recommendation


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Mohsin Ali

Hey doc my skin is atrophied by steroids developed dark patches and extremely sensitive skin black spots and acne scars.. what's the modality i can have??plzzz

Jenny Quezada

How often is it ok to get microneedling?

EaT WiTh Us

Hello.. I have active acnes on face and have lots off deep acne scars.. Should i do microneedling for acne scars?

Charity Puckett

I love you everything you said made so much sense I really wish I could come to you, but I live in ky, for my face/ acne scars im at such a loss and I have an appointment in 2 weeks for microneedling.

Timmsy Skies

Hi doc...you remind me.of Paul Stanley ?


Sir I have acne scars on my cheeks . I am looking for laser treatment does it can harm my skin.

Athari Beauty

i've done many microneedling sessions with no side effects and it was so beneficial for my skin. currently i switched to fractional laser for my acne scars and non caused any side effects.

Kezia Berlianti Rukmana

My doctor prescribed me a cream with steroid (Fluocinolone acetonide 0.0072%) combined with RA 0.036% and quinol 4%, to prepare my skin before microneedling, i've been using variations of cream prescribed by her before, some of which cointains FA in different concentration to treat my active acne and reduce the redness on my face, is FA safe to be used more than 3 months? I've asked my doctor but she only said it's okay as long as it is used under supervision but i'm really concern since my facial skin looks really thin but i still have to undergo my third session of microneedling

Charity Puckett

Hello I loved your video very useful although I have a appointment in 2 weeks to get the microneedling but do you think I should. My scars are very similar to the one in the video where there deep and u added the filler I need help please

Sandeep Reddy

Hi sir

Sonam edu

very well explained... tgank for so useful video?

Sandra Kowalewski

I received more aggressive microneedling treatments on my smile lines . Which looks like to deep cat scratches , is that normal?

Tersha Herft

Hello doctor , Please could u let me know the best treatment for this type of scars

Bird of Paradise

Dr. Prasad, I'm going to get microneedling done professionally but I don't want to feel any pain, otherwise I know I won't go back for the remaining sessions...Would you be okay if your healthy patient took hydrocodone prior to the treatment?

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Have a question I have a scar on my eyebrow but will my eyebrow grow back?

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Hello dr. I have a few shallow and narrow chickenpox scars on my face...what is the best treatment for themm

Micro needling vs laser

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Laser Microneedling Procedure 411

1 212 views | 16 Sep. 2019

Laser microneedling, or

Laser microneedling, or ultra microneedling, is a very new way of

microneedling. Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that leads to improvement in uneven color, irregular texture, enlarged pores, acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles. It is stronger than a facial or a light peel but is gentler than more aggressive laser treatments.

Compared to the traditional method, patients don’t get as red and the recovery time is a lot shorter.

Today, Dr. Alex Eshaghian will be joining us and we are breaking down everything you need to know about this popular treatment.

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0:57 - Breakdown of Ultra Microneedling

1:26 - Who is a Good Candidate for Ultra Microneedling

1:39 - How much does it cost?


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