Hyperpigmentation on hands

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Dark knuckles : Causes & Tips to lighten them - Dr. Rasya Dixit

43 120 views | 11 Mar. 2018

As the focus moves on

As the focus moves on from the face to the hands we have consideration that the skin on the hands and especially the knuckles can get especially dark. This can happen as a result of Vitamin deficiency especially vitamin B12 deficiency, which could be having a megaloblastic anaemia component, so if you are feeling that the knuckles have become dark, make sure that you speak to your dermatologist, they can do very simple blood tests and you may be able to treat the dark circles very well. If you don’t have the pigmentary deficiency, the you have to think about other conditions lie what kind of contact things that you are coming to. It can be simple chemicals like detergents or something which you are pointing with that can develop the skin to be allergic and secondly it can be hyperpigmented, so when you talk about dark knuckles, it is best to take a specialist opinion so that they can have an examination, then decide whether it is a vitamin deficiency or it is a skin problem that it needs special attention.

Kajal Chauhan

Mam dark knuckle Ko remove karne ka liye cream bta do

Kajal Chauhan

Mam dark nuckles ka liya cream bta do

Talim Khan

Mam dark knuckle keley cream batae

Muhammed Marzook

Can it come with genetically??

Sachin singh

Mem chemical peeling helpful in scars n for glow?


Thank you I had vit.B12 deficiency

Teena Thomas

I have this. Darkness on my feet. And has tried many treatment nothing worked seen skin docter no one has recommended any test or anything they used give ointment only

Hyperpigmentation on hands

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24 556 views | 21 Jul. 2011

How to even

How to even hyper-pigmentation: dark spots and sun damaged skin and soften a scar tissue. How to balance, soften, lighten and smooth the skin around the arm. The improvements would be more visible with continual use (every 7 days). Before and after of the softening of a scar tissue. Demonstration of the direction of use of the microdermabrasion procedure. Presented by Alen Khachatryan from Best Spa Equipment (805) 583-2012. Great information for beauty school students, cosmetologists, estheticians, dermatologists, and salon and spa professionals to make extra money at work.

Telika Howard

is this comparable to the silkn revit

Justine Lahm

Is Fopobiacne Secrets effective to clear your acne naturally? We have learn many good stuff about this popular natural acne treatment.

quan chen

it's unbelievable,does it safe

quan chen

what machine ?where to buy and how much



Olimpiy Khotiaev

Anyone know what is Fopobiacne Secrets about? I hear many individuals clear their acne naturally with this popular acne treatment.

Aaden Hayes

What is Fopobiacne Secrets? I've heard many amazing things about this popular natural acne treatment.

Jasim Uddin

oh gooooood //////////// >>>>

Nadi L

Where can I buy this machin please please please?


should we use upward or downward on upper arms ? thanks

john huynh

Where can I buy this machine? How much? Thanks

Aden Jones

Does Fopobiacne Secrets really help to break free from your acne? We have learn numerous good stuff about this popular natural acne remedy.

vikasini vikasini

It's still shock me just how many people do not know about Fopobiacne Secrets although many people break free from their acne with it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about this. I have break free from acne.


i wish i had this machine

micki Easom

How do you do this does this work on all scars?

Hyperpigmentation on hands

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Hyper pigmentation - Black Patches over hands |Dr.MADHURI ANANTAWR

21 211 views | 14 Jul. 2019


DR MADHURI ANANTWAR,,Dermatologist and Cosmetologist,address:powergrid square,NAGPUR

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Anantwarskinandlasercenter/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/drmadhurianantwar/

dipali thakare

Just tell us skin fair mantra...

Chandra Phukan

Mujhe aapka video atcha laga

Prashant Katore

Mam nagpur me aapka clinic kaha par hai

Arbind Sharma

what about human genital part both back and front especially indian male why ?? take it scientifically not to provoke just want to know the reason,,, and want to know how to treat this problem at home pls anything??

Divya Pancholi

Ma'am I also suffer from this. Please suggest medicine to remove this.?

