Laser for brown spots

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How to Eliminate Brown Spots and Red Spots With Lasers | Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Webinar

500 views | 9 Oct. 2020

In this webinar,

In this webinar, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Douglas Wu, gives us an in-depth explanation of how laser dermatology can eliminate the appearance of brown spots and broken blood vessels. He explains the science behind how they work, shows us various before and after photos, and at the end of the webinar, he answers multiple questions from our live webinar audience.

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At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we have 6 board-certified physicians. Many of them are experts in the topic discussed during this webinar, and each doctor also has expertise in areas not mentioned during this webinar. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office!

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Laser for brown spots

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Laser treatment for brown spots, part 2

91 725 views | 22 Jul. 2015

This patient you have seen

This patient you have seen before, she had prominent brown spots called Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPNs) on her cheeks which made her feel older. They were treated quite successfully with the Iriderm Laser with is a 532 nm laser.

When treated, the brown spots implode, making a popping sound. Very effective treatment for these types of spots. Here you can see how she looks after her first treatment and I do a second treatment to "clean up" any of the residual spots, as well as treat the chest and neck.

Thank you for watching!


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Raquel Deleon

Great results


This is FREAKING AWESOME.  Her face looks really great after just one treatment @Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

Twenty Foreplay

Oh look, the "Mmm Hmm" lady is back! She looks great. Tell her we said hello!


Can this help scars as well?

Slick Trademarc



Whelp, I'm totally blind now after watching that lol.


I have dark spot since 2 month after accident injury on my face
Only 2 month is there requirements of any treatment dermaroller or peeling ???


I have brown spots on my legs after Sclerothetapy
Will this laser remove them Dr Lee?


If you pause the video right on a green flash it looks like an alien abduction is happening XD

Lorna M

I had my retina lasered and it felt like my eye was being snapped by a rubber band.


Dr. Lee, can freckles be removed with this laser? I am willing to go in for an eval if its possible.

Mathilda F

Wow! Such improvement!

Itsme 23

Omg. 4th comment:). I know, who cares : \

tiredofpc K

Ok, so give me a 4x4 gauze, well saturated in Tanqueray, and replaced prn!


Please put a seizure warning in the title.

Birdie R

Wow! What a difference her first treatment made, I couldn't believe it! No wonder she wanted to do it again. She is seriously badass though, telling the Doc to keep going, I don't think I could do it! Awsome job to both of you!


Wow, great improvement. I hope we get to see her again, and her final result. I felt bad for her, because this was obviously uncomfortable. My mom used to say, "You have to suffer to be beautiful." But we women are TOUGH, and we're used to pain, a lot of which has nothing to do with "beauty". We can take it.


I need that laser in my life. I have those same brown spots.

Megan Louise


Susan Mclucas

Scotland calling.....brave girl....great results!

Terry Hyde

This woman is getting prettier by the day. Dr Lee you are the best!


The results from the first to the second are amazing! She looks so good!

Catherine Medford

She looks great!! Does this work on acne scars??

Maria Katrina

Warning for people with epilepsy or light sensitivity!

ellen hixon

Hi Dr Lee, big fan here. I was wondering if Melasma can be treated with the tool you are using. My brown spots are in patches, rather than spots. Thanks in advance, Ellen


Come on, quit groaning, woman! You asked for it. I had the same thing done and it wasn't as painful as you're making it look.

Leo Reyes

Forgiven. keep sending all to the cross Sister!

Jacque Starr-Hubert

What type of laser is that


Looks beautiful!!!

Lisa Johnson

Is this only a cosmetic procedure or is it considered preventative so they don't become cancerous?

Josh Simpkin

Starting to like these type of videos more than the milia ones! Keep up the good work Sandra, best wishes from North West England!

Angela Wilson

Awesome result!!


Love ya Dr. Lee, but not these kinds of videos. Sorry! :>(


She looks great! Very cool.


