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What's inside SpongeBob Funko Pop

8 866 views | 7 Sep. 2020

In this episode, we dive

In this episode, we dive into SpongeBob and expose him for what he really is. I go over my 5 step out of the box review and then cut him open for your enjoyment.

Annabel Rodriguez

I have it. Home pick up my profile then you’ll see the video of me on boxing it ok


Anyone else noticed the spatula switched hands?

WayneKo Studio

Awesome sponge bob


I was the 1k subscriber

SpongeBobNumber1Fan 2003

I'm Just Lettin You Know
That's Actually Camp Coral SpongeBob With Baby Gary
And SpongeBob's Holding An Oar
He's Actually A Child On That Pop
But They Do Make Normal SpongeBob Pops
I Hope I Helped ??????

Crystal Potato

Hey papi funko im trying sooooo hard to play mincraft with you pleaseeeeeeeeee it’s my dream


I know this is fake but I still think it is cool

ReelFishin Momma

Hi livy from tiktok! ^^

Gracie Garlock



woo i finally found u on youtube

legendary sayain Broly

Stop cutting them open

shiny blue engine

God don't like that

Pįratešword -YT


Cynthia Martinez


kage nelxe

Im not even lying i just saw you on TikTok ?

Pog Gameplay

These videos are great you just earned a subscriber

Marcus Rangga Lee

is this even real??


5:51 i saw that:>

Maria Nolasco Sarango

Que desperdicio

Dream Malfoy

I'm just wondering if this is real because I don't wanna waste money


You said there want tampering so the why is there a crack in the bottom

Pop head

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Funko Pop Movie: DCMarverse

31 344 245 views | 29 Nov. 2016

DCMarverse = DC + Marvel +

DCMarverse = DC + Marvel + Universe



Original Funko made all the video clips and I just strung my favorites together so I can view them in one go. No copyright infringement intended.


#Comicversity #DCMarverse #AgeOfSuperHeroes

#FunkoPops #DC #Marvel #JusticeLeague #Avengers #XMen #SuicideSquad #Arrowverse


If DC and Marvel SuperHeroes cannot yet be together in a live action feature, then maybe DC and Marvel can accommodate the wishes of their sizable followers by allowing these characters to be together in an animation film.

Lego Movie can be that venue, however, I believe Funko Pops are more endearing and expressive visually.

Pop head

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Funko Pop Hunting!

123 121 views | 8 Jan. 2020

Today we go a call that

Today we go a call that our Fortnite wave 4 preorders came in so we went to go pick them up as quick as possible!

Hope you enjoy!

Instagram: @toppopsyt

Twitter: @toppopsyt

Stashpedia: @topppops

If you want to send us something heres our P.O. box!

Top Pops

PO Box 30033

Ridley Square

St. Catharines, ON

Canada  L2S 4A1

Business email in about section!

More videos coming soon!

Jason Hagerty

How do I order pops off the app? Need help

Raphael Flores

I think he lives in Canada, but near the border so he can go to EB Games and Gamestop

Egirl Azza

Fishy on me slap your knees fishy on me

bleu eggos

It's your boy Bleuuuuuu n I came for the peely thumbnail

Al3XLikesToPlay AndPostVideos


NRG Razor


Jeff Is not my name

Peelys a real banana bc he turned into a shake

Dexter van Leeuwen

Do some other people get TRIGGERD when some one says Fish sticks cuz i do?????

glendepoorter 1

This is chapter 1 not chapter 2

nathan Vorwerk

Peelys box is purple because in game his rarity is purple

Darcy and jack Durand

I want the fishstick one

Turtle Gaming

4:07 he is an actual banana not a costume

Captain Price

So tomatohead is a real tomato guys

The Vigster

They should’ve made a frozen legends 3 pack. Make that ?? blue if you agree

Ollie Thomas

Yo kid they are not from chapter 2 and stop spending all your money on funko pops

Laura Hardman

I have peely

Ken Pham

I got 1500Funko pop

Cathryn Singe

I have the glow in the dark lama I got it at eb games in Australia


i like how he still asks his mom for permission

Gabriel Haakman

How many funko pops do you have?


oof late cuz of school!

GG_ Scorpion

I already have 23 Fortnite pops! I’m collecting just like you!

hk guerito fornite

Like si son mexicanos

Hamotin1 Michael

They should make wild card’s edit styles exclusive to different stores


Giddy up is season 6 fishstick I have him in game he is season 7 but it is cool that they released some others even though fortnite is kinda dead also there are more from older seasons

Sco Nola

Is toppopsyt your actual IG?

great Solovyshka

Лайкните что англичане подумали что тут что классное

Ginger Farley

The box color is because the rarity of the skin.


