Side cut hair female

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94 554 views | 10 Oct. 2019


in this video jay does a undercut haircut on a female, the machine that was used is a wall senior and a t outliner. if you like this step but step women's haircut tutorial please like comment and subscribe!

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Personally I think hairdressers should be open. And you need to book for an appointment and only 4-5 people at a time. So many people will have bad cuts after the end of quarantine

Felicite Kolie

I am getting an undercut so excited ??


Ive literally watched like 60 videos and no one is showing how they part it before this part AHH X_X

artsy ._. anonymous

Yo my moms gonna do it and now I'm scared lmao

yeet gacha

My barber fucked mine up


My bf tried cleaning up my undercut and its so bad ??? its too high up and all uneven

Linda Morena

i just got my done today and its funny how you say you want to go lightly she is a female. dude who did my fade today said sorry not trying not to hurt you but i want the lines to show! 2 different peoples perspective.

Angelisa Taquito

Awesome cut

Lily Ruiz

Yup as my own Barber that cuts my family’s hair I am doing this to myself definitely. I’m gonna get that fade ??

ThugHao As My Bias

Mom gave me an undercut during quarantine... Best decision I ever made

Angelisa Taquito

Can anyone list out the exact steps for me so I can show my barber?

Claire Nash

why is he referring to us as a female.... i dont like it

Page Productions

That cut is is off center, uneven and the lines are choppy. yikes.

artsy ._. anonymous

Unless she asked for feminine stop being sexist


I'm getting a undercut soon?

Arlet Pelayo

I need to convince my mom I really want one but I don’t know how to convince her I have a Mexican mom it’s hard


Who's here during quarantine?

Kaczka Hanka

Quarantine club be trusting our mums with this?

jhen Bernal

My mom disagree with this looks like who do it in her own dont care bout mom anyway

bb ii


Aaron Bear

this one is dope, i like how you kept it natural ??

vanessa lol

I want that

Alyssa Lovato

When I have to trust my mom to cut it

Jeseline Mirabueno

I like it so much ☺️?

Amy Short

In getting my first undercut this weekend!

Side cut hair female

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Women's Fade Haircut | Female Short Haircut | Pixie Haircut Women

20 535 views | 19 Sep. 2019

In this video jay does a

In this video jay does a women's fade haircut, what some would call a pixie cut, for more video like this like comment and subscribe!


Francois Courteau

love it please more lady fade's

Freeform Thoughts

As you continue to work, it's nice seeing the transitioning come together. And your hair model cute! LOL!

Alex Sanchez



???????? thanks Jay highly appreciated!!!

Rolanda Hill

I like these weman hairstyle.

Deanna Everhart

Pretty hair cut.

Paul Nipper

A good haircut to a pretty lady ... hope she maintains the style

Bruno BrunoFla

Perfect tecnique ?‍♂️?‍♂️???

Side cut hair female

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USNA Female Hair Regulations

11 954 views | 29 May. 2019

The Naval Academy

The Naval Academy recognizes the unique quality of curled, waved, and straight hair! If there are any questions, please email [email protected]

do not subscribe to me

so black people fix your hair basically, cmon bruh y’all on 1

Salti Dawg

Former (male) Midshipman here.
This is absolutely ridiculous. Some of these "styles" if worn by a Submariner would result in the need for a "GI Shower". Can male Midshipmen have pony tails, buns, etc?
s/ Retired 24 Year US Navy Submariner - USNA Class of 1965 - Former Enlisted Man

Melanin Popping

These are all either straight or processed hair.

Coogan Alaska

Of course they need different rules for women; they are not the same as men and must be treated more gently and with more privileges.