Led light therapy for estheticians

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LED Light Therapy Your Secret To Anti-Aging - All Your Questions Answered + DEMO

80 298 views | 14 May. 2018

Hey Everyone!


Hey Everyone!

Today we are talking about all things LED. This video will explain what LED Light Therapy is, what LED does for your skin and how to incorporate this treatment into your skincare routine at home. I’ll show you all my tips and tricks for making the most of this amazing therapy in addition to product recommendations to use with LED lights. I’ll give you a demo of how to use NuFace’s Trinity Wrinkle Reducing Attatchment. And if you don’t already own an LED light, I’ll show you my recommended top three devices.

It’s A LOT of information! Here’s a quick guide if you want to jump ahead:

0:46 What is LED Light Therapy

1:15 Light Waves Explained

2:40 Visible and Invisible Light Wave Lengths

4:36 Benefits of Red Light

5:19 Benefits of Amber Light

5:34 Benefits of Blue Light

6:06 Benefits of Infrared Light

6:24 How To Use NuFace’s Trinity Wrinkle Reducer

7:27 Device Tips and Tricks

10:15 Contraindications

11:10 Why Does Your Device Beep

12:12 Thyroid Conditions and Light Therapy

14:10 What Is Oxidative Stress

15:53 My Antioxidant Serum Recommendations

17:06 LED DEMO

19:42 NuFace’s Routine

20:38 My Routine

22:51 My Recommendations For At Home LED Lights

24:38 Recap


FIY - I’m unfortunately not sponsored by any of these companies. I just love their products.

Products I used in this video:

Shop the Nuface devices at the Skinstore.com (links below) and use code KATIE25 for 25% off!

NuFace Trinity ($325) - https://bit.ly/3mB6ZOD

NuFace Wrinkle Eraser ($149) - https://bit.ly/35HY8DO

Luzern Labs Recover Oil https://bit.ly/2GeHmNS

de Mamiel Intense Nuture Antioxidant Elixer https://bit.ly/2LpL6mW

Amala Rejuvenating Eye Cream https://bit.ly/2rI5FPi

Antioxidant Serums to use with LED Light Therapy:

Simply Radiant Beauty Resveratrol Firming Serum ($35) https://amzn.to/2Sw1956

Sircuit Skin Oraia Anti-Aging Intensive Regenerating Complex ($135) https://amzn.to/31VfOd2

Best LED Lights to use at home:

Nuface Trinity Wrinkle Reducer https://bit.ly/35HY8DO

LightStim for Wrinkles https://amzn.to/2Hr31p9

LightStim for Acne https://amzn.to/37yAHvE

Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask https://amzn.to/38y7ouq

Thank you Joovv Light for making awesome videos full of such great info!

They make a cool home light for full body treatments in three different sizes.

If you guys want more LED info check this out: https://youtu.be/GlwpSwD7mAU

Clinical studies on Light Therapy and Oxidative Stress:

LED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial Wrinkles


Resveratrol Prevents High Fluence Red Light-Emitting Diode Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Photoinhibition of Human Skin Fibroblast Migration http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0140628

OMG you guys! I can’t believe I actually put this out today. It’s been a crazy week! Feeling super pumped that I’m keeping to the 12 week challenge as hard as it might be. 8 weeks to go! The blog did suffer but I’ll have that up by tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for all of your continued support!

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Katie, The Organic Esthetician

Music by Lyfo - High.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Will red light help plump up acne scars atrophic. Thanks!

Linda Virgilio

Excellent video! Thank you! I’m getting a NuFace with all the attachments for my birthday! You answered so many of my questions!

Boogie Woogie Lake Girl

Thank you for your knowledge, I appreciate it very much!

Lisa Marie

Hi, I watch your videos for advice, moreso than the Traditional Nuface videos on their website! Two questions: Can I use my Nuface device, AND this LED Light Therapy attachment in the Same Day? Also, I have some loose skin under my chin (turkey neck?) will Nuface Device, or the Nuface w/this LED attachment help firm this up?

Julie Baxter

Hello Katie. I'm currently on my second NuFace LED Light attachment. The first one developed a slight crack on the edge of the surface which then started to creep down the side. The company I bought it from (CurrentBody) kindly replaced it. But now the second attachment is developing the very same crack in the very same place. Is this normal? Have you experienced any such problems with yours?

