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What Japanese and Western Women Think of Tanning

63 560 views | 16 Jul. 2017

In Japan, the classic

In Japan, the classic beauty ideal is to have a skin that is as pale and white as possible. To achieve this look, so many Japanese women go to extreme lengths to avoid sun exposure and use whitening products, referred to as bihaku 美白. But what do they actually think about that?

Let's find out!


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That Hungari girl looks so attractive, and I love her accent!


I don’t like tanning. A white girl or a Japanese girl with porcelain light skin is very sexy.


Hey !!!

Boripat Wannasri

asian want white skin and white people want tan skin

Jalib Baig

Somehow, i hate the concept of Asian ppl. They want a woman to be fair and a man to be tan.. like wtf! If a man is a tan that does not mean that he is strong or manly, that is not what's define a man based on skin color. A woman with fair skin does not mean that she is pretty or beautiful. Beauty is in the heart not in the skin color. Your personality defines you and your good character. While the western ppl do tanning because it is attractive to them, it is not a big deal. It can have side effects but, at least, they mostly do not judge a person based on their skin color in this era maybe some retarded do. The woman of the black man is white, the man of black woman is white... or they have the same skin color as a couple. It is what i like about western ppl, if they have compatibility with each other. Still, you should love yourself for who you are, what you have, and what you have got... I am an Asian...

Made in Tokyo

Yes Americans think tanning is healthy and attractive.

Maria Nel Cajudo

I'm from Philippines and we are one of asians country but we have tanned skin?

Hugo Farias

Why does fuck the blondie racial is the standard referencial kind to west people?it has no dark people here in west?sucks.

Selvaggia Aguillon

2:33 lmao I wonder what those two women were snickering about

Mr Google

black people are so much better


White,Chocolate, cappuccino or brown, you’re all beautiful

Michael Sailo

Tanning is considered low class and stupid in Asia

Олекса Дерев'янченко

I saw some photoes of the 70-80s Japanese idols. They ALL look really tanned, or is it just me? Maybe, the view on tanning has been changing in the Japanese society through the decades. (as it does in all over the world, actually)

Charles Anthony Valencia

I am a tanned-skin 16 years old. Do you think I am attractive to europeans?


Asian people and Black people don't need tans. Period


Please do go out and tan it up.
Can't wait to be rid of all things unnatural to the sun on this planet.

Music changes just enjoy it

2:20 Damn what country this girl from she’s Beautiful

K.A Lacandula

Tan is scary.... (for me at least


Well I like to be tanned ♥️ naturally


The man who said that Tan skin looks sick or he thinks people is sick with Tan skin tf it’s usually when you have pale skin you look sick you know my mhm always says “you look a bit pale are you feeling well”


I'm a ridiculously pale person with really thick skin, who can't even tan a tiny bit, in a country with tanned people who are obsessed with sun and tanning! If only I had a dime when someone said to me "Are you sick or something? Don't u ever go to the beach?" Bitch I can stay under the sun all day, reflecting the sun and burning your retinas and still be pale as a white wall!

Kiera lambert

I hate tan not on other people it just doesn't look nice on me I would not insult tanned people as my dad is tanned

Gavin Evan Tolentino

i am proud to have a tan skin

Study Vibes

Just put fake tan..very nice

Antho _SSJ

Most of us naturally tanned people get pale skin in the winter

Trust Me For real

2:20..she looks good being pale..i do like tan skin but i prefer natural skin color...i prefer pale more to be honest

Ada Sheme

Guys do you know what happened when you don't show your skin to sun????
Well if you do that your body is will feel so weak and and you will start to get pimples on your body because your skin don't get the vitamins from sun.
Also who cares about the skin color. Love your self as you are because you are beautiful???

Xia ra

It is actually the opposite for my country... If western people like to get tanned when they are naturally pale, people here in my country wanted to appear pale despite being naturally tanned.

