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Sunscreen During Winter? Winter Skincare Dos & Don’ts To Follow | Skincare with @Susan Yara

92 820 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Do you really need to

Do you really need to wear sunscreen during winter? (Spoiler: YES!) Should you change up your skincare routine? Skip exfoliation? I see these kinds of questions pop up every year when it gets colder, so I thought I'd create a guide for you to follow. Watch this video to see my winter skincare dos and don'ts!


Winter Dry Skin Moisturizers: https://youtu.be/EU8vCJOUIG4

My Thoughts on Slugging: https://youtu.be/h6eFgRHA6Ls

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Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara/

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DISCLAIMER: The description may contain affiliate links for a small commission on purchased products. Affiliate links support our channel, so we can continue to make fun videos for you. Also, some items may have been received through PR. NATURIUM is my skincare brand. Thanks for watching and shopping!

Brianna Joslyn

Hi Susan, I know this isn't really a skincare question, but I live in Sweden and really hoping you'd have a tip for what to do about the eye-watering that happens in cold wind outside. I full on give up on wearing any makeup in the winter usually because between my eyes constantly watering like crazy (I look like I'm sobbing) and nose running/dabbing, it just seems a lost cause. Even with waterproof eyeliner/mascara, it just makes it look not great. I really miss makeup though. Please help!

monica alk1234

This is so helpful, last my face actually started peeling. I have combination/dry skin.

Petra d.

the only remaining question is - when will Naturium come to Europe? I need the sleeping mask!

christie paguirigan

Any good moisturiser recommendations for kids - daughter is 7 yrs old and her face is dry :( I have been using Cetaphil on her face especially at night cause she loves almost subzero kind of room. I have been researching good moisturiser for kids...

Kemi Kunle



Deep into winter? winter just started the day before this video was put out, lol. It's ok, I know you're in California so you may not be aware.

Laurence Fortier

I want to start using a vitamin C and I also wanted to try this Glow Recipe hyaluronic acid, could it be a good start for a vitaminC beginner?


Anyone else in the Midwest getting a daily UV index below 1? lol

shanshan swan

How can I double moisturize without clogging my pores because when I use a thick cream in the moment it keeps me moisturized but then I start breaking out.

April Jordan

I would love it it you did a video on great products for nursing /pregnant moms. Retinol substitutes, hair strengthening when it starts shedding postpartum, hormonal balancing products, etc...

Khristine Alfred

Been double moisturizing for years

Dorothy Lantz

I got the worst sunburn when i was about 25, went swimming with my gf and within an hour i started feeling burning, we got out and by the time we got home i had blisters, i couldnt wear a top, only noxema and a towerl, I stayed 3 days. NEVER AGAIN,

asyiah Khan

Susan, what would you recommend for oily skin during the winter?

Julie Overby

OMG Susan!!!!!!! Naturium is sold at Target now!!!!!! Yay ?! I can’t wait to try all the products out! That actually happened pretty fast considering that Naturium only came out like 6 months ago.

izza diaries

Hi. What moisturizer do you recommend for oily-skinned people for winter? Anyone? ???

Connie W

I used to never change my skincare routine but after 26-27 I noticed my skin gets drier so I use more moisturizing products now

Monica R

When will Naturium be available in Canada? Looking forward to trying your products!!

Dom Supreme

✍️don’t take hot showers????

karina nicolaisen

Darkness 16 hours a day..
One hour (!) of sun throughout December..
UV-index on 0,1..
No snow, just greyness, wind and rain..

I honestly don’t think sunscreen is necessary here in Denmark!

Marisa Singh

I have pretty oily skin but in the past few years (as I’ve gotten older) I’ve started to feel the effects of winter on my skin. My skin loves Drunk Elephant Lala Retro and Drunk Elephant Marula oil patted over top ??

Ishita Shah

Winters do's and don't's
1) it is to wear sunscreen everyday
2) get professional skincare treatments if you are going to stay at home
3) winterize your skincare routine
4) double moisturize during winters

emily ball

for reference my face is ezema, flaky dry sensitive skin. anyway tried double moisturizing last night. but waiting until before bed to do the second (almost like a sleep mask) BUT DAYUM next day my skin looks like normal skin ahhaha I am so happy

Prabhleen Kaur

I am hoping to see naturium's body skincare launch soon ??? Also, @SusanYara please make a video on "clean" products. I mean, eco-friendly skin care products, from cleansers to serums to exfoliants to sunscreens. I know Rihanna's brand does have some clean products, but would love to have more options. ?

annie gretel


Islamiat Giwa

Really impressed with Susan Yara's knowledge and advice to keep skin, hair and body hydrated and healthy. Love this video. ?❤️

diana lopez

Do these moisturizing tips and products also apply to oily skin types?