Environment Hari Kumar S

Radiation pollution couses air pollution
Lice from air pollution
Anti lice body lotion?

Rutuja More

same problem kya Apka clinic Mumbai me h kya

sheetal pilankar

skin infection kam karnekeliye konse vitamin ki jarred he

Diksha Ramteke

Mam plzzz make a video on hair problems...

Meenu Kaushik

Mam muje b h but koi ilaj btao plz mam

milAn sinhA

nice voice?

Supriya Patil

Mam please could u give the suggestion for this problem

Akankhya Dash

Please mam suggest some home remedies or any ointment to get rid of it..or it is really impractical to get back quick recovery of it.

guddu heena

I like ur suggestion.. thank you for that, but give me this suggestion how to get rid with pegementation???

Zo Rawat

Maar to phele dermis or epidermis pe hogi na chache uske nicche bone ho ya na ho , chache tummy pe ghiso ya haath pe phele dermis or epidermis ayega na

Dharmesh Rathod

I really like it this video mam thenk you so much for this topic and absolute right mam thenk you thank you so much great work mam ? never used scrubber

Reena Yadav


Queen of heartz Hayat

I hv dark hand according to my other skin area can u plz recommend any cream or lotions i hv also tried peels it doesn't work so well plz i want get rid of these dark patches

4PS19CV040 Keerthana AY

I too had dark patches on my had, suggest me any ointment n home remedy to get rid of it

sampda Ranjan

Mam please koi cream btaeye

mital dhulia

i would like to get remedies for hand pigmentation please

bhavna setiya

Thanku mam god bless you.

Sushil Bhalavi

Mam face m deriva gel lgane pr face dry ho gya h ky kru

Ajay Bansod

Please make a video on daily routine for oily & acne prone skin. Thank you for this valuable information.

Mani Vyas

Nice video really

sneha pandya

Hello Dr - how can I consult you ? I am in the US


Thank u mam for this video. Suggested topic- Under arms waxing karte samay waxing strips galat tarike se nikale par mark ho geya hain. How i can lighten that mark???

Manisha Kumari

Hello.. Di mujhe aap ki video dekh kr bahut jade hi khusi milti h...????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Trisha Das

Thank you soooooo much ma'am. I never step out of my house so frequently still I have pigmentation. Today I got to know about the cause finally. Please suggest me a topical cream for this.. please please please..

Deven Pradhan

Nice Informative Video Mam
1 Month Before I've Noticed Itching Line On My Face Like Snake Although I Am Using Dermikem OC But It Has Not Gone Yet Now So Please Suggest Me Some Medicine And Ointment Thanks

syeda sultana

Thanku soo much i was suffering from this problem god bless u..

anjum shah

Hi mam would you like to explain acne hyperpigmentation

Anirban Mondal

What type of brush should we use? Plz answer my question, I'm worried about it

Prabhash Kumar

Your whole video is very good. Please next video made for good 'Hair Gel'

The Mukku Style

Mam Blood Clean ke bare me video banao please

Sanjay Chavan

Very very nice helpful video friends

Salim Khatri

What is safe option to wash body ?

pranay vaidya

What hair removal cream should boys use for removing pubic hair.. there are many creams for girls, but very less for boys.. can you please inform as trimming the hair is not the best solution.. it keeps itching and poking all the time... And shaving has the risk of cuts..

mini agrawal

Ma'am you really are very good, thanks?

Vidya Kamble

Hello mam I have the same problem please suggest me some cream

Himanshu Khedule

Hi dr.Madhuri Anantwar mam...
i m not writing this comment For any gift but honestly u hv a wonderful staff, always smiling and helpful. Never make me feel stupid when i ask questions. Dr. Anantwar is friendly, and professional. She discussed options and clearly explained the procedure.Receptionist were very friendly,and they were very attentive Very caring. "Excellent experience."
Thanks a lot for gives me beautiful face again...♡

Bhawna negi

So hum in cheezo Ka alava kya use kr Sakta ha


Wish you were available to be consulted in delhi ??