Maybe that's because of those skin colors are very common. Yknow, the different one would always stand out lol.

Kadokkendall Kylie

True being a white skin not beautiful at all


I think thai peple would have a different opinion

Shara Lucia

This comment section is just??


It's like asking "Would you like to drink a beer?" and the other person would respond "Oh God no! I'm not an alcoholic and alcohol cause throat cancer". They go from 0 to 100 pretty fast


I once looooved Japanese people(manga, anime...). But the more I learn about them and their opinion in general, the more I’m disgusted . They’re so nationalist (for the most) and they don’t care about other country ! They don’t open to the world !! Don’t you know black people exist or what? They’re not unhealthy at all?! I’m chocked because It’s not just the opinion of some people , but almost all Japanese people! Ok, I understand it is cultural ,but sometimes it just sounds like racism..
There’s also good points in Japan and with Japanese people but right now , I just don’t want to go there anymore...

Bea Rose

Ok tanning is NOT the same as having naturally dark skin

masterKane Tổng Hợp

I love tan skin.

John Adams

Not all west are blonde mexico is on the west too.

Kronos Sonork

I prefer the exotic bronze glow like Beyonce otherwise the pale vampire unwell image just doesn't work for me. Just sayin

a h

Why is no one talking about the slammed doggo on cambered rims.


People who tan want to look like they are from Latina America .

The Seer

A little vitamin D may help some of you not to become ghosts

Imelda Kirsten

I wanna have pale skin because 似合うto many colors

Kenneth White

People, the world over, are screwed up in the head!


Sun is good for vitamin D only . Maybe 20minites per day exposure is o.k..

Marina P.

japan : women and men can't have the same skin color.

Soyo Sugawara

i am light brown skin is good and i can to the haka nah i am joking and my problem getting light brown skin it my passion this is my green forest colour image .

Cute Animals

Same in China and Korea... traditional Aesthetics in East Asia


I hate tanning because I have to lay around in the hot sun without doing anything interesting... But I also hate when I'm pale.

#Game On

I was born tan and its amazing


I honestly do not like tanning, its unsafe for The skin, and makes you look unsanitized.

DaisyBell !

tht cute little girl looks like my little sister!!

Marilia Haili

My father is english my mother is australian and i live i Greece.All of those 3 countries think tanned skin is better.I also find what this old woman said racist about men and women getting tanned in Japan.Like why cant a girl do sports or have fun outside or even work outside.This is so racist.

Mo Mo Channel

Meanwhile if you live in Asian you will ugly with tan skin and if you love in western you will pretty ??


Tanning is BAD for your skin, people with any type of skin (dark skin too) should avoid tanning, you are born with a natural color skin for a reason.

saritha jagajith

Listen Asians here! Tan isn't any harmful or bad thing.

Fabulous cat on a unicorn

I’m Asian. I think fair skin looks better on me. So I want to avoid the sun as much as possible. We all have different beauty standards.

Rodrik Forrester

5:21 Dude on the left lol

Meister Eder

I want tanned skin from working hard in the sun, a fat beard and muscles.


I am from Goa, India ...I am brown skinned somewhat like a chocolate ..you know...and its common in GOA because of the temperature here ! Normally its around 31°C .... and still many people here are fair skinned! I wonder , how can a person not get a tan in like 31° C...???

John Adams

Why not called the U.S.A

Google User

Hmm...so you're telling me Asia is more racist than America...and still complain when they're looked down upon.

Nobita from Japan

So what's your opinion on tanning? Let me know your thoughts!

Gustaf Svensson

I get tan every summer and it’s an amazing feeling ?

Ayanna Fit

I live in Europe and I'm not fan of tanning because it intensifies my freckles (they're hardly noticeable but I still don't like them). On the other hand I don't like that I can see my veins on my legs and tanning helps with that. Yeah, I've noticed W European women use taking a lot, and actually fake tanning which escapes my understanding ?