Cant wait to see an update!


She looks great.

Janeen Saravia

Is there anything that can remove stretch marks?

ooo ooo

can you do this with freckles?

Laurie Stromgren

There is a warning first thing in the video.... CAUTION, FLASHING LASER LIGHTS...great outcome after the first treatment

Jules John 3:16

@Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) Maybe off the subject but I am starting to use your language! Hahaha! I was telling my Mama about teasing around the cyst. She has a pilar cyst I believe on her head that needs to go. .in her hair. Also today we were somewhere & my Mama and the other lady were talking about their age spots. I said, "They're 'wisdom ' spots! ??✌?


Great video but holy crap I'm glad I don't have epilepsy! Maybe put an epilepsy warning up for videos with flashy lights?? Just a thought. Great work though.


Great job, Doc!

Mycha Nassef

The result is AMAZING!!! Love when they pop lol.

TaraRockRevival BeBe

Wow looks better already!

Kacey Dupuis

Such an awesome patient. Have to deal with some pain in life and she sticks to it instead of wimping out.

ooo ooo

oh I see and no I didn't tbh, sorry.

paula null

Beauty is pain for sure. And she looks just beautiful.  I can hardly wait for the next pictures.  Amazing treatment Dr. Lee!

Amelia DiSomma

Wow, fantastic results. Very effective laser machine!

Julie C

nice job! Iv never seen spots treated and the resulting befor and afters. Im greatly impressed and so pleased for your patient

Jenny Morris Wood

The pain we women go through to be beautiful. Can't wait to see her results. I know some one already asked but would this work on acne scars? What do you recommend for acne scars? Great video. Thanks Doc!

Malena Jackson

I need this!


I feel like if I watch this video all the way through, I might get a seizure. Lol


Can this particular type of laser be effective for removing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (I think that's what mine is called). I have dark scars on white skin (type 2, I think), due to dermatillomania picking. Some have an especially dark "bullseye" spot in the centre, from repeatedly digging out deep scabs, so I repeatedly had pitted sores before I managed to stop myself enough to let them heal and fill in. I plan on treating with some glycolic acid, hopefully I can fade them enough on my own, but might have to save up for professional treatment.

Frankie Tortonesi

Can't watch this! Blinds me!

Michelle Doyle

Wow what a difference. Her face looks amazing, younger and softer. She was pretty this made her that much more!


How much would something like this cost?

Kristy K

She looks great!!

Gail Kelly

Love the popping sound

Georgette Wood

Good patient,and great doctor.


Ohh . its the ''mhmm'' girl. Hahaha i love her

DJ Jackson

Definitely great results! Smoother clear skin after just one session can't wait to see the follow up. Worth every zap

See Canon

No gain without pain. Poor little lady. Must have hurt badly.


Not as exciting as the popping videos.

Baylee Bubble

What causes the flashing lights? Is it the laser or the camera?

Juanetta Burrous

i kinda love the popping sound


Why where they popping anyway what are they freckels.


What is the popping sound? Is it the dark areas being zapped or something. As you can tell, my clinical descriptions are great. Zapped. Lol.

Laser for brown spots

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Treating Brown Spots With Alexandrite Laser | William Groff, DO | San Diego

19 817 views | 4 Jun. 2013


In this video, Dr. Groff demonstrates how a patient can achieve vibrant, youthful skin that was once over ridden with brown spots or melasma. With treatment from the Alexandrite laser, a fractional CO2 device, pigment problems are absorbed and dispelled from the body, causing a rejuvenated and fresh appearance.

For more information regarding treatment with the Alexandrite Laser in San Diego, contact GBFG&F today by calling (858) 657-1002.

Alexander Fajardo

What about treat both hyperpigmentation and brown spots in single treatment which laser do you think is the best?

Roxana Bonilla

Hello.. after the spots heals the skin will be back to normal or it will leave a pink spot ?

Kaitlyn Ortega