Kubra Sheikh

Hi can you use LED if you're using retinoid at night? Please reply..
Thank you

Yas min Bou

I use tretrinoin 5 days a week. Can I use this a fee minutes before applying tret, or maybe can I use it in the morning since I apply tret at night ? Thanks :)


Should we protect the eyes?

Ann Franciose

Can u list some more anti oxidant scrums please. And is the Lucerne labs moisture recovery also a anti oxidant ?

Gigi H H

Can I use led light on my fingers?

Alejandra Bárcena

Can you use this light device on scars?

Brian Sousa

I ordered an LED mask with 7 light spectrums. Can't wait for it to arrive. For now, I am using a 1'x1' square full of red LEDs. It's the spectrum for affecting fat. It's challenging to use since it is flat lol. It also blinds you through the eyelids. Awesome info here, as always! Love your work.

cindy leggett

What does the intensity light setting on face mask do, increase the nanos if I'm saying that right. So if you don't use on the highest setting it isn't going too depth of 600 in your skin layers?
And what does the blinking do, besides drive me nuts?


I have this device and I so wanted to know, if it was safe to use on the lips. Thanks you ?


Hi Katie! Thank you for all your videos and great effort to make them. I follow many of your recommendations and they really work! I've got a question and I haven't seen anyone asking this. The thing is that I'm quite concern about overusing the wrinkle attachment and cause oxidative stress. I've purchased the Everything oil and I wonder if that's a good option to prevent it, I guess this oil doesn't contain Resveratrol or Green Tea extract. Do you think it's a good idea to use this oil or use a different serum for this purpose?


Since red light therapy and RF both heat up the dermal layer, do we need to do both for collagen induction?

Jennifer Kompkoff

I also heard one can use green tea made from bag tea and spray on face... do you know if this works?

Lucy Lee

Thank you for the amazing video. It is super informative. Could I apply vitamin C and E serum before I do LED treatment?


Would it be ok to use this with my Sunday Riley Juno oil?

Rhonda Bower

LED was making my skin wrinkled and so dry so I stopped. Then I started putting cacay oil or rosehip oil on first and that made it better. Is this a bad thing? Thank you for helping.

Lorraine from Miami

Do you touch your skin or hold it just above?

Tha H

Dosent work



Milena Pena

Great video!

Eri Nakamura

Hi! I heard LED can make skin tinted, I saw in lightstim amazon review. what do you think about it??

xenia H

You are the only person who has mentioned the resveratrol caveat!! I have an LED mask and use it daily. Thankfully, I have been using it after applying The Ordinary ferulic resveratrol serum layered with a Caidalie serum. Thank you so much for such a useful video.

jie katherine

Do we need to do this 5 days in a week like the original attachment?

Maria G

Do you have a LED mask you like? That sounds like the easiest way to go.

Kent Nelson

Hi! What is the effect on the lips? Do you need to put serum before doing the treatment or no need for serum? thank you

Mari C

Awesome video! I have to ask.... how old are you?? Also, any before and after pics. Thank You!!

Jennie Hrdlicka

You’re such a great teacher!


How many minutes should I use it per day per section?

Iam Coulter

I'm wondering whether the Nuface Light therapy attachment is the same as the Silk'n Titan device , or is it different? I notice the Nuface doesn't require gel but Titan does. Can you advice? I don't want to purchase something that is just doing the same thing.


You need to work for Nuface!
So much info & after using Nuface for a week, I saw incredible improvement after your suggestions. Thanks!

J Gurley

You did a great job explaining everything. Does the Amber light include red?

Devynne Johnson

If I’m using benzoyl on acne spots can I still use my led as long as I remove the product before? Also what’s your thoughts on tri colored led? Mines red and blue light mixed

Indigo Whitelotus

Hi have you done a talk (found it) about the micro stimute. And what colour would you use for top of hands Thyroid please.

Lezlie Stires

Hey again!! When you say in this video not to use LED therapy with certain products, do you mean if you’ve used that type of product THAT DAY, in conjunction with the use of the light, or if you use that product on your skin at all (the day before or after etc) as part of your regimen?