pradnya Gaikwad

Your videos are really helpful.. I have oily scalp and hair fall too....day by day hairs are thinning.please make video on this

Glory Maliekal

mam mere hands me blavk patches h.. ????? kbhi thk nhi hoga kya

Dharmesh Rathod

Skin scrub jells use karte hai us ka kya mam


Mam same case mere saath v h mere hand pe v same aisa hi hogya h meine bht din tk homeopathic medicine v khaya nhi thik hua aap plzzz mujhe koi Acha dwa btaiye
Thank u

Sushil Bhalavi

?Useful information?

pets lovear A to Z

Nice video5

pooja Himanshu Mishra

Please iski koi remedy ya medicine like any cream tube how reduce that please reply me

Mamta Ray

?????so sad

manjit kaur sahmbi

Hello mam very useful information please suggest some remedy to get rid off dark patches on hands I love the way you explained everything thanks ?

Nabajyoti entertainment

maam mere wife ki hath pe ag lgi thi. aur skin pe spot ruk gya woh me mitane ke liye kya krna prega.. woh srmati hey uski boja se fmly prty attend krne ke liye.. usko htane ke liye kya krna prega plzz botaye

Tejaswani Kondadora

Thnk u so much mam..plz suggest me how to get rid of it..

Kanchan Bhatt

Pls make video for the dirk circles

Salim Ansari

Dr. Madhuri mujhe v ye problem h mere hands or neck pr pigmentation ho gya h plzzz.. Ap hi koi cream suggest kro na mai bhot sare cream try kr chuke hu pr koi rejalt nhi mila plzzz....reply ??

Grace Kumar

Thank you doc ,I was searching for this problem for a quite a time . You explained very well . Will applying vit E cream daily help to improve this situation, pls reply.

Sheetal Tushar

Nice information

Silver Ship

Hiii really v.good video ...since many days was finding remedy ...I hv not use any thing tobribbbut still light ..v.light blemishes on my hands ...& Backside blemishes r there .m not using hard thing on my skin ..then why it's sooo...?? Pls reply ..but ur video is really god ...m from Mumbai..

Mohammed Mahmood

Hi Dr..pehle to bohat thanks aap ke liye , detail mai humko ye batlaya ,jis ke bare main nahi janta tha.

Ashish kumar

Hello Mam,
Mujhe same issue last 5 yrs se hai
Plzz meri help kijiye
Eski wajah se mai T-shirt ya half shirt nahi pahan pata hu

Plzz mam please help me

hiba Ali

Thank you so much apki video bht pasnd ai hai

aditi Yadav

Glowing skin without pimples n pores ... n this video is actually helpful for me

Nirupama Venkatesan

I have a similar problem but have never used the scrubs you have mentioned. Could you please tell me what else would be the cause of the black patch on my arms? I used to think it was because if sun tan. Is there any natural remedy for it?

pooja vyawahare

I like yours video in fact i am shok and i seriously didt knw abot this, well, doctor this is pooja vyawahare from nagpur. I wanna remove the sun tanning I am protecting my skin but still it gets darker and bcoz of it I m not being confotable on wearing sleeveless tops. Plss suggest me something so that I can remove the tan and will be able to wear what ever I want to...

Heyy People

Are you talking about synthetic loofahs? Can we use natural loofahs? But a bit of exfoliating is fine I guess..are you talking about vigorous scrubbing?...that will surely affect the skin..but I think soft scrubbing everyday is fine... Plss answer..

Bindiyap Turkar

Hello Ma'am.... I regularly watch your vedio's and follow.... Very helpful.... Thank you so much Ma'am....

Preety Das

Chemical peel kaise used krteh hai patah hai Muje mam bus body part keh liye Konsi Thik hogah ea nhi patah or kitneh parcent used kru or kitneh sitting used kru ea nhi patah.


