Is tomato good for skin

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Health Benefits of Tomato | Why Is Tomato Good For Us? | The Foodie

5 284 views | 9 Apr. 2020

In this video, let's have

In this video, let's have a look at some health benefits of including Tomato in your diet.

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Othman Lima

That music rubbish mate

Is tomato good for skin

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Is tomato good for oily skin?

94 views | 14 May. 2020

Homemade Face Mask • Is

Homemade Face Mask • Is tomato good for oily skin?


Our mission is to create educational content. Therefore, we also explored this topic from a scientific point of view. When judging the content, keep in mind that the scientific presentation of the topic requires a broad perspective which may be hurtful to some people.

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Is tomato good for skin

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i Rub Tomato icecube Every Night & Removed Dark Spots, Got Crystal Clear GLASS Skin | Skin Whitening

3 356 650 views | 21 Jun. 2020

Use tomato ice cubes

Use tomato ice cubes daily to close large open pores, skin tightening and remove wrinkles.

I Apply Tomato Slice Daily & Removed Dark Spots, Got Crystal Clear Glass Skin - Skin Whitening Gel

Tomato facial to remove dark spots and get clear skin. Lighten dark spots and skin whitening with tomato face pack and tomato aloevera gel

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Before i used honey with lemon, it didnt work. Now im only using ice, and it works... It reduces the inflammation of my acne... ill try this one

Naheed Sultana

What for sensitive skin.
Bcz lemon and honey ? will give out pimples to me.....
I tried many..
But lemon and honey is just if I use it today, pimples came out on second day..
What to doooo??

Shalini Baskaran

Can I skip lemon, because it has more acid and I don't want them in my face

Harsha r Vishal

For how many days we can store it

VeduZz corner


Bawse :D

can i drink this ;-;

Cecilia Wanjiru

What if I don't have fridge ??

Tommy Booboo


Raju Sagili

We can eat it ????????

Lenz Leron

I would drink that ?

suchi nandhu

Thank you for all videos . Im sharing many videos to my friends. it's working


how much time we can store it

Crystal play

I should I take care of my hair

Revathi Methre

Does it help with skin allergy ?


I keep seeing these ice cube type videos for dark spots and acne scars but which ones actually work?

Diana Adinin

True using organic fresh fruits are more beneficial and the result are unexpected it does gave you a perfect skin and make our skin look young and healthy ..I had been using organic for the past 10 yrs it did show a better result n my skin hard to get pimples ..I used to used fresh lemon, sugar cucumber ,honey,tomato and ice to clean up my skin ..I had enough with cosmetic products it doesn't have your skin getting better but I turn to be much more worse even clinic medical also it can be used but not for long term cause it can damage your skin Soo the best result and solution are fresh organic fruits n plants are much more safe to consume ..this is what I had experience ...which made me love fresh organic than manufacturer products

Sikhi Seeker

Ice can burn your skin

Nandhini Sivakumar

How many days it can be stored

Himaja Challa

Guys....trust me it worked????...its been just 3 days since i started using it and there are alot of changes???...I had many pimples and acne on my forehead but now I have no pimples and only few acne...IT WORKS?

Sp Creations

How many day can we keep this made cubes

sana Roy

Isko lagane ke bad isko kitne time ke bad wash Karna hoga

yuvabarathi vijay

How many days store this cube?

Hafiza Rimsha Shafi

If I don't include honey than its fine?

Luvita Bangera

Can honey be used on face..coz most of the people say with honey and lemon hair bcums white.
For the people having less hair on their face.

cooldriller cooldriller

can we use anything else for rose water plz reply

Subhadra N

Whether it can be used for people having super dry skin?

Sakshi Gulati

Ma'am, Isse Use Karne Se Tanning Remove Hogi??

Easy Apt

For how many days we will kept in freezer?

Shahin Ansari

Mint ko skip kr sakte hai plzzzzz rply

vaishali g

How many days it can be stored?


It looks more tasty to eat than rub it on your face???

Amito OTTO

Say waaaa

Riya Bharti

can we use this mixture in winters too????

Fantastic Ali

Can i get rid of dark circles around eyes and spots that are around my eyes and nose

RealJennilyn Erive

What if you don’t have any rose water it’s that okay?

Shaikafrin shaikafrin

It looks like water melon cubes

Anyum&Grandhi Production Company

It's really works?

Madhav Das

After frozing how many days it will last

Aneena Nargees

Do we need to strain the juice?

manjunatha h

But why ice cube can apply liquid only know

kulwinder kaur

but i want facial steam daily. plzs tell when i can use this cubes plss

Ataur Rehman

Can we use it in winters? If yes, then are we supposed to apply a mosturizer or leave it the same way after that?