Junko E

After 5:55 the sound cut off

Ruby Rabbit

Suprised you like the cetaphil cream


There’s a Lisa Eldridge vibe about you today . The beautiful rings your wearing.

Jaz Belcher

What foundation do you use


This sunscreen in winter (and indoors as well) debate is getting on my nerves because it's very confusing. Both my general physician and derm told me that given the UV index of litterally 0/1 here from November to March, there was no need to coat myself with it. Then I stumbled on Michelle/Labmuffinbeautyscience's video about wearing sunscreen indoors and based on the actual data she studied and the maths she did, she arrived at the same conclusion : depending on the actual UV index of your location, sunscreen shouldn't be applied (unless you work outside all day more like) to get some vitamine in your system when you go outside for a bit. So, I'm lost.


what should I do if even pha irritates my skin? ?


One question I have on this is how am I supposed to cleanse my babies' or kids' faces when we apply sunscreen every day? Because usually we only use water to wash their faces... I feel like a double cleansing system is way too much at that age. Does it have any negative side effects when there is some sunscreen residue left on their skin? Thanks in advance!!


Recommendations for moisturizers for oily and acne prone skin for the winter that doesn’t clog the pores?

Harper Clare

Anyone have thoughts on slugging after applying a retinoid?

Aditi Mishra

Please launch your skin care line in India..

M. Azemi

I just went to my dermatologist because of my acne.i said to him that i put sunscreen every day, all year around.he laughed at me and he said : "look outside, is winter! Put the sunscreen in the summer, is more then enough" ?

Sólveig Aspelund

me, thinking about my skin the past 8 years being a professional XC skier, skiing 2x each day in the sun, snow and -15*celsius without sunscreen and protecting cream... ???

Jessica Billingsly

Double cleanse ? double moisturize ?

Emmi Nguyen

Do I need to wear sunscreen during winter time if there's no sun at all and UV is 0? I live in Finland. Love your chanel <3

Valerie Miller

Susan - what are your thoughts on when to apply (mineral) sunscreen during the skincare routine? And does it make a difference if I’m just doing my morning skincare routine without makeup, or if I’m going to wear makeup on top of it?

Μαρία Π.

i definetly agree with double moisturizing during winter time . Everything just make our skin dehydrated and we need to lock our moisture with a 2nd moisturizer or a nigh cream like yours ??‍♀️


I hate to put my fingers into jars of cream. The ones with airless pumps work well for me.


God, I feel like I get even oilier in winter ? double moisturizing would literally kill me, I don’t even get dehydrated and oily I JUST get oily, help girl, I’m slugging without products... Honestly though, what the f do I do? I don’t want to use nothing but serum and sunscreen, that seems wrong?


I think we need to know this nail polish. ?

Ammar M. Kharisani

thanks dear i really needed this video ?❤️

Ashley Schmidt

The intense overnight moisturizer is EVERYTHING!!!!

Lynn Colantuono

I saw a video where Susan was getting a facial and the Esthetician said it's not what Susan does or doesn't use its that she's not using enough. And I don't know what specifically she was talking about but ever since then I've been putting on two different serums two different eye creams two different moisturisers and it's working


i live in a tropical country why am i watching this


Purple is 100000% your colour

Vivienne Dejvongsa

Oh yeah i wear sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND. Thanks to Michelle Phan. Thank God for her ❤️??⭐️??


I lit love 2:28 lol

Michelle Dailey

As someone with dry, sensitive skin who lives in a desert climate these are really year round dos & don'ts!

Jennifer Price

I used the aquaphor for the first time this summer at the lake because I have had bad sunburns on my lips before and those hurts and wanted to prevent it. Ever since when I use it semi regularly because of dry and chapped lips. It helps a lot.

Nicole Loretta

My estetican only does treatments like chemical peels and microneedling in the winter and I really respect her for that. She cares about her client's skin so much!

Breana Davis

Thank you! This is my favorite winter with super dry skin and I’ve been using retinol pretty seriously in the spring/fall which I think was too much for me

Kayley kat

Can anyone recommend a sunscreen for those of us wirh acne and combo dry sensitive skin? Cerave, Cetaphil, Clinique, and Tatcha all break me into itchy hives

Joelle R.

