Mystic tan reviews

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My Horror Story at SunTanCity + My Self Tan Routine

3 355 views | 4 Feb. 2019

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Brenna Shafer

No one:
Ross when he gets back from the tanning booth:


How is that suntancitys fault?

Madi Gazaway

as a sun tan city tanning consultant, this made me cringe?!

Gonzalo Ponce

You are funny ??

Chey Fuqua

I am confused as to how it is the SunTanCitys problem? You did not do the positions the lady told you to do… and you even said it was just bad luck. And on top of that they gave you a free spray to even yourself out and fix your mistake

Britt Lyons

omg! i've never gone tanning before, i've always been super scared to! but i love your personality so much!

Marisa and Nataile

Hey u commented on one of our videos u seem pretty cool

Mystic tan reviews

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Mystic Kyss Spray Tanning - Now available at Gloden!

1 567 views | 30 Apr. 2018

Introductory video for the

Introductory video for the Mystic Kyss, fully automated spray tan booth.

Mystic tan reviews

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Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion Review

4 141 views | 24 Feb. 2014

After the review, check

After the review, check out our list of the 10 best self tanners! http://www.selftanning.com

Want to know what I think of this self tanner? This is a comprehensive review of Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product!

People are always asking me which sunless tanning product is best. In this review I’ll go over everything you need to know about this product.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn:

First, I talk about what it looks and feels like. Self tanners come in many forms such as lotions, mousses, and sprays. Each one is different, and I’ll tell you my first impressions on the texture and look of the product.

Next, I talk about the smell, which is extremely important. A lot of these self tanners don’t smell so good, and I’m here to try them out so you don’t have to.

Most importantly, I go over what kind of color this tanner produced. If you’ve ever wondered, “ Ok, there are hundreds of self tanners, but which one gives the best, most natural color?” then you’ll really like this part. And let me tell you, I can be brutally honest about which self tanning products I do and don’t like.

At the end of my Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion review I’ll give you my overall rating of the product based on how it compares to other self tanners. You don’t want to miss the rating so make sure to stick around!

In short, if you want to learn all about this self tanner, I’d recommend checking out this video.

Here's our list of the 10 best self tanners! http://www.selftanning.com/best-self-tanners


weird question. where do get your push up bra?

Kaitlyn Shoff

Hi! I saw that there was a newish product out called EcoTan!  I was wondering if you've ever considered doing a review on this one? http://www.ecotan.com.au/retail_shop.retail_shop.ews

Shavanna Wright

I've used a lot of self tanners myself, & my fav so far is the versaspa, I didn't see it on your reviews, but you should try it!


Can you do a video on their newer lotions? They have a gradual, 2 shades of instant, and some clear ones

1 057 views | days ago