Popy Biswas

Does it work on tanned skin?

Madu Mitha

It causes cold

Sushmit Naik

I did this and its amazing! results may vary though. You can always add vodka to this and make a Bloody Mary cocktail. 1 problem 2 solutions.

Sahithi Reddy

Can we use icecube immediately after taking steam


Music is soo relaxing ?


is it recommended if my skin is super dry?

Manpreet Kaur

Jb tamatr saste honge tb yeh remedy use krugi ???

Cyril Barairo

Who's watching but doesn't have the ingredients????‍♀?‍♀?‍♀

SADiA Kanwal

Can we use this in winter please reply ?

Shahin Ansari

Plzzz rply kr dein ye all skin typ hai

Kusumitha Krishnan

I am using this remedy for last two weeks. Trust me. My skin complexion is really good than before. All tan removed.
Thanks a lot for this video ????

priyangi pareek

Can we use this in winter?

Kamila Forever

When I apply my face bcm red and my skin is sensitive it's not suitable for me

Pavi RKP

Wow ...colourful

Tejasree Alekhya

Will it help for oily skin near nose corners ?

varshini s

Tq very much sis ???

Mani Mani

is it useful for full body??

Divya Salgaonkar

It really works, I felt my skin turn so soft in the 1st try❤ thank you ma'am!

Sunny Raghava

I have oily skin can i use this tip

Mounika Mouni

Tomatoes, little water, blend them into juice, add rose water, lemon juice, honey make cubes


Can we apply aloevera gel after using it??


This is actually good because ice can close your pores too

Javeriya Khan

In just one use, I can see the difference. It's Amazing! I had cystic acne due to pcos, and this works wonders. Thanks❤️

Aisha's cookbook


daffa arsya danial haq

Can use this remedy everyday or not

anshita patel

Directly ice cubes face pr lagane se koi nuksan nhi hoga

Sajidha Zuwair

Must I add honey? Cuz I'm too afraid of that?


To anyone who scrolling down comments for see if this working or not.

I've been using this for 2 weeks. Result is amazing. But i add 2 tomatoes for 4 honey tsps and didn't add water. I add only rosewater. Im using this two times a day. Morning and night. Results are amazing

Lalitha Premraj

I want to drink it? more than upplying...?

Dnyanada Patil.

Good icecube ?

Sara Nakka


Naima khan

Daily 1 time use Karna he ya 2 time morning Nd night me use Kar skte hai best result ke liye plz tell me


I tried this for a month, but my acne increased! This does not work

Santhi Kannan

Whether I can use face wash after applying this?

Fasika Chifarw

subscribe my channal pls and help me. Thank u.

Oishi Dutta

Are mint leaves necessary??

neon wolf

I've been using this for 3 year

Sruthi Chandrika


Louise G Davis

very good work dear


Had large pores acne blackheads and insanely oily skin have been following this remedy since 3 weeks as of now have not noticed any changes in pores but my skin doesn't get oily like it would before and acne does not happen that frequently if you need a good skin you need to make diet changes consume lots of water and an hour workout to see the results

Hafsa Rajpoot

How many days we can store it reply plz

atika shams

Quantity of rose water????

Saranya Kannan

Sis how many days will the ice cubes be good to use??

ഇബ്രാഹിം ഷെധിൻ M. K



If it cure pimples,acne and open pores

Foodie Ungal Choice

Wow superb..will try this... becoz of icecubes do we get cold??? ??

sanjidas diary

Its more satisfying when u have already crystal clear skin and u are seeing this vedio ?

Kavita Taak

Very nice tips very powerful home care for beauty

A T mirza mirza

One tomato ?
Rose water
Blend them juice
One tbsn lemon ?
One tbsn honey ?
Mix it
Add chopped mint leaves
Freeze them for 5 hour's
One cube's everyday rub your face
After wash 5 minit
And store tha cubs in a week
Thanks ?


I've totally given up on my skin . I've literally tried everything but nothing seems to work. I've got acne marks , open pores , whiteheads , blackheads and what not. Someone tell me what to do

Rincy Raju

How many days we can store this and use this.. Plz reply

Sheep Sheep

How many days we can store it

Sehrish Junaid

Hi .. kindly tell something to remove extremly dark circles .. plz plz plz

Fatima's Diy

Good remedy
#Fatima's Diy

Sayali Mhatre

I will start tomorrow

ching ssshhh

looks yummy

Manjula.N N

Hi we can use tomoto ice cubes and potato ice cube together like morning potato ice cute night tamoto ice or I need use only one because am having to much pigmentation so which one is better

Precilla Lobo Vlogs

S..it will help