I feel like the promotion of sunscreen use is excessive. No I will not wear sunscreen if I'm inside my house with the curtains closed. No I'm not applying sunscreen to get out of my house and drive 10minutes to the store. I wear my antioxidants and antiaging serum and that's it. I don't stay outside anyways.


I hate this feel of anclusive mousturizer i mean the one for cold weather with this munsmal8w my skin was so wrinkly after that couse under that skin drank all hidration this cream on top than stayed like plastic on my skin stuck in my wrinkle it was crazy. Never again

Braeden Millar

i CRINGE at the fact that my parents never put sunscreen on me for the 24 ski days every winter that i did for 7 years straight ? catch me bathing in tretinoin before the effects show up


My mom always made me wear sunscreen when I was skiing and everyone thought she was crazy haha

Shannel Vidallon

LOVE double moisturizing! Been doing this since the start of fall. Thanks for promoting this new skincare trend Susan! ?❤️❤️

Ava Grace

for humidifiers does it matter if it’s cool mist, can I use a hot one instead?


What magic mascara is she wearing?

Veronica Ivanova

I feel like this video was an excuse for a Naturium advert ??‍♀️

Jess Asman

What's your thoughts on the Herbivore pink cloud cleanser?

Jaine Yu Hilliard

I have used Cetaphil as a face moisturizer.

Marlene Gabriela Contreras Gamboa


Sarah Tucker

I used Cetaphil Cream as moisturizer at night for years and was afraid to tell people thinking I was being weird. So happy to see that I wasn't doing something wrong!


Can you please make a video about Biologique Recherche ? x

Grace Jenkins

Is the glycolic acid serum more intense than the drunk elephant glycolic serum?

laba kumar baruah

Cetaphil moisture broke me out, Idk why

Candice Crawford

Collagen .... as in dead animal parts? Sounds awful.

Kalina Gordley

I love to double moisturizer!! It has really helped me manage my dry eczema prone skin. I didn't know it was a thing other people did. But I swear by it.

Rachanan P.

The plant ceramide rich cream is really really good! I went through 2 jars of it, really helps my dryness and better skin barrier.

Kerman Thao

This is great information, I have eczema most of the winter and it was not fun. Thanks for sharing this ??

Alexa Schubert

Great video - I struggle to understand why I need sunscreen when there is only 7 hours of daylight a d no snow... is this seriously necessary? Also, the most I would be outside in daylight is 30 minutes due to Covid. Seems like an unnecessary step.

nada reyene

i've always done double moistruizing somtimes triple if it's nightime and i'm really dry

Susana Rodrigues

Best video to start my day (im in portugal). I just changed from retinol to tretinoin plus the winter time so my skin is screaming for more hydration!!!

Brittany Ledwell

Me in the Southern Hemisphere: Can’t relate ?‍♀️




I decided to do what you said and keep a lip balm in every room and in my purse. I noticed my lips aren't getting as dry as they was. One is Beekman Goat Milk and Dionis Goat Milk Stick.

Josipa Raič

Why those zoom in/out? Gives me anxiety

Vanessa Nakalanzi

i love your videos. Could we please have a video for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin.

Daniella Aguilar

Sunscreen question:
I have always thought that sunscreen is the last part of the routine but recently read that a chemical suncreen should go on before moisturiser to better absorb into the skin and a physical sunscreen should go after moisturiser. Does it matter? Am I over thinking this? ?

Divya Sridharan

Is the glow serum ok for pregnant women?? Please reply!

Southernbelle Amy

For some reason my skin does not agree with that Glow Recipe Hyaluronic Acid.

Tyresse Ferguson

I love to double moisturize. It keeps my skin supple throughout the night.

Maria Pia Spinoso

This video is about to save my skin?? have you any idea of when Naturium is going to be available in Europe?

Luisa Fernanda

Can I use glycolic acid with hyaluronic acid ?

Alberto Ven

Her lip color is gorgeous


My fungle acne is crying ??

Special K

Here in Greece we have sun every single day ! ??☀️❤️

Nepal My love

I like your review, u dunt force your product like other celebrities...

Marcia Rivas

Susan You look gorgeous in this color the sweater and the lipsticks... Gorgeous !!

