Lip challenge how long does it last

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3 119 views | 4 Jul. 2019

This video is my final

This video is my final June 30-Day Lip Challenge update! This challenge was started so I could use a different lipstick every day for 30 days in an effort to use up and "project pan 2019" my lipsticks. Here are my final thoughts and lipstick declutter!

▶ S U B S C R I B E


▶ N E W? S T A R T H E R E.


▶ I N S T A G R A M



▶ C O N T A C T

[email protected]

▶ D I S C L A I M E R

I purchased every item shown in this video. All shade/opinions are my own ;)

Michelle Angelica

Your teeth is so white

Noa Shaindlinger

But... Why declutter lipsticks? The more the merrier. No such thing as too many mauves, I say!

Shenaz Patel

Hello hello hello...first yah!!!

Jocelyn Arcentales

Love this challenge you did girl???

Shenaz Patel

Hey you are about to hit 3k!!!
Congrats...so did you move into a bigger place??
How was vegas birthday bash???
Also I haven't been to vegas in a while...is cosmpoltion pretty reasonable???
Good to have you back!!


Trying to declutter my lip stuff but it’s so difficult... great challenge, lady!!

Amy Living In Chrysalis

Your collection is soooo tiny now... mine is getting crazy!

Neelou Goodarzi

Watch my entire 30-Day Lipstick Challenge series: https://bit.ly/3293IfW
I recently (Fall 2019) did a REALLY big declutter! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/s3GA8ydFchY ?

Karol Lynn Zavala

Hi Neelou! Great video ☺️??

Tiffany Hamblen

Great job with the challenge! It can be hard to stick to, especially with everything going on. Well done!

The crabby girl

I was so inspired by ur video and decluttered some of mine .. however bought more ?

Ariana Raquel

The Nars one from day 28 looks amazing on you.

McKenna Marsden

currently binging your channel hah

jamie adorno

“Skipped a lipstick or two—-nobody’s gonna die..” I’m living for this quote right now. ?

Das Ein

You did it! Ugh moving is so disruptive, I don’t know how you managed that and a trip AND work. Hope you like your new place more and settle in nicely.
I’m actually decluttering those PMG mini lipsticks. I have similar colors in a more satin finish which I find more flattering on me. Good job thinking through what you’ll actually wear. ??

Eyes like Foxglove

Were you humming the X-Files theme when you were showing us the Wander Beauty lipstick in the final roundup? Am I going crazy?

Gin Kat

Woo hoo so excited to see what you loved. I wore something everyday but 2. So proud to step up my game. i had about 5 lippies in total. Puppy chewed up one so that's my declutter. I bought 2 from Makeup Geek to show support and will put them in rotation.

Lip challenge how long does it last

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Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

4 074 040 views | 5 May. 2015

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Dave Esterline

What a big nose he has

PastelUwU Fairy

I’ve done that

Lucid Lucid

I hate his haircut but I do like his vids


Roses are red violets are blue this is clickbait for me and u

Nene Nyny

Middle of 2020 anyone?

Dominique’s Reaction

I was 3 years old in 2015

Daniel Echano

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang dude

zoes's life xx

Perfect lips?

amitabh marak

LOL haha #dangmathsmith

tEehEe_jOsIe UvU

who's waching in 2020:)




My bro got yo lipd

Harsharan Sohal

Your a lady

Jessie McSperitt

Your lips are like you just put lipstick on and then you suffocated from big lip

Javed Sheikh

They look like flappy bird

Ella Rose Espinoza

Omg nooooooo

Kathy Kennedy

Whos watching in 2020 one more month till 2021

Wahid Khan

You already have kylie jenner lips

Ray_of Sunshine

Thick lips no hate

Djoelan Isabela Adjang

fat lips

Matthew BERRY


Lucid Lucid


Brandie L


Sean Jackson

Ima white guy with big lips

Alluka Zoldyck

Wait he had waves

alan yousko


Euphoria Nightmare

Love ur Challenge videos Matt❤️5yrs late watching this?

Jacobeth Mogane



I feel bad☹

Marcus Smith

Hahaha his lips.

