Laser hair removal faq

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Laser Hair Removal Demonstration & FAQ

635 views | 16 Oct. 2009

Dr. Keith Marcus at the #1

Dr. Keith Marcus at the #1 Redondo Beach Spa demonstrates how Laser Hair Removal is administered. Dr. Marcus answers the most commonly asked questions about Laser Hair Removal.

Dr. Keith Marcus is a Palos Verdes native and a board certified head and neck surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery. His other practice is Marcus Facial Plastic Surgery serving Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Torrance, Santa Monica and other surrounding areas. http://marcusfacialplastics.com/

Laser hair removal faq

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Lucy Answers the most Googled Questions about Laser Hair Removal

20 311 views | 15 Jan. 2020

The Most Googled Questions

The Most Googled Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Lucy our senior laser technician answers all your questions about laser hair removal.

For more information, visit https://www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/laser-hair-removal-london

At Pulse Light Clinic London we specialise in Laser Hair Removal in London for all skin types. Using the latest innovation in hair removal using the Alexandrite and NDYag lasers by Syneron Candela, we provide hair reduction up to 90% off. We recommend a course of 6-8 treatments (varies for all clients) with gaps of 4-6 weeks in between.

We have three clinics in London


20 Eastcheap, Peek House, EC3M 1EB

Tottenham Court Road

5 Percy Street, W1T 1DG


150-152 Fenchurch Stree, EC3M 6BB

Inaaya192014 Inaaya

I have pcos I want to do my face and what price plz tell me

Рузалия Гумерова

Can you remove the facial hair which is coarse?I am tired from facial hair,need treatment urgently,can you call me on 07453 527 829,

Arganjo Dacosta

Grow again or no?

Debbie Akano

I’ve just checked your website. I look forward to booking with you.

Gulnaz Din

Can I have laser done if I am suffering from epilepsy lupus and diabetes

Goddess Secret Life

Thanks for making this video ? It helped a lot, I’m starting my hair laser removal treatment with the clinic called “SK:N CLINICS” I hope they are as good as you guys ....


Love this video, very informative!

What type of laser is more effective: a dynamic mode laser like the Soprano Titanium or a ‘stamping’ type laser like the Candela? Both have nd:YAG wavelengths for darker skin but was wondering if there’s a difference in effectiveness? :)

Рузалия Гумерова

Can I have your address please,

Laser hair removal faq

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Laser Hair Removal FAQs with Satori Laser!

4 092 views | 24 Dec. 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this video :)

Time stamps to questions asked:

1) Can I get LHR if my hair is a light or a pale brown? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=77s

2) Is there a better time of the year to get LHR? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=93s

3) How many treatments does it take to complete treatment? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=143s

4) What are the benefits or going to a clinic versus an at home LHR device? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=340s

5) If I'm using Retin-A on my face, can I get LHR on my body? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=403s

6) After done your full cycle of treatments, what is the maintenance? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=434s

7) What is the benefit of LHR versus electrolysis? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=536s

8) What is the recommended aftercare for LHR? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=578s

9) How will LHR affect an area with lighter and darker hair? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=711s

10) What is the pain and recovery like? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=766s

11) Can I get LHR if I have darker skin? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=890s

12) What are some questions to ask a LHR clinic near you? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=930s

13) Recommendations for pain tolerance -- http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=1043s

14) How much does LHR cost short and long term versus other methods? http://youtu.be/uBnaulQ5sn0?t=1163s

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Charlie Webster

I've had 8 laser hair removal treatments on my face and neck, between the last stretch of 2013 and 2014.  I have yet to get the reduction that I want.  I haven't had any treatments in several months, does stopping for awhile and then starting back up have negative effects on the overall efficacy of treatment?  Should I go back to the same place I was going to or consider another option, based on my lackluster results? 

Anas Ayman

I wanna do for my inner butts is theta possible bro

Camila Molina

This was very helpful!

Stef V

Great video Josh! Very informative since I'm looking to get hair removal before my wedding :) thanks for this video!