Rainbow dye

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Terraria how to get Rainbow Dye | Terraria how to craft Rainbow Dye

9 612 views | 31 Jul. 2020

Udisen Games show how to

Udisen Games show how to make, create and use Rainbow Dye in Terraria 1.4.1 (2020) without cheats and mods! Only vanilla.

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► ARK https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRZhV_3gDJN8Lp392rKVtsZgTqYW2WIVp

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► Slime Rancher https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRZhV_3gDJN_ZrgkgIiWhD_a7Dk5Ane3J

What is the #Udisen and #TerrariaGuides #Terraria14 and channel? Useful Guides about Steam, Terraria, Minecraft, StarBound and another sandbox games.

What is Terraria today? Terraria is an epic and awesome virtual playground and workshop, where kids and adult of all ages can create epic stuff, have fun, and learn different things. It’s unique game, because in that mostly everything on Terraria is designed and created by members of the community. Initially Terraria is designed for 8 to 16 year old, but it is open to people of all ages and nations. If you play on servers, also can earn Terraria “dollars” and use in NCP shop to purchase clothing, weapons, pets, accessories, expensive building materials, components for machines or something else.

Nan jayo

1 light of source


How do I get rainbow wings and shield I went into a multiplayer world and there was a guy wearing rainbow stuff with a ra8nbow shield and wings


Ate you german


Dont u Play terraria?!

Alberto saurio

Me no andorstendu

Udisen Games

Rules is simple: the first player calls the word, the second player calls the word, the first letter of which matches the last letter of the word named by the first player

MR. au ah

how do i dye my armor?


"uhh.. eetur of za world"

rainbow hail

if anybody know, please tell me what and how to harvest kelp in terraria 1,4 mobile
cause i can´t and no info is helping

Edit: oh phew,
Okay don't judge me i just started playing but you can harvest it most efficiently in winter biome caves.
Just explore some caves, check the map and if you see that there is a dark green pixel then it's what you need. Use pickaxe too



Adventure with Sasha



How you got those golden boss medal


Thts called a RELIC

Nadiya Omelchuk

The painter has arrived



Cindy Black

the thumbnail looks like how to get a 2020


are you from russia?

Edward Williams


Heath Bar

I can barely understand him

Rainbow dye

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Tie Dye With Me! | DIY Rainbow Spiral And Sunflower Tie Dye Shirts

13 409 views | 15 May. 2020

Tie Dye With Me! | DIY

Tie Dye With Me! | DIY Rainbow Spiral And Sunflower Tie Dye Shirts

Welcome back Toridactyls! In today's video, I hopped on the tie dying bandwagon and created some awesome designs, including a rainbow swirl and a sunflower! I also tried some bleach dying, but we won't speak of that... I also apologize for the weird lighting in some of these clips. Lesson learned: No filming in front of an open window with clouds passing by and a camera that's in auto mode... Hopefully you can still enjoy the video! Let me know in the comments which design was your favorite!

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Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSekl_21qE-7c-SIU5zqX0w

Main Instagram: tori_davisss

Bullet Journal Instagram: toridavis.bujo

Snapchat: tori_daviss

Kayla Marie

Oh if you wanted you could also do a video about how you edit your videos :-)

Ninoshka Rose

Awesome video! How long did these shirts last for like the dye did it wear a lot out overtime?

jin alami:v



Hey all the way from the Facebook group keep up the good work and keep dropping the videos. Much love ❤️


Great job! I’m trying all these this week !hehe! I’m so excited

Samphe Brulé

what a fun video! This diy tye dye turned out so good!

Alif Prasojo

That was good, i like it

MaJo Mp

Wath paint do you use???

ivan borazon

notice me please idol ? from philippines ?

Mary Van Alstyne

The shirts are exceptionaly good. Love the spiral. Good work,

This Way Out

Very fun to watch! Thanks!

Lindsay Kieth

AHHHH girl you finally have 1k subscribers! I've been here since your second video?❤

selena zambrano

Omg this is the most helpful video on here . Your shirts came out beautiful ? btw I’m not sure if I missed it but did you wet the shirts prior to dying them ? Xoxo?