Ambika Sharma

Hey what do u feel about Maryam zimani led mask ? What should b the density of the device & frequency of the device ? Like 30mw/cm square and voltage and wavelength? Do u believe e project led mask ?

v N

Hv you tried skin inc trio light ? Light stem ? Doc Dennis gross light face mask ? And there is one more called celluma .but desse is very expensive , Karlie Kloss did a video and she has an aesthetician with her she came up with a mask cheaper then decssee mask ,1000 bucks cheaper. With more features visit her website


Hello, love your video. Please tell me how I can add Microcurrent into my ACID peels session. How long do I have to wait between sessions? Also can Microcurrent be done the same day as Microneedling, I just don't want to cause skin damage if I don't do the scheduling correctly. Thank you looking forward to microcurrent safely.

Gretchen McAuley

how many days would you wait between using a Retin A type cream and light therapy?

Louiza Maria Konizari

The best by far video on led light therapy I have seen! Thank you very much. I have a question though. I take cortison pills for years. Do you think it would be ok to use it ? If not do you think there would be a safe way to use it? I am trying to stop them now. If I stop taking them it would be ok then to use light therapy? thank you :)

Be G

You’re so informative! Thanks! I’ve just got this little gadget but was so scared it would my affect my eyes when I closed them. Will the lights affect my eyesight at all? They’re so bright !


Thank you ? you're video was very informative with so much in depth research... not boring at all ? keep safe and healthy ?


I just found your Chanel and love it! I actually found you while searching products to use with the NuFace wrinkle reducer. I have both Coleen Rothchilds green tea toner and Replenix CE serum. I haven’t been able to find any research contraindicating caffeine with red light therapy so do you think the Replenix would be ok to use with the wrinkle reducer? Can’t wait to watch more of your past videos I’ve missed! Congratulations on your new job!

Donna Cone

Thank you trying to find the 9ne that’s best for me! This one is probably one I’ll get! ?

Cheryl P

Hi! Love your channel. I just purchased my NuFace and trying to get accustomed to the flashy strobe lights with the LED light. Can you tell me if the Light Stim is flashy like that as well? Thanks so much...subscribed! :-)

Violet Steele

Can you use infrared for scars like keloids?

Gem Kent

Hello, love your videos, so imfornative, just wondering if the trinity wrinklecreducer can be used after botox or filler treatments?..and the trinity ele..thankyou so much i just dont wantvto loosen up my paralyzed skin...lol..I just have no idea..thankyou, Jen

Sabrina Sagace

does it actually plumb the lip??

Gretchen McAuley

Thank you for this informative video. I recently order curology that contains tretinoin, azelaic acid 2%

– niacinamide 4% .... If I use this lightly (mixed with moisturizer), how many days/weeks should I wait before using the Nuface wrinkle reducer. I've searched the internet and there is no clear answer. thank you!!!

Heaven Scent2u

Wow ?
I love ❤️ your videos so much!
While I do light therapy every night while watching tv I knew it was beneficial to my collagen production.
Thank you for shedding light on the scientific aspect.

Paula C

Hi, I have been recently looking at 'Light therapy - Photobiomodulation', is this the same as LED? It supposed to be amazing for skin (collagen, ATP etc) but also inflammation, sleep etc. Have you tried these? You can buy small panels or large full body panels. I have looked here: https://joovv.com/" , keen to hear your thoughts :) thank you

Denise Vermeulen

Another wonderful tutorial!!!! I keep spending ? every product you love I have or am getting. I only need the jade roller. Let’s do lunch ?❤️

zebu rosy

hi i love to buy led but can i use led light face mask i have menstrual migraine thank u

Allison Lattman

I just purchased Asarai’s Sleepercell Serum (because their mask was so freakin’ amazing) which contains a “gentle form” of retinol. Should I avoid the light therapy with this serum?

Speedmeister KYM

Hi Organic Esthetician and your fervent followers, my oncologist has recommended it would be best I stop using my NuFace gadgets. Rest assured, Nuface didnt cause my cancer, but since i now have a history, I was advise not to continue using Nuface. So i have a full set with the 3 interchangeable head as well as the NuBody, that I would like to discount off. They are about 2 years old. I will throw in the remaining gel (unused) for free. (I still have the sales slips for the devices)
if interested; please contact me at [email protected]hotmail.com. Much appreciate the kind help.

