Simple skin

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159 378 views | 11 Mar. 2019


00:07 Homemade beauty recipes to avoid awkward situations

03:02 A 5-minute face massage for youth and beauty

04:25 Surprising Beauty Hacks

05:01 Easy beauty tips

06:51 A massage bar for the body

08:26 Beauty recipes to make you more gorgeous than ever

11:04 Bathroom tips


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My Life As, Well, Lina!


Instead of having to go through the whole process, why don't you just GET SOME SLEEP!

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Besseva Raven

You are back to using the same hacks over and over again from video to video and now using the same hacks in the same video sometimes three or more times

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Anushka ʢ•ᴥ•ʡ

Hey guys , I used to have really bad skin and now it’s great , I have no pimples and it’s extremely clear , here’s what I did :

Take a roll - on deodorant bottle

Take hot water

Take a tea bad and cut it open

Let the tea stuff in the tea bag soak in the hot water

Put the tea & water mixture into the roll on bottle.

Massage your face with this roll on bottle and tea thing every night

You automatically get rid of dark circles and pimples & its Ayurvedic !

sachna Begum

Anybody know where you get aloe Vera from??

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art techniques by pavi

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Harriet Kitchen Recipes


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Meena Patchava

For pimple we hav to use only colgate paste or another

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I love your hacks, but we want to try something completely new!

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Can you give tips for growing hair naturally

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Simple skin

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MY SIMPLE SKIN ROUTINE | Jessicvpimentel

42 484 views | 8 Apr. 2019


Hey everyone! 

I get quite a lot of questions on my skincare routine and it has changed a lot over the months. It is now very simple and quick so I thought I would make a brief video for those interested! Just a disclaimer that what works for me may not work for you and may other factors may affect your skin such as hormones hygiene etc. 

If you have any ideas on what to film next, comment down below!

Hope you guys enjoy it and please subscribe and like this video x 


INSTAGRAM: Jessicvpimentel

TWITTER: Jessicvpimentel

SNAPCHAT: J3ssicapx


[email protected]

Courtney Nation

So happy that you're starting youtube <3 can't wait to see your future videos


Your a model aren’t you hun x

Kaithlyn Kaos

Hey Jess, just to let you know that my mum said you’re really pretty with/without makeup ❤️ Love your skincare vids! Really worked out for me. Thank you and god bless always❤️??

Katty Hazal

Your insta fam ??? from Morocco

Aleah Yaffe

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! been following you on instagram for a little now, love your content! would definitely want to see a video on your everyday makeup routine, or even a video of like your favourite cream/liquid contour sticks etc

Tim -

Very helpful and I Love the Video!❤️



Aleah Yaffe

also, where did you get the face brush you use @ 0.22 seconds

Lsa Love

Please Outfit Videos :(((

slime hardy

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Subliminal Eye Color


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Très attirante et formidable je t embrasse très fort mon Super wife je t aime bien mon favorable amour

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Please do hair tutorial. I wanna know how your hair look so clean

Lilyan Lylo

Ho happy a found you??!


You are so attractive it’s ridiculous.

Sumina Subedi


Molly Antao

Did she directly apply turmeric to the spot or make a paste using something?

Neymar JR

Come on we want a blog!!!


how old are you?

Simmi Singh

OMg thank you ??

hamiaall k

Do you use oil first or moisturiser, i use moisturiser then oil?

Jack _

Pleaseee vlogggg

Katty Hazal

I love you ❤️

camille boton

Is that toner from the body shop good?

arianator Grande

I need to see your hair routine

Nafry Naf

whats up from germany?


What’s your spotify ?

Selin Redecker

You are so beautiful !!

Helena xoxoxo

Need to try this routine ?

Alia. S

Which facial brush do you use ? Would you recommend it x

Zin IB

? Added to my playlist. ❤️ I will try this skin care routine too.

Shéhérazade M

ur editing is amazing

Smiller Espinal

You are perfect ❤️

Cérine Ben

Thkkk u

Ari El

you are so beautiful <3 :)

Musharib Hussain

Wow so very beautiful and interesting video

Mustapha S

Is circular motion a lot more effective than hands ?

Vane C

Your editing is really good and i also love the products you used ?

Kenya Semexant

Make a video on eyeshadows!! Please :)


links to the song

Saf Zeki

Why is it good to pat your moisturizer?

Becca Hill

Yesssss jesssss??????

Jorja Salisbury

Love your videos, thank you!x

Angela Murillo

Very helpful! And you’re so pretty!