Can I treat laser treatment for face pimpal in cost 4000 in nagpur

hard gamer

Face pr kya karn h mam hone ka pigmentation mere to face pr h

mohinee ramteke

Nice video

Imran Siddiq

But Maine to in Mai se kuch bhi kabhi use nhi Kia to mere kese hua

Pooja Singh

Mam, i really appreciate your way of explaining the things??.......please make a video to solve the problem of ingrown hair.

Megha Sondawaley

Really informative video ma'am.. Thanks a lot.. Useful for me..

m jannath

mam i cant understand hindi pls post englis or tamil and i need any cream for this

Sandhya meshram

मॅम, म ला तुम्हचे म्हणणे आवड ले, तुम्ही skin बद्द ल बो ल ले तस ला प्रकार माझा आहे .आप ले शब्द न शब्द मी लक्षात ठेवणार. अति उत्तम.

Rashmina Kashmiri

Hii mam, I really like your video and the way you explain it's amazing ?.. I would like to say that please share some home remedies for skin lightning or brighting or is there any treatment you have on full body lightning

sony gollapalli

Hloo mam I am also having big dark patches on my hands tell mam how to get rid of it

Nikita Patekar

Hi... Ma'am I'm suffering from this Macular amyloidisis and from last 10months I'm taking treatment for this my dermatologist said that cyclosporine capsules stops this but there is no improvement

noor ul ain Sohail

?Give me your WhatsApp number?

nitu gautam

Mam I m your patient.mam I hv a prob of melasma in nose..thank you so much ki ab wo light ho gaya hai..mam kya main soft facial brush use kar sakti hu apne face par..

Dharmesh Rathod

Mam please mujhai best face wash bataye meri oil and Demat skin hai?

Reena Yadav

Ma'am m 5 Year se ye problem Face kar rhi hu, doctor ko b dikhaya but koi fyda nai hua, plzz agar App koi help kar sakti h to suggest me something

Rana Janmejay

Hey doc, plz upload frequently ❤

Lalita Tulaskar

Ha but I am not writing this comment for your gift. Ha but your giving good suggestions ? Thank you

Lalita Tulaskar

Hello Ma'am I like your video ?? Thank you so much? it's really nice explanation ☺️

Preety Das

Maine doctor Dikhaya h kuch farak nhi porah h Pls Ap chemical peel kr NEH bol rhi hu Lakin ehah peh Koi nhi krteh ap Pls is typ ki hyperpigmention keh Konsi peel used kru or Kitni percent Ki kru Ap bolo nah. Mai ghar Mai krlunngi Koi doctor nhi krteh Mai jahah rhi hu Isliye bol rhi hu

Rucha Taske

Hi.. Dr Madhuri.. I am having issue about dark spots from 7-8 yrs before which had became pemanant now... And cause at time of chikenpox 8 yrs before due breaking thause pigments or spots or scar at that... What shoud i do to remove those spots permantly(presnt on neck and back)

Arunima Pandey

Mam please help me.m suffering from same problem.n soon m going to get married.
Kindly share ur mail id or contact number ????????

Chiraguddin Shaikh

nice video thank you.


Mam I have same problem in my hand what should I do ?

guddu heena

Hello Doctor, m heena, as u said I this video if we have problem like pegementation, so go to doc, n I visited so many skin specialist, allopathic n ayurvedic too, but there is no any reliefs. If u have any suggestions how to remove pegementation, pls share with me.
Thank You.

Priya Sekar

Give me subtitle mam so that it can help to understand everyone

Tripti Masalkar

Very infomative.

Salim Khatri

Is natural Loofa is safe for skin?

Shailesh Chavhan

The video was very informative thanks a lot for that....But what is the alternative source to remove the layer of mud over our body.....I use soaps but it doesn't remove all. So what is the most preferable option.

And please make next video of Pigmentation around lips...how to cure it.

salma salmaarfan

Hello mam iska ilaj aur koi creem

Vikram Rao vlogs

Hello mam i am dr vikram from rajasthan or me general patients k alava dream patients bhi dekhata hu
Hame aapke video bahut ache lagte hai or nolez dete hai ty

Sushil Bhalavi

Mam skin polishing ke bare m bataye