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Visa Bulletin February 2021 | Visa Bulletin Update (New President!)

23 417 views | 22 Jan. 2021


VISA BULLETIN FEBRUARY 2021 | VISA BULLETIN OVERVIEW // February Visa Bulletin is out. This video walks through the changes in final action dates including the EB1, EB2, EB3 and EB5 priority dates. Find out which green card priority dates have moved forward since the last visa bulletin update.




How to Read the Visa Bulletin


February 2021 Visa Bulletin (Official Site)


Which chart to use for filing I-485 (Official Site)


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Amadeus Mozart

What about Daca applicants

Vanessa Colina

I don’t understand why the family categories have months without significant moves forward. I know processes outside of the US are paused, but what about people who can adjust status inside the US? (me). If USCIS has less cases to process, how come the dates didn’t move faster than before? I’m asking because I’m sure I’m not understanding something. Please help.

Bishnu Prasad

From Burma (myanmar's nepali),thanks

Mark Mensah

Is f2a ban over?

Deign Lory

How about don’t let anyone in until we don’t have homeless veterans and children that are here aren’t going hungry????


Good afternoon. My question is how long would it take for f3 - i130 to get approved. Thank you

Maya Alvi

Can you plz tell me.. is there hope of "final action date" will be updated in 3 months forward in March; or just it's week story ???

Shoorver Rajput

I got my Visa and green card just in few days I'm glad Hacktech.2_ on IG made it possible! They've the best service and fast

joanna philemon

We are f4 catogary (india) and we filed on 2005 and till now no information came ... Can anyone help me in this....

Der STEADY Davito

Hello thanks for info untouchable work for us but I have one question pliz help me to answer it why when ever I put my details is status check link it's no longer working yet I was selected??

Amadeus Mozart


Hartaj Mann

My pd 2008 F4 but my case returned to USCIS FROM NVC HOW THATS POSSIBLE

Jaswinder Kaur

If principal applicant died after the approved the F4 case.Can his family eligible to come to the USA ?any way please tell me

Mujtaba Mazhar

What's update about the B2 Visa....
My 5 years B2 has expired and i want the reissue/renewal .. I'm in Turkey right now..... is consulate entertaining this visa category or not?! Do i need an appointment for the reissue/renewal of my visa or should i courier my passport to the consulate?!

Extra Extra

why f4 india did not move ? why is there no information on all this its been stuck at march amost since 6-months

Nik Ayam

How about the SIB visa?

michael mamaril

is eb3 current for philippines?

Afzal Ali Ali

Am from pakistan I-130 F3 category my petition is prove 2011.

Rahman M

My type of case is F2B

If it exceeds the priority date, can I inform them of that and then make an exception and make an interview date for me?

George Cabrera

Hi Meneesha - I'm having trouble understanding the visa bulletin. My brother and sister's priority date is July 8, 2008. Which chart am I supposed to be looking to find the correct date? They are from Guatemala.

Diplo Soriano

Very pretty lady.

Sandeep Singh

My f4 visa filling date is march 2008 .. how much time it should take.. plz reply..

Gopi Gill

We filled in f4 category in 2006..still waiting..its been almost 15 years?

melia caramel

How about spouse CR1 visa, how will take long time can you give the clue

Ningz P.

Hi Mam!?

Raju Panhalkar

Hi Good afternoon I just want know how many j1 visa get approved in the month of February. Thanks!!!

Maneesha Mukhi, Immigration Tips

February 2021 Visa Bulletin is out! As of this moment, they haven't updated which chart to use for filing Form I-485, I will update that here when they do so!

Abram Khan

Plz tell me about Iraq visa..

Dave Smith

Can you talk about F4 siblings? My brother’s process priority date is November 2010. From Brazil here !
Thank you!

Hitesh Patel

Hi Maneesha, it's great information, I have a question. I filed for my brother under the F4 category when he is in Canad resident but India born. Q: On visa call, he has to go to India to take the VISA or he can get VISA in Canada?

Shailaja Mukhi

Great video!

Salem Karadsheh

I’m on F2b and waiting for my interview. The final action date finally moved forward even though just a little

bunmi ogunbodede

Thank you for the Video.


Good Morning Ms. Maneesha
I am from a one of middle east countries I was born in USA 1965 , I have American passport Also my 6 children.
My question is
1-The USA embassy issued only passport for my older children 16 years old and above and my younger children 16 years and below the USA embassy issued passport and birth certificates for them. Why?
2- All my children they haven't been in the United states yet is there any problem?
3- We are planning to go to USA after the this covid-19 finish do they have to issue Social security numbers?

Kirsten Calaguas


Soham Patel

What about f4 visa category? Why it is moving so slow? Will it move fast in next months?


My mom i130 is approved by nvc, i m waiting for interview ? Is there any news for proclamation

Jaswinder Kaur

Madam,Do you have any information for F4 case ?If principal applicant died then can his family get to visa in this same case or any way ?Please tell me

M Ismail

What about pp1014 the ban ?? Is deleted or still?

Achira Dissanayake

No word about asylum interview visa schedule bulletins...!!!

anti brutality

This chart shows the gas consumption globally.
USA has 328 million ppl in it, China 1.3 billion add Russia u see my point.
Even Europe has more population then USA.
What I'm trying to show u is the amount of gas being wasted in the USA. Its atrocious.
Carbon footprint galore.
Boycott USA it has no consideration for the world. Land of wasters.
Boycott USA now


My sister applied for me 2013 may(F4).My parents also permanent resident since 2013,they are not citizen of USA yet. Is it possible to make f4 category faster than it used to be because my parent also PR holder of USA?
N.B.:I am over 21 and married.
Thanks in advanced!!

Anjana Gopal

Thanks Manisha! Love your explanatory videos and all the valuable information you share

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PERM Labor Certification Overview

5 864 views | 13 Nov. 2018

Krystal Alanis and Paloma

Krystal Alanis and Paloma Feghali of Reddy & Neumann, P.C. provide a brief introductory overview of the PERM Labor Certification process.

Krystal Alanis - [email protected]

Paloma Stevens - [email protected]

The information provided should not be construed as legal advice for your specific situation. Nor does it constitute an engagement with Krystal Alanis, Paloma Feghali, or REDDY & NEUMANN, P.C., or establish an attorney-client relationship. For specific advice on your situation, please contact an attorney immediately


no lullaby can match the soothing voice of the lady on the right


I need a consultant regarding my visa. im from korea, recent graduate of NYU (master degree). comment email address where i can write to. thanks

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Masterplan Transformation Perm timeline

1 195 views | 17 Feb. 2011

The development of Perm

The development of Perm through time by KCAP Architects&Planners.

Spatial framework to guide the transformation of the city of Perm