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Sebum and Capsule. Two distinct elements.

615 767 views | 29 Aug. 2015

In this recording you can

In this recording you can clearly see the difference between the small sac of cells and sebaceous material formed inside of the cyst.

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Shelli Meyers

Interesting soundtrack!

Justin Joe

Get some gloves that fit. Tiny hands need smaller gloves. Get a ring tool to use rather than block the view with those Kotex pads you are using.


Why do some lesions have a capsule while others don’t?

Amir TwentyOne

What the fak on the earth ??


You dirty twat

Margot Martínez

Josefa eres lo máximo me encanta tu trabajo wawww podría pasar 10 hrs viendo tus vídeos

Jolol TheIslandgirl340

to short.. I need my longer video fix lol.. I love how you extract

Ocean Dreamz

Holling blend

K. S.

why did u play with it after ew lol

Beth W

Love the music .


Nice work as always

Tyrone Buckley

Terrible music!! Feliz navidad!

Beans and Cornbread

Wow, another video today! I'm so happy. :)


Good video but a bit early for Christmas music!

NurseSheri S

Must have been Christmas time Love "Carol Of the Bells" yes Nurse and Musician.....lol


This was awesome. So nice that the you can teach about your work without using words at all. I love to watch your work. I can tell your style anywhere when a vid has been stolen. I would like to just hear what is going on in the room on one of your videos instead of the music. Even if it isn't English.

Debbie Carter


Jann Minke

I like the music- some dr's tend to blather on repeating themselves over and over so your videos are refreshing.... I likey ??


Elements? Is she spewing nickle (Ni/28) & cobalt (Co/27) from her forehead??


Hi Josefa! Another great one, as always. So if it had sebum and a sack - would it be considered a small cyst??

Peggy Slough

I love watching various doctors and the different methods of extraction. Very informational

Mildred May

too short of a video. love your style of extractions


Sólo Josefa puede hacer un 2x1 de una!!!!??????????

Grenden Ebber

that is just too cool, but what would be even cooler than that is if the immune system would break the infection down to nothing but liquid and be ushered to the bladder or colon to eliminate the waste leaving no trace of the infection behind.

Massimo O'Kissed


Glenys Thomson

Suzanne I could not have said it better!!!??

Mercedes Perez Diaz

Hola Josefa soy una seguidora tuya, pero no se porque este vídeo no lo había visto , y solo puedo decir FABULOSO, lo bien que se ve la grasa y la cápsula, felicidades por tu buen trabajo. Un saludo de tu fan Mercedes????

C Brown

I enjoy watching your videos. It's less terrifying to watch because there isn't all this unnecessary stuff around. Great work.

Amelia Martín Mateos

Buena música y buen trabajo.

Sarah Allen

is this different from sebum? whats it called?


That was a merry Christmas...lol. A midday video. I lightweight wanted to throw up when you started playing with the sebum. :)

Victor Inox


Jessica M

I'm always amazed when I'm like "oh there's nothing there HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE WHAT JUST CAME OUT!!" ... Sneaky sneaky ?

Maya Princess


Breen Whitman

Very nice.