Natalie Lou

Thank you so much for this video! I’m a little confused about figuring out if an antioxidant serum is photosensitive or not. Is there an online resource to find this information? Specifically, is there other serums you would recommend for this? Or any of the items the ordinary sells?

Arti Youtube

Hi , I am a dark skinned woman( Mac NC 45 for reference ) with hyper pigmentation issues. Can red led lights be used on women of colour? As I far i was searching on internet I get contradictory information on this issue. Some say WOC should only stick to green light, please clarify ....my main concern is to get rid of hyperpigmentation! thanks so much in advance

Beatriz Cuevas

I love your videos, thank you for all the info! I am trying to get pregnant so I don’t want to invest in the NuFace Trinity + LED now. Is there an anti- aging gadget approved during pregnancy? Or any recomendación? Thank you!


I use the LED face mask and saw results immediately. My lines appear less defined, and my skin texture was smooth. I was overwhelmed with the results.

Ebony Gibson

Totally informative much appreciated. Godbless ??


great video!!

Margarita Drew

Hi Katie, I am new to your channel but really really enjoying your videos. They are well done and very clear I love the pace not to fast and not too slow. I have had the device several years now using it off and on -- mostly off. However, I am committed now to use it on a regular basis, I have the trinity and the LED wrinkle remover. I am having a problem with the LED attachment. It blinks red the whole time I am using it on a section and does not shut off. I am being careful to make sure the it is fully on the face. I just time each section. This doesn't seem right. Any suggestions???

Maria G

Is the red light Not recommended if you have age spots?

rosalind colbert

just want to say I love your videos

pls black brown woman be careful using LED light therapy because it can cause u to have hyperpigmentation on your face and beawhere of devices that produce heat like High frequency or ultrasound devices that produce heat and might produce hyperpigmentation on your face ..... be care full ..... darker skin is different and has more complacencies..... so if u having skin issues pls go to a dermatologist and also if are taking high blood pressure medications it can cause sun sensitive and sensitive around any artifice light ......the reason Im says all this is because it happen to me and I had to find a black woman dermatologist to help and I had to figure all this shit out on my own ...... once a woman who was a show girl here in Vegas in 50s and 60s told me ......once u f*%k up your face and eyes u are [email protected]#ked

Loriann G.

I bought one for $1900.00. I don’t have acne, wrinkles or spots, as I never go in the sun. I’ll be using it on a prophylactic basis.

Indigo Whitelotus

Hi, I just subscribed and found plenty of info on the micro current. But still would like some info on Thyroid colour and top of hands colour please. Thank you.

DJ Top 22

Excellent, intelligent and comprehensive discussion & tutorial. Thank you Katie.

MC Dancer

Can the LED light attachment be used on the chin? I have some little indentations on the chin. Also is it ok to use the LED attachment if I use Retin-A--not at the same time, of course, but I use Retin-A as my bedtime face cream.


When you say you can't use retinol when using light therapy do you just mean on that specific day? Like can i do light therapy one day and use my retinol the next and do light therapy the following day?

Kent Nelson

hi! it is safe to the eyes?how about on the nose? how long have vou been using it?thank you

Catherine Desilets

I just went & bought the nuface device with all the possible attachments including the LED
So while I wait for it to arrive I want to learn best how to use it

Simonna Krichevsky

Hi! Can I still use differn gel as my final skincare step, if I use both heads for the NuFACE? Thanks in advance!

S Lin

Would you suggest good protective goggles for LED light therapy? Thanks!

Mahtilda Ifewarie

God bless you for this amazing detailed information, ,I just got some facial beauty Equipment and lack information on how to really used them, going through your videos I got the information on how to use them all, ?? thank you.

Free Forever

Thank you for this very informative video. Nuface says we should use microcurrent after the wrinkle reducer. So which one should come first? Micro or red light??

Absolutely Jamaican

Impressive video. Thanks so much. I jsut got my mask today and now I'm ready!!!

Belinda Lee

Hello new subscriber I have noticed the led masks don't go over the lips this could be purchased for that specific area. Does it say not to use over the lips?


Whats helps more Micro-current or LED light therapy? I know they are different, but as a whole....whats more effective in the anti-aging process?


How long do you stay on each area? Thank you.


Did you see, your link to the full face LED is now cheaper and has all the lights and includes the neck! THANKS!