Casey Conner

Hi cetaphil intensive healing lotion with ceramides is excellent.

Melly Julia

loving this video! I recently added the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Fluid & Crème to my routine and they‘re awesome for double moisturizing, even with my oily skin! The fluid is like a serum and the cream is more rich and perfect for the nighttime!

Tatiana Souza

I just cannot avoid taking hot showers ??? I need my water to be super hot.

Kayley kat

Also I love the Intense sleeping cream for night time, especially during this time of year. I have also been using the plant ceramide rich cream from your brand and it's it's awesome on my combo skin!


My skin has been flipping out on me for the last couple months despite the fact that I a have a serious skin regimen that I never skip. I use great products with all good actives (azaleic acid, niacinamide, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, BHA, AHA, vitamin C, etc) and not all at the same time. I try to keep my routine as simple as possible, but I have these stubborn break outs on my cheekbones that get slightly better but then they flare up. I suspect fungal acne so I used nizoral and sulfur and it gets a little better but it never completely leaves. The worst is that I know my skincare routine works because the rest of my skin is amazing, just my cheekbones that are not healing up. I noticed that my flare up are stress related, I suffer from severe anxiety and when I’m going through something that will trigger my anxiety (finals and school), it gets worse. What should I do, has anyone ever heard of a similar situation?

Skincare sunscreen

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Morning Skincare Routine: SPF, Supplements, etc.

146 521 views | 6 Jun. 2019

This is my morning

This is my morning skincare routine for keeping my skin clear, hydrated, + preventing aging/sun damage!

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*Care/of works hard to recommend supplements based on scientific research and your personal goals. As a friendly reminder, supplements aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

micellar water http://bit.ly/2WlqhtV

fresh sugar strawberry exfoliating face wash https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dm27h45nzw

2% BHA liquid http://bit.ly/2WsiK1e

B-hydra serum http://bit.ly/2Mz8iAB

caffeine eye cream http://bit.ly/2Z5A9cS

mineral sunscreen (no makeup days) https://rstyle.me/~cz-aSscB

hydrating sunscreen fluid https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dm26tv5nzw

everyday face/body sunscreen lotion https://rstyle.me/~cz-aSscZ

lash serum https://rstyle.me/~cz-aSscC

robe (gifted) brand is "Soma"

protein brownies https://www.eatmeguiltfree.com/collections/brownies-1/products/chocolate-brownie

*this video is sponsored by Care Of*

Avin Ahmed

You’re so perfect!!!!!!


HA i read "morning skincare, as morning sickness" i was like when DA F*uck did this happen!!


Did you get lip injections?

Alisha Barrett


Kara Corey Fit Life

I'd literally never wear makeup if I had your skin. Happy Birthday beautiful!!!!!

Shay Henessy

Doggies. Makeup and skincare! Omg yes girl!! You just got a new subscriber!! ???????️? Yay!!!!

Rachel Miller

Immediately bought the PC exfoliate after seeing this, I will literally buy any skincare product that you recommend ?

Ashley Sok

Your skin is my goal ??? I struggle with acne at times and now I’m seeing wrinkles from the tanning beds I’ve used them since I was 16 now I’m 28... time for Botox

Maia G.V.

hey girl! just found ur channel! love the thumbnails! i also make videos, would u mind checking them out? our aesthetics r similar ;)

D Hurley

Keurig coffee machines are so unpredictable... mine just died ?

Jo Daviel

Do you wear makeup everyday?

Yesim Akpinar

What a cute and humble human being you are ? i Love your dogs by the way ?❤️

Jodie G

can you please do a video on botox, pleeeease, I need to know everything and your recommendations possibly, I need botox and have no idea where to begin and what to stay away from. thnx


Love your skin care routine?????? your skin is flawless!

Venetra Roberson

Supergoop Handscreen large save money.

Tiffany L

Thank god Paula’s Choice is having an anniversary sale rn! LOVE the chemical exfoliant so im definitely getting that sunscreen to! You are just to die for!! Love youuu

Amanda Renée

Lizzy in the Netflix show sneaky pet!! That gal - you look so much like her.

Grace Castillo

Don’t forget the ears when putting sunscreen on you’re face !

Virginia Gouin

Steph you have the best skin on YouTube!! ?? You’re so freaking pretty it’s ridiculous ?♥️ Sending love ✨

karen brower

After all the cleansing I do at night in the morning all I do is rinse my face with cool water and pat dry to remove all the stuff I put on at night. Then I moisturize for the day.
I do skin treatments at night while I sleep as the bodies renewal process happens while you sleep.
Drink lots of water.
I am 62 and honestly have no wrinkles.

