Natural alopecia treatment

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Natural Treatment for Hair Regrowth | Hair Thinning, Baldness, Alopecia Areata (2 ingredients)

5 877 views | 5 Jul. 2020

Natural and effective home

Natural and effective home remedy for hair regrowth on bald patches and hairloss. Simple and easy onion remedy for hair thinning. It is an effective guaranteed remedy which shows results in short time.

In this video you will get to know about 2 simple remedies, which are great for hair loss, hair thinning, widen part of woman, bald patches (alopecia areata). Both remedies need only 2 ingredients.

If you are interested to know how onions work for hair problems, then this video also tells that how onion works for hair problems. Onions also benefit dandruff, itchy scalp, strengthens hair and lots more....to have a look at all that watch this video. You won't REGRET watching this.

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Hello! Thank you for the great tips!
should I apply onion juice after shampooing on wet hair and then rinse with only water or should I apply it on dry hair and then rinse and shampoo?


can pregnant women try these remedies?


Very informative. Thank you for sharing this vid. Anyway fren here in Ireland giving u love and support. I'll see you soon..

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Weird how we lose hair on our head but not anywhere else

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If we use the same for once a week???? Should it work properly??

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White onion ..is ryt..sir g..
.Red ..onion is best.??

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How do I get the juice out the onion?

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I have being under series of hospital treatment of HIV syndrome  but wasn't still cured till I used Madida herbal medicine, I am HIV negative now. According to them, they said they have different cure to many diseases and virus. You can reach them on [email protected] or WhatsApp +2348071333118 if you need any help okay.

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1) How long we can store onion juice.
2) Do we can apply in night.
3) In a week how many days we need to apply, any other good oils we can mix in this, waiting for your reply.

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Can I use rice water after using onion juice

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Use this remedy huge loss of hair

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I’m using just olive oil on my hair
Is this right?
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Natural alopecia treatment

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Alopecia natural treatment: How I healed my alopecia

903 views | 12 Sep. 2020

Alopecia natural

Alopecia natural treatment: How I healed my alopecia.

In this video, I share my personal alopecia story and how I healed my alopecia using diet and lifestyle changes as my alopecia treatment. So, if you've been wondering how to treat your alopecia, this video and the rest in this series is for you!

Some things that can help:

Grab your AIP FOODS LIST (free): https://vanillawell2286.wixsite.com/foodlist

My favourite AIP Guidebook (Dr. Ballantyne's book - The Paleo Approach): https://amzn.to/31z3nou

AIP meal planning service: https://realplans.com/?AFFID=463144


*3 KEY lifestyle hacks you NEED as part of your treatment for alopecia!


*The BEST ALOPECIA NATURAL TREATMENT: How to treat your alopecia.

Stop searching for the best alopecia natural treatment! If you really want to know how to treat your alopecia, you've found the answer! In this video I get into my personal journey with alopecia from diagnoses on. I then talk about how to treat alopecia using the natural alopecia treatment protocol I used myself to heal my alopecia and regrow my hair. If you're desperate for an alopecia remedy that ACTUALLY works , this video is for you! Skeptical that you can reverse alopecia naturally? Two other videos in this series explain why diet and lifestyle change is well documented in the science to heal autoiumme conditions like alopecia areata.


Great video! And I love the couch potato dog.

Leyla Ciudad

Would the AIP diet work for telogen effluvium?


Questions anyone?? Comment below - also feel free to join our AIP 4 Alopecia facebook group for support! https://www.facebook.com/groups/aip4alopecia

Agatha Jones

Hi! Thanks for sharing. I cannot open the AIP foods list. Can you please share the list again?

Natural healing Alopecia areata

Thank you for sharing ?? I think Alopecia is a gut issue ! When I started to take herbs and juice, my hair grew back! I had Alopecia universalis and now I have hair again and eyebrows!

Jacques C

appreciate the videos. just wanted to ask when your hair started to grow back, did they initially come back thin and white? i.e. vellus hair. also, what are your go to basic AIP breakfast ideas?, that is the biggest struggle for me. thanks!


I LOVE your dog!!! Enjoyed watching them in dreamland! Great video and thank you. Glad your journey yielded success!

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Natural alopecia treatment

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03 Natural Ingredients To Make A Remedy For Alopecia Barbae

7 605 views | 2 Nov. 2019

In this video, I gonna

In this video, I gonna tell you about a remedy consisting of three natural ingredients to cure Alopecia Barbae. So keep watching up to the end for full knowledge. The beard is actually a big and main part of a man’s look. It can make him feel confident, masculine, and keep his face warm. If bald patches show up due to alopecia, then it can be stressful. Bald patches in beard, this condition is known as alopecia barbae. It’s similar to alopecia areata but affects the mustache and beard instead of the scalp. In the medicine market, you can find products designed to treat alopecia. But they’re also full of harmful chemicals.

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This is a genuinely created video if it relates to anyone that will be considered just a coincidence. All rights are reserved; images & videos have been taken from the websites that provide free to the users, e.g;

1. Pixabay.com

2. Pexels.com

And some are homemade pictures & videos.

#United States,


Please watch: "Marinated Chicken Biryani At Home | Chicken Biryani Recipe For Beginners"




Do you use a carrier oil for this? Do you use liquid propolis?

Muhsin Izhar

use all oils or one of them only?

Bil Bransun

Why wash it off after 3 hours?

hamza mekhfiwi

Thanks for you information, I will get this 3 oils and try them hopefully will work , many thanks


When you say peppermint oil and lavender oil are you talking about essential oils for aromatherapy diffusers or is it a different type of oil?

gokul s

How much long time will take to grow hair when use these oil ???

Manish Sain

Good information