Asmaa Shibli

Very great and informative video. I have used this device in the past few months, and then stopped for I while. Tonight I started using a retinol derivative cream and was thinking to start using this device along with it, so how should I combine them both in my routine? Should I completely stop one of them while using the other?

Lisa V

Can LED diminish the "elevens" between the brows? Or what regime would you recommend?

Kelly Kapowski

Get yours here LVDerma.com ?

Adele Kemp

Can I safely use Maelove Glowmaker with red light therapy?

Amy Cuaresma

How long do you use it before you can see results?

Lilla Rohjo

Hello. Im searching a good Gadget for the blue light to help reduce acné. I Wish you could recommend me one. Thanks.

Van Go

I appreciate the knowledge you just gifted me with.Also I've heard red light not good for melasma.

Rinna Pay

Love your video. It’s really helpful, I just bought my device. ☺️

Thea B

LOVE... LOVE this ..... ! Interesting on the thyroid Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  . will for sure look into 'if' there is benefit to LED light therapy. :)


Anyone experience water eyebags under eyes after using it?

v N

Hey ..there is something called project e beauty led mask .. do u think it’s result oriented ? Long lasting , safe , hv u Gerard about that ?


Have you done a video that gives a breakdown on how you can best incorporate the nuface, newa, nira, high frequency and also led. They are so many devices! What the best protocol to maximize your results? Can you use them every day together??thank you!!

vivix Waldo

Is the led light of the Nuface attachment the same/similar to the light of a led mask?


Great job!

liselle sloan

Wonderful info! I would love it if you could do a video on how red light can benefit those with low-thyroid, which is usually Hashimoto's auto-immune disease. Many, many people, especially women, have this illness, and it affects your looks, too, leading to dry skin and hair loss, plus extreme fatigue is not attractive, either! It's hard to treat, so this is definitely great news!

לוריין יצחק

I read some time back that led light causes cancer.....would you know anything about that?


What do you think about this attachment vs a stand alone lightstim machine? If cost wasn’t a problem. Thanks.

Led light therapy for estheticians

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Licensed Master

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PS: The Facebook Group has moved to the Christine Byer Beauty Club.

HAVE YOU VISITED THE CLUB? This is where Christine answers your questions, you can watch exclusive full-length how-to videos, get sale discounts only found in the Club ($25), be eligible to win a 30-minute FREE consult with Christine, attend LIVE Q&A's and we'll keep adding freebies and surprises! Visit soon at https://www.ChristineByerBeauty.com

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Hi Christine! - I'm not an expert, but yes the $$$ units basically use the same LEDs as your plant light. (check specs - should be around 660 nm). Commercial units may also use near infra red LEDs too and laser LEDs. They also pulse them at frequencies that seem to be specific to each individual manufacturer. But with a little bit of technical assistance, you could turn your plant light into a programmable pulsing unit for cheap. You create the frequency waveform needed to pulse the LEDs using a simple audio editing program (like AUDACITY - free). Then you run that waveform to an audio amplifier capable of generating the power required by the light panel ( 10 watts ?). You would then be able to experiment with any frequency and waveform of your choice.

Daryl !

Where would I get this light and how much would it cost.

annette wares

Hi Christine, just stumbled upon your video.  Hope you are still answering these questions.  But can you advise if this is okay to purchase from ebay for the Red Light?  or is it too powerful.?225 Red LEDs grow light ultrathin panel. Lumens: 2880lux in total. AC100-250V full voltage with U.S. standard plug. 1/5" Ultrathin panel, 45w in total, PF 85%. One Light Panel Size:

jill wintermantel

I actually found this AFTER i made the decision to purchase a grow light for this purpose. Thinking I was crazy, I looked on YouTube for others.of my kind. Can you tell me the benefit of the blinking?

Vladimir Hristov

Thank you for the helpful video ?.

Peppe Ddu

A plant grower LED panel instead of the exact same type mounted on a another panel branded for for skin use.
You're a smart lady!

Mindy Boone

Why does it need to blink? Thanks for this video!

BenAmi Goldenberg

it cost 500$ not 50$


I bought a plant led red light panel at 660nm and 50 watts. yours is 14w. do you think using the one that is 50 watts will burn my skin?