Gina Abdulnoor

Hi! Are you not trying the Alani Nu Balance anymore?

Mallory Miller

I loved the part of you talking to your dogs! Haha. So cute!


You are lovely?!
Ashwagandha... Is that ancient Indian herb used from centuries by Indian & some other Asian countries....it's scientific name is Withania somnifera, commonly known as Indian ginseng also! It has amazing benefits to body & hair. Happy to see that the company has not changed it's indigenous name!! ❤️




I used to take my vitamins with my coffee and was told u should wait at least 2 hours taking them. It wont work as good as they should.

Dina Kay

Wow ur skin is absolutely PERFECT, I would die for skin like that ???

Anesia Katerina

Loved the video! Is there a nighttime routine? ?

Casey Conner

Sunscreen is the most important.

ayushi paroha

Ashwagandha is ifrom indian soil?

Mandy Maddox



Good video

Carissa Rochelle

Love how simple your routine is? you skin is so gorgeous!


Happy birthday Steph ??

Meena Sharma

I m big fan of skincare...n your skin looks so healthy. I wanna get to know you better so i subscribed.?

Mirina XO

You have absolutely beautiful skin, just be careful to not put that salicylic acid toner under your eyes! But I’d love to see your night routine next ?

Casey Conner

Plant extracts are perfumes

Bianca Zora

happy birthdayyyyy!!!! Wish you the best!!??#geminibabes mine is 6/7

Nicole Sharp

I really needed this video! I need better products for my skin and had no idea where to start. Thank you so much! Your skin is so flawless!

kelly broussard

Hi! Can you find your perfect nude from Jaclyn Jill cosmetics I wear the same foundation shade as you always. Also what’s your fave Kylie lip products!!!??? ?

Sanjida Smita

This is the first time I commented on ur video btw ❤️❤️ ily

Steph P.

I think people should know that taking vitamins isn't really necessary unless you have a vitamin deficiency (which you probably dont have). Just save your money!

Kristel Davila

You should try using THE ORDINARY caffeine solution for the eyes ! Super affordable and it literally made me look awake and younger ?

Zoha Wamiq

i want your skin please give me your skin

Sanjida Smita

U r my favorite utuber ??❤️❤️

Jessica Cardenas

This is a boring video

Iki n

Amazing skin ?
Does anyone know if she put in hair extensions and why ? I loved her hair before , just curious ?

Andrea Yepez

Omg!!! We are like twin souls???✨✨✨✨✨✨
I can’t function without the coffee,
& care of vitamins are truly amazing!!!


Wow you have flawless skin. Let me ask u , what type of skin you have, combo, oily , dry or sensitive ? Thanks

Diana Reyes

Steph will you please make the video talking about the under eye fillers?

Madelaine Sessions

Do you order your micellar water of amazon? Is it authentic?

Jennifer Muniz

Have to say I have done that with my Keurig as well ???


Vitamins are good to take before bed , so they can get absorbed in your body, when you take them in the morning you drink coffee,alcohol, soda, etc and you end up peeing the nutrients out.night time is best time. <3

Zulma Alvarez

You seriously have the best skin!

Helena xoxoxo

Can you please review Kylie skin next

Life on Mars

Definitely time for a new Keurig ?

Rachel Balmut


Michelle Yarnell

The outtake part where you almost forgot to put your mug under the brewer.... yeah I've done that before! Brewed a whole cup of coffee into the drain at the bottom lmao!

Csilla K

Do you have any suggestions for men’s skincare routine? I want my bf to take better care of his skin, but I don’t know what his skin needs (he just gets my hand-me-down products) Thanks! ?

Dee Luther

GreAt video as usUal
That thumbnail tho
Natural Beauty love it
Your Beautiful self
Hope u have a fabulOus Weekend

Chanelle Angelina

If I had your skin I'd never wear make up again!!! You are blessed lol xoxo

Sule N.

You should rinse your face with water after using the micellar water as it contains surfactants. You don’t want those staying on your skin because they can be drying and irritating.

Tiffani Kehoe

Where did you get your coffee mug?! ?

Jim Christiano

If you guys use any hyaluronic acid you should use it over a wet face not dry. Otherwise it isn’t really working and takes moisture away from the skin .