Allister Martin

The timelapse was super relaxing to watch!

PM Redditors

Why it became so popular? For some reason it's so satisfying to watch.

Velvet Kat Art & Tarot

Great tutorial! I did my first tie dye last year and that's still one of my favorite shirts. My sister is also going to try a version of tie dye, but by bleaching color away instead of adding color to white


Awesome ?

America cobos

Excellent video ❤️☺️

Kayla Marie

Very very pretty :-) great job on the video that’s funny that you made a video about this because, my mom had got me a tie-dye kit so that my boyfriend and I can do shirts before he hast to go back home to South Carolina :-)

Emily's Adventures

Those came out beautiful!!!! I love the spiral one. It came out perfect! I want to tie-dye some clothes now! Maybe I'll do it on my channel this summer. Thanks for such a fun video! I just subbed, and I have a channel too if you want to support each other. Keep up the good work! :)

Bianca Salman

Do yo rinse with hot or cold water?

Queen of Happiness

You are sweet . Nice video ???

Mighty Moose ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


Carrie Annabelle

The sunflower turned out awesome, as did the spiral! I think the sunflower was my favorite though

Lizel D. Ancheta

New friend here...u know wat 2 do...see yah

DeMara Lee

I want to try this out!! Great tutorial ☺️



Ninoshka Rose

Also what dye did you use?

Maria Karpenko

Great tutorial video! Thanks for sharing!

Oyu maldonado

Omg i love the swril it is so perfict how did u do it what tipe of dye did you use??

Laya Price

Omg, the "professional modeling" at the end was iconic?

Rainbow dye

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How To Make Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye T-shirt

7 309 106 views | 5 Jul. 2015

Please watch our UPDATED

Please watch our UPDATED TUTORIAL rather than this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTtFUoacP4U&t=40s

DIY basic rainbow spiral tie dye t-shirt - essential in every wardrobe.

Andini chanel

Apa gw doank yg orang indonesia?kaga ngerti bhsanya

K Ramya


Tara Bradley

hey buddy we miss you

Rumpa's Kitchen

How to make a liquid colour for dye? Plz tell me details

Ra Chu

i love u .

swim house

Yummy Chocolate Unicorn Rainbow Lover T-Shirt

iiKàth_ Jez_


Chandanagiri Shankaraih

Which color

Yasmin Viccino

What color do you use for coloring ??

Jomi Capelle


Siska Rahma

Really good tie dye sis

Lauren Elizabeth Lewis

Song-lean on

CJ's Girly WorldV

Hi I love your videos!?

Potato Plays

Im a kid that has a project to do this ?????

Indah Merdekawati

yg dari indonesia ad kagak ni?
yg daru indo like y

The Flippin’Chicken

What dye do you use to make your shirts? I'm looking to start selling these and I want to find a cheap but good quality dye! thx

Pak Pol



What is damp

Michael Riley

omg i tried this my shirt is drying i cant wait to see the results thanks for helping me!

Bentley Gamez

Are you dumb because you said tees out

Sergio Alvarado

I just finished doing mine and I’m a bit worried ? that it’s won’t be good cuz ur was way neder then I’m on fourth grade 10 yers old so a lil bit messy ♥️⚽️


what diy do you use

Miss Elmyra

So cool.

3rd the elizabeth

OR YOU CAN BUY THIS ☺☺????????

Aysha Gibbs

Tie dyeing is something that i love doing because i can get creative and crafty but at the same time but also tie dyeing is fun so i will continue to do my favourite activity tie dye later gator

Shivaaa raii

you can use a fork

ashton codd

Can you do a video making the T-shirt you have on ( The girl with the ponytail) Thanks it looks ?

Rajiv kumar

Whats dyes name and methods

Naomi Pacheco

Thank you I never tried today I’m going to try it

kanaya .naya3108

Hello my name is naya im from Indonesia sy hallo

Marutinsu GM

Qual tinta?