Amy Gibson

FDA Approval Question - should the red light therapy panels when used at home need to be FDA approved? or does it not make a difference? It seems like the panels that are FDA approved are much more expensive.

TheBuy More

i found this one on ebay
High Power 120W 1365 LEDs LED Plant Grow Light Panel Lamp Blue Red Hydroponic
is it ok to use or is it too strong?

Cajun Vegan

Hi and thank you.. How long do we apply it to the skin and from how far away?

1savd Soul

What a doll you are to share this. I am a licensed cosmetologist but suffered a car accident and cannot practice anymore but still love to reap the benefits of knowledge and share with my friends and family. I almost purchased one from zulily and you just saved me a couple hundred dollars. God bless. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112535943677 this is the link I am purchasing mine from it is the larger stronger one.

Jeannie Thornton

What distance do you need to be from the panel?


Are eye goggles needed for red light?

Larry Lake

I am already getting into red LED therapy but never read anything about blinking lights. The way I see it God made the Sun and all the full light wave spectrum we need and it does not blink. Ideally it is best to get natural sunlight but from where I live it is next to impossible. Therefore I purchased a LED light that puts out 650 NM and 850 NM frequency and will see how it works.

Anna Sper

Hi Christine -- you are amazing. Can you tell me how close to your face do you hold this panel_ Many thanks.


I am wondering about EMF's on these grow lights apparently there are some red therapy lights even some made for the body, with quite high EMF's, So I would be interested how the grow lights compare... https://primalhacker.com/blog/red-light-buyers-guide

Genevieve Dickman

Thanks for the great tips

Genevieve Wright

I'm going to purchase the suggested panel. Question, do you lay the unit directly onto the skin? I want this panel for an upper back application. How many times a week for how long? Thank You!

David Tyson

good evening if anyone will understand it is you my name is David Tyson I am the inventor of the flashing Footwear sneakers with light it was never meant to be a fashion statement it is a medical device being used improper causing mental and physical damage to the physical structure research look at the behavior before and after wearing my invention lights connect to the Earth Ley lines light therapy it goes deeper getting one knows robin egg Nicholas stole my invention he goes by Nicholas a Robinson if anyone understand it would be you I'm trying to save mini lights do the research all right connection net Hobbit from the Earth I can guarantee open exposing this matter you will go down in history thank you


Did you leave Indy?

Marky Murray

My husband is going to try to make a pulsing plug, He wants to know how fast it has to pulse.... Anyone know?? Thanks... sorry I am late t this post...

Norma Desmond

Thanks very much for posting Christine.

Allmy Buys

what is the neame of this panel and where have you obtained it....thanks in advance.

LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto- Goodenergybreak.com

IS THIS RED light red? i heard that led is toxic though.

Azure Ayres

I have a brand new led grow light. Would it work in stretch marks? It says its 2400 lm 45w. Is that too much?

Nola Girl

Thanks so much for sharing !

Louise T

is it ok to use the plant light without the blinker and do you need to wear eye protection?

Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel

You're in Austin???

Dizzy Lizzie

All these years later do you still recommend this grow light for face?

Michael Collins

Any idea what the mw/cm2 is of the unit? That's important for the proper dosing, I've bought several of the grow light bulbs (not the panel like you have), but none of them have pumped out more than 1.2 mw/cm2 unless directly under the bulb (then its about 18mw/cm2 still kind of low), I use a solar meter to convert from W/m2 to mw/cm2. I'm attempting to build a full body one for real cheap to boost collagen and elastin to aid the skin during rapid weight loss. Indianapolis as well here.

Richard M

I have had good luck using red light for fat loss. Do you have any experience with this?

Zayan Breier

is there a link, where i can buy the same exact one. im having trouble finding the correct one. thanks

Cassandra Deja`vu

Hi does it need to flash ?

Susan Devlin

I have a full spectrum grow light, would this work. It has red, blue,orange, white, ir, and uv. or would this be harmful .

Sparkle Hoof

Is there a particular panel that you recommend, or specs to look for such as 611-650nm etc? Thanks


Can someone let me know if this panel on Amazon has everything it takes? (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077YQ6154/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=A3IZHOEADOGAP0&psc=1) Huge thank you for guidance.

Trista Miller

What the output power should we use for the led mask how strong.

Maria Butler

Hi Christine, I'm looking to help with anti-aging, but mostly for eczema help. What would you suggest?

