Non permanent tattoo ink

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How a Toronto company’s semi-permanent tattoos work

2 397 views | 10 Aug. 2018

A Toronto company that

A Toronto company that creates semi-permanent tattoos says the Netflix series “Stranger Things” is among the shows using its products. An Inkbox co-founder says many customers are teens who are hesitant about permanent tattoos. (August 9)

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Non permanent tattoo ink

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InkIt Temporary Tattoo Tutorial - No Airbrush Required

185 278 views | 7 Jul. 2012

This video demonstrates

This video demonstrates the Ink-It Temporary Tattoo Kit from OliveBranchSkinCare.com. Now you can create realistic airbrush tattoos without the expensive equipment needed for an airbrush tattoo setup.

This is the perfect kit for birthday parties or other special events when you want to offer temporary tattoos but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars before you ever apply your first tattoo.

Please visit www.OliveBranchSkinCare.com for more information.

Ray Robinson

Grain alcohol will work but is kind of pricey.

Paul Emmerson

My first fake paper one just arrived but i dont have any rubbing alcohol. What could i use unstead

Ray Robinson

Here is the list of pigments that we use to make this product. These numbers are the pigments as listed on the International Color Index. All of our ink products are alcohol based. Hope this helps.

CI42090, CI77891, CI19140, CI45410, CI77499, CI15850, CI172000, CI77007, CI45380, CI77266,CI77019

Juicy Candy

Is it remove easily or we need a laser remove

Veronica Marquez

oh I know, I was just wondering if these could be used in airbrush as well. i don't have an airbrush right now anyways. What i am really wondering if maybe you can do a video about mixing colors to get may other colors. Or maybe add a document on the website showing the other colors besides the ones on the instruction sheet that comes with the kit. I'm having a little problem with coming up with a few more colors. Yes, I have the kit and love it.

Vendemas vende

Si te interesa El curso de Amazon FBA de ImperioEcom me lo dices.

Time to study

Waooo wonderfull. I like it

Liz Aparicio

can we just use brushes for this and make our tattoos without the stencils? or do we have to use the stencils?

Tóth Laci

Can I order just the glue? If yes, is it possible to get it in Europe? Thanks!

fidget junkie

how to make that colour you applied as a ink


Good morning is it recommended to exfoliate the skin before?


wondering how this is any better than Colorini? Does it last about a week? How do you clean the stencil for re-use once the clients skinparticles have stuck to it? Thanks


is it available in India???


Looks messy

Ray Robinson

We actually make a couple of different inks that are designed for use with an airbrush. You can see them on our website. Thanks!

Tammy King

love this product, I use self adhesive stencils , will I still need to apply the glue ? Also can this be applied with a brush for multiple colors ? once again I love this product

Omkar Arts Barsode

पेन गन,स्प्रे गन,पेंट ब्रश रिपेअर, सर्व्हिसेस....
ओंकार आर्ट.१२५,शुक्रवार,फाटक वाडा सोसा.बुरूड आळी,मंडई गणपती मागे, पुणे.मोबा.९८५००४५३१७

Wow boy.

What will the price total ink-it tattoo kit (Black, red color only if u sell ) set ? can i find it amazon site? I need one set. From Bangladesh.
Thank you Ray Robinson.


that actually looks really good.

Ray Robinson

You can remove the design with baby oil or alcohol.

Ray Robinson

Yes, you can use a regular artist brush with this ink. If you don't need the entire kit, you can purchase refill bottles on our website under the InkIt kit link or follow the Temporary Tattoo Link and click on Brush-On for larger sizes. Thanks.

William Penn jr.

can you wash it off with soap or rubbing alcohol or do you just have to wait until it comes off on its own?

Ray Robinson

The ingredient list is about the same so you should have similar results. The advantage to InkIt is the price. Colorini sells for over $10/15ml (1/2oz) and InkIt sells for $8/30ml (1oz). Double the product for a lot less money. The stencils can be cleaned with alcohol. You should also take a look at our Hybrid Body Paint. We are also completing development for a new brush-able hybrid too.Thanks.

Ashlyn and Elle

How can u take it off

Ray Robinson

It is available on our website at Olive Branch Skin Care. Our website address is in the information below the video and also included in the video. Please call us if you have any questions. Thanks.

Juan Smith


Meerab Maqsood

Price ink it ki Kya ha

David Groom

Can you get these inks in the UK as shipping would cost a lot from yourselves?

Ray Robinson

These tattoos generally don't last two weeks because it is difficult to apply them with an even thickness. Our airbrush tattoo ink will last longer but requires a lot of equipment. The Ink-It tattoo kit is design for people that want a realistic tattoo without the equipment purchase required.

Shamsad Islam

what will be the shipping cost if i buy it from toronto , canada ? and how many days will it take to get ?

tchip Pat

Very good.

Ray Robinson

The basic colors in the kit will let you create a lot of different colors but there are definitely limits. We have to keep 5 different types of red to make a lot of the ink colors on our site. And that's just the reds. We have an ton of different pigments so it makes sense that you can't get some colors to come out. I'll see if we can get a few more videos knocked out that hopefully will be helpful. Thanks for the comments.


what kind of glue is that please reply me soon

Genaro Mendoza

Me interesa esa pintura como se llama alguien me diga este es mi WhatsApp 7441961578

Veronica Marquez

Can you use this ink with an airbrush as well?

Ray Robinson

Thanks. It's also a lot of fun!


Can acrylic lacquer and or fast dry Crylon spray paint be applied without dissolving the ink? Not on the skin of course

Caitlyn LovesYuhh

I'd like to order this but how much would it cost / how would I be able to order it online?

Marco marchiano

Were i can buy it? i'm from italy .


Good afternoon! Excuse me, what kind of ink is it? I'm allergic to E 124..

Judi Christopher

I really like this tutorial... very good job, but the background music was distracting... sometimes it was hard to understand what you were saying... I am interested in your products... Thank you for sharing this.. ;)

Ray Haar

Hi! I am going to purchase a few stencils from you guys to add to a collection I already have. Before I place a order I have a few questions about your stencil glue.
 I seen that you applied the glue on the arm and then painted over the glue. Does this keep the ink from contacting the skin? Can you apply the glue to the stencil only?
 Also, Do you have a Facebook page?

 Ray H.

Nima Haircut

watsap 9915576527

Jerry Vasquez

How long does the temerary tattoo last??

Barbara Breitung

could we use glimmer stencils with these inks

Nasser Blue

what kind of glue do you use?

Non permanent tattoo ink

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Semi-Permanent Ink Makes Erasable Tattoos a Reality

22 521 views | 23 May. 2016

Ephemeral Tattoo has

Ephemeral Tattoo has designed a new ink that remains in your body for 1 year, after which it fades away. Learn how this new semi-permanent ink works, and how it will change the tattoo industry.

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- nobody

Now THAT I'd do.

RandomFandom 3

I want this so badly.

Jess jms

That Heather 'tattoo' lol


bruh its 2019, ive been waiting for this for the last 2 years! whats the hold up?!

Urui Calo

Its allready onsale?


We've had this here in Egypt for a while. It's not new...

Digital Life Coach

if its applied the same way as a tattoo, okay, i get the ink will fade away, but what about the scar tissue from the piercing of the needles into the skin???