Meister Eder

Skin cancer is not caused by the sun. It's caused by the chemicals in sunblockers.

Kimmy Marcy

This video is deteriorating my mental health

Tony Satie


DaisyBell !

Ahh I wish I was pale too...but I got so tanned. It's hard to impossible to remove it??? I just hate it soo much but can help it sadly..huhh

Lisa Nurhaliza

All asian want have pale skin,,
and All westren want have tanned skin...
Yeah this is true... As a asian who has tanned skin I don't care what people say about me because people around me always think that every person who have pale skin are beauty or handsome on their mind.. And so many my friends bought product for makes their skin pale or fair.. And they're didn't care that product are safe or dangerous for their skin...
#sorry for bad english


My Chinese girlfriend more often carries an umbrella when it's sunny out than when it rains.

Rita Crespo

How interesting. Tanned skin is a healthy look by Summertime in my south european country. Some people even have fake tannes to start their beach holydays...
How ever it's getting dangerous to have tanned skin as in Australia. But people still think best way is to not using sun block!
I think a healthy tann by going out and spending much time out is ok. Fair skin is ok too, apart from pale skin - that is a sign of sickness.
Goths don't like tann although they go to the beach, tattoed people can't either.
But not getting a bit of "copper" look by Summertime you get annoyed by comments of other people. Because I have a foreign look (but my parente are native by 5 generations at least) people tend to avoid comments so as long as I don't speak I can get away☺️.
Men and women in my country love tanned skin. When we see asians with umbrellas people consider akward. And fair skin foreigns who don't use sunblock in the peak of the sun get desapproving comments: they get severe sun burns and their kids too!

Always a pleasure to learn from your interviews!

Rifet Okic

Genki Sudo, one of the best looking Japanese man, i think he’s pretty Tanned ! :D

Sweet Candy

Well in Europe and America people love tan but in Asia it's totally the opposite they love white skin specially the korean people THESE BEAUTY STANDARDS ALWAYS PISS


2:30 It's quite amusing to see the Japanese women (covered head to toe in clothing that blocks the sun) stand there in awe at the white woman who is uncovered in the sun. It's a strange world, and attitudes to beauty are deeply entrenched. It's not attractive to be tanned in Asia, but it is in the West. The Asian women who wear factor 50 sun cream, cover all their skin, avoid the sunny side of the street and use sunbrellas is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. However, the Western women who wear tanning oil, visit sunbeds and always seek the sun are also symptoms of unhealthy thought. The values inbetween are moderate and perfectly healthy, and they differ because of cultural freedom, which we should celebrate not try and curtail.


The hungarian girl is such an idiot...I totally disagree with her tanned skin is ugly and through history It has always been considered ugly princesses avoided sun while farmers hot tanned because of working outside...

Pradita LI

I am Asian, and my skin is tan, but here in Asia everyone wants to be white. I even edited my image to make it look whiter. I use a lot of skin whitening products. Because white skin is the standard of Asian beauty, I live in a tropical country, Indonesia ??, and people come to my country, like Bali to sunbathe because they want to have tan skin, we feel very strange because we want to be white. People see we have beautiful, exotic, sexy skin, perfect tan, but people here don't like their skin color. Even afraid to face the sun, tourists often confuse why we wear hoodies or sweaters even though the weather is very hot, because we are afraid that our skin will become tan, I think, All girls are beautiful as they are, Wtf with beauty standards. ❤️♥️

Ghvbh Hegn

I hate my pale skin I feel discusting and I would rather overheat in a hoodie and jeans when show my pale ass legs. I wish I could tan naturaly:(

Alan Zate

To be honest I like fair skin so much better myself..

Martha Zambrano

2:31 “pssttt girllll look look “

may meg

In Japan there’s a salon shop called 日サロ to make a tan intentionally?
Tanned skin also has a perception pf
active, healthy, extrovert person here

Lya korea95


cat cait



Why are ppl using the word "fair" and applying it to pale skin? Fair means balanced. Aslong as the skin is not uneven, acne ridden and blotchy, it's fair skin, from the palest to the most melaninated complexion. A fair lady is a woman with balanced facial and body features...not a white woman. If white skin is fair then what is unfair?