Carlos Espina

The lip challenge is dangerous it will not take off.

Trixy Rose

No you don’t have big lips you have big nose holes

deron johnson

kylie jenner's like i ma smake u with my lips

ace playz

Me: help get it away. ????????

Is life real

They look the same #watching2020

Royalty Blueberry

My lips are HUGE! Also when u do it it hurts!

truly j5


fayebay !

2020 anyone

Alluka Zoldyck

I’m saying had cuz it’s terrible 2020

Kylee Moak

I’m not hating

ace playz

I disagree you did the challenge you did it's not a hate comment

Who is watching in 2020?

Stacia Sladek

Who watching in 2020


Matt ain't black no more........
He be purple!?

random racoon

No dont

atlas simulator

This is kind of a random comment but I accidentally did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. I have no idea when this is gonna go away. I heard that it can be permanent.

Stacia Sladek

Haters. I'm black and I got big lips. I mean I got big tips

PastelUwU Fairy

I really hate them haters when I read I hate comment u know what I did I got my haters back off pants

lesliey cervantes

That’s going to hurt a lot# plz don’t suck a class it’s dangerous

lets read

ur lip after doing the challenge ur lips look like duck lips tehe


great intro lol

- kimchini -

Cause you need a cup that is the same size as your:/ or no thx then-

Harith Hayder

And did he swear

Rayne Swann


Tiffy Tom


truly j5

Who whatching in2020

Biak Kim

Dangmattsmiht why did you do that you are handsome without Kyle Jenner lip challenge

Bannana Doppio

The fact this was 5 years ago.


I don’t See the difference in his lives


The whole irony was that Kylie had got it done through plastic surgery at just 15 years old and the world was expecting to get it done through sucking a glass!!!
It's the stupidity of people that makes people like Kardashian and Jenner famous! ????

Jessie McSperitt

That’s what happened to me I was sucking on a cup then my lips turned gray so I basically had to go to the doctor

Jessie McSperitt

You’re rude for saying you kiss the girl with sandpaper lips and our lips are not made out of paper



Fear Pure

5 years later who else here ?

Hello Isa!

2 hours

Faith Ajisafe

What am worried about is that how long your lips are gonna stay like that

Danipao & Vale


mallory george

his chin is purple

Rogelio Orta

Looks so weird and no not that cool for me because I’m killer who

The Six

WTF BRO its Real




"Wish i could to this with my P*nis"

Me: Dying with laughter??

Dizzy The Dino


Keith Jackson

Every body don't tempt to do this it could. caus permit damge it could remain

3 p


Jessie McSperitt

And when you did that you have fat lips

soul pg3d

me rewatching this and he said a curse wors

matthew zappelli

I'm rocking my small lips !!!?????

Cheryl Spencer

My lips look like a life jacket had my spit go down so hard it hurt

Juju Golden


fa8soba9so -Roblox

Why did you do this

Shakietha Williams

Kylie couldn’t compare

Judith Belizaire

ur what!!! ur p p p is brughhhhh

Chanel Gaming Rblx

My lips are already like Kylie Jenner big a lot of people have bigger lips

Stunning Pro


Ariel Cann

Please don't do this challenge a girl died from this



Janet McWilliams

Hi funny ?????????????????????????????????????????

Maddox’s Tech Tips

Why are your lips so fricking big

nguyentantam phamtamtam Review

strawberry fields forever

Jessie McSperitt

And also did you just steal that shot cup from your dad

Lucid Lucid

it's beautiful

Tabitha Massse

Why. Are u watching people twerk boyblm tell your girlfriend

wait its already 3AM-

In the future u will have a BEAUTIFUL GF

Salomey Donkor

How much days dose it take for it to go away?


Haha young Matt's channel was not kid friendly as much as its now ???

PastelUwU Fairy



bro stop talking

Rosie Lakabung

Is so big ewwww


After you have done it the next day your gonna look like your wearing purple lipstick it happen to me

Anthony Beaugard

I mean your lips are only going to give one times bigger they’re gonna look the same. ............Ha ha ha kidding

Lip challenge how long does it last

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26 871 views | 17 Mar. 2018



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