You're beautiful ??

Sarah Oxx

Love this video! Also where did you get that clock on your fireplace?! I love it!

Josefiina Josefiina

You are georgeous ??


Have you noticed a difference with the lash serum?

Marissa Leigh

Hope you had the best birthday!!! Your getting so close to 1 mill! ?

Casey Conner

Do you look at the ingredients in these products for fragrance and other garbage they put in these products.

Melissa Rivera

What would recommend for a good moisturizer with spf in it?

Dida's Room

Beautiful!!!! Just 6 k more ugh I am so happy and excited for you

Sarah Baube

Is it good for the whole month ?


Hello, I'm new to your channel. I was wondering what is your skin type?

Zina Haddow

Do you have dry or oily skin

Bunks Konty

Wow your skin is just absolute perfection ? Are you currently on the pill? Just curious as my skin was amazing until I went off the pill and it just went down hill from there.

Deedee Smith

Seriously you guys, do your research on this brand. Some of their "vitamins" contain creatine which isnt good on any level for daily intake...DO UR RESEARCH ?


your skin is out of this world omg


The Coffee thing....i have so done that, pressed the button n no cup there... why God, why????

The Fifth World


Lyndsey Milligan

You’re skin is so good but I can’t believe you only use a micellar water for cleansing. You’re still young. Please consider looking for a better cleanser. Also double cleanse your skin morning and night. Cleansing before exfoliating or adding products will help them to absorb better and help better in the long run.

BAM 24

Am i the only one pissed off that i cant wake up this pretty?

Ashley Dohner

Beautiful!! Have you ever tried any Coola spf products?

Elizabeth Gregory

Just caaaatching up

Deanna Ippolito

I love your robe! Where did you get it?


I loved this video! Glad it came up in my feed. I’m going to try to Supergoop sunscreen. I have a recommendation for you. I found these serums a couple years ago from another Youtuber and I think you will love! So I stopped using the more expensive serums that basically use a smaller amount of the ingredient that I was seeking. I used the Drunk Elephant line for the vitamin C and hyaluronic acid but it’s $$$. So I used the serums from Timeless skin and they are amazing!! They mix them the day you purchase so the product is fresh and has the highest level of product (hope that makes sense). Check out the site because I swear by the Pure hyaluronic acid and I also use the vitamin C with ferulic acid. https://www.timelessha.com/collections/anti-wrinkle-serums?gclid=CjwKEAjwue3nBRCCyrqY0c7bw2wSJACSlmGZgTgEN3oeUgAfTvj4GU_T1aX3ormHqCW-tS0I9ZuI1RoCsSvw_wcB
I posted the link but you can always just search it. It’s only $25 a bottle I believe. Anyways thank you for the video and I can’t wait to try the sunscreen ?

Nicole Dorn

I just looked into that eyelash serum last night. Do you highly recommend it?

Carlee Ewoldt

Ummm a protein brownie?? Please share!

Karine Brouzes

Thye outtake ??? I'm dead!

Kimberley's Obsessions

How are you so gorgeous without makeup? Girl! Tommy is so lucky!

Cj Saint

Who dislikes these videos??!! Thank you for sharing Steph?

Rachel Wiersma

Your skin is glowing ?


Your skin is glowing ?? Can you do a night routine video ?


I always find comments like this creepy, but I feel like you and I would be wonderful friends.

Wine, pizza, cozy and comfy pjs, a good book, and my dog, Zeus, softly snoring on the floor.
I watch you videos and I’m shocked sometimes at how similar we are in our routines/tastes/book choices!

However if we cannot be friends in person, I will silently cheer you on and support you all the way from Louisiana ??


I LOVE the dark hair with the light skin and blue eyes!


Your skin looks amazing !!

Mabel Lau

Steph, you're so beautiful without make-up and your skin make me jealous ?????❤?

Nina Alvarado

I gotta try the vitamins and scrub ????


Just ordered the exfoliant so I’m hoping it helps my face!!


The Paulas choice product you use first, if you use it on a cotton pad it takes the dirt off your face. Your skin is freakin goals ??

Krishna Verma

Ashwagandha is Indian herb,it helps with muscle recovery or keeping muscles healthy ,as well as keeps hair strong ,and prevents premature greying ,and it is a miracle personally for me cos I every now or then get cold due to climate change ,but having ashwagandha changed that ,my immunity is stronger and I don't get flu easily