Heba alshugran

Hi,l'm new to your channel and it's amazing you guys are wonderful please answer my question what did you use to color the beautiful shirts ? is it food coloring with water ? or fabric paint ? please please tell me??

Tuane Barbosa

Tá de parabéns

Clarinha 653


Fredy Morales

how???!!?!?!?!!? How can do it!

Mohamed Yasser

What kind of colors are used, are they food colors?

quirky merrell_

24 HOURS ?!

Look, im entering a contest here

Emily Lettuce

You can’t even see the results because there’s a video in the way

AHIE Channel

BAHAN KAOS POLOS Nya BISA DIBELI DISINI (CUMA 29 RIBUAN AJA GRATIS ONGKIR) . CEK LINK NYA ??????.. DIJAMIN 100 %PURE COTTON COMBED 30S PREMIUM QUALITY ORIGINAL.. TERSEDIA SIZE S - XXL.. CEKIDOT GAES ? https://shopee.co.id/product/313580854/5054381368?smtt=0.313600453-1602756700.9

April Hall

I have a nice tie dye shirt now

Kristina Trajkovic

How to make colors for tie dye t-shirt

Isabelly Júlia

hi look, just try to wash the blouse with salt water and vinegar

Estian Blignaut

Can I use food colloring?? Or not?

Nashira Show

que legal adorei! top demais, vou fazer também la no meu canal essas camisetas!! bjus

Indah Merdekawati

Yg nonton tahun 2020 ad kagak ni?

Aina Qistina09

?? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ??????

Mike Bird

My spirals never come out great

Mighel1611 Dajay

Where I buysl those colour for the clothes?

Guelson Production


dakou bana

hello Pleaes give me the nam of coler



JG family

We tried this design it came out beautifully https://youtu.be/RdRtqyB-yK8

Mayetha Trizaskia

Aku iseng , nge tie dye baju crop ?

salsa aurelia official

Love lovers

Cutie Bot 7000 Youtube

More plzzzz!!!!

Mridul yadav

Which colour you used



बलराम आदित्य बल्लु

Kaun se colour mein kiya hai batao


hi can i ask if they need a soda ash?

Rekha Singhal

Which diy we have to use

Rizonilda Santos

I love

Wagner Santos

love y love,all for me?

sarona yo!

Do we have to dye when it is wet or dry?

Edinam Gawu

U do all

Devi Irawatul

Backsound ?

Love & Sunshine

Do you need to do anything to the shirt before dying the shirts?

Alisha FQS Official

So cool ????

Sara Aki

From today that's my business

Kurwastan SK

can i use more then 3 colors ?

seniha 8383



F uc k you

Elena Zapata

THANK YOU!! This was really useful

Gloria Conde

What dye are you using??

Mark Einzeug

I don't know how youtube recommended this to me but it was really nice!

Heri risqi

bagus sekaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

James Pagous

This is fake. The tag isn’t dyed

Izi Bie

Jeigu jus lietuviai ant sio komentaro like


Whice type of colour u used??

قبس سعود راشد خميس الراشدية


Sophia Krall

I made 2, I hope they're as good as your's! 0___0

Rasya_ YT

that's a batik pattern from Indonesia

If your asking why I said like that is because I live in Indonesia and I make batik with that pattern when I was in grade 5

Arif Zain

Now its a trends .. well done girl .. you nailed it !

Tutoxica 504

. ni. RTL

Diego Perdomo Diaz (Student)

Super cool!

zammir Sandoval vlox


welcome vlogs

I love you ???

Hippie Island

I loved this so much ✌? subbed ?

Carolina Lima


Vemmi Putri


Elda mok

woah cute i ll make it

Shivaaa raii

where do I buy the colour. You shoul tell it

عزيزه البارقي

How many hours do you sit?



Die Boomer

Nice is a meme ok


I did this at school!!

Isabella Cabezas Roso

queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vonitoooooooooooooo

Jana Rožnovská


Dayu Komang

Thnk you

left hand story

Nice sharing,great video,thanks for sharing very nice❤️❤️..❤️❤️??..................??beautiful keren..?............