It seems to be similar to what Chinese people think.

saritha jagajith

"A healthy person usually doesn't have dark skin"

Who is gonna tell him?

M cn

Beauty standards and trends eventually change so in the next 20-30 years new standards will modeled. Love the skin you are in, embrace your features and physical attributes knowing that there will always be people who don’t prefer you. My mom always said “ other people’s opinion of you are none of your business “. Tan or pale who cares?? Beauty is skin deep... a beautiful soul is my everlasting beauty standard and it’s in short supply...

HS Zhou

Some Chinese and Koreans are insanely hypocrite. They call Japanese people western dogs and racists for their white beauty while they are doing it too. They know how to call it ancient by their standards, while they ignore that for Japan. Never heard about Japanese women who paint their skin white wearing kimonos as a geisha? These often just rudely decide for their feelings what’s is Chinese or Korean culture from Japan and what is not.
Ironic that western papers targeted China more heavily for skin beauty racism than Japan. (I guess that’s called western bias).

Mik Egal

I wish I could get tanned. In summer I feel very uncomfortable with being that pale. I’m from Germany.

Miscia Tarlit

Western people think tanned people are rich because they go to the beach. And for pale people(for Asians) they think they're rich because they use expensive products on their skin.

j a

Ya in Asian countries more and more boys are looking to be pale because it passes more off like a girl. We all know Asian boys are soy boys so that makes sense that they prefer to be pale in skin. 100 more years,and you might never find an masculine Asian guy anymore. Sorry Asian girls your getting pushed out in the sex preferences in Asian culture.


I’m Asian and love to be tan. I’m naturally very pale and love to fake tan cause it’s safer


I love getting nice warm tanned skin in the summer sun and then using my shimmering body lotions. I feel so much better when I have a tan.


I'm surprised the asians like tan guys. I always see Korean boyband dudes who are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pale


dont come at me with hate but
i dont like getting tan ( im already a bit tan) most of people look pretty in tan, but it doesnt suit me well so i prefer a whiter skin for myself

Glasses Voices

Because everyone is hating about how the guy said “tan skin is unhealthy” she thinks so because pale skin is a beautiful attribute in most of Asia. It means you don’t work hard labor and you live a rich life. Pale women are traditionally more beautiful which is why geishas paint their faces white. Tanned men are more preferable because they work hard or are seen to be hard workers.


If you look at the old artwork from Japan's feudal era, you will see that the emperor, his wife, and his concubines all were painted with white skin. So clearly pale skin was desired buy both men and women in Japan's past.
I am curious then. Why did the pale skin remain desirable by women but not by men in Japan?

Micaela Mendez Nievez

Hi! I think there is a misunderstanding about getting naturally tanned and forcing it. I always use protection for the sun but it doesn't mean I won't get tanned that way, I think we should accept how our skin works and always use sun cream, avoid being under the sun for long periods of time in the worst sun hours, which doesn't mean that you have to be all the time under a shadow.
And I think all skin colours are beautiful when it is not artificial ^^

Romulo Ombing III

Tan are more attractive than fair skin??

hot chocolates

haihh this made me so embarassed of my dark ass skin :(

Astrid Wolf

I’m western and I HATE TANNING!!!!!


i'm european but girl 0:35 is much whiter than me why does she need tanned skin

People tanning

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An employee at a Planet Fitness health club in Muskegon has admitted to recording video of nude customers as they tanned in a tanning bed, according to police. (Feb. 14, 2014)

Russell Perkins

Ahh... He didn't save the videos. What a super great guy!


what a fucking pig

Majessty _

That’s fucking disgusting


what a loser. From planet fitness? No surprise.