Julia Dixon

Can you do a video on how to set this up?

Cajun Vegan


Linda Casey

Wow! What an eye opener! Does it need to pulse? Be in contact with the skin? How long should the treatment last?

Rose Martin

Why is blinking involved?

Carrie Miranda

Great idea! I just bought one on ebay for $20. I own the mask so this will be great to see if it helps with my cellulite and for my sun damaged chest area


You changed your hair looks great


How strong does the led has to be. Hope you can tell me :-)

Alison Lawson

If it’s a grow light wont it emit UV rays? This is a wonderful idea I was just wondering about it being a grow light thank you so much for doing the video and sharing tips.


I knew it! I asked this question on Amazon regarding the plant lights and nobody answered me!!


Hi Christine! Thanks for your advice on the LED panel. I have a question - I have had two skin cancer scares in the past and had 2 Moh surgeries to remove basal cell carcinoma...I'm Irish and fair skinned. So, do I have to be worried about having the recommended HQRP 225 Red LED Indoor Garden Hydroponic Plant Grow Light Panel 13.8 Watts emit any negative, harmful UV damage to my skin?

anita castelli

I have the same machine but it is called the youth light 2010

Anna M

Dear Christine i want to purchase red led for face .i want to reduce the fine lines . Does it help and does it make my face regain the lost volume? Please advice how can i use it and how long should i keep it on my face. Thank you very much


You look amazing love ❤️

johnny llooddte

grow lights are great for light therapy...
well done

Norma Wileman

Christine Byer do you have to cover the thyroid to protect it?


Christine, Thank you for this, I found out that red light LEDs in 660 range & a very narrow 800 range are very healing of many other bodily conditions. If you look at the Joovv site, you will be surprised. Beauty really does have something to do with health. Thank you again.

The Fox On The Road

I can't find anything like this on eBay. Did you buy this in parts? Can you post links to similar stuff on eBay?

Meizy Paricara

hai christine, Can I use plant growth lights or hydroponic bulbs? with blue and red light?
please answer


Hi, could you tell me if this has to blink to work well? Or can it be on constantly ? Would you tell me where you got the panel from please I’m very interested x

Lisa Sp

You said the best light for hyperpigmentation was Amber. How can you get that color in the grow lights? Thank you


A link would be great, can't find it on Ebay.

Arlene Regos

So if we are wanting to order LEDs should we go all red lights for hyperpigmentation and wrinkles? I've been making these different panels for years and made about 50 different ones but never got a chance to try them out on myself before I Took them to my property andThey were all stolen from my home. So now I don't have another hundred grand to spend making these LED rooms.


who did you get to make the blinking LED?

Julie Bailey

Have you a link to one so I know what to buy ... what watts should it be I’ve seen 600w 400w ?? Thank you ?

1savd Soul

So the light came today. Said full spectrum but then underneath in the description it did say red and blue only. It does only have the red and blue lights. I've had it on for over an hour and it is barely warm. I can still touch the LEDs. I'm going to keep looking for one that has all of the colors. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again!!

philip gray

thank you

Sheridan Whiteside

Hi I have purchased one, how close and for how long should i use it? -Thanks

Marni L

I'm going to look of a plant LED panel. Thanks for the tip

As Ma

What do you think of PRP ( vampires lift) plz ?! Thank you in advance ?

Airborne 1966

Would you share the info on these panels?

Praha Miskelova

Hi Christine. I cant decide if I should try the plant growth LED you have on here or go for the Trophy JuvaliteMD device? Are they the same thing? I need to use it for my scalp for inflammatory issues and hair loss. Perhaps I need an infared light instead? I think my acupuncturist used red lights and after a few sessions it stopped my hair fall. Sessions were $60 and I could afford to go every week. Any advice?

ashley nicole

I think this is amazing. I just bought one for myself. They charge 100's of dollars and ebay literally has them for 25.00. Can I use the multi color one on myself like the blue and red?


Need to ask you if the LED panel you are talking about can be found anywhere? I've looked in the usual places & haven't found it. Have I missed something?

Becca M

do those LED face masks work? all of the 14 watt LED grow panels I find are red and blue not just red.

ChittiChitti BangBang

Can I apply my serums and use this LED panel? Of course, I will be avoiding actives.

