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Pigs! Pig Facts and Learning About Pigs for Kids

238 292 views | 20 Nov. 2019

Pigs are intelligent

Pigs are intelligent mammals that can be found on every continent except Antarctica! They’re also sometimes called hogs or swine. There are about two billion pigs on the planet! In this fun educational video, preschoolers and toddlers can learn all about pigs. Did you know that even though these farm animals roll in the mud to cool off, pigs are actually very clean creatures? Children will love seeing real footage of pigs while listening to pig animal sounds.

Pigs are awesome. What’s your favorite thing about pigs? Thanks for watching!

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Mud - Greatest Hits

47 930 views | 31 Aug. 2018

Debbie Lofthouse

Saw mud when I was 14 with my friend at torquay town hall - didn't even like them - was converted and have loved them ever since - met les gray and others years later in a pub in york not long before he passed away.

Jane Montgomery

awesome...loved mud as a teenager :) this just rocks!! Woohoo!!


My favourite thing about Mud? The fact that everyone I talk to thinks Lonely this Christmas is by Elvis. That is top tier parody.

Steinadler Steinadler

mein gott waren das wahnsinns zeiten

the king

I was a big fan of Mud as a kid and I once met the lead singer of mud. Many many years ago and we talked about Elvis Presley.

Andrzej Roszak

Super, very good song

Waldemar Polewacz

Słuchało się z pocztówek dzwiękowych z Różyca ....:)

Waldemar Polewacz

Będąc smarkiem pamiętam , że jarała mnie muzyka Mud ........:)))

Martin Aracon

völlig krank und mehr crazy als lazy!

Wee Jim

Back then I was 18 just starting out in life. No money , no girlfriend & no worries. Loved all the music of the time. Now I am old & knackered with ex wives ,kids , grand kids arthritis and a few Bob in my savings. I’d rather be back there than here. ??. Great vid thanks. ??

Gina Pauwels



They do respectable Americana.


12MINS 30///HA!!! 8:_+) xxX





grumpy cat

Great!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! MUD ROCK ON

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Youser 04: Aardwolf (MUD) Multi User Dungeon

28 223 views | 7 Jul. 2012

Youser is a weekly show,

Youser is a weekly show, every Saturday, covering use-generated content in MMOs, by your host Jeremy Stratton. In stunning 1080p HD.

Episode 04: Aardwolf A MUD (Multi User Dungeon) that is very popular, with usually between 400 and 500 players online at any given time.

Want to see more of the gameplay in action? Check out my 5 Minute Adventure where I take a short trip to complete a fquest. http://youtu.be/KrAmFiy5eMs


interesting game.

General OFG

It's so cool that games like these exist the world of imagination make simple words and boxes on the screen look like actual buildings and other things you would find in MMOS I might try one of these MUD games.

Jeremy Stratton

@Brandon Downey

I was meaning to write you awhile ago...

If you're interested, I have been doing MUD related stuff with video and recently (Trying) to get time to figure out how to create a MUD, using the Dawn codebase.

There's more on my YouTube channel, and I'll be making lots more in the near future.





wow clone

Jeremy Stratton

They're so widely varied, I'm hard-pressed to find any main comparison to say any are just "best". God's War 2 is an incredible, if not complex, fighting oriented MUD that has near unlimited combat mechanics by using individual body parts and multiple moves, skills and is all manual. Achaea is a favorite of mine for it's evolving, lifelike world. I usually call Aard the WoW of MUDs. Armageddon is intense roleplaying.


I totally agree on that. :)


It's a universal client called MUSHclient. This one is actually a specially designed version to support specific features in Aardwolf that you can download via the Aardwolf MUD website, but you can search for MUSHclient (it's free).


Memories. :) I was so addicted to Aardwolf back in the late 90s.

Dan Dayao

used to play these before runescape came ahaha. i think i was at tier lvl. i had also an account at lvl 1 who just quest everyday. just Type NOEXP and u will not earn any exp at all to stay at lvl 1 :D

Thomas Kiesel


Noel Rostohar

Man, you are so awesome! You deserve so much more views. Do some more Aardwolf :D I just got in it and it's my first text based rpg. So far it's been great

Sullivan Heywood

What's your view on BatMUD? I personally love it and can't really imagine myself leaving and joining another universe anytime soon.


Its been so long since I've played. I wonder if my character is still around...

Skip Johnson

think ZORK with multi-player - and you pretty much have the MUDD concept :-)

Taner kamberoğlu

ı need maps

Jeremy Stratton

There was, literally, hundreds of these games at one time. Just like MMOs: all different shapes and sizes. There still are maybe hundreds out right now and they are all really fun to play, in my opinion. Do a search for Top MUD Sites or MUD Connector to find a directory of many.

Jeremy Stratton

I think BatMUD has a really well made interface. I like it a lot. I personally found it tough to get into, but that was probably do to me becoming familiar with Achaea and Aardwolf's interactions. I'll probably try it again, in awhile. It is definitely a great and accessible interface.

Jay 1066

seems buggy.  trying to play but it wont scroll.

Kartal KA

birisi kısaca açıklayabilir mi rica etsem


Were the level up systems not created for PnP games like D&D?

Jeremy Stratton

Gods War 2 is an interesting MUD to look at. It's combat is perhaps something that you might be able to get away with in graphical MMOs, but not likely. You can dodge, block, kick and throw dirt. I can go to a tattoo parlour and get a tattoo scribed wherever I want that magically imbues me or a number of other bonuses. In a MUD you could throw dirt in someones eyes. All of this can be directly connected to combat. In Lusternia, there's "socials" like flirt, anger, etc.. that heavily affect MUD

Mike M

And this game ripped the features off from other older games.


I have a question, if you could answer. What is it that keep you playing MUDs? Like you said, they were sort of a prelude to MMO(RPGS), why not move on? Is there a nostalgia todays MMO(RPGS) doesnt catch? Personally I dislike most of the known themepark titles, but there are some good sandbox's on the horizon.



Leonie Vogelsang

yay! also use muschclient

Jeremy Stratton

Absolutely, good graphical MMOs are coming out. I'd cite Age of Wushu as a slap in the face with a brick, but most of the Internet are crying "Another Asian Grinder" when it's unlike any East or West MMO, ever! It's a living, breathing world I can't wait for. :) MUDs can do hundreds, perhaps thousands of things that no graphical MUD will ever be able to do. I can pour set amounts of liquid from a cup into a bowl is my standard example. I can dream. These things can also be more than roleplaying

Ricky Mullins

This is a good game, lots of stuff to do in the game. I think this is a really good mud and the players are friendly.


What program is this you use to play aardwolf with?