I would love a clothing haul or lookbook

Caro Angela Mendez


Simple skin

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778 views | 5 Jul. 2020


#simpleskincare #easyskincare #skincareroutines2020

If you looking for a simple skincare routine, it doesn't get more simple than this. This is an easy skincare routine for day time. Enjoy!

Facial Steamer: https://amzn.to/31HV3DA

Skincare Headbands: https://amzn.to/2NyViZ8

Microfiber Bonnet: https://amzn.to/2zdWmhK

Spray Bottle: https://amzn.to/3h4qInI

Le'Aura: https://leaurabodytreats.com/

Black Girl Sunscreen: https://www.target.com/

Affiliate Links

15% off Code: DENISE15


15% off 1st order Code: DENISE15


20% off Code: ADORE20


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denise.adore

Business Inquires: [email protected]

FTC - This video is not sponsored however some affiliate links may be present which means I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase through links provided. Any products that I receive through PR and review will include my own honest opinions.

Dionne Hepburn

Thank you for this because I know I'm ruining my skin with the sun. Let me go check out these things. Hi from quarantine.

Alexandria Russell

Thanks for this video. I love using my bolden spf 30 and it doubles as a moisturizer. Butttt since they act like they don’t want to restock I will be trying black girl sunscreen. I’ve never heard of that brand. Just checked the website and it doubles as a moisturizer as well so I’m hyped to try it!!! Also thanks for linking the headbands I see everyone using them in their skin care videos and I can never find them in stores ?

LaToya Howard

I’m here for the simple girl. Love the routine. I will have to try this product line out since their black own.Thank you for the link below. I normally use a moisturizer that has sunscreen added. If I know I’m going to be out in the sun all day then I will take sunscreen with me but that hasn’t been the case since Rona.


I use the most steps at night. I still have 5 steps in the morning LOL. The older I got, the more steps were required.


how big is the jar of Organic Qasil Facemask you used? I am interested in purchasing it but the site does not say the size


Can you recommend a good eye cream?


Do you like a simple skincare routine or a lot of steps? Y’all know I love a lot of steps ??‍♀️?

Sharing Sharing

Simple works. For me: Day - Dr. Woods sensitive liquid castile soap + Sunscreen Elta md or Kinsey's

Night: Neutrogena oil free acne CREAM wash + Dermisa 4%BP + 100% Shea butter.

For exfoliation: my net glove with cleanser. Or my silicone faux foreo

That's it.

Evryting Kriss

Note to self....GET SOME DARN SUNSCREEN! ?

Lamontane Bell

I like both. I will purchase more products with time.

This is the type of positivity I need in my life. Keep it coming. ❤

Bridgette Hunter

Hey Denise , that was easy enough .. sweet and simple. Now can
tell me which black owned skin care company you love the most. I just purchased a skin care kit from ancient cosmeticz .


My skincare routine is sometimes simple, if I’m just feeling like being basic, but when I feel like adding in a few extra steps, when I want to kick things up a notch I most definitely do. I do see a dermatologist, so I am prescribed topical medications to help with my eczema and acne prone skin. But for the most part I do happen to be a huge fan of Cerave and The Ordinary. I turned to them during quarantine and they have been helping to revive and repair my skin after all thy at it has been through over the last few months for sure. Matter of fact, I just recently placed another big order for some more of The Ordinary’s products. As, that line is one that I feel is a must-try for everyone, because of the products not only being super affordable, but most all they truly live up to their claims. There’s not a product from them that I’ve tried thus far that has yet to disappoint me.

I definitely want to get my hands on that Black Girl Subscreen for sure. They don’t sell it close where I live at, so I am waiting patiently for it to come back into stock online, because I definitely got to give my support to that beautiful sista that came up with this. We must support our fellow QUEENS for sure!

Your skin is definitely looking very youthful and smooth looking. As, you definitely do a wonderful job keeping your skin in check, sis! That’s truly fantastic to see! ????

Lateefah A. Brown

I am loving the skin care series. I’m hoping for big things for your channel. ??

blkbry 1972

Hey honey??! Girl I'm like you my skincare routine is extensive, but my morning routine is shorter than the nighttime one. You are right about sunscreen, and I love the Blackgirl brand too!??? Was the last ingredient "optiphen"? If so it's a preservative.

LaCosta’s Lifestyle

Ok for the simple skincare routine!! Let me go get some sunscreen ???


I’m gonna purchase me some of these products today! Love it! Thanks for sharing ? Do you think it’s okay to use both Rosen and LeAura or just stick with one?

Candace Allen

I need to get some sunscreen ?? I used to wear it everyday but when I ran out I didn’t repurchase.