Funny thing none of these pops are form chapter 2

alty.ɪs.sɪmp 0

#baby yoda


Eating a banana to get over 10 minutes...
I see you...

Melba Ruiz Rodriguez

Lmao the outro

Genesis Ahoy

When you get that one fortnite skin you love?


series one and two are still out for but the new wave isn't out for me


ive got 4 retired fortnite pops today :D like leviathan

Christopher Nelson

Take a breath

Sheep less

Funko makes cuddle team leader!

Alexander Drucker

Hi, i think it would be cool to release dates and places for certain releases for non casual poppers that want an exclusive or good pop before they sell out and have to pay a lot more


U rly have to eat peely


6:28 Fishstix

Andrea Barbieri

Fishstick looks like a demon

Viktor Leonardo de Horta Aguayo


Heavens Angel

Peely is an actual huge Banana and they confirmed it when Fortnite released a varient skin with peelys anatomy.

King Fazbear

Peely is a banana I play fortnite

Watermelon The Fox

The only 3 pops I want is fish stick,peely and Wildcard

Super Mario Toads

guys I did not know those where new I saw the banana and the raven whyyyyyyyyyy

fortnite lllhama

I really want the llama funko pop

Dan Oherlihy

I have started collecting funko pops I have ordered 4 but I already have 5 and then I saw this guys collection

Wolf Moon

Peely is a giant banana he got made into a smoothie


Can we get a 10 inch peely

Gilad Raz

Peely isn't a costume


You should have ended your video with the clip from "The Amazing World of Gumball" where Banana Joe is recording himself dancing. Unless there is a copyright issue.

nancy xu

Can I have a pop

Al3XLikesToPlay AndPostVideos


Starscream's Therapist

Whenever you have to get the video to the 10 minute mark: 9:38


Hi top pops I really like your pops are amazing funko could have mr basst into funko pop

Sophia Gracan

Ok so I lost it at the banana. What’s wrong with me I’m crying

Shungite Cult Member

My 2 favorite are Wild card and peely

Andreas Garos

Well done

Whatever Games YT

I want to see the abstract skin as a pop

Echo Brawl Stars

Hey, I have a question, do all Funko pop collectors leave the pops in the boxes, sometime even the seal on some of them?

Turtle Gaming

Tristan: FishstickS
Fortnite Fans: Fishstick NO S AT THE END

Crazy Cayden728



I need that FrozenRaven POP figure

Lazar Bobyt

I got my first one today?

Top & new Gamer

I have the fishstick funko pop


Nice pops!!!!

Cristian Guillen

Like si quieren todos esos funkos??


But wild card is season 5 though

O.S. Corsanes

3:35 what? real ??

Tahira Rahman


Jonathan Hernandez

For Halloween o made my own Cosplay outfit of Wildcard. It's in my profile pic

Christina Nush

Make a video finding Olney scarey movies


youre mom is awsome

Professor Super dweeb

Me eating this and thinking it’s fish stick not sticks and prolly is a real banana but I see tho cinfution

Sam and sienna’s Play world

Peely is not in a costume no way because in seasons 9 he was a smoothie and in fortnitmares his skeleton was 8nside peely

kalinka Dinkova



funko pop amei amo

Jafet Rodriguez*

no se ingles

Zay Fernandez

I got omega funkier pop

Toad N Fuji

Peely is not in a costume he is a actual Banana because how does his eyes blink.


did u get the new set example galaxy zombie girl

Robert Richardson

I think your missing the glow in the dark ragnarok t shirt bundle walmart exclusive

chubaca chuy


fatima david

Spanish please


There are a few more fortnite ones i now: the rex, skull trooper, tower recon specialist.

Samuel Cahill

The 3nd clip made me think of Sheldon. Maybe because I just finished the 12 seasons tonight

Mike Myers

0:57 geralt of rivia left of fishstick

Ferhi Rosa

Annoncer vous a la Time cornichon

Mateo Razazi

Soy el único que es de chile


Me:those eyes
Funko fishsticks stares at me with black dead eyes
Me:hes looking into my soul

Jonathan Fino

heavily stretched


:D peely looks a bitt like a demogorgon pop on the arms


I wanna get that banana one cuz it looks funny

Bring Me The Funko

The box colours are meant to match their rarity in the game. I’m not sure why some of them are red though.


My pops head moves a lot (has a spring) do all pops have that or just some?

Pumpkin Boi

Cringed this makes me 3:57 -Yoda


you where eating peely!


It's not fishtix jeez it's fish stick

Anis de los santos

I dont have all of the new ones but i got peely and wild card and fishstick and frozen raven