Shiny or shiney

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The Real My Shiney Hiney

5 997 515 views | 16 Oct. 2016

This is the greatest hiney

This is the greatest hiney shiner of All Time


Lawyer guy: Janice your ass stinks, but hey look at this brush, just for your problem!

§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

"The twist is that it doesn't work"



Eugene Dv

Looks like something from the idiocracy movie...

john osullivan

Buy 2 and they'll throw in a free poop knife.

Sean McLaughlin

This product didn't make sense to me. I really needed a computer generated demonstration with the color purple heavily used to fully understand.

Kim Kim

0:00 ohh baby please lower the camera a bit


To me, I think the worst part of this might be just how excited that woman is to use it.


Cant use this device. It gives me the gag reflect every time I use it...

Trekkie from New Zealand

I wonder if they have a double ended version. Perfect for sharing with a friend.

Jim Jones

Comes with a French tickler

theperson 12

Me remembering murr used this


Yeah, the pornstar brush. Who doesnt need one?

Arkadiusz Duch

So this is THE precedessor of Bath Budy from Horrible Bossess 2.

ascending deity

or or buy a bidet attachment for your toilet seat/stop eating GREASY food.

Kenneth B


Caden Anfimovas

You could say that girl was "another happy customer"

Tim Orean

The Shiney Hiney, when it has to be tossing salad clean.

Everyone's Idol Goro Majima

no one:

suggestion: Watch Ellen Weekdays!



Patrick Donohoe

Bruh, the soft silicone brush is obviously for the clitoris, not the prostate. You know about the clitoris, right?


...how many takes? I refuse to believe you recorded this whole thing without laughing on the first try.

mark beach

I wish this was fake

Jim Boh


Jollylover2017 - 2 doeskindadogaming

Nobody’s gonna ever clean themselves with that. They’re never gonna clean it just for cleaning it

The Spidercat

Not my proudest wank

Logenz 90

I literally don't believe this, nope

Vincent Lif

Wait so if I dip a black person in the lightening cream, will they become normal?


I might buy this


This is just for people that cant reach their asshole right?

Dursun Sahin

dunno whats worse...
the fact someone invented this or that people actually buy it?! ??‍♂️


This guy sounds like casually explained ?

John Rodrigues

What happens if this broke and got stuck up your ass

Roy Gilpin


George Heroy

Like the my pillow guy someone might get rich off this it's also a crappy product that does nothing that it says it does .

Ray Laventure

I hate the way this is shaped... so unsettling.


Someone wishes he was part of jaboody dubs. But it takes a funny man to do that.

Reggie Vis

Missed opportunity to make it vibrate for additional cleaning power

tom shep

Legit want one

SpaceProbe Gaming

I am aroused

Sakrablaa !

Ahh, yes, the basic showermoment when you go with your face full of make-up to the shower...


This is gonna make one heck of a anime misunderstanding moment

Stripes and jay



Do they have a larger head attachment? Asking for a friend.


These new Jaboody Dubs are hilarious.


Need a better Demo for this


Only ones who can use this are porn stars and centerfold models. No way the butt looked pink.

ming m0ng

my name is Beatrice and my heart stopped ?


Or you could just reach back there with soap...I guess maybe this is for people with limited mobility.

Marin Velenik

Watch Ellen Weekdays

KAL EL Krypton

This was created for people who eat ass ,?

M Murch

wait i actually want that finger one, don’t ask for what


I shouldn’t be eating while I watch these videos ??

Mark G

This dude is my spirit animal

Becky Becky

Why is this in my recomme-

dave midillton

the fact that Charlie put the same suggestion over the vid makes me laugh

Fox A

Why the hell is this in my recommendations now? And what is this device? I have so many questions

Weitna Carpitcher

He just opens pokemon cards now


Me: I watched the My Shiny Hiney video...

Me After The Video: I Got a (My Pillow) ad..........

Now: I’m Scared for the 20’s

Local Tavern's Lute Player

I'm pretty sure that handing your employee a My Shiney Hiney counts as workplace harassment


You're so funny man ??

Chris Trudell

I calls it a 'Rectal Rooter.' ??

Justin Patterson

Why the hell is this in my recommended feed?

Leo GOAT Santa Cruz

As a clean asshole enthusiasts, this product Looks very useful for me. ?

Laura Guzman

I like how he suggested the suggested video

cj c

I cannot believe this is a real product they tried to market this way.

Kat Deville

What happens when you run out of the butt bleach?

Mike Smith

Do yourself a favor and goto the website to read the reviews! ?

Dev Decker

The doctor just had one on hand, as if this is a regular medical tool hospitals have in stock

Missy Citty

Well, I know what I want for my Birthday!! Nothing like a Sweet Smelling Ass Hole!

Anthony Maggio

Doubles as a toothbrush

Jeronimo mod

It's assbleach with a Twist?‍♂️????????✊??‍♂️

Brian Bergh


Some Dude

Butt cleaning is NOT what that woman uses it for. Not with THAT smile.

Samuel Converse

If Ellen suggests it then okay

David Reece

Use a bloody flannel.

Cody Gardner

The genius who thought of this lol People over thinking things

Chad Cognac

Is that sarah pribis?


Okay but like, she's rubbing her body with the showerhead turned off. Like sis no one has that hair in the shower ???


Who buy this kinda shit?

Hariharan B

Imagine if the weird distant cousin saying he used the large fancy toothbrush in the bathroom.

Naushad Ulhaq

Good thing that guy was wearing a stethoscope, or else it would have been disturbing


Way to plug a butt product.


Didn’t Murr on impractical jokers use this thing in front of Q


Dont you just love the YT Algorithms...


You don’t have to shit to use a bidet.


Well shit.

Nathaniel Greco

I hope the actresses see this


Jaboody dubs vibes ?

Nick C

Just use a toothbrush.


Huh, what should I call this washing thing?
What about fiber? Nah, I think the perfect word is


Nightcore Bloodcore

Imagine ur sitting at the doctors and u tell him yo my hands always hurt.i think i got athritus or some shit and he be like "shit? Well i got just the stuff for you"and pulls out this like wtf

Alexandr Zed

Ещё одна бесполезная хуйня из разряда "будет лежать в подвале которого у меня нет"


What no side by side before and after pics??

Ivan bankomat

Who thought that this was a good idea?

jr harlow

This works very well, we have three in my house

Ghost of Reagan

I'll go with the Soft bristles, thanks.

anthony smith

I'd like to shiney her hiney

Universal Return

Introducing The ALL NEW,.. My Pussy..
That's Right!
It's a Pocket Pussy..

No more Girlfriend telling you "My Pussy"..
It's My Pussy! The Pocket Pussy!


Now wash your teeth with it

Shiny or shiney

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23 643 296 views | 3 May. 2017


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/the_random_pig

Shiny or shiney

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The Apples In Stereo "The Shiney Sea"

8 012 views | 6 Dec. 2010


From HER WALLPAPER REVERIE © 1999 spinART Records

Adorable Deplorable

anyone else know the chords?

Lindsay Davis

love this song. it gets stuck in my head for weeks at a time.

Jonathan Piersma


Shane V

We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “The Sea”.


Dave Tone

feel like ive just struck gold

Dennis De St Jeor

Totally underrated album.  It's complete magic