It's me

Why does it have to blink?

Aura Wright Media

Seriously! This is the best tip, but I bought a small one and put it in a goose neck lamp so I could put it directly over my face xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Kim Roesch

OMGGGGGG!!!! Christine I wish I would have found your channel 6 months ago!!! I bought a $1400 panel to use. I feel so dumb! You are a genius!!!! My sister has many skin issues and really needs led therapy! This option will help her! Thanks millions for sharing!!!

Jennifer Kranjec

Thank-you for this thrifty tip!!! I LOVE this idea - and I looked on Ebay, and you can get the blue light panel as well!

Barbara H

Christine thank you so much for this awesome video! I searched on eBay and google for '14w red led panel' and all the results are 620-630 nm. When I added '660 nm' to my search I got a bunch of DIY chips, no finished products. Any advice would be much appreciated.

phyllis real

Christine...how long would you use this at a time..how close to face and how many days a week would be best. I think I read one of your posts that you can over do it...thank you.

Jonathan Reynolds

This explains why us firefighters remain so good looking throughout our careers. We're always standing in front of a blinking red LED! hahahahaha

William van Gils

Starting out for the first time, how long are the red light therapy sessions? What do you recommend, 5-10 mins? Looking treat face. Thanks.

The Oracle Of Apollo

I’m going to get this and use my Christmas light outlet that makes my lights blink.

Kish jose

Hi, can 640 m be sufficient as well? Thanks in advance


I had thought of doing same thing when finding out prices for Joov lights etc but was concerned because some did not state the 660 that I wanted in the light. So thanks for the info. It never hurts to try and save money and get something that works until maybe you can save for the expensive fixture. Also maybe you don't really need them. This may work just as well. Thanks again.The lights do work. I had a small hand held and was amazed after one use looking in mirror. At 60 to see such great results is really cool.

Frances Lock

If it's flashing it may be slightly more effective but it could cause seizures in some people. Thanks so much for your wonderful idea. I think it's irresponsible to spend thousands on devices.

Maria Garcia

Thank you for being so honest.


Wow, what a great idea! But do you also have to wear Eye Protection while you are under the Lamp? If so, which are are best to use?
Thanks again for sharing!

Richard Parker

Thanks For posting. I am looking for something similar for my daughter. She is breaking out terribly with acne right now.

Yolanda D

Can you tell me what size yours was? I only see a 12 X 12 on ebay. Thanks

Skin by Sue

Hi I do this at my home , can I use any serums before the treatment? And what kind is good ? Thank you so much for the info ❤️

Berta Mitchell

Hi there! I absolutely love watching your video’s. I’m obsessed to find something to tighten and lift for my jowls and neck. I have sent you a message about this before so I’m sorry to repeat this. Your awesome in what you do. If there is something out there that’s expensive I could do that with a payment every month. I hate looking in the mirror. Yh

Louise T

Doesn’t the flashing/blinking drive you nuts?

jean foster

Hi, i found the same kind of panel, but the light there are mixed (blue, white and red) will it give any result? Thank you for help in advance!

Andrew Williams

Has anyone tried using blinking red Christmas lights?

Flowers France

If anyone is still interested in making your box blink, you can order a controller from Christmas Light Emporium for $47.00 It's called Channel 1 Controller. It has a switch dail knob on it and you can make your box blink slow or super fast. I ordered my led 630nm box from Ebay years ago for under $25.00 and recently found this controller switch for it. It will work on any LED colored box you have (mine is red/infrared). Thinking I may buy a couple of different colors now that I know I can blink the boxes out.

WylE E. Coyote

Maybe I missed this Part, where did you find the panel at? I have started buying lights 660nm-850nm and using desk lamps, with flexible wire Neck clips. This is good for being cobbled together, However panels. They would be nice. Could you please be kind enough to let me know? And the blinking, I would like instruction on that also. Thank You,

Tundra Sport Girl 88

Hi there I love your light and you said on eBay but all I have seen it says 50 watt or higher can you let me know where you got it Thanks

Led light therapy for estheticians

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Advanced Facial using abi

Advanced Facial using abi Revitalizing Retinol topical light infusion and LightWave LED. Anti-aging & reviatlizing facial for most skin types.

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Sharon D'Alessio

green tea masque?